Cashpirate Review: Are You Sailing To Massive Treasures or nowhere?

How about going back to the old schools?

Those days when we were busy playing the pirates game with our Nintendo console?

Feeling a little bizarre moment right?

Those days might have long gone, it's only left to be cherished.

But then, the pirates are still here!

I am not talking about Captain Jack Sparrow, neither am I talking about pirates console games.

I am talking about an app known as the Cashpirate.

Today, I will be showcasing to you an app that is capable of generating you an extra income with your spare time.

You might already be wondering, is it even possible to make money with this app?

Is this a total waste of time or worthy of your time and effort?

I get all your concerns.

Let us dive into this app and discover deeper what exactly it is and how you can make money with it.

Are you ready to find out what Cashpirate has to offer?

Let's get started. 

Cashpirate Review Summary

Product: Cashpirate 

Founder: ayeT - Studios

Price: Free

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: Yes


The Cashpirate app platform is undoubtedly a legitimate and trustworthy place for you to earn some extra bucks to spice up your life.

It's fun to earn money with lots of different types of tasks offered. 

If you are here to make a full-time income, then sadly, Cashpirate isn't the place that you wanna hang around with your valuable time.

Instead of wasting your valuable time with the Cashpirate, I would recommend you to acquire the necessary knowledge and build yourself a thriving online business that's built to last in the long term. 

Your own online business that you can take full control of, a business that is capable of generating you an income geared for the ultimate success.

An online business that's built to sustain and scalable to any level of success desired. 

What Is Cashpirate?

Cashpirate is a mobile app designed and coded specifically for Android users.

Its reputation has been on the rise recently due to the high level of acceptance and popularity. 

As you can see from the image below, cash pirate has received more than a million download till date, that's a pretty astonishing achievement. 

At its very core, Cashpirate is written for you to earn some extra cash on the go, so regardless what you normally do with your phone, Cashpirate can be added as one of your favorite app moving forward as it offers the value of making you extra money.

Before we proceed further, here's the login area as soon as you have downloaded the app. 

Simply input your best email address and a password to continue.

Next, you will be told that this is a brand new account to be created without any previous association linked with the email address you provided to them.

Then they also notify you that you can enter a referral code to get 500 coins straight to your account.

This is a unique code given by your sponsor, someone who introduces you to join Cashpirate, simply leave it blank if you came here without any sponsor or introducer. 

It took more than usual time to log on to the platform.

This little flaw has forced me to restart and relaunched the app.

Let me briefly walk you through their dashboard. 

First and foremost, you are required to accept their terms and privacy policy.

Good practice by a reputable company. 

It followed by the balance.

Here, you get to see your personal earning as well as the earning commission from your referrals.

This section is updated in real-time, so it's a pretty incredible technology integrated directly with the app.

Then you have the goals. This personal goal reminds you that you have pending goals to be achieved.

Thus it motivates and keeps you moving forward. 

Lastly, you have a referral.

This is the area where you get to see your direct referral and the referral referred by your direct referral. 

If this part seems unfamiliar and confusing to you, let's assume it like multi-level marketing structures. 

This is the direct network of yours.

The only difference is that with Cashpirate, you only get one level of referral structure directly under your network. 

For you to start earning, you have to click on the show offers button.

This is the part where they will display all the available jobs that you can accomplish to make some money. 

Before you can participate in their partner's program to earn money, firstly you have to accept their privacy policy as I mentioned earlier.

Once you have done that, let's proceed to see what they have to offer. 

How Do You Earn With Cashpirate?

Here, as you can see, there are some tasks that you can participate to earn some coins.

Depending on the difficulty level, the higher the difficulty, the more coins you are going to be rewarded upon successful tasks completion.

The tasks that offered here vary and it also depends on certain metrics such as the availability of participants and also the advertiser's budget.

The type of tasks consist of the following:

- Testing apps

- Playing apps also known as playing games

- Fulfill some requirements for any particular apps

- Completes survey

- Download an app

- Test out apps

- Watching ads, video and media contents

If you belong to the season GPT type of opportunity and programs, I am sure you won't be unfamiliar with the tasks offered by Cashpirate.

Before we proceed, let take some time to understand the payment structure and the economy of Cashpiratee

Cashpirate, as an independent entity, is associated with various advertisers and developers across the different industry within the online world.

These partnership has enabled them to acquired lots of members who are here to make some additional money.

So a win-win to every party. 

The currency structure within Cashpirate is known as coins.

These are not the coins you found inside an MMORPG, it's real coins that is cashable for real-world money.

Every coin is equivalent to the value of $0.0001.

There is no specific amount of time you have to dedicate yourself to earn money with this platform.

It's fully up to you and with your flexibility. 

For example, whenever you feel like earning, just launch the app and start looking for any available tasks.

Upon completion, you will be credited with coins instantly. 

Next, let us talk about the minimum payout threshold.

You know by now that the currency within the Cashpirate platform is known as coins.

Now for you to qualify for a cash-out, you must possess a minimum of $2.5 within your virtual Cashpirate wallet. 

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The Pros - What I like About Cashpirate

Free to join

This is one of the most promising parts within the Cashpirate platform.

Besides being able to join for free, you are also able to earn some extra income without any monetary investment on your end. 

On top of that, they give you the luxury of a lifetime free membership without any restriction.

What you need to possess on your part is the willingness to participate to satisfy their partners also known as their advertisers. 

