Ecom Hacks Academy Review: Top Notch E-Commerce Learning Platform

The e-commerce industry is at its highest peak right now, its phenomenal trend is not going to slow down even for a tiny bit.

Online shopping has become the norm for today's standard.

More consumers are going to the online marketplace to do shopping.

How about getting yourself a piece of the pie of this highly lucrative business trend?

Thankfully, the Ecom Hacks Academy is here to help you materialize your dream.

Today, I will be walking you through this unique e-commerce training platform, this one is sort of different.

More importantly, can you build a highly successful online store with them?

It's not the typical potential scams worthless make money online products.

The Ecom Hacks Academy is a platform for you to learn the art of e-commerce in its entirety.

You will be learning the fundamentals to the very highly advance techniques of scaling your business for the long term.

So, let us discover the awesomeness of this platform and its worthiness.

Ecom Hacks Academy Review Summary

Product: Ecom Hacks Academy

Founder: Jared Goetz

Price: $997 (Fundamental training)

$1997 (Advance training)

$47 - Dropsurfers flagship tool (Monthly subscription)

Rating: 70/100

Recommended: Yes


The Ecom Hacks Academy is probably one of the best Shopify e-commerce training platforms on the internet.

The training modules are top-notch, on top of that, they are highly valuable.

If you are looking for ways to learn and grow an e-commerce business, then this academy is not going to disappoint you.

The only thing to take note of is the high fees of joining.

There is a requirement of paying $997 for the beginners' fundamental training to the entire flagship training priced at a hefty $1997.

If money is not your primary concern and you are willing to invest to equip yourself with knowledge, then I highly recommend you to join.

If you are tight of budget and still considering, then I would suggest you keep your wallet away for the moment.

There are lots of other alternatives free training available for free on YouTube.

It might not be as insightful and specifically created for your immediate success, but then their free training resources are still pretty good to get started.

Apply what you learn to enhance your skill, you can always come back to Ecom Hacks Academy when you are ready for it.

What Is Ecom Hacks Academy?

The Ecom Hacks Academy is a platform where you will gain access to the wonderful ocean of knowledge of the e-commerce business.

Regardless of your mastery skill level, this platform will be providing the necessary knowledge for the individual from all walks of life.

If you are an e-commerce fanatic, then this is the rightful place to train and equip yourself with the skillset to achieve the ultimate success.

Founded by Jared Goetz, a very highly successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

The memberships offer here consist of the fundamental training course, and then there are these advanced training modules for the more experienced marketers and entrepreneurs.

Lastly, they also offer a monthly subscription tool and service to automate the searching of sellable products.

An all in one platform where you can learn all the skills necessary to excel in the e-commerce business.

Regardless of your industry, you are going to reap a tremendous amount of benefits.

Besides, the training courses are crafted to enhance your knowledge to become an influencer within your respective industry. 

How Do You Earn With Ecom Hacks Academy?

The core concept offered within this membership is primarily focused on leveraging e-commerce concept to further enhance your existing business.

If you are a complete newbie, they have training courses to help you get started relatively fast. All you need to do is follow their guidance and take actions.

This training academy is sort of different from the usual e-commerce concept that you are well aware of.

Normally the e-commerce players leverage the dropshipping concept to kick start their business ventures.

With the Ecom Hacks Academy, Jared Goetz has been relandscaping the art of e-commerce with his revolutionary self invented concept known as dropsurfers.

So, what is that exactly,?

Well with dropsurfers, tons of valuable times, energy, and hard work can be saved thus increasing productivity and happiness as a whole.

Dropsurfers is an algorithm written and coded to source the highly sellable and trending products that exist in the market all in real-time.

With Jared Goetz's training academy, you will be taught the exact method to kick start your e-commerce venture and scaling it along the journey as you progress through the training modules.

Fundamentally, you will begin your journey with the setting up of a Shopify store

Steps on how to make this a reality are shown within the training.

Tasks such as outsourcing works, establishing the initial website framework, audience acquisition, product placement, contents creation, injection of relevancy, the entire store's responsiveness, are well covered within the trainings.

As soon as you have the entire e-commerce store set up and structured, you will be taken to the more advanced training to attract visitors to your new store.

And when any of these visitors convert to be purchasing customers, you earn profits as a result.

Techniques such as the leveraging of Facebook ads will be primarily focused.

You will also be learning the art of Facebook marketing along the journey.

When your products begin to gain traction and exposures, every marketing campaign is scalable to achieve any level of success desired.

Everything from the start to finally convert visitors into customers is the main core of the entire academy.

You are projected to earning luxuriously provided you are willing to follow through the entire training modules uniquely prepared for you.

The Pros - What I like About Ecom Hacks Academy

Jared Goetz is a highly successful e-commerce entrepreneur

In case you are not aware, Jared Goetz is a phenomenal icon within the Shopify e-commerce space.

He has successfully created a million dollars Shopify stores.

This incredible achievement has enabled him to be featured in the Inc, CNBC and Entrepreneur mainstream media.

His success story has been the talking points within the e-commerce industry.

With his skill and expertise, you are going to have peace of mind knowing that the industry experts are here to guide you along the journey. 

Shopify is a well-established e-commerce platform provider

I am sure no one is unfamiliar with the brand Shopify.

