Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – A Comprehensive Guide

The Beginner's Guide To Affiliate Marketing – All You Need To Know Step By Step

Hello all and welcome to my affiliate marketing guide exclusively written for you.

This guide will explain to you the basics of affiliate marketing and the tips on how you can succeed in affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

By definition, Affiliate Marketing is a referral arrangement in which an online retailer (the advertiser), pays you a commission when users purchase their products from your referral link.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another person’s or a company’s product/service.

Products that already exist in the target market right now, that people are probably already buying, and if you can become the resource that recommends those products, you can generate a commission as a result.

With affiliate marketing, you will be paid a commission for recommending products or services for merchants.

Affiliate Marketing is a type of business just like any online or offline business.

For any business to succeed, you need to build a relationship with your customers, which can be described as a successful marketer.

They build their tribe by providing values and building trusts.

When people trust them, then anything that they promote, most people will buy and they normally stand on their customer's point of views and interests.

Affiliate marketing emphasizes the personal relationship building with your audience.

You will be connecting with like-minded people by providing relevant and helpful solutions to solve their specific needs and issues.

Products or services recommendations can be appropriately implemented during the process.

Some Of The Key Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to generate passive income.

It has been regarded as one of the most popular ways to make money online.

The income potential here can be huge if done in the right ways.

Affiliate marketing provides full flexibility of time schedule.

Basically, affiliate marketing runs 24/7, so you can make money while you sleep, just like Bill Gates

For example, if you are on a vacation for 3 months, you can pause the campaign and then resume after your vacation.

Affiliate marketing is straightforward to get started.

You don’t need any office space, no staffs need to be hired as well.

It’s a worked from home-based if that attracts your attention.

With affiliate marketing, a system can be built to take care of everything as you don’t have to worry about contracts involvement.

Another great advantage of affiliate marketing is the platform itself can provide you a stepping stone towards creating new opportunities and ideas.

Notably, affiliate marketing does not need any experiences, be it previous experience or present experience.

Because of this, you need not have to worry or fear of the door to door selling, or the face to face promoting your products.

In affiliate marketing, you earn a commission when someone takes an action, either products or services.

Because there is less risk for the advertisers, affiliate platforms pay out much higher commissions to publishers compared to other similar types of ads.

Who’s Involved In Affiliate Marketing?

Now let us look at the structures that create an affiliate campaign, parties that involved include “The Affiliate”.

The Affiliate is actually you as you are regarded as the middleman.

You are the person connecting the customer to the product or service.

You are also creating the marketing funnel that includes the ads, landing pages, and other additional means which are necessary to persuade the customer into making a purchase or signing up.

You as The Affiliate will have to focus on finding the right and suitable products to promote.

The next party that involved in an affiliate campaign is the Affiliate Network.

The affiliate network illustration

Affiliate networks or usually referred to as networks are “marketplaces” for offers.

You can log into an affiliate network and find hundreds and sometimes thousands of offers to promote.

Offers can vary from trending to the less popular, let me show you some examples of the trending offer marketplaces, they include dating, mobile, gaming, and traveling services. 

These are the high demand offers.

With that said, keep in mind that affiliate networks are optional, as you can always work directly with the advertiser or the merchant.

Sometimes they have their own internal affiliate program that you can sign up with directly, but it’s easier to go through an affiliate network when you are starting new.

The next party in an affiliate campaign is The Advertiser.

Affiliate network advertisers examples

This is the company that owns the offer. Every company has a marketing team, but affiliate marketing is a way for them to get more sales with much lower risk.

There are also some companies who don’t have a marketing department and they rely 100% on affiliate marketers for potential sales.

They focus on their strengths, and they outsource the marketing to people like us.

Examples of companies with affiliate programs, companies that range from dating services to gaming industries, to transportation and etc, and there are so many more offers out there.

The 4th party that involved in an affiliate campaign is what we called The Traffic Source.

The traffic source is where your potential customers come from.

You build a website that advertises your products and then you will need a way to get people to visit your website.

Most websites out there sell “ads” on their websites.

The traffic source is extremely important as this is the very reason giant companies like Facebook or Google can be so profitable.

The Traffic Source can be divided into two types, the first type is what we called the Direct Traffic Source, where you can purchase banners directly from the website itself, like
Below diagram will show you one of the best examples.

Affiliate marketing example

The second type of The Traffic Source is called the Ad Network.

This is a combination of different websites under one marketplace.

It wouldn’t make sense for a smaller website or blogs to deal with advertisers all day, so they work with a network.

Below diagram will give you an example of how the typical Ad Network looks like.

Ad network examples

The last and the final party involved in an affiliate campaign is The Customer.

The customer is the most important part as they are the ones who are going to buy the product or service from you.

Your main job is to convince them to buy your product and create a win-win situation which bridges the traffic source to the customer.

From the customer’s side, they are also in benefit because they are connected to the products or services that they preferred to purchase.

