10 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Thrives Remarkably Surpassing Any Other Online Business Verticals

In the current situation, a time of financial uncertainties, the majority of people are going online to discover a fair share of lucrativeness for themselves.

Understandably, the unwelcome virus that aggressively invaded humanity is causing financial uncertainty that is impacting lives negatively.

Today, I will discuss the topic of the various methods that are commonly pursued by individuals from all walks of life to earn a living online.

Also, I will be recommending my top recommendation of the best solution to build yourself an online presence, as well as a thriving business that can stand the test of time for long term success.

So let's get started without further ado.

The Most Common Verticals To Earn A Living Online

There are plethoras of opportunities to earn in the online world, the vastness is pretty much unimaginable.

If you are an intelligent person with a huge talent for creativity, I'm sure the online world is a perfect place for you to showcase your talent while reaping profits at the same time.

I will leave the creative and imaginative part to you, feel free to sit down and ponder deeply, any ideas that could potentially solve specific problems create an enormous opportunity to earn.

In this section, I will talk about the most commonly used methods to earn profits on the internet, as well as my top recommended business model which is affiliate marketing.

Let's get started.


E-commerce online business illustration

The e-commerce arena is one of the most sought after online business in this digital age.

This phenomenal trend can be further proven by Shopify, an incredible e-commerce platform powering majority of the flagship online marketplaces by independent merchants.

Even though the e-commerce industry is highly popular among online entrepreneurs, it's not beginners' friendly, in my opinion.

You have to take care of product sourcing, shipping, support, inventory so on, and so forth.

Even if you have your product, it's not going to be sellable instantly.

You need time to go through the product's awareness phase, large resources to scale your advertising and marketing campaign.

Get Paid To (GPT)

Get Paid To do various tasks blog post image

The GPT approach to earn money online is one of the most highly sought after.

There are varieties of ways to earn with GPT as shown below.

Get paid to "_________" fill in the blank.

What I mean by filling in the blank is that there are countless opportunities for you to earn via the "get paid to" industry.

For example, doing surveys, playing games, watching videos, and testing pre-launch apps.

So you get the idea here, most of these GPT job providers are legitimate, however, most of the tasks are going to occupy a lot of your time with very little pay.

Let's take watching videos as an example.

Typically, you will be paid only a few cents for a complete view of an entire video.

That's penny compared to your time spent.

It's not productive in terms of efforts versus the earnable income.

This is the worse online go-to place to earn an income, in my opinion.

If you are anticipating this path to earn online, then rather, you log in to your Netflix account to continue Netflixing.

GPT doesn't worth your time at all.

Online freelancing

Freelancers for hired blog post illustration

The online freelancing industry is growing massively.

That's why people are flooding all the online freelancer platforms to seek an online job or secure a work contract.

Now, the freelance route is much more viable compared to GPT, but then this industry requires you to be skillful in specific fields.

For example, Fiverr and Upwork are the top two most powerful freelancers platform.

Depending on your respective skills, you could be paid pretty handsomely by the potential employers that are partnering with you.

Even though the freelance industry is capable to earn you a living online, but it doesn't make you be an online entrepreneur.

You are still working for someone else.

You are still trading your time for money.

You are still working hard to build someone's dreams.

Basically, you are still an employee.

When you stop working, income will be ceased as well.

A viable solution to sustain a living for the short term, but not so for the long term success.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing blog post image illustration

Next, let me introduce you to the heavyweight business model known as affiliate marketing.

Now, it doesn't spark curiosity anymore.

The affiliate marketing industry has been around for more than a decade.

But then, let's halt for a moment and comprehend.

Do you really grasp the truth about affiliate marketing?

Its ins and outs, its lucrativeness from the perspective of an online entrepreneur?

Well, in this part, I will be explaining 10 reasons why the affiliate marketing business model thrives above every other online opportunity imaginable.

Before I begin, here's a disclaimer.

Even though I highly endorse the affiliate marketing business model, it doesn't mean that this is the only online path to achieve greatness.

There are myriads of opportunities for wealth creation in the online world.

Success in any online business endeavor is also highly dependable on one's skill set, passion, and the ability to persevere.

So are you ready to discover every awesomeness the world of affiliate marketing has to offer?

Let's dive right in.

Top 10 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing Rocks The Online World


The Elimination Of Daunting Product Creation

Ever dreamt of creating your unique products to maximize profitability?

Even though creating your product for sales is viable to reap the best profits, it's certainly not easy to accomplish.

For example, you need to make sure it all began smoothly at the drawing board phase.

The design, the mass manufacturing implementation, product testing, quality control, packaging, distributing so on, and so forth.

Products will never be perfect in the eyes of the consumers.

They only become valuable when these products are capable of solving their problems, or satisfy their needs.

That's the whole idea of purchasing products from the consumers' perspective.

Not to mention, brand new products need to go through the awareness and trust phase.

Consumers will not purchase products that they don't trust.

Besides, you also need to make sure your wallet is deep enough to implement ads for product exposure.

Every dollar spent doesn't necessarily guarantee a return.

Even worse, if you are unsure what you are doing or if you do not possess the necessary skill to thrive in product creation, this path could potentially lead to a big failure.

With affiliate marketing, you don't need to reinvent the wheel.

Tons of established products are ready to be promoted in any industry imaginable!


The opportunity to partner with reputable merchants

The affiliate marketing business model establishes a bridge that connects you to any merchants that you could potentially partner with.

Even better, you can connect with reputable merchants to form a collaboration.

For example, if you are venturing into the gaming laptop industry, imagine having the luxury to partner with phenomenal brands such as Acer, Lenovo, and Asus.

