Cash Formula Review: Making $5000 Daily Or Pure Lies?

You might be wondering is it possible to earn $5000 in a day.

I am in your same shoes exactly.

This is the bold claim of the owner of the Cash Formula.

You see, the internet has been flooded with tons of these so-called overhyped and underdelivered low-value products.

Sometimes, it could be even worse, these make money online products are complete scams, the unethical owners are here with a primary objective that is to make you believe and trust whatever that they are offering.

Normally, they will go beyond the limit of triggering the emotional part as well as the false income claims to lure in as many people as they could.

Guess what, those that are in desperate of money are their number one targeted victims.

I've been reviewing lots of these programs now that I am beginning to grasp their dirty and unethical tactics.

Today, I will be reviewing another "sort of" these type of overhyped and potential scams program.

It's called the Cash Formula system.

As usual, I will be digging deeper to uncover their ugly side of things.

Also, I will be revealing what are their true agendas.

So let's get started.

Cash Formula Review Summary

Product: Cash Formula

Founder: Michael(Unreal)

Price: $37

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No


If you are here looking for ways to make some extra money online,  Cash Formula is going to disappoint you in this aspect.

Their entire business structures have lots of flaws and it gets even worst, the done for you system is a total scam and it doesn't work.

There are so many questions mark and red flags around this product and I certainly encourage you to stay away from this.

On top of that, paying $37 for a piece of valueless make money system product is unacceptable.

Their overhyped income claims are terrifying, all in all, Cash Formula is not the place to generate any income.

What Is Cash Formula?

The Cash Formula is an independent digital product on sale in the Clickbank marketplace.

It's founded by a person named Michael.

From the sales video presentation, very little information about his product has been delivered.

Though, it's primarily a done for you system claiming of capable of making you $5000 in a day or even $100000 in a month!

This complete done for you system cost $37 to join, and as soon as you make payment to become their precious member, you will be granted direct access to the so-called done for you income system.

The entire done for you system is then capable of helping you to generate cash with very little work on your end.

According to them, they have access to the loophole of monetizing millions of internet traffic that are ready to buy any of your products offered.

This so-called cash system is purely making money off the potential e-commerce audience.

Apart from the secretly hidden truth about what exactly the product has to offer, nothing much elaboration has been given.

Before we proceed further, Michael also claims that if you become one of their private club members, you will be receiving a personal bonus worth up to $997.

That's cool, but then, could it be a bunch of useless ebooks? Or other potential scam products offering?

Lots of uncertainties occur here.

How Do You Earn With Cash Formula?

Even though very little information has been revealed about their make money system, I can discover that they are offering a complete done for you money-making system.

This entire cash system is presented to you in the form of a website.

That's the core component of getting started to make money with them.

Once you have your unique website set up, they will be providing you with their so-called loophole and holy grails method to generate a lucrative income from your website.

Traffic and sales techniques are also guaranteed.

A complete done for your website that requires very little hard work and effort on your end.

As the clock ticks, just sit back and watch the money rolling in with their internal secret loophole of millions of traffic and ready buyers.

By the way, it's extremely ridiculous!

That's about it. This is how you can make money with their holy grail cash generating system.

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The Pros - What I like About Cash Formula

Real-life experience of hardship

Despite this being a make money online product review, I've found out that one of the pros of Cash Formula
is the illustration of the cruelness of society and life.

During the video presentation, a certain partial life story has been conveyed.

Personally, I felt that life is unforgiving based on the unfairness of circumstances that occur.

Regardless of whether this is a true story of merely scripted to touch your feeling and emotion, (which will ultimately lead you to purchase their product). we can comprehend and digest that life is such.

That's the path that no one escapes. We learn how to deal with situations that confront and against us.

60 days money-back guarantee

Despite this product has red flags like those usual potential and scam products, it's still listed for sales on Clickbank marketplace.

Clickbank is an extremely trustable online digital marketplace, therefore your money that spent is refundable.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Cash Formula

Unreal owner

Since the beginning of the video presentation, the spokesperson mentioned the identity of himself as Michael several times.

Weirdly, an image of a man also been shown in the video.

But then, that's fake and unreal. Nowhere on the website can we see any form of a real human picture of the owner.

There isn't any about me or about us page on their website.

That's the main suspicious part of all.

A website without this basic about page is deemed fishy and untrustworthy in my opinion.

Micheal is a very common credential and the fakeness of their true bad intentions has been revealed by itself.

Who can we turn to when we encounter issues with his product?

How about contacting him to seek solutions?

There is no contact information to be found as well.

My goodness!

Extremely unrealistic income claims

The faked person claims that anyone who follows their system can earn up to $5000 within 24 hours.

Now, let's ask ourselves a question and ponder deeper.

Is this amount achievable?

Five grand in a day huh?

Personally, that's insanely ridiculous!

Even worst, He went on to say $100,000 in a month is earnable.

Wordless and speechless.

What an insane lies after lies, fakeness within fakeness!

Realistically, earning this sort of money is not possible even when starting a real legit business, let alone with this unknown done for you complete money system.

One big red flag to be alert!

Fake testimonials

Again and again, I have encountered way too many fakenesses within these potential and scam products.

They typically hire an independent freelancer to do the income testimonies for them.

It's unethical and unacceptable.

I don't even know how to describe their fakeness anymore.

This is a dirty tactic to lure potential victims to trust them, and ultimately purchasing their products.

