Curious Cat App Review: Is It A Trustable App To Earn Money?

The creation of apps has become a norm these days.

App developers around the world are coding apps in any vertical imaginable.

If you love apps related to your respective industry, then you know exactly what I was talking about.

The vastness also provides the opportunity to earn money.

Yeah, you heard that right, my friends, you can earn money with your Android and Apple devices!

Today, I will be reviewing an app known as the Curious Cat App.

You might have heard of it due to its recent surge in popularity.

Perhaps you are here seeking for the truth of the viability of spending your precious time and effort on this app.

Is there any money to be made with the Curious Cat App?

Does it pay its members?

More importantly, how much can you potentially earn with this app?

Let's find out together in this review.

Curious Cat App Review Summary

Platform: Curious Cat App

Company: On Device Research Company

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No

Suitability: Individuals with the extra time who love doing surveys

What Is Curious Cat App?

Curious Cat App is an app that serves the "get paid to" industry.

Its primary core is to provide its members to do tasks such as filling up surveys and trying new apps.

Launched in 2017, this app has been evolving since its creation.

At the time of writing, it has more than 100,000 downloads on Android alone.

A staggering and phenomenal achievement, in my opinion.

Ironically, the team members behind the Curious Cat App love and adore cats!

They even have an Instagram page showcasing their lovely cat.

Take a look below.

An image of the Curious Cat App lovely cat on Instagram

What's your thought?

Super cool right?

This cat looks exactly like the lovely cat version of James Bond!

How Do You Earn With Curious Cat App?

Fundamentally, Curious Cat App offers two core methods of earning through survey tasks as well as testing new apps.

These are the 2 ways of how you will be earning money with Curious Cat App.

However, completing surveys is going to be your primary source of income.

This is the method that allows you to earn the amount of money that is deemed acceptable.

I will explain the reason in just a moment.

So before you can begin your journey with Curious Cat App, there's a mandatory registration process.

Do note that you have to go through this part slowly and remember not to skip anything.

Pay attention by providing the most precise information.

This is because the surveys' availability is highly dependent on your information input.

Once you are done, launch the app by tapping on the app icon on your smartphone's screen.

Next, head straight to the tasks section as shown below.

The tasks section within the Curious Cat App

Tap on the "tasks" area to proceed.

Next, you will be brought to an interface showing all the available surveys as well as related tasks.

Let's take a look.

All the Curious Cat App available tasks to be completed on a particular day

Simply tap on your desired tasks to begin the earning journey.

Now, let's get back to the reason why you only need to focus on survey tasks.

Remember I mentioned about this earlier?

Well, doing surveys is the best approach if you want to maximize earning.

Even with that sake, survey tasks' earning isn't going to be satisfactory to many.

For example, if you are testing new apps, say a new MMORPG game app.

The requirement for you to complete the tasks could be very demanding and daunting to a huge extent.

You will be exhausted before gaining eligibility to earn the points reward.

It's a relatively subjective decision, though.

If you do have the extra time and love testing apps, no objection at all from my part.

This is just merely my personal opinion and suggestion.

Next, let's get to the payment part.

Since the Curious Cat App is managed by a British company, you will be paid in GBP currency.

The primary way of getting paid is through PayPal.

As soon as you have successfully reached the minimum payout threshold of £1, you can request for payout instantly to your PayPal account.

Every point you redeem within the platform can be accumulated.

Every 100 points are equivalent to £1.

If you are uncomfortable with PayPal, there's an alternative payment through Moneygram as well.

Just contact the support team for such an arrangement.

Your phone's screen will show a success notification every time a payment has been successfully sent to your PayPal account.

Take a look below.

An illustration of the Curious Cat App successful payment

The entire process of receiving money is extremely seamless, you will receive the withdrawn money instantly.

This is one of the reasons why Curious Cat App is one of the best GPT apps within the industry.

Can You Earn With Curious Cat App?

You certainly can make money with Curious Cat App.

In this section, let's discover how much you could potentially earn with this app.

Then, you can decide for yourself whether is it worth your time and effort or otherwise.

With the Curious Cat App, every 100 points are equivalent to £1.

For the sake of convenience, I will be converting this amount of money straight to The United States Dollar.

At the time of writing £1 is equivalent to $1.27 as shown below.

An illustration of the real-time conversion of £1 to $1

Say you are offered 6 surveys with different difficulty on average daily.

Survey #1 = 45 points
Survey #2 = 16 points
Survey #3 = 85 points
Survey #4 = 26 points
Survey #5 = 48 points
Survey #6 = 35 points

Here's the points calculation.

45+16+85+26+48+35=255 points

255 points divided by 100 is equivalent to 2.55.

Multiply this number with $1.27 is $3.24.

So, your potential daily earning is approximately $3.24.

Your monthly income estimation is roughly around $97.2.

This sum of money is based on six daily available surveys with various point rewards.

Earnable income may vary, this illustration is purely to showcase the earning potential of the Curious Cat App.

Surveys' availability is also highly dependent on your residing countries and demographics.

Luck does play a part as well.

That being said, this is an illustration of the earning potential during the good times of receiving 6 surveys daily.

Disappointed With GPT Apps?

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The Pros - What I like About Curious Cat App


  • Trustworthy company
  • Free to join
  • Fast payment
  • Positive acceptance rate
  • Provides an opportunity to earn money while passing time

The Cons - What I Dislike About Curious Cat App


  • Low income potential
  • Not a viable solution for long term financial security
  • Could be deemed an unworthy way to make money online

Is Curious Cat App A Scam?

Theoretically, Curious Cat App isn't a scam.

It doesn't possess any trait of dishonesty.

However, its reputation has been declining recently.

Many members are complaining about various issues and flaws within the platform.

Here's one example.

Member feedback on the flaws within the Curious Cat App

This member complaint about the unacceptable flaws that disallowed him from earning with the app.

Here's another example.

An image showing a member complaining about the cunningness of Curious Cat App

This frustrated member talked about the sudden disqualification after answering several questions.

A scenario deemed cunning and unacceptable.

As you can see, flaws are beginning to happen with this platform.

Even though these are opinionated but I rather believe rather than ignoring.

The real member's experience is valuable.

So, to sum it up, Curious Cat App isn't necessarily a scam, but then you really need to be lucky to earn even the tiniest amount of money with it.

My Final Thoughts

Earning money with GPT could be considered a blessing and a curse.

Sometimes, you win and earn some money.

Sometimes, you waste your valuable time and effort.

Whatever the scenarios, earning money with surveys isn't a viable solution for long term financial success.

It doesn't even guarantee you the short term monetary satisfaction.

Your hard work could be potentially wasted without any tangible compensation at all.

With Curious Cat App, it does pay.

Its payment threshold is as little as $1.27.

However, as I've just mentioned, it isn't necessarily suitable for everyone.

If you are here looking for ways to make money online, then I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I pursue with countless aspiring online entrepreneurs journeying to the ultimate success peak.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Curious Cat App, feel free to leave me comments below.

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