Bank Roll Bucks Review – They Pay You In Less Than 30 Minutes

Hello all and welcome to my Bank Roll Bucks review.

In the usual highly competitive GPT arena, one program after one keeps popping out, with each trying to find something different that will perhaps capture a better market and beat their competitors.

Because the demand for these work to do home based are ever increasing in numbers, it is no doubt that even how stiff the competition might look to be, they still own their individual market by creating their own unique platform with attractive compensation rewards structures.

So today the program that I am going to talk about is a usual GPT program that does things differently as they are pushing more towards prize rewards based income model.

This somehow is a more low profile program and they are called Bank Roll Bucks.

So without further wasting your time, let me begin with this review about Bank Roll Bucks.

Bank Roll Bucks Review Summary

Program: Bank Roll Bucks

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 80/100


This program, when you looked at it, it might still be the normal GPT program out in the arena, but upon looking and study deeper about them, it is not the same at all from the outside GPT programs.

They do things their own unique way as to whether it is quite responsive or not?

Only time can tell but until this day they are still paying their members.

One of the key difference is they offer prize bonuses where their approach is to make you earn more at the same time you win more prizes.

This is all that they do, so they kind of narrow down the things that they preferred to offer to their members, and because of this some might like their income model and others will totally hate it.

What Is Bank Roll Bucks? 

Bank Roll Bucks is a slightly different GPT program based in the United States and they have been doing this kind of different income modeling business for more than 10 years in a roll. 

This suggests why they too prefer to use the name of their program with the word “Roll” as this is an important word towards their overall program’s achievement over the years.

They are somewhat different as they are not like those outside worlds of GPT where they aim for the mass market, whereas in here, they like to take things very low profile and keep it simple thus they only would prefer a small group of members.

With that said, it doesn’t mean they are off par standard, that is totally untrue as they are regarded as a top-rated paying GPT site.

With all these said, they have a partnership in the global market which includes markets like Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

Bank Roll Bucks also takes a step further as they read what members wanted so they are also offering a daily cash prize to their members so this is different from the rest of the program in this field.

What Does Bank Roll Bucks Offer?

What they are offering here is basic and simple that they called it daily cash prizes, as they want you to win more as you earn more.

Their prize pool is updated almost every 30 minutes and they will show you how much some of the members have got in prizes.

From the look of their member's area and the interface, it is very simple and easy to navigate, as not much in it that you can find except for certain key pages, namely the survey tasks and your profile information page.

Bank Roll Bucks member's dashboard

After you have registered, you will be introduced to their concepts in earning income.

Everything is called the walls.

These are the offers of walls where members can participate.

First of all, it is the survey task walls. To do this, you must create your profile information in a detailed way and when they think you are qualified, they will send you the surveys.

Each of the surveys takes 5 minutes to 25 minutes to settle, and from the first look, not every member will like them as they likely will stall and hesitate to earn with them because the impression is not great by the first time you are doing this.

Nevertheless, there are only good reports from fellow members that they are getting paid on time so there is absolutely nothing to worry about when you are doing the surveys.

Besides the surveys, they offer various earning methods, for example, watching videos, download mobile apps, register for trial offers and submitting emails.

Look, the areas where you can participate in their income plan is quite limited but that’s not the big issues as they had something big going on for members as well so let me explain to you now what was those.

They called this “earn more to win more promotion campaign” where they had this prizes draw and it goes from 1 US Dollar all the way to the maximum of 150 US Dollars.

Bank Roll Bucks reward prizes

When you earn 10 United States Dollar you will get a prize drawing of 1 US Dollar.

When you get to earn 20 US Dollar you will receive another 2 US Dollar and so forth and all the way to the maximum limit of 150 US Dollar.

These are not just on-screen money numbers but they are real cash that you can use, as it will be paid to your Paypal account in just less than 1 day.

How Do You Earn With Bank Roll Bucks?

How you can earn in Bank Roll Bucks is simple as the main source of income comes from their survey panels which they do it differently as they called this a 30 days cycle surveys.

What this means to you my friends, is that once you are ready and qualified, they will partner with you for 30 days meaning for the next 30 days, you will have a guarantee of surveys to do.

