Explode My Payday Review: Scam Or $1000 In 24 Hours?

Have you heard of Explode My Payday?

Recently, I have come across this unique product that claims its ability to make a hefty one grand in just 24 hours.

Now, it sounds too good to be true and honestly, there's something fishy going on.

So, today I will be walking you through this specific product to discover what they are offering.

More importantly, are they a scam?

And will you be able to earn $1000 in a day?

Let's find out together.

Explode My Payday Review Summary

Product: Explode My Payday

Founder: Meaghan Harper (Unreal)

Price: $47 with upsells

Rating: 0/100

Recommended: No


In my opinion, the entire business structure of Explode My Payday has low to zero values.

First and foremost, there are lots of red flags that are alarming. 

Our hard-earned money and valuable time could be gone in vain if we are not making a wise decision.

On top of that, the truth about how to earn money with them has been hidden away.

We don't even know their business model let alone generating an income with them.

Also, with the price of $47 to buy a meaningless make money online product, I wouldn't recommend it.

If you are keen on making serious money online, I highly suggest you seek another alternative that could potentially yield better financial security.

What Is Explode My Payday?

Created by Meaghan Harper, Explode My Payday is a membership product that is on sales within the Clickbank marketplace.

It's a website that collects your email and claims it's capable of generating $1000 every single day.

Priced at $47 and bundled with several upsells, they are selling a membership that includes a done for you complete money generating system.

This system also claimed to be able to make you money on autopilot.

Apart from this basic information, they are hiding the main course exclusively to those members who are willing to join them.

How Do You Earn With Explode My Payday?

As I mentioned earlier, the owner has been hiding the actual method of how you are going to make money with the product.

That being said, in their sales video, several members claim they have successfully earned thousands of dollars with this done for your system.

But how is that even possible?

Making thousands from the combination of a done for you system and a mouse click?

It's all unknown, but I do believe clearly that there isn't such a concrete system that is capable of achieving this income result.

That's the truth that has been hidden. 

So the hypothesis of making real money with Explode My Payday goes like this.

Members are required to make at least a one-time payment of $47 to gain access to their system.

And then, a done for you money-generating formula will be presented to you.

Finally, you are required to pay even more to maximize your earning with this product.

This is all that anyone could think of with such a poor sales video presentation.

The Pros - What I like About Explode My Payday

60 days money-back guarantee

Even though this product is sort of mysterious, there's only one good thing about it that is worth writing here.

It's the 60 days money-back guarantee.

Fortunately, ClickBank is offering the 60 days money-back guarantee.

For those of you who are still going to purchase this product, there's this money back policy guaranteed by Clickbank.

You certainly have peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned money is refundable.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Explode My Payday

The unknown business structure is terrifying

The owner claims that this done for you system is capable of generating you thousands of dollars in the shortest duration, but then there isn't any concrete evidence to support it.

We don't even know the exact method of generating income with it.

The entire system possesses a certain level of flawness to a certain degree. That is undeniable.

Fake owner

Now, this is a really big red flag. Meaghan Harper is not the real owner of the Explode My Payday.

In fact, after thorough research, apparently, her profile photo was taken from Shutterstock.

Here's the image of her kayaking, and she is not the real Meaghan Harper.

If Meaghan Harper is not the owner, then who is the real owner?

It's a question mark, no one knows except the unethical individuals who are behind this fake system.

They are not going to reveal the truth.

That is the number one red flag to stay alert.

Any product that has a fake owner, is not trustworthy in my opinion.

Unethical scarcity implementation

As usual, this type of dirty trick is intended to cause confusion which will lead you to purchase the product ultimately.

The false scarcity is an unethical act. It's unacceptable.

The sales video illustrates that there are only limited spots left before the website will be taken down at night.

Nope, that's untrue.

As of now, the website is still here promoting this product. 

This entire unethical scarcity implementation doesn't seem to make any complete sense.

That is due to the reason it is on sales within the Clickbank marketplace.

It will be on sales all year round.

Fake testimonials

Those individuals that were giving the income success testimonials are freelancers that were hired.

They are hired intentionally to boost trust.

Normally, these unethical owners will be leveraging the loophole of hiring freelancers to deliver their scripted income success.

That's is not true.

Let me ask you a question real quick, if these freelancers are getting the so-called luxury income, then why are they even doing this?

It doesn't make complete sense right?

Unrealistic income claim

They say you are able to earn an income of one grand every single day.

Now, let us analyze from the common-sense perspective.

It's ridiculously unrealistic.

I mean come on, if there's such thing as earning $1000 every single day, they wouldn't have been here selling this worthless product to us right?

Questionable source of income

Now, here's the thing, my friend, right from the beginning, we don't even know the actual method to earn an income with Explode My Payday.

It says you can make thousands of dollars with a complete done for you system.

How complete is that?

We don't know.

It gets even uglier when all you need to do on your end is to invest 15 to 20 minutes of your time.

If you can commit this amount of time daily, then combined with the push of a button, the luxurious income is yours to enjoy.

Seriously, it's too fishy and unrealistic.

Misleadingly giving false hope

Hope is very powerful, in my opinion.

It enables us to live a life with purpose.

A target and achievement that needed to be accomplished.

Right from the beginning, they are giving false hope to lure the potential victim in. Let's take a look here.

They are giving false hope of making luxury income with very little work on our end.

Even though the more season players in this make money online field know exactly those scammers' intention, but then the new player is unaware of it.

Most probably, as naively as it seems, they will be fallen victim by the scam baits.

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Is Explode My Payday A Scam?

Based on my intensive research, Explode My Payday is undoubtedly a ponzi scam after uncovering so many of their ugly truth.

It could go beyond a potential scam status.

Truthfully, It doesn't worth your time and money.

Instead, I highly suggest you stay away from it at all cost.

Even if they are the real deal, the existence of so many red flags and fakeness are causing them to lose reputation and trustworthiness as a whole. 

Not to mention, these red flags that we uncover are intentionally done.

That's the biggest concern of their legitimacy.

I will stay away from this program as it's not worthy of my time and money.

Also, paying $47 for a meaningless product just didn't make any sense.

My Final Thoughts

There's a myriad of legitimate earning opportunities existed on the internet.

I am taking the affiliate marketing route as my primary source of income online. 

So why affiliate marketing, you might ask?

Well, this is by far one of the best ways to earn an income online.

Here are some of the wonders of the affiliate marketing business model.

With affiliate marketing:

- You don't need to sell any product face to face.

- You can build an income stream fully based on your passions.

- It's scalable to any level of success imaginable, the sky is the real limit.

- You can bypass the tediousness of product creation and sourcing.

- You have the luxury of promoting products and services that are already gaining traction in the market.

- You have the luxury to promote any products all under one roof which is your website.

Affiliate marketing is also empowering businesses and solopreneurs to achieve greater success.

With affiliate marketing, the potential to earn any income imaginable is achievable.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Explode My Payday, feel free to leave me comments below.

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