ClickPerks Review: Is It A Trustworthy GPT Website?

If you are searching for ways to make money online in The United States, Canada, and The United Kingdom, chances are, you might have heard of a GPT platform known as ClickPerks.

If so, you might be wondering whether is this company trustable or otherwise.

Can you really make money with it?

How much money can you potentially earn?

More importantly, is it even worth your precious time and effort?

Let's find out the answers together in this review.

ClickPerks Review Summary

Platform: ClickPerks

Company: React2Media

Price: Free to join

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No

What Is ClickPerks?

ClickPerks is essentially a modernized GPT platform that serves the "get paid to" industry.

Unlike traditional competitors, ClickPerks is redefining the art of earning money in the world of GPT.

Uniquely founded in New York City, It's an American company that has high enthusiasm to thrive at the highest peak.

From a member's perspective, ClickPerks offers the opportunity to earn money through various task participation.

For example, there's this all-time favorite survey task.

If you have been actively involving in the world of GPT, then you surely know what I'm talking about.

Besides, this is also one of the few GPT websites that have partnerships with lots of reputable merchants.

Before you can get started with ClickPerks, there's a requirement to sign up as its exclusive member.

Simply fill up your credentials as precisely as possible to ensure the maximum accuracy.

Let's take a look below.

The registration form to become a member of ClickPerks

As you can see, there are three phases of the registration.

You will also be rewarded with three bonus points upon successful registration.

How Do You Earn With ClickPerks?

ClickPerks offers standardized ways to earn money.

It's relatively similar to any other GPT websites within the industry.

Let's find out the core ways of how you can earn money with this company.

Paid survey participation

This task is arguably one of the most anticipated for GPT lovers.

It's also the task that pays higher than all the other essential tasks offered.

Remember I mentioned earlier that there's a requirement to fill up your information as specific as possible?

This step is to ensure higher survey availability.

The frequency of surveys is also highly dependent on your demographics as well as industries.

Watch videos

If you like watching video content, then this task could well fit your passion.

Do note that the content of the video varies based on the industries and advertisers' needs.

However, you will certainly be earning points for your participation.

Offers participation

This task is slightly different from the rest of the tasks.

The "offers" task depends on any specific advertiser's needs.

Sometimes, certain actions are required on your end.

For example, it could be signing up for a trial offer.

It could also be subscribing to a recurring membership, so on and so forth.

Meaning that the offer task rewards you handsomely but there cold be monetary involvement.

You might be spending money to gain those valuable points.

For example, purchasing a pre-launch product before its official launch.

So, you get the idea of how the "offers" task works.

Here are some examples of the "offers" task.

The offers examples of ClickPerks

Refer your friends to join

ClickPerks offers a unique way to maximize your income through its proprietary in house referral system.

As a member, you will be given a unique referral link that is sharable to any famous social media platforms.

If you have the skill of convincing and the art of persuasion, this is one of the main ways to increase your income.

How Do You Get Paid?

ClickPerks has its unique compensation point known as the bonus point.

Every ten points are equivalent to $0.1.

The minimum withdrawal threshold has been set to $3.

Meaning that you need to accumulate at least 30 points to redeem your rewards.

Also, there will be no direct money withdrawal to your bank account or PayPal.

Only rewards in the form of gift cards will be offered.

For example, you can redeem your points for The Amazon Gift Card.

Can You Earn With ClickPerks?

You can certainly earn money with ClickPerks.

You knew earlier that there's no real money withdrawal offered.

However, there are plenty of redeemable gift cards such as the PayPal gift card.

These gift cards can be used exactly with monetary values.

You can also exchange for products that you love.

In this section, I will be showing you the earning potential of ClickPerks.

After that, you should grasp the earning benchmark so that you cand decide whether this company is worthy of your time or otherwise.

A quick disclaimer: The following calculations are based on predictions. They don't represent the actual earnable income. Actual income varies based on many uncontrollable variables.

Let's suppose you are offered with six tasks daily.

Here are the predicted redeemable points.

Task 1 - 50 points
Task 2 - 20 points
Task 3 - 45 points
Task 4 - 30 points
Task 5 - 60 points
Task 6 - 15 points

Your daily accumulated points are equivalent to:

50+20+45+30+60+15 = 220 points.

Let's multiply this amount by 30.

2200*30 = 6600 points

We know that 100 points can be exchanged for $1.

So, $66 points equivalence is your monthly rewards.

Let's just ponder for a moment, is this amount satisfactory?

I mean, you surely can exchange for your favorite pizza meals or other rewards, but this amount isn't going to be satisfying.

So, you have understood the earning potential of ClickPerks.

Sadly, it doesn't meet my expectation.

I'm sure it's a similar scenario for you.

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The Pros - What I like About ClickPerks


  • Free to join
  • Beautifully designed website

The Cons - What I Dislike About ClickPerks


  • Extremely low income potential
  • Questionable worthiness
  • Only offered to members from The United States, The United Kingdom, and Canada
  • Can be deemed a waste of time and effort

Is ClickPerks A Scam?

As far as trustworthiness is concerned, no, I don't think ClickPerks is a scam.

It's a legitimate GPT website that offers the opportunity to earn money through task participation. 

That being said, its extremely low-income potential makes it an undesirable platform to spend your time.

Just ask yourself a simple question, are you willing to spend your valuable time just to redeem some gift cards?

I'm sure you know exactly and precisely that ClickPerks is unworthy of your time.

To sum it up, ClickPerks isn't a scam.

The only concern is rather its worthiness.

So, personally, I will be staying away from this platform.

My Final Thoughts

After progressing thus far, you should grasp the insignificance of the ClickPerks earning opportunity.

Yes, you might be redeeming your favorite gift cards.

That's all about it.

There no real money to be made with this website.

Now, if you are seeking for ways to make money online, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is also the online business that is scalable for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative, if you still have any questions related to ClickPerks, feel free to leave me comments below.

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