So this is unlike the others where you are just seeing a big ocean with no further firm direction of where it will lead you next.

They are so steady that they guide you all the ways until you reach the shore.

Every survey pays from 1 US Dollar up to 5 US Dollars so, in the time frame of 30 days, you are on course to getting about 100 or more US Dollars earned.

Majority of the members are earning somewhere around 250 US Dollars and that’s realistic as they pay you well and they had the 30 days surveys guarantee locked down.

As I explained earlier, Bank Roll Bucks is uniquely different as they let you take a prize drawing for every 10 US Dollars that you have earned and all of these are adding up to your overall income earned here.

And to make things sweeter is they had this covered for all month long meaning you get to win the prize draw for up to a month and it is an ongoing promotional campaign.

In the world of Bank Roll Bucks, every dollar earned can be transferred to your Paypal account and the extreme good things about this cash out procedures are that it takes only 30 minutes or so to get your payment and also the minimum amount required is only 1 US Dollar.

So with such good qualities who doesn’t fancy a place to earn with them, and luckily they are not an invite-only private program so you got to be thankful for that.

Now as I said the earnings are quite amazing as they give every member a chance to taste United States Dollar earnings, this way, they bring a fair policy across all members in their program.

The earning potential can be estimated between 100 US Dollars to 250 US Dollars, and the earnings are real and it is not hidden tricks or tactics used to hold your payments.

Bank Roll Bucks potential earning

The Pros - What I like About Bank Roll Bucks

One of the very few things that I like about Bank Roll Bucks is that they give members additional prize drawing bonuses in daily and it updates every 1 hour.

You get further prizes as your earnings get higher.

So it would not surprise me that the earnings are quite realistic and good across the board members.

Another thing which looked extremely cool with Bank Roll Bucks is that they only set the minimum amount of 1 USD to get your US Dollars to your Paypal account.

And lastly, guess what, they pay members lightning fast when other similar programs use up to 15 to 25 days to transfer you the money they use only 30 minutes and to the more general terms your US Dollars will reach to your account in just 1 day.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Bank Roll Bucks

When I first look at Bank Roll Bucks to do my extensive research, there is nothing that fancy me or interest me until I found out that they are really a different kind of program that sticks to their claims and extremely honest program.

So there is nothing bad that I can say about Bank Roll Bucks, as they are really handling well in all departments.

One thing that members care the most is nothing but their US Dollars which is the reason they have got you covered because they care about your dollars which is why they give you more dollars in the prize drawing and also they pay your dollars daily without fail.

My Final Thoughts

Yes, Bank Roll Bucks pays with honesty and they are strong without you realized, you are already on your way to get your US Dollar all lightning fast.

Besides, they don’t kick members out in the midst of tasking or some other hidden tricks.

They play it nice and easy with the purpose to help their members grow their money and income with further add ons rewards like the prize rewards that I mentioned.

So eventually you will find something that works so well and you can start to be thankful and yes Bank Roll Bucks is worth every second and effort because they are simply the different type of paying site like no other.

Even with that said, your mission is not here to just earn some few hundreds of US Dollars as you had bigger plans for your own future so I strongly recommend you to further do your homework and add all trusted paying programs in your portfolios to further increase your income.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Bank Roll Bucks, then I think you should also probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Bank Roll Bucks, feel free to leave me comments below.

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Galebtswe - September 6, 2019

Does it support any country in the world

    David Lau - September 7, 2019

    Hi Galebtswe,

    Bank roll bucks do not support every country in the world.

    They serve only audience from the United States, North America, the European region such as The United Kingdom, France and Germany.

    They also support the audience from New Zealand and Australia.

Carmella - October 29, 2019

I tried to connect to th esite it just says error 404 does it no longer exist?

    David Lau - November 4, 2019

    Hi Carmella,

    Thanks for your valuable feedback. I appreciate it so much.

    Apparently, the site is still accessible via their official website’s URL which is https://bankrollbucks.com

    I guess your issue was due to the temporary server maintenance during that time.

Fares Afsa - March 13, 2020


    David Lau - March 22, 2020

    Hey Fares Afsa,

    What does it mean?

    I’m absolutely clueless.


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