Goldtasks Review: Is It Worthy Of Your Time?

You were searching for ways to make money online and landed on a website known as Goldtasks.

You browsed the entire website and it doesn't impress you.

It just seems like another typical unattractive GPT platform.

The uncertainties and question marks in your mind triggered your action of doing in-depth research.

Regardless of how you have gotten to know Goldtasks, today, I will be reviewing this platform to discover its worthiness as well as its state of legitimacy.

More importantly, is there really money to be made with Goldtasks?

Should you spend your precious time with it?

Let's find out the truths together in this review.

By the end of the discovery journey, you then can decide whether this platform is suitable for you or otherwise.

So, are you ready to begin the Goldtasks exploration?

Let's get started without further ado.

What Is Goldtasks?

Goldtasks is essentially a typical "get paid to" platform that offers the opportunity to earn through various tasks participation.

It's a relatively simple website with poor user experience.

There is no information about the company and its progression.

Founded back in 2008, this company has been around for more than a decade.

Interestingly, the information on the website hasn't been updated for years.

Here's what I mean.

A scenario of the outdated copyright years of Goldtasks

As peculiar as it seems, the age of the site has been left outdated for years.

You can witness it yourself.

At the time of writing, Goldtasks still exists and it leads to another big privacy issue.

Take a look below.

An illustration of the Goldtasks domain without SSL

As you can see, the domain is not secured with an SSL certificate which is a standard requirement for modern websites.

This scenario shows that your information could be misused intentionally.

Overall, Goldtasks does not spark a good impression at first sight.

How Do You Earn With Goldtasks?

Before you can kickstart your journey with Goldtasks, there's a fundamental requirement to sign up as a member.

Registration is simple.

Fill in your best email address to get started.

Goldtasks will then send a verification email to confirm your membership.

A kind Reminder

Please do not use your primary email address for registration.

Use your secondary or a dummy email address instead.

This step is to ensure you are safe from any unsolicited spam invasion.

After that, you are good to go.

Let's take a look at its member's dashboard.

An image showing the member dashboard of Goldtasks

Next, let's summarize the core ways to earn with Goldtasks.

Survey participation

The survey task is inescapable for many GPT platforms.

It's no different with Goldtasks.

Typically, the available surveys will be shown on the main dashboard area.

Depending on the length and difficulty, the pay rates vary.

Typically, you will be earning from a few cents to a maximum of two-digit cents.

No more than that and also don't put too much hope and expectation on the regularity of surveys.

Surveys' availability could be very limited due to Goldtasks's lack of traction in the GPT industry.

Mini tasks participation

Essentially, these are the tasks offered by third-party partners.

Tasks could be as simple as clicking and viewing ads.

The earning for these tasks are very little.

Normally, you will only be earning a fraction of cents.

The mini-tasks pay ridiculously low that they don't even worth your time at all.

Even worse, most of the ads are "adult content" related.

So, stay away from these tasks at all costs.

Don't even bother to click on the ads, it could lead to trojan and malware attack.

Refer your friends to join

This is the part that could maximize your earning potential.

It's also something Goldtasks recommends which is fairly understandable.

They need as many members as possible to secure partnerships with their partners.

There are two options offered.

First, you refer someone to join directly.

You will be rewarded with 20% of your direct referrals' earning.

Second, your referrals' referrals.

They will recruit and you will reap 10% of their earning.

When your total number of referrals exceeds 150, additional 5% bonuses will be unlocked.

Referring people to join Goldtasks is not easily accomplishable.

You need to approach, convince, and ultimately teach them to do the tasks.

I don't recommend you do this at all given the low level of trustworthiness Goldtasks possesses.

How Do You Get Paid?

As soon as you have accumulated $1 or $0.50 in your account, you can request for withdrawal within the platform.

Goldtasks offers two types of payment thresholds.

First, if you are residing in The United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia, then the minimum withdrawal threshold is set at $1.

Second, if you are residing in the rest of the world outside of the four countries mentioned above, then the minimum withdrawal threshold is set at $0.50.

You can withdraw your earning to PayPal, Liberty Reserve, or Payza.

Can You Earn With Goldtasks?

I don't particularly endorse Goldtasks as a platform to earn money.

That being said, I will still show you its earning potential in this section.

A Quick Disclaimer: The following calculations are based on a predicted scenario. They don't represent the actual earning. Earnable income could be determined by many uncontrollable variables such as the pay rate and task availability.

Say you are offered 8 tasks daily.

Here are the pay rate assumptions for each task.

Task #1 - $0.02
Task #2 - $0.35
Task #3 - $0.12
Task #4 - $0.05
Task #5 - $0.03
Task #6 - $0.02
Task #7 - $0.01
Task #8 - $0.05

Your daily income is equivalent to:

0.02+0.35+0.12+0.05+0.03+0.02+0.01+0.05 = $0.65

Let's multiply this amount by 30.

Your monthly income estimation is equivalent to $19.50

This scenario assumption is based on the good times when you will be offered with many survey tasks.

Potential earning could be significantly reduced during the low times.

However, $19.50 is the benchmark of potential earning.

$19.50 is a relatively low income for the entire month.

It could be deemed unacceptable to many members.

Do note that i have disregarded the mini-tasks in the potential earning calculation.

This is because the pay rate from mini-tasks is too little to significantly make a difference in earning.

Disappointed With Unpromising "Get Paid To" Websites?

Discover a phenomenal Platform that:

  • Has been established for more than a decade
  • Pays members unfailingly all the time since its existence
  • Offers income scalability for the short and long term

The Pros - What I like About Goldtasks


  • Free to join
  • Available worldwide
  • Various withdrawal options are available

The Cons - What I Dislike About Goldtasks


  • Questionable trustworthiness
  • Extremely low income potential
  • Not a viable solution for long term financial security
  • Contains sensitive ads content
  • Lack of task varieties
  • Completely waste of time

My Final Thoughts

The discovery journey has come to an end.

Sadly, the truths that we talked about are not positively convincing.

Firstly, there are still lots of question marks in regard to its genuineness.

Goldtasks doesn't even have the "About Us" page.

This scenario triggers an alarm that something just isn't right with it.

Secondly, its low income potential is extremely heartbreaking.

Imagine earning cents after cents for your precious time to complete survey tasks.

It's ridiculously unacceptable.

I hope you have discovered the truth that Goldtasks isn't the right platform for you to make money online.

Now, if you are determined to make real money online scalable for long term financial success, then, I highly recommend you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I pursue together with countless aspiring online entrepreneurs journeying to the ultimate success peak.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Goldtasks, feel free to leave me comments below.

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