Tasks are updated in real-time  

Even though Cashpirate has over a million members as the time of writing this content, the availability of tasks is equally distributed.

It's not like a first come first serve basis.

Their proprietary technology is capable of rotating their partner's offer to a wide different type of audience. 

So you don't have to worry about offers have been completed by other members who can commit more time than you within the Cashpirate platform.

Fairness is the key that tied tightly within their traits of professionalism.

Regardless of how much time you are willing to invest in Cashpirate, whether you have some other priority in your daily routine, rest be assured that, whenever you log into their system, tasks are available to you.

What you have to do next is to buckle down and work hard to accomplish their task requirement and then receive the coins deserved. 

Multiple ways of cash out options

Recently I talked about the different behavior of people, the team behind Cashpirate has this aspect completely covered.

As soon as you reach the minimum payout threshold, you are eligible to cash out your earning with many different options based on your preference.

They offer a variety of options such as the core PayPal, Amazon gift card, and even bitcoins.

I would prefer payment through PayPal. 

A good way to pass time to earn some extra money

Sometimes, we all have moments of feeling bored.

You can make use of Cashpirate to generate yourself some extra cash while making sure that you can bypass boredom. 

As soon as you get the hang out of it, you could be well falling in love with it.

Seriously and honestly speaking, there's a myriad of ways where you can maximize your exploration within the new offers, opportunities as well as games, apps within the online world. 

How about the feeling of getting to try out brand new strategy game to be launched exclusively?

The feeling of the exclusivity can make your day and moment.

I mean, you get to try out these apps first hand before they are released to the general public. 

And then how about gaining some insightful information about any particular services and products by going through their private surveys?

So overall, you can pass time and gain some extra benefits simultaneously. 

The power of teamwork has been leveraged 

Here's the thing my friend, many of the great marvelous milestone and achievements have been reached with teamwork contribution.

When you are doing something solo, it slows down your progression.

Cashpirate has you covered in regards to this.

Their in-house referral system has enabled you to generate even more income.

To make things even sweeter, you get to earn an additional 5 percent of your direct sponsor line.

These are the referrals that are not sponsored by you personally. 

Let's ponder and imagine for just a moment, realistically, what about achieving thousands of referrals all with the power of teamwork, even with such a tiny percentage, you are well on your way to make even more money with Cashpirate. 

The power of mobility at your disposal 

So we use a smartphone daily. We play games, we read posts, we create contents, we reply to messages and so forth.

We utilize our phone to do different tasks day in and day out.

The best feeling of being able to own the luxury of a smartphone is the flexibility of mobility.

You can perform any tasks with your smartphone anywhere without any hassles.

Heck, you can even spend most of your time exploring and indulging yourself within the Cashpirate platform. 

The Cons - What I Dislike About Cashpirate

An Unattractive GPT concept

So here's the thing, my friend, it's no secret that the GPT industry within the online world is attracting people from all walks of life to join in the party.

With the sole intention of generating extra cash.

With Cashpirate, it's not designed any differently.

Even with lots of available tasks, at the end of the day, you might find yourself in a position where you are going nowhere with them.

Limited earning potential 

Despite the opportunity to earn lots of coins which is redeemable for real money.

Let's get real to ourselves for a moment. 

Earning some coins is possible with Cashpirate, but for you to earn enough to even buy yourself a cup of coffee, you need to work extremely hard.

One of the ways is by accepting the tasks in higher difficulty.

These are the tasks that are offered to you maybe once in a blue moon. 

2500 coins for a minimum payout for just $2.50.

Just imagine how many tasks you need to perform to earn yourself a satisfactory income?

I am sure you already knew the answer. 

Not designed for the long term 

The idea behind the Cashpirate is fully based on getting paid to the GPT type of concept.

It's not built with future sustainability in mind. 

So in one way or another, they are not designed for the long term.

These opportunities come and leave relatively fast.

Even though a certain level of trustworthiness has been established with Cashpirate, it doesn't guarantee that they will always be in good shape to attract new advertisers while maintaining their existing partners. 

It's all unknown in my opinion.

Despite being free to join, it's still going to consume lots of your valuable time.

Privacy concern at stake 

The moment you decide to join Cashpirate, they are acquiring your email address as a start.

They go on by asking you to allow their app to gain access to some of your private data such as contacts and phone numbers.

Even though this has been achieved with mutual consent, but the truth is, your valuable information has been acquired.

Since this blog is built with the topic of sharing my personal opinions about the online make money products, I have been submitting valuable information to many of the third party program owners.

That's why sometimes, I will be receiving some marketing and promotional messages straight to my phone. 

Is Cashpirate A Scam?

Like it or not, the whole concept behind Cashpirate is not destined for longevity,

That being said, nowhere does it looks scammy and has the potential of scams.

As real as it sounds, Cashpirate is legitimate and it's going to be sticking around for a long time.

Despite the little earning potential, rest be assured that Cashpirate is a trustworthy company.

Their members are growing every day at a high pace.

People around the world are putting their faith and trust in Cashpirate. 

Many of the members are also getting paid as a result of their willingness to participate in the various tasks offered. 

My Final Thoughts

All of us have the same amount of time daily.

Besides our life's priority, it's recommended to invest your valuable time to do something even more productive.

Since 2015, I have discovered an awesome online business model known as the affiliate marketing.

Individuals from all walks of life are reaping massive benefits from this phenomenal business model.

Different level of success has been achieved as well.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Cashpirate,  feel free to leave me comments below.

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