These companies have established their market traction and gained consumers' trust, all you need to do is partner with them through their affiliate program.

A win-win situation for all parties.

There are no other business models that unlock this kind of luxury and flexibility except affiliate marketing.


The Luxury Of Promoting Tractioned Products

Did you noticed I use the word "tractioned"?

Here's the thing my friends, if you've tried to rebrand products through private label rights, then you will feel and understand what I was talking about.

As I've mentioned earlier, a product isn't deemed valuable in consumers' eyes unless it's proven to be fulfilling a customer's specific needs.

For example, if you are building a business within the gaming accessories industry, which of the following products are more trustable and valuable in consumers' perspective?

A Razer gaming keyboard or an unknown gaming keyboard sourced from an OEM manufacturer?

I'm sure the answer is quite obvious right?

Affiliate marketing enabled you to do just that.

Lots of time, energy, and effort could be saved so that you can implement your business strategies productively.

Imagine an opportunity that allows you to tap into any industry and start profiting right away.

For example, if you are passionate about the gaming console industry, how about the luxury of promoting branded products such as The Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox One?

Affiliate marketing will make it into reality.


Extremely Cost-effective To Get Started

Wanna know how affordable it is to kickstart your affiliate marketing business?

With affiliate marketing, you don't need to rent a warehouse for stock keeping.

You don't need to purchase upfront stocks.

You don't need to hire employees to manage your business.

You don't even need to spend a single dime on advertisements

All you need is the will power to work hard and persevere.

Then you need to invest the minimum amount of money on the technological implementation of your business such as a domain and website hosting.

Let's take a look at the illustrations below to further clarify the potential amount of money you need to invest.

Namecheap domain cost illustration
An example of a yearly website hosting expenditure with A2 Hosting

Typically, you need a domain and a website to begin your affiliate marketing business.

Here are the summaries of the potential cost involved.

A dot com domain - $8.88 (Renewable annually)

An industry-standard high-speed web hosting - $2.99 for a single website (Renewable annually)

The total cost is equivalent to $8.88+$2.99 = $11.87

Take a look at the number, $11.87 to kickstart your affiliate marketing business for the entire year.

I have no idea whether there are any other business opportunities on the internet that are as cost-effective as this!

Let me ask you a question real quick.

What can you do with $11.87 these days?

A cup of coffee?

A meal for lunch?

You probably wouldn't believe it's the benchmark cost to kickstart your online business!


Flexibility And Fun To Build A Business Based On Passion

This is one of the coolest aspects of affiliate marketing.

Regardless of your preferred industry, you can build a solid and thriving business based on your passion with affiliate marketing.

There are millions of possibilities you can tap into this lucrativeness.

For example, if you are passionate about playing the guitar, your passion can be leveraged to build a thriving business.

If you are passionate about teaching kids how to draw and paint, your passion can be transformed into profits generating business!

So you get the idea right?


An Ocean Of Products That You Could Potentially Promote

There are more than 500 million products on the market in pretty much every vertical imaginable.

We haven't even touched on the independent merchants who offer specific products and services.

As you can see, when you handpick affiliate marketing as your business endeavor, there's no turning back.

There's no u-turn either!

Affiliate marketing unlocks endless products that you could potentially promote to reap profits for maximum success.


Bypass The Hecticness Of Customer Support

What's the biggest headache when your business has tangible products and services offered?

It's the customer's support, right?

While another online business such as an e-commerce store requires you to take good care in terms of customer support, affiliate marketing is the exact opposite.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to connect the potential audience to a specific merchant.

When conversion happens, you reap a certain portion of the commission as promised by the merchants.

Your job ends right there.

You don't need to take care of any unattractive customer support as well as product shipping.


Endless Earning Opportunities

As an online entrepreneur excelling in affiliate marketing, your primary goal is to identify a group of audience with specific needs or problems, then you recommend relevant products and services to meet their needs or solve their problems.

That's the fundamental approach of how you can thrive massively with affiliate marketing.

As you go through this repetition of the marketing funnel, you will quickly realize that there are unlimited products and services that you could promote directly and indirectly.


Scalable For Long Term Success

Do you know the importance of a solid foundation for your business?

A skyscraper is built on a solid foundation.

An entire tower isn't constructed in a short period of time.

It could take years to build an unshakable tower based on the strongest foundation.

Affiliate marketing is adopting the same concept.

Your online business isn't going to thrive within months, it takes time to gain trust and traction.

But once it passes the test of time, your business is unstoppable moving forward.

It's similar to the illustration shown below.

Exponential growth projection for an affiliate marketing business

You might observe a stagnant growth in the beginning phase that could lead to disappointment.

But then the real magical moment happens after you have successfully built a solid foundation for your business.

From then onwards, your business is set to accelerate at the highest pace!

It's what the marketing experts call "the exponential growth".


Work From Anywhere And Anytime

Everybody desires freedom, right?

How about the ability to build a business while enjoying a holiday at the beach?

Affiliate marketing unlocks this exclusiveness just for you my friends!

As long as you have the determination to build your business patiently and positively, you get to decide where and when you want to work.

It's a business and you are in full control.

So are you thinking of building a business while drinking a tasty coconut drink at the beach?

Are you thinking of building a business next to your kids accompanying them play their favorites PlayStation games?

Affiliate marketing unlocks this sort of luxury freedom and flexibility!


I hope you find this article useful and informative.

These are the top reasons why affiliate marketing is so awesome and unique from my perspective.

Are you an existing affiliate marketer, online entrepreneur, blogger, webmaster, or content creator?

What are your thoughts about this unique business model?

Are you new to the online business world and discovered the true awesomeness and uniqueness of affiliate marketing?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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