App Coiner Review: Paying $27 Just To Write Reviews?

We use apps on a day to day basis, right?

Nowadays, we barely look people in the eyes anymore.

We are more focused and obsess about what we are doing with our smartphones. 

Activities such as checking out the latest post on social media platforms, interacting with friends on messaging platforms, browsing the web for the latest trends, engaging with mobiles app to past times, are what we normally do these days.

The list goes on and on.

You get the points right?

How about earning yourself some additional income by doing what you are already doing?

Does this spark your curiosity and attention?

Today, I am going to present to you a special make money online product that's unique and seems promising from their promotional pitch.

Can you make money with App Coiner or otherwise?

Or even worse, could it be a complete scam that should be avoided and stayed away from?

We are about to find out together. 

So without further ado, let's get started to understand App Coiner in more details. 

App Coiner Review Summary

Program: App Coiner

Founder: Unknown

Price: $27

Rating: 20/100

Recommended: No


Earning money with App Coiner by reviewing apps is a question mark, in my opinion.

There are too many uncertainties and no proofs that you will be paid for your effort.

On top of that, truths that are hidden away from you are unacceptable.

This itself is ruining their trustworthiness as a whole.

I wouldn't recommend you to waste your valuable time and effort by reviewing apps.

It doesn't guarantee any payments and it's a complete waste of time.

Also, their entire structure has a certain degree of flaw and dishonesty.

Surely, a platform to be avoided.

What Is App Coiner?

Pretty straightforward, App Coiner is a stand-alone third party Clickbank product that claims that you can make money with them by reviewing apps on their platform.

It's a paid membership where you have to pay an upfront membership fee of $27 to get started with them.

An online platform that connects advertisers closely to bring in revenue for themselves as their partners.

It's the partnership with all the advertisers that makes App Coiner still in business as we speak.

It's a web-based platform that synchronizes with their proprietary mobile app to establish a better user experience for their consumers.

Inside the platform, you will notice all the available apps that are ready to be reviewed, and then whenever you are done with reviewing, all the stats and completed tasks are reflected directly within your member's area.

How Do You Earn With App Coiner?

So reviewing apps right?

It sounds easy and could be an easy task to be accomplished right?

Not exactly.

Practically, it's very hard for you to review apps without using them for a certain duration.

The tediousness is unbearable not to mention it's very time consuming just to figure out what each app is all about.

To ease your job as an app reviewer, you will be given access to a free sub-domain websites that can be used to publish your review contents.

So basically, this is how you can make money with App Coiner.

First, you join their membership by paying $27.

Once payment has been confirmed, you will be granted access to their entire "apps to be reviewed" database.

Let's take a look below at the samples.

Here, you will be shown all the available apps that are ready to be reviewed. 

Feel free to pick any of your desired apps and then start testing to gain a better understanding of how it works.

Finally, write out your heart's content and publish it to the website they provide you.

Upon verification, you will be paid accordingly by the individual specific app developers.

That's the whole process of how you can make money with App Coiner.

Though, there are uncertainties and red flags which I will be discussing later on. 

The Pros - What I like About App Coiner

Based on the concept of affiliate marketing

Regardless of whether you are familiar with affiliate marketing or not, this is the business model built around App Coiner.

Affiliate marketing is empowering individuals from around the world to build a sustainable business model that can be scaled to any level of success desired.

It's the business model that enable you to reap profits and commission by recommending other people's products and services to your respective audience.

With App Coiner, it's essentially similar.

You write a review of any of their advertiser's apps and attract targeted visitors to your website.

When any of your visitors end up buying their apps, you will be credited with full commission.

60-day money-back guarantee 

As far as uncertainties are concerned, I am sure the money-back guarantee policy will grant you peace of mind. 

The Cons - What I Dislike About App Coiner

Unknown income potential

So here's the thing, my friend, App Coiner claims that you can earn an income by reviewing apps.

Yes, indeed it's true.

You certainly can be paid by reviewing, only when the final objective has been accomplished. 

I will explain in more details in a moment.

So nowhere within their membership or websites states the amount of money you are eligible to earn after completing the tasks.

Let's think about this for a moment, how does it feel when you don't even know your wages after been hired?

It creates confusion and dissatisfaction, right?

So, sure there are lots of apps to be reviewed, but then how about the uncertainties of the payment?

The truth has been intentionally hidden  

I just mentioned about the unknown payment structure of each completed written review content.

Now, here's the tricky part.

They show you exactly how to make money with them right?

1. Join them.

2. Pick an app and review it. out the money.

Now that's not entirely correct.

If only it was that easy, everybody would have been sitting at home reviewing apps to make a living!

Here's the hidden truth.

Their real.purpose of luring you to join them is hoping that you will be promoting them via your website.

So whenever you published any contents that review the advertiser's app, the written contents will attract visitors, and when any of these visitors decided to buy the apps, that's the moment you will get paid.

It's not as easy as simply write a review about the available apps that needed exposure.

Even if you want to choose this path, it's still very risky on your end.

