Cinchdollars Review: Get Paid For Expressing Your Unique Opinions

Survey participation has become relatively popular to earn on the side.

This scenario can be proven by the emergence of new survey companies joining the league within the market research industry.

Some come and go.

Some stay to connect survey participants with various advertiser partners for the long term.

Today, I will be reviewing a survey platform known as Cinchdollars.

If you are a big fan of expressing unique thoughts, then, Cinchdollars could be the right place for you to voice your opinion while earning some income on the side.

I will be discussing its state of legitimacy, its worthiness, as well as its earning potential.

I will also be expressing my unique thoughts on its suitability so that you can make the wisest decision whether to participate or otherwise.

So, let's get started without further ado.

Cinchdollars Review Summary

Platform: Cinchdollars

Company: Cint AB

Price: Free to join

Rating: 60/100

Recommended: Yes and No

It depends on your specific situation.

Yes, if you are a big fan of expressing unique thoughts with the extra time to do that.

No, if you are struggling to come out with the extra time to participate merely to earn a few cups of coffee in a month.

What Is Cinchdollars?

Cinchdollars is essentially a survey platform that connects the survey participants with advertisers from various industries.

It has been shining impressively since 2004 and it's still going strong in 2020.

At the core, its root of existence has a connection with human behavior.

We all know that everyone behaves differently, right?

Yeah, that's why everybody has their unique opinions in regards to everything that we do in life.

With Cinchdollars, your unique opinions do matter hugely, as companies and product owners can continue to innovate their products and services for the best interest of the consumers.

When you land on its website, it's a relatively simple and straightforward survey website with basic information such as the idea of the survey offers and their rewards.

Apparently, it has a slider on the top section of its website showing various countries from the likes of The United States, The United Kingdom, and India, just to name a few.

So, fundamentally, it's assumed that most of the survey participants come from these countries.

Scroll down further, you will discover a list of countries that are accepted into its survey offers.

Let's take a look below.

The illustration of the countries that are accepted to join Cinchdollars

Technically speaking, most of the countries are accepted to join except for some countries not listed above.

Clicking on your specific country will trigger a registration form to sign up as shown below.

The registration to join Cinchdollars

As you can see, it's a simple form to register to be its unique member.

If you are concern about privacy, let's be assured that this matter has been well taken care of with the privacy link as well as the terms stated.

Do click through the link to find out more information about the mutual respect of privacy.

Once you've consented to the privacy terms, proceed to fill up the form to get started.

Do note that the system will send you a verification email to verify your identity and the ownership of the registered member.

Click on the link provided in the email address to complete the entire verification process.

Here's the look of its member's dashboard.

The member dashboard of Cinchdollars

It's a simplified user interface with the setting navigation on the right side, and the profile tasks navigation area.

How Do You Earn With Cinchdollars?

Before the earning process gets sailing, there's a requirement for you to complete the "pre-requirements" survey evaluation process known as profiling.

At the time of writing, there are 16 industries that you could potentially participate in to qualify for future surveys.

Here are some of the examples.

The profiling process set by Cinchdollars

Let's take a look at one of my favorites which is the "food and beverage" industry.

The example illustrations of Cinchdollars profiling questionnaires

To answer the questions, click on the green arrow to continue.

The answers to the profiling questionnaires have been pre-prepared for you.

All you need to do is to choose the answer appropriately and honestly.

Let's have a glace at the first questionnaire as an example.

The answers to the Cinchdollars profiling questionnaires

Multiple answer options in the form boxes have been prepared for you to answer quickly and easily.

Feel free to go through all the profiling questionnaires of every industry offered.

That way, you can maximize the chances of receiving surveys in the future.

Next, let's proceed to discover how to earn with Cinchdollars.

Survey participation

The survey task is arguably the most straightforward way to earn with any of the "get paid to" platforms.

It's a similar scenario with Cinchdollars.

Once you've successfully completed the profiling requirements, the system will optimize your account to receive the most relevant surveys that match your interest and criteria.

