Freedom Checks Review: Checks To Your Mailbox Or Empty Promises?

What is your feeling when you are handled with checks that are cashable for real money?

It certainly sparks your inner feeling and emotion right?

For me, whenever I receive paychecks, it's ridiculously joyful.

A feeling that appears as though I am flying to the moon.

I guess, everyone had that kind of emotional sparks and it makes your day and moment.

It makes you smile with all your beautiful white teeth visible.

Even if you have teeth or two that were missing, you don't mind a big smile as well.

That is because you have just received real money checks right?

Whether you have ever experienced that sort of joy in your life or otherwise, the context here is to convey a clear message of the real happiness that comes out from your inner self.

So today, I will be reviewing a kind of special make money online product.

It's not the typical one of those other mmo products.

Instead, this is a membership site that offers insightful secrets and expert guide.

So, are you as excited as me, wow, my palms were sweating with real anxiousness.

Freedom Checks Review Summary

Product: Freedom Checks

Founder: Matt Badiali

Price: $47

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


The Freedom Checks platform is undoubtedly a good place to learn and enhance your skill in the oil, gas and natural resources industry.

Unfortunately, it's not a good place to secure yourself with consistent income and profits.

You could potentially lose money with these investments let alone generating income.

They are exploiting the loophole by not paying tax, so let me ask you a question here, do any of these companies that behave like this seem legitimate and trustworthy in your eyes?

I will answer this question too.

Nope, I am reluctant to grant any trust to them.

This is my answer. 

I am sure yours will be somehow similar.

That being said, earning an income with them is possible with the personal coach and the mentorship of the founder, but then it's still relatively risky and the most painful part is that you need high and big capital to get started.

What if this money means everything to you, it can translate to an ugly disaster.

A good way to equip yourself with more knowledge but a bad way of hoping any profit to be earned here. 

What Is Freedom Checks?

Unique and interesting, the Freedom Checks is a privately owned and created by a highly skilled and experienced geologist Matt Badiali.

This private platform is created with the sole purpose for you to earn an income from those high profile companies within the oil, gas and natural resources industry.

These big players are here contributing to the United State's economy and as a token of appreciation, they are rewarded with the privilege of tax exemption.

These taxes that were exempted were calculated in the high digits.

And when I mean high numbers, they are huge!

According to Matt Badiali, Billions of dollars money has been exempted from tax.

How about getting yourself a small piece of that pie?

It certainly makes you wealthy!

And that's exactly what the Freedom Checks is all about.

That's exactly what Matt Badiali intends to help you.

These oil and gas companies are associated with one another under the Master Limited Partnerships

Or simply abbreviated as the MLP.

MLP is the type of partnership that is formed closely that also well known to each other.

It's like a private selected group of partners.

Besides been able to be coached to earn your ways of checks to your doorstep, you will also be receiving lots of valuable resources within the natural resources industries and also the coexistence of the major big companies with investment. 

How Do You Earn With Freedom Checks?

As bizarre as it seems, as soon as you sign up to their membership, you will be coached on how to earn money right away from these untaxable natural resources companies.

The money-making concept introduced is very similar to stocks, bond, and mutual funds investments.

The only difference is that with the Freedom Checks, you don't have to scratch the surface yourself.

Instead, you will be coached to know exactly which companies are worthy to be invested.

You will also be given private mentorship to pick the winning companies that deliver the best dividend paychecks to you.

For you to make any money with the Freedom Checks, you are required to come out with your investment fund.

Once you have the money ready to join in the party, you will be coached personally by Matt Badiali to pick the winning companies.

You will also be shown the secret to picks the winning players that can yield a dividend as high as 10%.

That's a pretty satisfactory amount of dividend that could easily make you rich if you have a big fund to invest in.

So to sums it up, these are ways you will be earning money with the Freedom Checks.

The core of your earning comes from those big natural resources companies that were exempted from taxation.

They are in the hundreds if not thousands.

So it's very tedious and time consuming on your end to pick those that yield the best returns of investment.

This is when Matt Badiali's membership can come to assist.

You will be coached to pick the best combinations of companies that are capable of yielding the best possible returns.

Regardless of how much you can come out with your initial capital, Matt Badiali knows exactly how to show you what to do next.

The result is you will be receiving dividend paychecks straight to your mailbox. 

The Pros - What I like About Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is highly intellectual

With more than twenty years of experience, Matt Badiali is pioneering the field of natural resources to reach a greater milestone for humanity contribution.

He knows exactly what and why about this industry.

With his mentorship, you will reach a big milestone.

You can also acquire new knowledge related to the natural resources industry.

The knowledge that you acquired can be leverage when you decide to venture into this field in the future. 

