Cutco Cutlery Review: An MLM Company That Pays You Salary

Ever wondered the opportunity to earn money with your kitchen utensils?

The kitchen is the place where deliciously dishes are cooked and prepared.

There are many ways to earn money with all the products and accessories found in your house kitchen.

Today, I will be walking you through a very unique and specific kitchen knife and cutlery earning opportunity.

It might not be unfamiliar with some of you, yeah, I am talking about Cutco Cutlery.

We will be uncovering their state of legitimacy as well as the potential to earn with them.

So, without further ado, let's get started.

Cutco Cutlery Review Summary

Company: Cutco Cutlery

Founder: Travis Kalanick

Price: $200 (Refundable upfront deposit payment for demo kit)

Rating: 60/100


Cutco Cutlery showcase to the world that they are capable of dominating a specific industry for several decades.

Their dominance is untouchable with the level of market traction as well as the capturing of loyal consumers.

That been said, the earning money side of Cutco Cutlery isn't just suitable for anyone.

Even though you will be getting a salary for appointment session, chances are many would quit sooner rather than later.

I feel that Cutco is only suitable for the selective minority of people.

If you are someone with lots of dedication to do sales and one to one meet up sessions, then this business opportunity is certainly an ideal way to generate yourself an additional source of income. 

What Is Cutco Cutlery?

Uniquely founded in 1949, Cutco Cutlery was originally co-founded by Alcoa and Case Cutlery.

Several decades later, their headquarters is based in New York City, the United States Of America.

The name of their company suggests and illustrated that their core business is primarily focused on the knife and cutlery space.

As a company that manufactures quality knife and cutlery, Cutco Cutlery has been establishing its own unique and long term partnership with independent distributors across the world.

As of today, they work tightly alongside with Vector Marketing

As one of the best and top performer and result deliverer, Vector Marketing is empowering individuals around the world to pursue business ventures within the knife and cutlery industry.

Independent sales representative have been established to boost sales and profits to every independent direct seller representing Cutco Cutlery. 

What Does Cutco Cutlery Offer?

As a company that focuses specifically on the cutlery industry, Cutco Cutlery have varieties of products under their brand.

These products are basically kitchen knife and cutlery.

Their products are not ordinary, in fact, one of their main unique selling proposition is the durability of their knives.

Before we proceed to identify their products range, let's take a look below to see for yourself first sight the mighty knife that claims capable to cut through coins. 

Wow, ain't that insane and unbelievably awesome?

Yeah, that's right my dear friends!

Its awesomeness is incomparable.

What you just saw is true without any tricks and fakeness.

A big round of applause to Cutco for their amazing invention.

They are the sole manufacturer in the world who are capable of manufacturing those sort of quality.

Cutco Cutlery product range 

As you would know by now, Cutco Cutlery is selling kitchen knives and cutlery. Let's take a look at the cutlery set.

They have a gift set as well.

Take a look here.

Cutco Cutlery's Compensation Plan

Unique marketing plan has been established within Cutco and Vector Marketing.

They are not entirely an MLM company.

They don't have any sort of hierarchy level of team establishment and network.

As an independent seller representing Cutco, you are allowed to sell directly to any prospective customers.

Regardless of the conversion, you will be paid as part of their compensation plan.

As a Cutco seller, you will be required to pay an upfront deposit payment of $200.

Anyone is eligible to join them as long as you are willing to agree to their sales representative agreement.

With a payable amount of $200, you will be getting a demo kit to kickstart your wondrous sales journey.

Any successful appointment session and product demos can be compiled with a meetup sessions report.

These reports will be evaluated by a Cutco personnel, upon verification, you will be paid $12.5 for each successful appointment session.

In other words, Cutco Cutlery is paying you a salary per individual appointment session regardless of successful sales.

If you are a hardworking person, the opportunity and earning potential is relatively lucrative.

Now that you know you will be paid accordingly per appointment meet up session, which by the way, is very encouraging to boost sales as a result.

When you are subconsciously aware that you will be paid for your meet up session, it somehow will further increase your confidence to make the conversion a reality.

My personal opinion though.

Now let's take a look at the commission for every successful sale.

To ease the illustration, I have created a table below to illustrate the various payable commissions.

Sales Amount

Commission Percentage











Before we proceed to the next part let's visualize a scenario of the possible earnable income with Cutco Cutlery.

Say you can meet 10 prospective clients in a day.

Here is the income potential for a single day.

10 sessions of product demo sessions yield a guaranteed salary of $12.5 x10=$125

Say there's a 10 percent conversion rate, one prospective client turns customer.

Let say he buys a set of signature flagship kitchen knife set worth of $1600.

That would translate to a 15 percent commission. With reference to the table above.

A sales commission of $240! 

Pretty lucrative commission right?

So the total income earnable on this particular day is $125+$240=$365.

Making a few of this daily income in a month, you will be on your way to earn a full-time income.

The Pros - What I like About Cutco Cutlery

Unique niche market

The kitchen knife and cutlery industry is an extremely lucrative industry and it's not showing any pace of slowing down.

Cutco Cutlery with the partnership of Vector Marketing, they have been pioneering this industry for a few decades, therefore, their state of professionalism is definitely out of doubt.

In fact, household around the world recognizes them as the king within the knife and cutlery industry.

