Crowd1 Review: How Good Is This MLM Company?

You were playing PUBG when your phone vibrated with a WhatsApp notification.

A friend of yours contacted you who you rarely speak to.

You exited the game to read his message.

In the end, you found out that it was an opportunity called Crowd1.

You were skeptical about this company but then its lucrativeness was making you sleepless that night.

You decided to find out more about this company the following day.

Regardless of how you have gotten to know Crowd1, today, I will be reviewing this company in terms of its money-making opportunity, its state of legitimacy, as well as my personal take on whether you should trust this company or otherwise.

So without further ado, let's get started.

What Is Crowd1?

Crowd1 was notoriously famous for its unattractive link to third party gambling sites.

There was a universe of the unfancied story to be told even until today.

After its unsuccessful market penetration, this company has been fully revamped under new leadership and a new company.

At the time of writing, Crowd1 is managed and owned by Impact Crowd Technology, a European company that is responsible to steer the company to a new success peak.

According to Crowd1, the company has been uniquely named as the first digital MLM company in the world.

It offers digitally created products such as apps and software that could benefit its affiliates to enhance their knowledge, as well as an opportunity to reap profits as marketers.

How Do You Earn With Crowd1?

Essentially, Crowd1 adopts the MLM business implementation combined with new digital technology.

As an affiliate representing Crowd1, you are given numerous options to reap profits off its wide array of digital products.

Yeah, you heard that right, my friends!

This company doesn't offer physical products, its products range from digital gambling sites membership to various educational training created digitally.

Since no one is interested to find out the gambling stuff, I will be skipping this part.

It's unethical to talk about gambling as well.

What type of digital education products?

I heard you asked.

Well, at the moment, this company has three options to sign up as its affiliates.

They are white, black, gold, and titanium memberships.

A relatively peculiar name but that's the way they name it.

As an affiliate, you are given consent to promote any of the products to reap profits.

Here's are the core ways of earning money with Crowd1.


This company set aside a pool fund to be distributed to all the members also known as investors.

Here are the various profit-sharing compensations based on different membership.

Do note that the payment currency is calculated in Euro.

The white membership - €9

The black membership - €27

The gold membership - €72

The titanium membership - €225

Pairing bonuses

Crowd1 implements the binary pairing structure within its MLM hierarchy.

Meaning that you need to recruit someone to join directly under you on the left and the right side.

Both sides have to be evenly paired.

When you have successfully recruited new members in pairs, the pairing bonuses will be unlocked and rewarded to you.

This part of the compensation doesn't reward you directly with the Euro currency, instead, your achievements will be calculated in the binary points system.

Each binary point is equivalent to €0.10.

Here are the summaries of the pairing bonuses based on the type of memberships.

The white membership - 90 binary points (equivalent to €9)

The black membership - 270 binary points (equivalent to €27)

The gold membership - 720 binary points (equivalent to €72)

The titanium membership - 2250 binary points (equivalent to €225)

The matching bonus

This part of the compensation is based on your effort to train your new members under your network.

When you can help them to achieve the targeted membership sales, 10% of their binary points will be rewarded to you as a token of appreciation.

The streamline bonus

This compensation rewards you for personal sponsors.

Meaning that it's an individual effort instead of the team.

Rewards will be given based on the number and the type of memberships purchased.

There are 15 levels of rewards and as you make progress, more rewards will be unlocked.

Here's an image that summarizes all the potential reapable rewards.

An illustration of Crowd1 streamline bonus rewards

Can You Earn With Crowd1?

Here's the thing my friends, Crowd1 is a unique MLM company that doesn't offer any tangible products.

Instead, it's selling other companies' products namely digital education products such as online webinars, apps, training courses, software, programs so on, and so forth.

So, let's ponder for a moment, is this type of business model sustainable and profitable from a member's perspective?

Well, not likely in my opinion.

Here's the main reason why.

This is a company that highly depends on the membership sales from new members.

Meaning that it's essentially an investment scheme that is highly risky on its own.

In other words, it could also be a pyramid scheme or even worse, a ponzi investment scheme that is unsustainable, keeping you awake every night worrying about your money disappearing into the deep abyss.

Now, first and foremost, it doesn't have tangible products and services which is something to take caution of.

Second, you don't even know where your investment fund goes.

Yeah, the company says selling other people products, but then is this claim verifiable?

Not exactly.

To add up the sorrowness, the membership fees are not cheap and affordable at all.

Take a look below at its various cost of memberships.

The white membership - €99

The black membership - €299

The gold membership - €799

The titanium membership - €2499

Now, take a deep breath and analyze the costs vs the money that you could potentially make.

By the way, the memberships are relatively expensive.

Let's take the titanium membership as an example.

Its price is €2499 meaning that it's roughly $2740 in The United States Dollar.

To unveil the potentiality of making money with Crowd1, let me show you an illustration below.

To make it fair, let's just take the black membership as an example.

Assuming that you have successfully recruited two persons to join the black membership.

Here is the amount of money you could potentially make.

Direct sponsor bonus - 270 binary points (€27)

Profit-sharing bonus - €27 multiply by two (you have recruited two black members) - €54

Total earning is equivalent to €27+€54 = €81

So as you can see, you can only make €81 for the effort of recruiting one pair of black members.

If the two members are capable of recruiting on their end, then additional bonuses will be unlocked.

But that scenario is based on an assumption that is invalid in this illustration context.

The purpose here is to show you the actual concrete money that you can earn with Crowd1.

So the effort of making $598 sales translate to €81 earning.

In my opinion, it's not worth your effort at all.

Not to mention, it's not easy to convince someone to join with $299 (the example I showcased).

You are going to need a lot of luck to achieve this.

Even if you promote the entry-level membership, the white membership also costs €99, your prospects might not join as well.

The Pros - What I like About Crowd1

Absolutely nothing.

I speak truthfully and wholeheartedly here.

Crowd1 doesn't impress me in any aspect of its business implementation.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Crowd1


  • Ridiculous expensive memberships
  • Suspicious business operation
  • It's essentially a rehashed investment scheme
  • It could be a ponzi scheme
  • No real values offered to consumers
  • It adopts the binary pairing which is one of the ugliest sides of MLM structure
  • Difficult to promote
  • Previous leadership that linked to gambling websites
  • Questionable genuineness

My Final Thoughts

I hope you have fully grasped the potentiality of making money with Crowd1 by now.

This company is not like any other MLM company that you can rely upon to build a solid business.

For example, if you ask me about Avon, Herbalife, or Mary Kay, I might be giving positive remarks about them.

It's because these companies are operating legitimately with solid and tangible consumers' products.

Their existence also contributes to the respective industry thus helping the economy to keep progressing.

With Crowd1, I'm sort of feeling discomfort and I'm sure you are feeling the same as well.

Now, if you are here looking to make money, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally have chosen together with countless aspiring entrepreneurs journeying into the final success destination.

I hope that you find this review article helpful.

If you still have any questions related to Crowd1, feel free to leave me comments below.

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