This phenomenal e-commerce solution provider is empowering and simplifying every e-commerce ventures imaginable.

Let's take a look at the powerfulness of Shopify.

According to Wikipedia, they have more than 4000 employees currently, and they have generated over a billion dollar in profit in 2018 alone.

Isn't it an astonishing achievement?

When your online stores are powered by Shopify, your e-commerce business is going to be unstoppable!

A proprietary developed dropsurfers

I mentioned about this unique tool moments ago.

Now, here's a little bit more elaboration.

If you have ever tried venturing the e-commerce space, you would have noticed that product sourcing is tedious and time-consuming.

Not to mention any of these products are not proven to be sellable right away.

With dropsurfers, the entire product sourcing has been simplified.

It even goes one step ahead with the capability of discovering profitable products that are trending. 

Comprehensive training modules

The training modules are highly valuable and well organized.

Regardless of your skill level, there are training lessons just for anyone.

If you are dedicated to learning e-commerce seriously, then this place is the top choice. 

Its quality is unquestionable and top-notch.

If you ever felt overwhelmed, then give yourself some breathing space and have a break, then come back for more.

These useful contents are absorbable with individual's pace.

The insightful revelation of Facebook ads campaign

Yeah, undoubtedly, you will be shown the exact strategies on how you can leverage the Facebook ads to monetize your online stores.

Undoubtedly, Facebook ads is the primary source of customers acquisition.

Now, as you know it, this form of advertising is an art by itself, it's not easy to master and comprehend especially for newbies.

Ecom Hacks Academy will be showing you how to discover your unique audience based on your specific niche and products.

Any successful future ads campaign is scalable with relative ease once you have mastered the right implementation techniques. 

Everything under one hood

Yeah, if you are serious about excelling in online stores, then look no elsewhere.

The academy is the right solution and this is the only place where you will equip yourself the necessary knowledge and expertise to thrive.

Everything that you need to build a highly successful online store can be found here.
Yep, everything my friends!

The Cons - What I Dislike About Ecom Hacks Academy

It's non-refundable

All the payment made into purchasing the training courses offered are not refundable.

So you need to make up your mind before making payment.

This is some sort of an approach of getting serious about your business.

If you are in then no way to go out.

High start-up cost

Yeah, that's a pretty standard one.

We know that e-commerce is not as easy and as straightforward as it seems.

There are lots of combinations that need to be nailed together.

The initial Shopify start-up fee is relatively cheap and affordable.

It's the maintenance cost of the entire business structure that is consuming lots of resources.

For example, products sourcing and inventory keeping, Facebook ads and promotional cost can be hurting your wallet and bank account.

Not to mention the initial foundation phase.

This is the moment when you will observe the least sales and conversion.

Uncertainties of profitability

So here's the thing my friend, even though the founder has achieved incredible success within the e-commerce arena, these are merely the result that can be used as reference and benchmark.

It doesn't guarantee any income success in real-time for your online stores.

Just because Jared Goetz has achieved tremendous success doesn't mean anyone could replicate his success formula.

Being able to comprehend is one thing, making it a success is another thing.

Many other variables can intercept your way that affects the effectiveness of your online store progression.

Another uncertainty worth mentioning is the unverifiable Facebook ads campaign results.

Here's the thing my friend, Facebook is highly intelligent, the potential audience that you are about to engage and ultimately convert are high-quality audiences.

But then, these are humans and their behavior varies individually.

You could be ending up spending even more money to acquire the best potential audience by doing retargeting campaigns.

The secret to Facebook ads success is the ability to keep on scaling and testing despite getting negative or no results at all.

That's why I have outlined this as one of the cons, if continuously implemented, it can be very hurtful to your bank account.

Any significant result can be obtained once you have acquired a group of followers who are extremely interested in what you are offering.

That's the moment your store flourish and reputation grows.

Disappointed With Unpromising MMO Products?

Discover A Proven System To Build A Thriving Business Online

Is Ecom Hacks Academy A Scam?

Not even a single moment do I think of the Ecom Hacks Academy is a scam.

I can confidently say that this academy is a real deal.

Its legitimacy is unquestionable.

Yeah, the Ecom Hacks Academy is legitimate.

Not only it's a trustworthy company, but you can also learn a bunch of skills to excel in the e-commerce industry.

There isn't anything that looks fishy and scammy.

I highly recommend this academy if you are serious and determined to create a solid online store for yourself.

My Final Thoughts

As far as e-commerce dominance is concerned, this trend is undoubtedly a game-changer for many of the entrepreneurs within the online world.

That being said, one of my biggest concern is the necessity of a high starting cost and maintenance.

Results will typically come after a certain level of traction and trust are established.

I am utilizing the affiliate marketing concept to make a living online. 

The best part about affiliate marketing is that it enables you to promote products that are already established and accepted by consumers.

It gets even sweeter when you can build a thriving business just by sharing and expressing your personal touch and opinions to like-minded individuals just like yourself.

Amazing right?

For example, let say you are passionate about the lights and bulbs, would you rather connect to any audience to share Philips brand bulbs or an unknown remanufactured bulb

I am sure the answer is pretty obvious right?

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Ecom Hacks Academy, feel free to leave me comments below.

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