It's simplified without complication 

The membership offered to you by Matt Badiali is pure simplicity.

It doesn't confuse the audience.

The audience is been told exactly the values that are offered right away.

Reports of proven strategies that work

As soon as you joined, you will be given 3 reports that show you how to maximize your investment returns with proven strategies.

Insightful secrets will also be exposed to you so that you can effectively reap higher dividend returns. 

The Cons - What I Dislike About Freedom Checks

Unrealistic investments return

So they promise you can reap yourself a piece of this multiple billions dollar loophole right?

It's easy to write down on paper but in reality, it's not always as practically achievable.

Let's be honest to ourselves, earning a decent lucrative dividend return purely based on the past record and proven strategies aren't the real deal.

It gets even harder to earn a good amount of money where the so-called natural resources companies that are exempted from taxation could be facing proper disciplinary actions taken against them.

And by the way, escaping from paying tax intentionally is deemed unethical.

So all the money that you entrust to any of these companies could be very risky.

We don't even know when they will be shut down completely or the money has been frozen due to the unethical exploitation. 

Unpredictable income 

So here's the thing, my friend, earning money with any of the investments schemes can be very unpredictable.

We are clueless and directionless of how the path will take us. 

It's the game of the wealthy people and those who have the money that they can afford to lose.

In the event of an economic recession, the entire investment fund of these oil companies could be wiped out completely.

I certainly will not put the fate of my future and financial security in the hand of such a risky investment.

Even with the help and guide of Matt Badiali, I will still be reluctant to believe that this is the investment method that I can entrust.

Your money could bloom and flourish, It could also go sideways and turns ugly. 

It's very much unpredictable. 

It takes a big sum of capital to get started 

So this is how I described the profitability of investments.

It takes money to make money.

It takes even more money to retain your capital.

It takes massive money to generate profit.

These are purely my personal opinions and point of views.

This is the norm in today's investment world. It takes money and big capital just to get started.

We are only touching the surface here, in order to see any amount of big sums of profit, a massive amount of capital is required.

The sad part is that the majority of us don't have that luxury amounts of cash to get started.

In the case of the Freedom Checks, it's a mandatory part on your end to invest the amount of ten of thousands as capital to get started.

You might even need hundreds of thousands to kick-start with any of the top pick companies selected for you.

Without these large amounts of capital in your investment account, it's very difficult for you to strike through and finally see the result and fruition moments.

Here's the thing my friend, we are talking about the big players billions dollar companies.

There's no hide and seek, it's pretty straight forward.

If you have capital money, they welcome you aboard.

If you have little money that's deemed below their minimum capital expectations, then I am sorry to say, you know what I mean here.

No money so it's no honey, my friends!

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Is Freedom Checks A Scam?

The entire Freedom Checks platform that also includes the creator himself do not possess any negative trait of scamming people.

After my intensive research, the Freedom Checks platform is legitimate without any flaw or negative part that will harm anyone.

You are privileged to be connected with a highly skillful and expert within the geology and natural resources industry.

As you know it, the natural resources have endless possibilities of growth.

Let me illustrate to you what I mean here. 

As you can see from the image, the interest in the natural resources industry certainly has lots of growth moving forward.

Even though its trend has dropped a little in recent months, but it also has a moment when it hits the peak.

So in my opinion, this trend is predictable and certainly has room for growth.

To sums it up, humans need resources to sustain the earth to be more liveable.

That's an inevitable fact.

Now how about an opportunity for you to connect to learn about everything that the natural resources have to offer to humanity?

It's none other candidates other than Matt Badiali himself.

As you can see, it's not about reviewing whether the Freedom Checks is a scam or not, it's about discussing topics on the greater depths and details about our planet resources sustainability.

Let's get back to the topic here.

Nope, I can confidently tell you that the Freedom Checks is as legit as it possibly is.

They are not a fake company as well.

That being said, I am sorry to tell you that it's very hard for you to earn any decent money with them.

You could even lose all your precious money due to the uncertainty trends movement.

If you are here to learn something about the natural resources, then yes, you will be reaping tremendous values out of it. 

My Final Thoughts

Even though the investment industry is evergreen and its trend is unstoppable, this method of making money only belongs to a selected minority. 

The minority that is rich and wealthy,

The minority that dares to lose big sums of money without feeling painful.

The minority of people who possess the mindset of losing money as a way to gain experience.

As you can see, it's not meant to be suitable for everyone.

Does that mean that earning passive income is pretty much unachievable?

No, not at all.

People around the world are leveraging the power of the mass internet audience to make a full-time income online.

If you are keen to establish your unique presence online, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Freedom Checks, feel free to leave me comments below.

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