That is because of the hidden payment structure.

We don't even know how much the advertisers will be paying you for the work that you have done. 

Unethical way of gaining exposure for their advertisers

So here's the thing, App Coiner itself is a business model at its core.

The management team needed to earn money as well. 

By partnering with their advertisers, they are gaining every possibility to earn whenever their clients are getting the exposures.

More exposures translate to even more income opportunity.

So as misleading as it seems, we have been indirectly victimized to earn money for them. 

Contents duplication can lead to ranking penalization

As soon as you joined them, you are also given access to their 50 ready written review contents that are publishable to your website's right away.

The truth is, in the business of content marketing, content duplication is prohibited.

It ruins search engine ranking.

It ruins your reputation.

It also ruins trustworthiness completely.

Stealing and duplicating other people's content is deemed unethical.

Unacceptable product pricing 

App Coiner charges $27 to gain access to their platform.

So here's the thing, my friends, once you make the payment, all you will be getting is an ordinary compilation of advertisers databases.

And a below expectation subdomain.

That's all.

Let's ask yourself a question, does this pricing worth it?

I would compare it with typical GPT sites.

Normally, these sites are free to join.

Whereas with App Coiner, you have to pay a fee just to get access to the list of available apps to be reviewed.

For me, that is ridiculously unacceptable!

Low-value products

What you will be getting from App Coiner is merely a membership site that provides low to zero values.

Now, here's the thing my friends, paying $27 just to get access to their advertiser's app?

And then you are given subdomain that is pretty much valueless.

You get the points here

With App Coiner, there's no reason to stick around with them.

Even if the membership is offered free, I wouldn't join, let alone it's a paid site.

Disappointed With GPT Platforms?

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Is App Coiner A Scam?

Realistically, there's money to be made with App Coiner.

Just that the money-making part has been conveyed wrongly.

It's unacceptable from a consumer perspective and point of views.

To make thing even worse is that, this action has been done intentionally.

For you to make money with them, there are way more steps that you need to do as well as a monetary investment.

Firstly, you have to buy yourself a domain and self-hosted it to build your web presence.

And then you need to create review contents around all the advertisers' apps.

When visitors come to your website and end up buying any of these apps, that's the moment you will be paid.

So as you can see, it's not as straightforward as step 1 to step 3 presented on their homepage.

Now that you have uncovered their ugly part, even if you are willing to build a website to promote their apps, it doesn't guarantee payments from their apps advertisers.

The entire payments stuff could be another flaw by itself.

Which by the way, it's also intentionally hidden away.

I have been reluctantly laying my trust on them based on all these complications.

Lots of red flags and flaw within their platform.

What's the point to promote their apps when we don't even know the payment structures let alone getting paid.


That being said, App Coiner is not entirely a scam.

Just that there are way too many uncertainties that confuse the consumers.

For examples:

Their trustworthiness is a question mark.

Their cunningness is disgraceful.

Their unethical business conducts are ruining their reputation.

My Final Thoughts

After our deep exploration, we found out that the business concept behind App Coiner is based on affiliate marketing.

Just that it's presented with another unethical form.

Here's the thing my friend, building yourself a genuine and solid affiliate marketing business is achievable.

So why affiliate marketing?

Why is affiliate marketing so phenomenally powerful?

Why businesses are leveraging affiliate marketing to scale their empire to even more success?

Here are some of the reasons.

You don't have to worry anything about product creation, products sourcing or even becoming a reseller.

Any of this tediousness is completely out of your way with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing saves you lots of valuable time and resources.

Time is the essence of wealth as we know it right?

On top of that, you can save lots of money with affiliate marketing business.

Minimal capital is only required to get started.

You have the luxury to promote reputated and established brands and products.

Let me illustrate to you an example here.

Since I am a content creator, I use the mouse and keyboard very often.

Now, say you want to promote optical devices between Logitech and an unknown OEM brand?

If you are a consumer looking for optical devices, which one would you choose?

The answer is pretty obvious, right?

Everybody knows Logitech.

They are a technology giant within the optical and wireless technology industry.

How about the crappy unbranded mouse?

Do you honestly think it's sellable?

With affiliate marketing, you can promote any established products that are already gaining market traction.

Products that are already trusted by consumers.

Here's the truth my friends, people purchase products from the manufacturers that they trust and not otherwise.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn by sharing your passion and interest.

With affiliate marketing, you don't have to be a face to face salesperson anymore.

You also don't need to approach strangers to promote.

All you need to do is to connect with a like-minded audience that shares the same passion as you and then understands their needs.

Then, make products sharing and recommendation.

And when your audience accepts your recommendations, you earn commissions.

With affiliate marketing, the process has been simplified.

Remember I talk about the minimal capital to get started with affiliate marketing moments ago?

Yeah, that's right.

All you need to invest in purchasing a domain and get it hosted on the internet to showcase your unique web presence.

These are the two essentials investments to get started.

So, I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to App Coiner, feel free to leave me comments below.

David Lau

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