But usually when we break it down into simpler terms, affiliate marketing normally just focuses on the product’s creator/seller, and the affiliate marketer.

Generally, you can think of affiliate marketing as the idea of a company selling products or services and then seeking out others to help them sell those products or services in exchange for a profit-sharing basis.

Affiliate marketing pulls together marketers who want to advertise and the publishers sometimes called influencers, who want to promote their products and services and get paid to do so.

Publishers place customized links to things they want to promote within their websites or social media contents.

I know it’s quite heavy to digest up until now, but let’s look at the below example for better understanding:

A company puts their products to sell on Lazada, and what happens here is Lazada wants to sell more of these products so they then ask people like you and me to advertise these products on our websites to further boost the sales.

As a token of exchange, you get paid a certain amount in commission payment.

Let’s break it down further into a few sections that will help you better understand how affiliate marketing works.

First, you have the merchant.

The merchant can take multiple different forms.

The merchant could be the product creator, seller, or a brand.

In this example, I will use Apple Inc, a company that sells iPhones.

Affiliate merchant examples

Then we have the affiliate, and in this context, they are the publisher or the advertiser.

These advertisers can be anyone, big or small companies or even individuals.

They then will promote the products and convert the sale.

These affiliates will then earn affiliate commission payments from the profit sharing method of affiliate marketing.

Lastly, again you have the customer.

The customer is the most important part of affiliate marketing.

Without consumers and traffic to drive the sales, you aren’t getting any commissions.

No commission means no business.

As an affiliate, you can market the products you are selling to customers in any way possible, and you don’t necessarily need to disclose this type of relationship to consumers, either.

What Is The Income Potential That You Can Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

The results of your income earnings in affiliate marketing are depending on many factors.

When we talk about the potential or determined results from affiliate marketing, a strategy is a significant part of the focused results.

But even the best strategy in the world isn’t always predictable to give results.

Knowing And Choosing The Right Products To Promote

Right until here, you should probably already know the basics of affiliate marketing.

Next, we will continue on knowing what products to promote in affiliate marketing.

This beginners guide to affiliate marketing will not be complete without explaining how to get the right direction to find the suitable products to promote.

The right products to promote are different for everyone, it’s based also on audience interests.

If you plan to promote your favorite brands, that’s great.

However, you will want to make sure their products are something your audience will also love.

Proper keyword research also plays an important role, as it will not only draw people into your content, making it more likely to generate commissions from your links, but it can also help you to find the best products to promote.

Once you have found a product you are interested in, you can use the keyword research tool to find keywords that you can use within your content to see if that product can potentially draw in an audience from search engines.

For example, let say If you want to promote a weight loss product, you can research the term, ‘weight loss’, to find the best keywords.

Specifically, you will want to find keywords that have low to medium competition, high monthly search volume, and a high profitability score.

After you have done these, next it’s time to insert your links.

Fortunately, most affiliate networks make this as easy as possible, even for beginners, by providing copy and paste codes for you to place in your content.

Once your links are in place, you then just need to track their performance.

Tips On How You Can Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings

You have come this far to learn about affiliate marketing so now I will list down some important tips to increase your earnings.

First of all, it’s important to know who and what are the best out there.

With research, you must first know what are the good companies and then you start to promote these good companies.

You probably can get ideas from social media about what are the latest trending and on-demand products.

Trends come without you realize and can be gone easily as well.

Some for longer and some stays short while so you must determine which one are the best.

Next, you can create quality contents that are highly useful.

This makes people want to come to your website and to eventually buy these products or sign up programs/services.

Also, try not to confuse your audience.

Example, if your website is about traveling services, just make sure that you want to promote travel packages, or promotion deals, hotels and meals information, and air tickets.

This will actually make your audience have even more interests to shop around your website.

If your services are great, users will eventually leave positive feedbacks or comments, or even recommendations.

This will help to raise product’s popularity.

What Are The Best Starting Ways You Can Learn Affiliate Marketing?

It’s one thing to learn about affiliate marketing from info service, and it’s another to actually have someone who will show you how to set up a website or blog optimized for making money from your affiliate programs.

The tips mentioned covers the bulk information about how profitable affiliate websites are set up nowadays.

If you are familiar with building websites and a little bit of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then this affiliate marketing guide should put you on the right path.

However, if you want a more comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing, then you will need more than just the online resources to get a website up and running.

Therefore, below are three of the best and tested affiliate programs that cover everything you need to know about setting up a profitable affiliate website. 


Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that helps you how to learn affiliate marketing online.

The platform is designed and catered for all levels of affiliate marketers.

It offers many services and supports, and it has unique features that make it ideal for some people who want to learn affiliate marketing.

What stands out with Wealthy Affiliate is the ability to create a free account on the platform.

Upon signing up, you can gain access to their training resources and video walkthroughs.

You can choose from the ones that interest you and to help build on your knowledge about affiliate marketing.