That itself is a massively big accomplishment.

You are hired to meet a client for product demo

Instead of going out to promote for any typical MLM companies directionless, Cutco Cutlery is paying a salary of $12.5 for every successful meetup session.

This itself is sufficient to boost your motivation to go out there to meet even more prospective clients.

The pay to meet a client is something unique at least within the MLM world.

No other MLM companies have the luxury or the willingness to do so, Cutco Cutlery is the only company that are giving this privilege to whoever that is interested to promote the cutlery products.

Few decades of expertise

Let me ask you a question, is there anything that you are good at?

For example, playing guitar.

Now let's ask yourself this question, how long does it takes for you to be excel and deemed an expert in playing guitar

The answers might varies individually.

My point here is that it takes time.

It takes time to be excel in anything that we do in Life.

Cutco Cutlery has been in this industry for a few decades and still going strong as of today and going forward.

They have established their name and expertise within the industry.

That's a doubtless achievement.

Not a typical MLM company

Unlike any other conventional MLM companies, Cutco Cutlery adopt a very unique way of the compensation plan.

Their bold approach of paying independent representative a salary of every successful appointment sessions deserved to be praised.

I mean, even the greatest and well-established MLM companies are reluctant to implement this strategy despite having a huge based of members.

Besides, they are here offering help to individuals who are willing to promote their products by giving out salaries as a token of appreciation.

The opportunity to earn an income is limitless

You only have to go through your personal barrier.

Once you are able to overcome this part, the opportunity to earn with Cutco Cutlery is endless. 

Just imagine the amount of potential prospective customers that you can arrange for a one to one meet up and product demo session, every session will be paid accordingly with a guaranteed salary.

Even if luck is not on your side with low conversion, the salary itself is sufficient to sustain your living expenses.

The more hardworking you are, the more you are going to earn.

Not to mention, as the number of appointment sessions increased, the probability of conversion will also increase. 

They are both tied with one another closely.

What if you can meet multiple of tens or even hundreds of prospective customers in a week, imagine the amount of fixed salary that you will be getting

Besides, you will also be going to see more conversion happening as the numbers increase.

The more people you meet, the higher the chance of closing sales.

It makes sense right?

The Cons - What I Dislike About Cutco Cutlery

Expensive cutlery products

Even though Cutco Cutlery offer quality and top-notch products, their products are somehow relatively expensive, in my opinion.

Let's take a look at the full set of kitchen knives on Amazon.

As you can see $1348 for an entire set of kitchen knives.

In contrary, here's the similar set of kitchen knives by Cangshan sold exclusively on Amazon at $379.97.

There are also around 322 positive reviews by real buyers.

They say the rich get wealthier.

I say saving money is the way to the richness in life.

It's debatable with lots of different arguments, but then I do think that paying more for products that offer the same effectiveness is a waste of resources and money.

The more you can save, the wealthier you will become.

It makes complete sense right?

Awkward way to promote knives publicly

Cutco Cutlery has not implemented a full direct sales direction, but they are encouraging the direct sales approach.

Now, here's when things get tricky and weird to a certain extent.

Just imagine carrying lots of knives and scissors that are capable of cutting through metal coins on the street.

Your prospective customers might already be made aware of what you are going to present to him or her.

But then, the general public is a different scenario.

Say your meet up place is at a local Starbucks coffee shop.

The surrounding people are going to observe you take out a bunch of knives, not just ordinary knives but knives that cut efficiently. 

It does create a sense of weirdness and a certain degree of danger right?

The world is already a very dangerous place with plenty of dangerous people all around.

Carrying knives around walking on the streets is dangerous and it does create a level of threat of security.

I am not saying that you will unconsciously take out all the knives and go wild posing a security threat to others, what I am trying to say is never underestimate the unforeseen circumstances that will be coming.

Imagine individuals with mental disorders around us, there are plenty of them, these knives could be well used as weapons to cause security threats to others.

It's insanely dangerous!

It's terrifying and could be as disastrous as one could ever imagine.

Unwillingness that could potentially jeopardize long term success

Let's face it, the majority of the people who are going to be representing Cutco Cutlery is the younger generation people.

These individuals are notoriously famous for their unwillingness to commit to a career for the long term.

For whatever reasons that led them to Cutco, there is a high possibility that these people will not be here for long.

Once they achieve what they want, they will leave without hesitation.

This scenario translates to an endless loop of hiring recruits and another hiring again. It goes round and round.

My Final Thoughts

Personally, I am not a big fan of MLM business models as well as direct selling.

It's just not my cup of tea given the many scenarios that could ruin a good emotion. 

For example, the constant dealing with rejection has steered me away from promoting product face to face.

That doesn't mean selling is completely out of context.

Instead, I am leveraging the power of affiliate marketing to promote someone's else products without the need for face to face selling. 

With affiliate marketing, you have all the luxury to promote products that are already accepted by the consumers.

Let say you are a digital watch fan, you have the luxury to promote big and establish brand such as the Casio G Shocks series. isn't that amazing?

Promoting products that already gained market traction.

On top of that, affiliate marketing enables you to bypass all the face to face promotion.

All you need to do is having some fun socializing and connecting to people around the world who share the same interest as you. 

That's the pure uniqueness of affiliate marketing!

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Cutco Cutlery, feel free to leave me comments below.

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