App Flame Review: Legit Or Fake? Can You Make Money Playing Games?

The mobile games industry is growing at an unstoppable pace.

Its trend and rapidness are phenomenal.

Just take a look at Google play store, lots of games are available to provide you some fun and entertainment to enhance your mobile experience.

Some of the games have been downloaded for millions and even over 10 millions of times!

Just look at the demand and visualize its potential and popularity trend moving forward.

This scenario is a pure fact that playing games on mobile devices are extremely high in acceptance rate.

Now, what if you can make some extra money while playing your favorite Android games?

How about that?

Does it excite you?

Today, let us find out together an app called the App Flame.

This app is notoriously famous for Android lover to earn some extra cash by playing games.

We will also cover the more critical aspect such as

Is this app capable of making you money?

Does it pay?

And also its overall quality and genuineness.

Let's get started. 

App Flame Review Summary

Program: App Flame

Founder/Company: App Flame Company

Price: Free

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


The majority of us do play games.

Gaming has become part of our culture.

Surely it would be nice to earn some extra bucks during the free time, but then App Flame has been doing this the wrong way for their audience.

Undoubtedly, you will be risking losing your valuable time and effort with them.

That being said, they are not here to scam people.

The biggest downside of App Flame is the slim chance of earning any substantial income.

Overall, a good place to check out what they have to offer and then access the app occasionally to discover any new featured games that might spark your interest.

The referral system is pretty good in terms of percentage but then it's pretty worthless when it comes to making money.

Definitely needs to be avoided if you are here to earn some money. 

What Is App Flame?

App Flame is a proud product developed by the App Flame Company.

It's designed and coded for Android games lovers.

It's an app that allows you to earn some extra bucks while playing games.

Though, making money with App Flame is not as straightforward as it seems.

This app only allows you to play the features games of theirs.

The games that you are allows to play to earn money are categorized within their features games.

App Flame has been in collaboration with many of the independent games developers that are also listed within their playable games library.

So, whenever you are playing any of their partner's games, you will be earning money in the process. 

Pretty awesome and cool right?

Next, let's discover how you can earn money.

How Do You Earn With App Flame?

As soon as you log in to their platform, you simply select any of your desired game apps and launch the game within their interface.

Once inside the game, enjoy yourself and play it wholeheartedly.

They didn't state exactly how long the duration you need to spend to earn money, but then it's pretty understandable that they just want you to enjoy the game and experience its awesomeness.

The currency within the platform is known as coins.

Every time you completed a gaming session, the system will credit you will coins which are redeemable for cash as well as the Amazon gift cards.

So basically, there are two ways to make money with App Flame.

First, is playing their partner's game.

Every moment that you spend inside any of their game will translate to money in the form of coins. 

The second way to make money is by introducing friends to experience this awesome app.

Whenever you refer someone to join as a new member, you will be rewarded with 25% of their total earned coins.

Let me briefly explain to you in details.

Say you introduce a new friend to try out App Flame.

He then decided to play several games during his free times.

As soon as he is credited with coins upon the certain duration of playtimes, you will also be rewarded.

You will be getting 25% of his total coins.

Let's just illustrate as 6000 coins.

Your friend has earned 6000 with 5 days of playing games.

You will be earning 25% of 6 grand, which is a total of 1500 coins.

Pretty awesome right.

The coins that you will be getting is credited to you instantaneously.

To spice up your joyful emotion, they will also reward you with another additional 25% of the value of the coins straight to your account.

This is their token of appreciation of your hard work of sponsoring people to their platform.

Have you discovered the vast opportunity of potential money that you could make with App Flame?

As soon as your account has enough cashable coins, the process can be done by selecting the number of coins you wish to get paid.

Payment is primarily done with PayPal.

Let's take a look below, the minimum threshold to cash out is 4999 coins which is equivalent to MYR 1.54. 

This is the Malaysian Ringgit, the currency of the country I reside in.

Let's see how much it's worth when exchanged to the United States Dollar. 

As you can see, it's USD 0.37.

So for every 4999 coins earned by playing their games, you will be earning $0.37.

Not very spectacular amount but at least it's still real money. 

The Pros - What I like About App Flame

Free coins upon joining

You will be rewarded 4444 coins when you first joined them.

A very good welcome incentive for you to kick start your gaming journey.

By the way, the quadruple 4 is the combination of pretty digits!

The power of teamwork can be leveraged  

You already have a slight glimpse of the potential income by referring people to play games.

To be precise exactly, they are offering one level of the network to enhance your earning potential.

Unlike any other typical MLM companies, here with the App Flame, it's only one single level.

Say you are a team player and have the ability to refer friends to play games together.

You could be earning lots of coins as a result of this togetherness.

It's a win-win situation.

The new members get a welcome bonus of 4444 coins and you also get to receive 25% of their earned coins. 

A good way to earn extra money for game lovers.

Nowadays, people are playing games on a large scale.

Hardly can you observe anyone who is not interested in games at all.

Games are visually fun and its attractiveness is irresistible.

Love games?

Then why not earn some cash while doing what you love?

Affiliate marketing concept implemented 

The referring bonus concept implemented here is exactly affiliate marketing.

You get to earn a certain amount of percentage when you successfully refer people to play games.

This is the fundamental element of affiliate marketing and certainly a good thumbs the team behind App Flame.

They can comprehend the importance of affiliate marketing to boost up their growth as well as benefiting their existing members.

Information received with mutual consent

When you are here for the first time, they will be giving you an agreement and the policy for you to understand.

Let's take a look below. 