After you have paid the premium fee, you now open up to better features where you can chat with the premium members.

This stands out as the whole platform is very community driven.

For newbies, there are a lot of things that they did not know and hence the step by step guide and the right training to guide them from amateur to the pro levels.

You start by learning and evolve to the very top of a successful affiliate marketer.

Wealthy Affiliate also lets you create two free websites using the SiteRubix website builder.

If you want to put the training that you learned from the platform to the test, you can build a free site and run your ideas from there.

If for any reason you need inspiration, inside the member's area there are many success stories that you can share and read to further push your motivation and to inspire you to implement your own lethal strategies.

To help you find ideas for a website to create, you can use its proprietary keyword research tool for 30 queries in a day.

Keep in mind that you gain access to all these just by creating an account and not making any payments at all.

If the program suits you, for a monthly subscription of $49/month, you can create over 50 websites from the platform so you don’t have to look for a separate hosting provider for your website needs.

The premium subscription will also unlock unlimited keyword research queries, live chat with premium members, and also a 1 on 1 coaching, just to name a few.

Your success can then be built with the journey with Wealthy Affiliate.



Affilorama has been in the affiliate marketing industry for more than a decade.

The program has the knowledge and the experience to guide affiliate marketer on how to build a profitable website the correct way.

In fact, Affiloblueprint is the program they have developed to help people looking for answers on how to learn affiliate marketing and those who have tried their hand at making money from affiliate programs but failed.

It provides the blueprint on how to be free from the 9-5 jobs so you can have the time freedom with your family and loved ones, and do the things you love to do most while making even more money than ever before.

The Affiloblueprint program is mainly focused on research and build, marketing, and monetization.

The program teaches you the best practices and prevents your website from incurring potential penalties.

Even if you don’t know anything about digital marketing, that is no problem as the program will break it down for your easier learning.

All you have to do is just following the program and earn money from your website.

Along with the program, you can also download and use the AffiloTheme Website Builder theme for WordPress to help you design a beautiful website with no technical experience.

Besides, you will also gain access for a one month free trial of the AffiloTools for market research, competitor analysis, and other tasks to help you track and monitor your website’s performance.

Lastly, you will receive a free 1-year hosting package that supports one website so you can start building your website right away.


The Authority Site System

As one of the best resources about digital marketing,

The Authority Site System is more than qualified to launch a program on how to build insanely profitable websites.

For anyone with the burning desire to know and to learn what is affiliate marketing, then The Authority Site System is the program to look out for.

Even if you neither have a website yet nor possess the marketing skills to drive traffic to it, the program holds your hand and guides you in a step by step tutorial that is easy to understand even if you don’t know any marketing terms.

Unlike other programs, this program helps you build an authority site.

You are not just here to build a website and make money through dishonest means.

An authority site, you must produce quality content, reach out to your audience in the most effective ways, build backlinks to rank higher on Google organic search, and much more.

If you are someone who dreams about making big dollars overnight or wants a quick success then The Authority Site System is not for you.

You have to realize that all these affiliate marketing tactics take time and one step at a time to achieve the success.

However, once you establish your website as an authority, you can sustain the profit for as long as you can.

You can then easily further diversify what you are already doing to make it multiple sources of income.

The downside is the program costs a one time cost of $997.

It’s extremely expensive if you would ask me. After paying you will gain access to five comprehensive modules containing over 70 videos, case studies, email outreach templates, and 40,000 words of support content.

With such an expensive joining fee, it is no surprise that they have a 30 days money back guarantee if you think you are unhappy with the program.


The final conclusion to what I have to say regarding my guide to Affiliate Marketing for beginners
In this final section of my guide.

I will explain what are the needed ingredients to excel in affiliate marketing.

What is important to be successful in affiliate marketing is having the right mindset.

You simply aren’t going to go far or achieve great things with a weak mindset.

Your approach has to be right that you need to take it 1 step at a time and slowly but surely achieve your success.

Affiliate marketing is certainly not a place for overnight success or shortcut to your financial freedom.

One of the relevant example:

There are so many people who could have been successful in affiliate marketing.

These individuals are extremely talented and that, they have the technical skills, they have the money to invest, they have the right approach of work ethic, they have the network connections and mentors, but they simply didn’t make it far with any significant results.

So what was actually the missing ingredient? Simply put they had weak mindsets, and what are the strategies and tactics needed to drive the motivation level.

Also, it's important to remember that the key to affiliate marketing success is finding the best products to promote within your niche.

You can do that by taking the time to research the best keywords for each of the products and services you want to promote so that you can create targeted content that pulls in the right audience.

I hope that this guide will help you to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and set you up for a bright future.

David Lau

David is a big fan, lover of WordPress and websites creation. His passion has empowered him to create this blog to guide like-minded friends to build a solid and thriving affiliate marketing business. Besides creating contents and tweaking web design, he is also passionate about discovering profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

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