Fitplay App Review: Is It A Trustworthy Platform To Earn Money?

Do you enjoy playing games?

Do you love trying new apps out of boredom?

If you do, how about earning some extra money doing the tasks that you are already doing.

Today, I will be reviewing a unique app known as Fitplay.

You might have heard of it before.

It's an Android app that allows you to earn some extra money playing games primarily.

Are you ready to begin the discovery journey?

Let's get started without further ado. 

Fitplay Review Summary

Platform: Fitplay

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No

Suitability: Nobody, even if you are passionate about gaming.

What Is Fitplay?

Fitplay is essentially an app available on Google Play.

The nature of the app is to provide an opportunity to earn money by completing tasks such as playing games and testing apps.

Signing up with Fitplay is relatively easy.

There's an option to join directly with your Google Account.

Since your Android device is logged in and synchronized with a Google Account, you will be completing the registration process right away without the need to verify an email account.

Next, you will be brought to the app homepage also known as the app navigation interface.

Let's take a look below. 

The navigation interface of the Fitplay app

There are games ready to be played right away.

The available games are swipeable meaning that you can navigate for all the games within the platform.

How Do You Earn With Fitplay?

Fitplay offers two ways to earn money.

First, it's to try out various new apps.

Second, it's by playing games.

At its core, the primary way of earning money is through the offered games.

Various games needed to be tested by real players.

The game developers require real feedback to tweak and enhance the app to boost customers' satisfaction.

That's the whole idea of why you are offered the opportunity to earn money with Fitplay.

You will not be paid directly with cash though, rather, in-app points can be collected.

These coins are redeemable for gift cards as well as Paypal payout.

Here's an example of a game available.

A game available to be played within the Fitplay platform

As you can see, this game rewards you with 15 coins upon task completion.

Various games similar to this will be available to be tested from time to time.

How many games are there for me to play?

You asked.

Well, just to give you an idea of the vastness of the games available on Google Play, let's head to the most trustable source for Android-related topics.

According to Wikipedia, there are hundreds of games available on Google Play.

These are high-quality games featured with real awesomeness without ads.

Yeah, you heard that right my friends, ads-free games contents are available to satisfy your gaming pleasure.

We haven't even touched on those games with ads.

The vastness is mind-blowing.

Besides, some games have been developed as we speak.

So, you have grasped the overall illustration of its vastness.

However, not every game offers the opportunity for you to earn money.

Only those developers that are partnering with Fitplay offer you the opportunity to earn.

As soon as you have successfully accumulated approximately 6400 coins, you are eligible to request for payment.

By the way, every 1000 coins equivalent to $0.1.

So, 6400 coins can be exchanged for approximately $0.64.

Various withdrawal options are available such as reputable gift cards, as well as PayPal deposits.

Personally, I will be opting for the PayPal direct deposit.

The money that you receive is withdrawable for real cash.

That being said, you can choose any of your preferred options.

Can You Earn With Fitplay?

I've shown you the teaser of the potentiality of earning money with Fitplay.

$0.1 for every 1000 coins collected is too fraction.

Let's take the above game as an example.

After playing and testing the game, you will be rewarded with 15 coins.

Let us do some maths here.

15 coins divided by 1000 is equivalent to 0.015 coins.

Multiplying this number of coins by $0.1 gives us a result of 0.0015.

Take a look my friends, $0.0015 for playing a game!

Let's think deeper, how many games you must possibly play to earn a dollar?

Let's find out right away!

We take $1 divided by 0.0015 to get the precise result.

My gosh, the answer is 666.6.

Let's round up to 666.

That's insanely unacceptable!

You have to play 666 games just to earn one dollar my friends.

This is the benchmark of earnable income based on the game example shown above.

I do know that different games offer different coins value, but I think you get the overall earning potential right?

Yes, you can earn money with Fitplay but the money is extremely tiny, it's not worthy of your time and effort at all.

That being said, Fitplay offers a unique way to boost your income with its referral compensation.

That's how you increase your income, in my opinion.

If you don't utilize this feature to maximize earning, then rather you go back to play your favorite game such as PUBG.

So how lucrative is the referral bonus?

Well, you will be receiving 25% of your referral earning as long as they stay active as players.

So here's the thing my friends, never underestimate the power of numbers and quantities.

If you have lots of friends joining with your referral link, your income will be increased over time.

To do this, navigate to the left-hand side menu and tap on invite friends.

You will be brought to an interface shown below. 

Invite friends to join Fitplay to earn 25% referral bonus

Clicking on this link will generate a code uniquely yours ready to be shared with your friends.

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The Pros - What I like About Fitplay


  • An opportunity to earn money while having fun
  • Welcome bonus coins given upon signing up
  • A good way to pass time to overcome boredom
  • Earn anywhere you go with your smartphones
  • Relatively acceptable referral bonus
  • Free membership

The Cons - What I Dislike About Fitplay


  • Unworthy of your time and effort
  • Arguably the tiniest money you could possibly earn on the internet
  • Suitability concerns
  • Valueless app
  • Not a viable place to make money for the long term
  • You could be playing games the entire month just to buy a cup of coffee

Is Fitplay A Scam?

If you spend some time browsing the Google Play, you are going to discover tons of apps similar to Fitplay.

Many are disappearing into the deep abyss.

With Fitplay, there's till breathable space.

Meaning that this app is not a scam at the time of writing.

However, recent dissatisfactions towards this app may turn the table around.

So stay tuned to do your due diligence if you are keen to spend time playing games with Fitplay.

Let me show you some of the negative feedback from genuine members.

Here's the most recent comment.

Unable to withdraw money with Fitplay due to failed email verification

Everything that could possibly go wrong with this member went sideway eventually.

Fitplay claims that this user email is unverifiable.

Nobody knows the truth but then you get the idea of how difficult just to cash out the fraction of money earned.

Next, here's another ugly scenario.

Unable to withdraw money with Fitplay due to terms violation

Quite a disaster for this member.

When it was time to request for payment, Fitplay claims he has violated its term of service.

So near yet so far right?

So is Fitplay a scam eventually? Even I am clueless.

But then, the negative feedbacks by real members should give you a better illustration of whether this platform is worthy of your time or otherwise.

My Final Thoughts

After progressing thus far, you more or less know that Fitplay isn't worthy of your time and effort.

Even if you have excessive free time, you should continue playing your favorite games.

Here's the thing my friends, if you are attracted by gaming sensation, then the randomly available games aren't going to spark your adrenaline, in my opinion.

If you are here merely because of money, you should avoid this platform as well.

But then, hey David, I need to earn some money to ease my financial burdens.

I got your point, my friends.

If you are here seeking for ways to make money online, I highly suggest you pursue the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I endorse and it's a more viable solution to create wealth for the long term.

I hope that you find this review article useful and informative.

If you still have any questions related to Fitplay, feel free to drop me comments below. 

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