There are two ways to be notified when any surveys that match your account is available.

They are:

- Notification through emails

- The tiny number on top of the "survey tab" on your member's dashboard.

Based on your personal preference, you can choose to participate in the offered surveys either through email or by logging in to your account.

It's completely up to you.

If your email is synced with your Android phone, you will receive the email notifications in real-time.

That's the fabulousness of the phenomenal technology implementation.

You will be dynamically notified when any survey is ready for you to participate.

How cool is that, right?

So, how about the pay rate?

Well, it depends and varies.

Fundamentally, it's highly dependent on the following factors:

- The advertisers' budget

- Market demands

- The specific survey's difficulties

As you can see, there are some uncontrollable variables involved that determine the final amount that you could potentially earn.

However, just to give you an idea of the potential pay rate, it's between $0.40 to as high as $10, according to Cinchdollars.

So, I hope that gives you an overall idea to grasp the significance or insignificance of participating in Cinchdollars's survey tasks.

Participate in the monthly prize draws

Speaking of the prize drawing, it's sort of restrictive, in my opinion.

Firstly, not every member is qualified to participate.

Secondly, you need to meet certain requirements to unlock eligibility.

So, what are the requirements to participate?

Well, there are essentially three requirements.

They are:

- You must complete at least one survey in the period of one month

- You must refer at least a friend to join Cinchdollars

- You must experience at least one "luckless" moment

Allow me to elaborate on each of them individually.

The first one is relatively self-explanatory.

In order to join in the lucky draw, you must show your determination to participate at least once in all the surveys offered.

This requirement is indeed necessary to determine your dedication to voice your unique opinions rather than wasting time and resources within the platform.

Unless, you are not offered a single survey task in the entire month, which is extremely unlikely to happen.

The second requirement is relatively tough to accomplish, in my opinion.

You have to share the goodness of Cinchdollars with your friends, family members, or even your colleagues.

It's not an easy task if you are unwilling to do so, or if you are lacking the skill to convince persuasively.

Lastly, what I just meant with the word "luckless" is that when you are out of luck to qualify for any official surveys.

Remember I talked about the profiling requirements earlier?

Yeah, exactly.

It's not a guarantee that you will be granted a bed full of roses when you go through the profiling.

Sometimes, you will be disqualified to take part in any specific surveys offered by its advertisers.

When this moment happens, you are granted access to participate in the lucky draws event.

It's an initiative to encourage you to keep moving forward instead of getting frustrated or disheartened.

How Do You Get Paid?

One of the most visible positive traits possessed by Cinchdollars is its transparent and straightforward compensation system.

With Cinchdollars, you don't have to familiarize yourself with all the complex rewards systems such as the points and coins accumulated like many of the typical "GPT" platforms.

Cinchdollars offers direct cash value rewards.

Yeah, you heard that right, my friends.

Whenever you've completed a survey, the agreed compensation rate will be credited directly to your account.

The accumulated monetary values can be redeemed for real cash through PayPal.

For example, if you participate in a survey that pays $2, then at the end of the survey completion, the exact amount will be credited to your account.

It's cashable through the PayPal payment processor.

Even better, at the time of writing, Cinchdollars also has an alternative to cash out your earning which is called GCodes or better known as Gift Codes.

It's a portal to redeem your earned amount for various gift cards for the best convenience.

If you prefer to spend your earning digitally, then this option is available with Cinchdollars.

So, how about the withdrawal threshold?

Well, at the time of writing, the minimum withdrawal threshold has been set at $12.50 for PayPal and $10 for GCodes.

With Cinchdollars, you have full flexibility in choosing the best withdrawal option.

Can You Earn With Cinchdollars?

We've discussed the ways to earn with Cinchdollars earlier.

Now, let's discuss the earning potential.

We've also discussed the profiling requirements.

Let's recap the important discoveries.

First, there are 16 categories to take part in profiling that lead to any survey availability.

Second, the typical pay rate for any survey varies from $0.40 to $10.

Third, if disqualifications occur, then there will be entry to take part in the lucky draws.