Here's the thing my friend, most of the scammers will be leveraging the third party freelance service to make a product or income testimonial for them.

That's a pretty normal scenario within the make money online products.

The fakeness of the so-called done for you system

So, they said everything has been tested and ready for profit right away.

All you have to do is to pay $37 and start to reap the financial success right away.

Now, that's something fishy going on here.

Firstly, we have no idea how it's been done.

Secondly, the source of the proven success formula is unverifiable.

There are also no proves to support that any sort of income can be earned with this done for you system.

It could be illegal on their end.

Something terrible is going on around them.

Stay alert at all cost.

Unknown source of traffic monetization

They claim they have access to millions of traffic as the mean of monetization.

Namely from Ukraine and not known publicly to the outside world.

Now, that's another red flag here.

Millions of traffic meaning millions of visitors?

And then cashing out this insane $5000 daily with the traffic loophole?

What the heck is going on around here, we don't even know what is this all about, how the money is been made, let alone trusting them to be the real deal of securing that unbelievable $5000 daily income.

It could even be more disastrous when those traffics are illegally obtained.

Exactly $5000 daily?


Without any variations?

That will be some sort of money laundering that is intentionally laid out to the potential victims.

Extremely terrifying, my friends!

Do you honestly believe that claim of monetizing millions of unknown traffic?

This is a big red flag!

Unethical scarcity tactic intentionally implemented

If you have ever watched the crappy video presentation, you will notice that wrong scarcity has been intentionally implemented.

One of the most notorious ones is the claim that the video will be taken down soon, so secure your spot now or never.

Nope, that's falsely said.


I came back with a fresh browser session and boom, the video is still around.

They are self-revealing their ugly face, my goodness!

Anyone that is rational and intelligent will be able to comprehend that's an act of bad scarcity to lure you in.

Fake claims to make you a millionaire

Only 7 spots are left available for any lucky person to join their millionaire club...

Is that true?

Michael also claimed that he owns 10 of millions.

What he was trying to express is that he has achieved financial freedom living luxuriously.

I don't think so.

Let me ask you a question real quick. If he is multiple millionaires, why is he even have to do any of this stuff?

To be able to scam your 37 bucks and make himself $37 richer?

It doesn't make any sense!

It's ridiculously fake.

Now, are you going to become a millionaire by replicating what he is doing?

A done for you cash machine?

Or collecting $37 endlessly to achieve the millionaire status?

This is another area to be careful of.

Unclear business model

We know that to make a living, we are either going to get a job and been paid a salary, or venturing into legitimate entrepreneurship and generate profit from your business.

With Cash Formula, the entire business structure is unclear, it's full of flaws and more importantly, it's fake and doesn't work.

Seriously, achieving overnight success with $5000 day after day continuously?

That's not a solid business model.

It's more like a lottery or having some fun at the casinos.

Even if we are going to have some fun in the casino, it doesn't guarantee a static $5000 winning right?

We might win, we might lose, and most importantly, the amount of money regardless of gaining or losing is going to be different.

With Cash Formula, there are only two possible earning outcomes.

$5000 daily or $100000 monthly!

The genuineness of the entire system is at stake.

it's highly questionable.

It's untrustable.

It has lots of flaws.

The entire incompleteness is a total shame.

Is Cash Formula A Scam?

After progressing thus far, I am sure you can comprehend that the Cash Formula isn't the real deal.

That's the number one catch here.

And then the entire done for you system is full of flaws and fakeness.

No one understands how they can promise this type of luxury let alone believing what they said.

In my opinion, yeah, Cash Formula is a complete scam.

That's an unquestionable fact.

It becomes even uglier when they are still around scouting for preys!

How unfair is that right?

None of their so-called done for you cash machine is legit and real, it could be entire illegal stuff intentionally hidden away.

Now, even with all the certainty of scamming elements and unethical actions, the entire product doesn't have any value to add up the ugly side.

The done for you system is trashable and valueless.

It might even possess the danger of being hit by legal actions.

The income source is unknown.

The method of monetizing millions of traffic is also unknown.

There's nothing more to add.

Surely needed to be avoided at all cost.

My Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the goal of our research and hard work is to finally achieve financial security right?

With all the scams and potential scams that exist on the internet, it's relatively easy to fall victim to these unethical individuals.

Thankfully, making an income online is achievable.

There are lots of different ways where you can make an income online legitimately.

One of my top recommendations has to be the affiliate marketing business model.

Affiliate marketing is empowering individuals and marketers around the world to build a solid and sustainable income for the long term.

Businesses that are built with affiliate marketing at the core is scalable to any success desired.

Why is affiliate marketing so phenomenally powerful?

Well, it enables you to build any business imaginable with your passion and hobby alone.

You don't even need to possess any expertise in marketing or selling products in person face to face.

To excel with affiliate marketing, the core requirement is to be able to connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion as you.

For example, if you love music, this unique passion of yours could be turned into a lucrative online business.

I am sure it's not that difficult for you to share your opinions, and recommendations of your top choice of earphones, wireless headset, audio-related topics, right?

Believe it or not, there are thousands and thousands of individuals just like yourself existed.

Isn't it super cool to be able to build a solid business from your passion?

With affiliate marketing, you don't even need to own products or having the tediousness of product creation.

That's the real beauty of this business model.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Cash Formula, feel free to leave me comments below.

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