This is one of the good traits of a responsible company who understands the fundamental part of a customer's privacy.

The mutual consent of agreement between the two parties ensures the smoothness of trusting each other going forward.

You will not be distracted whenever you are playing games as well.

Hence, building a level of security for yourself. 

The easiness of account creation 

So what's the part that bothered you the most whenever it comes to creating a new account?

It's the tediousness of imputing all the credentials and also the worries of forgetting the username and password right?

That's why there's this top-notch password and credential management suite known as Lastpass.

Back to the topic here.

The process of creating an account with App Flame has been simplified.

Here is what I mean. 

You are given the options to create an account with your Google or Facebook account.

These are the two technology giants that power your smartphone.

If you are using the Android mobile operating system, a Google account is synchronized with your Android device all in real-time.

Also, your phone will be logged in to Facebook in real-time too.

Unless you are some weirdy who don't use Facebook?

Ermm... not likely right?

That's why they offer you two of the most powerful way to create your account flawlessly. 

The Cons - What I Dislike About App Flame

The inability to pick your desired games

Here's the thing my friend, even though all of us love gaming, but then sometimes the genres within their platform might not necessarily spark our interest.

For us to earn some money, we still forcefully required to play these offered games anyhow.

That's something very uninteresting!

If you are here to make money, you have to follow the rules of their games.

Limited money to be earned 

The two methods of how you can make money with App Flame simply aren't going to make any significant amount of money for you.

Even with the help of your referred member's 25% commission bonus. 

Let's visualize a scenario of 50 referred members.

Say these 50 people total playtimes on average translate to 10000 coins weekly.

Let's do the maths here.

25% of 10000 coins =2500 coins

Another additional personal referring bonus of 25% also equals to 2500 coins.

You will be earning 5000 coins weekly and 20000 coins monthly.

App Flame payment structure begins with 4999 coins for $0.37.

Let's just round up to 5000 coins to ease calculation.

The amount of money that you can earn from your friend's playtime is $1.48.

Let say your personal total playtime translate to 100,000 coins (which by the way, it's quite impossible to achieve, I will explain it in more details in my next cons point)

The minimum redeemable PayPal cash value is 1000000/5000=20

20 multiply with $0.37 is equal to $7.4.

The final projected amount of money earnable is $7.4 +1.48=$8.88.

Seriously, am I kidding myself?

$8.88 from the entire month of playing games?

This amount could be a lot lesser should I didn't include the scenario of 50 members in your network. 

The uncertainties of the pay rate

Right from the start, no one knows the exact pay rate for each individual's gameplay session.

The truth has been intentionally kept secret.

The number of coins fluctuates as you are playing.

It grants a high coin's value initially but then the more time you spent to play, the lesser the rate becomes.

Let's take a look here.

A testimonial of dissatisfied player

That is why I mentioned earlier that achieving 100000 coins on your ends personally is relatively impossible. 

The uncertainty of payment 

es, there is a PayPal payout option for you to cash out coins to real money.

When you reach the minimum threshold of earnable cash, it can be cashed out. But then, let's take a look at one of the player's testimonials.

As you can read there's no guarantee of getting paid unless your cash out amount is deemed acceptable by the team at App Flame. 

Unethically forcing you to try their other games

Is this action being done intentionally?

No one really knows.

Only the team at App Flame knows.

Apparently, they are using an unethical way to make you play all their other games.

That's because their advertisers need exposure.

When exposure occurs, there's every opportunity to make profits on their end.

We, as players will be compromised for their unacceptable greediness and selfishness.

Take a look at one of the real players who wrote this testimonial.

Pretty cunning and unethical right?

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Is App Flame A Scam?

Interestingly, playing games to earn some money is becoming the norm these days.

That is because the gaming industry is luxuriously huge with lots of growth potential.

Think about this, all the in-game subscription, materials, items, costume and visual enhancements, premium equipment, so on and so forth.

If you are also a gamer, then you surely know what I am talking about here.

Just think about the vast opportunity for profitability.  

The sky is really the limit!

So is App Flame a scam?

Not entirely. After exploring thus far.

They are legitimate and is growing dynamically.

New members are coming to them on a day to day basis.

Their legitimacy is out of doubt, even with that, there is still a certain level of dishonesty and fakeness within App Flame.

They are here only to make profits for themselves by utilizing the large scale of members to reach their marketing goals.

On the other hand, members have been paid peanut.

Remember the illustration that we did earlier on?

$8.88 for the entire month?

Let say you are not able to refer that amount of members, you will be earning a mere $7.4.

Even with $7.4, it's still possibly unachievable due to the pay rate fluctuation.

Your valuable time could also be potentially wasted unproductively.

Are you beginning to grasp the unworthiness of App Flame?

I will be avoiding this, I am sure you will do the same!

My Final Thoughts

The core components to earn a decent income with App Flame is by leveraging the power of a team to maximize the earning potential.

This is basically affiliate marketing concept implementation.

Let me ask you a question, are you satisfied with the little earning opportunity with the same amount of hard work and dedication?

I am sure you are not satisfied.

Are you interested to build your own affiliate marketing business?

An online business that is establishable with your passion and hobby?

An online business that you take full control of?

An online business that disregards the tediousness of product creation and sourcing?

An online business that doesn't require you to sell face to face?

An online business that enables you to work from anywhere in the world?

An online business that requires the least capital to get started?

An online business that is real and solid that doesn't promise you to earn big bucks overnight?

If any of the above questions spark your interest and curiosity, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to App Flame, feel free to leave me comments below.

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