Now, let us proceed to discover the earning potential based on these discoveries.

Do take note that the calculations for the earning potential are based on predictions and assumptions.

The sole purpose is to grasp an understanding of the potential achievable earning.

So, let's get started, shall we?

Let's suppose you've passed several of the profiling requirements successfully, and you are fortunate to receive an average of 8 survey tasks weekly.

Here are the summarized earning predictions for each survey tasks.

Task 1 - $1.00
Task 2 - $0.50
Task 3 - $0.40
Task 4 - $2.00
Task 5 - $3.00
Task 6 - $0.50
Task 7 - $0.80
Task 8 - $0.60

The total earning for the specific week is equivalent to:

1+0.5+0.4+2+3+0.5+0.8+0.6 = $8.8

Multiply this amount by 4 is the projected monthly income.

4*8.8 = $35.2

Now, let's talk a little about luck.

Remember that the maximum pay rate for any completed survey is $10?

Well, let's say you are lucky to receive such earning twice a month.

We will add $20 to the summarized amount.

$35.20+$20 = $55.20.

It's always good to be optimistic but then we must also treat reality equally important.

The reality is that it could be extremely rare to receive surveys with a pay rate of $10.

We have to be realistic with adequate expectations.

So, two surveys with a $10 pay rate are considered acceptable.

As for the lucky draw, we will bypass it for now due to even more uncontrollable variables involved.

So, as you can see, earning with Cinchdollars is relatively low compared to the amount of time and effort investment.

Predictably, the earning could be significantly reduced if the profiling process isn't a smooth sail.

So, again, this is not the definitive earning.

Instead, it's a benchmark calculation to determine the earning potential with Cinchdollars.

Disappointed With Survey Websites?

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The Pros - What I like About Cinchdollars


  • It has been around for more than a decade
  • It's managed by a reputable market research company
  • Offers a unique and distinctive way to earn through survey participation
  • Reasonable and acceptable low minimum withdrawal threshold
  • Residents from most of the countries are accepted to join
  • It's free to participate
  • A unique platform to express your unique thoughts
  • Offers real-time survey availability through email notifications
  • It has a variety of survey categories
  • It has PayPal withdrawal option which is a good plus

The Cons - What I Dislike About Cinchdollars


  • Not everyone will pass profiling smoothly
  • Unpredictable earning
  • Low earning potential

My Final Thoughts

If you assess Cinchdollars from a member's perspective, Cinchdollars is certainly thriving positively.

It's indeed no doubts about this statement.

Here are my personal opinions on why I'm impressed with Cinchdollars.

Firstly, it has been in existence since 2004 and it's still going strong at the time of writing.

So, if you want to know the main reasons for most of the failures that happen in life, well, it's none other than the lack of perseverance, patience, and persistence.

With Cinchdollars, it has all three traits to reach the highest success peak.
Secondly, it doesn't play hide and seek game.

This platform is all about connecting members with merchants to the likes of organization owners and product owners.

They want to innovate their products and services to a whole new dimension, it's deemed accomplishable through your unique voices.

It's such plain simplicity.

Lastly, it's a platform that doesn't promise you to be wealthy by participating in surveys.

The entire truthfulness is worthy to be acclaimed.

This platform is all about opinions acquisition.

If you are a big fan of voicing your unique thoughts, then you come and offer your opinions and be rewarded with some compensations.

It's as simple as that.

Now, if you ask me about the earning side, then you might be disappointed.

It's subjectively acceptable that survey participation isn't going to unlock lucrative earning.

It's a fact that we need to accept and live with it.

The entire idea of expressing opinions isn't about earning decently, but rather, to contribute to the various industries through your unique thoughts.

If you are here looking for ways to earn on the internet and if you are a visionary individual seeking long-term financial success, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

It's a business model based on websites and content creation.

If you love helping, engaging, and eventually building a solid relationship with your audience, then this is one of the best alternative recommendations for wealth creation on the internet.

So, I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Cinchdollars, feel free to leave me comments below.

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