Grab Bucks Review: Let’s Find Out What It Has To Offer

If you are looking for ways to make money with your smart devices, then Google Play is one of the main platforms to locate different make money apps.

Today, I will be reviewing an app known as the Grab Bucks.
Maybe you have already heard of it.

Perhaps you are seeking for the truth whether is this a trustworthy app or otherwise.

Is this app worthy of your precious time and effort?

Does it pay?

Is there really money to be made?

More importantly, how much can you potentially earn with the Grab Bucks?

Let's find put together in this review.

What Is Grab Bucks?

Grab Bucks is an app that offers an opportunity to earn money by completing various tasks.

It's a downloadable app via Google Play.

Developed by a company known as Phil Techie, it has acquired more than 100,000 members at the time of writing.

This app enables you to earn money by doing tasks such as typing CAPTCHA, playing games, 

completing surveys so on and so forth.

How Do You Earn With Grab Bucks?

Before you can participate in any tasks offered by Grab Bucks, you need to fill up your particulars as precisely as possible.

Tasks availability is highly dependant on the information you provide.

As soon as you have successfully created an account, you will be rewarded with 1000 points instantly.

Let's take a look below.

1000 Grab Bucks bonus points reward

Here. I will list down the most essential ways to earn with Grab Bucks.

Survey Participation

Completing surveys is one of the best ways to earn with Grab Bucks.

You will be rewarded with various points based on the difficulty and length.

Surveys availability is also highly dependant on your residing country.

For example, if you are living in The United States, the chances of receiving more survey tasks will be significantly increased.

Here's a sample survey offered by Grab Bucks.

An example of a survey offered in Grab Bucks


This specific task is arguably one of the main attractions of the Grab Bucks app.

Essentially, you will be solving various CAPTCHA to earn reward points.

Different sets of alphabet combinations will be presented to you, then you type in the CAPTCHA within a specific time duration.

Take a look at an example below.

An example of the CAPTCHA task offered in Grab Bucks

Play Games

This part of the task is pretty much self-explanatory.

Whenever you enter the app, all the available tasks will be shown on the main interface.

Sometimes, new games will be displayed for you to test.
Simply play the games to earn reward points.

Try New Apps

Whenever there are new apps released by Grab Bucks's partners, you will be allowed to test these apps.

Provides youe feedback and earn points as rewards.

Refer New Members To Join

Grab Bucks has a unique referral system.

If you refer someone to join Grab Bucks, 1000 points will be rewarded to you as a token of appreciation.

Refer more friends and family members to maximize this part of the earning.

Grab Bucks sets the payments threshold at $5.

Every 1000 points accumulated is equivalent to $0.1.

When you have reached the threshold, withdrawal requests can be made through PayPal.

Can You Earn With Grab Bucks?

In this section, let's discover the potential income that you can earn with Grab Bucks.

I will be showcasing you an illustration of the possible earnable points through various tasks in the form of points.

A quick disclaimer: This scenario is just an illustration to grasp the earning potential with Grab Bucks. Actual earnable income varies based on various factors and variables.

Let's suppose you are offered 10 tasks weekly.

Here are the points estimation based on an individual's task.

Task #1 - 17000 points
Task #2 - 24000 points
Task #3 - 8800 points
Task #4 - 5000 points
Task #5 - 16000 points
Task #6 - 9000 points
Task #7 - 12000 points
Task #8 - 15000 points
Task #9 - 10000 points
Task #10 - 17000 points

Your total earning for the entire week will be:

17000+24000+8800+5000+16000+9000+12000+15000+10000+17000=133800 points

Multiply this amount by 4 is equivalent to 535200 points.

Averagely, you will be earning 535200 points for the entire month.

Earnbale points can be increased or decreased depending on the number of tasks offered.

535200 points are equivalent to $53.52.

Every 1000 points are equivalent to $0.1.

As you can see, the earning potential is quite displeasing and does not spark satisfaction.

Yes, you certainly can make money with Grab Bucks but then the earning potential is extremely little.

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The Pros - What I like About Grab Bucks


  • Free to join
  • Has a phenomenal number of members
  • Serves globally
  • Numerous tasks are offered
  • Trustable payment through PayPal

The Cons - What I Dislike About Grab Bucks


  • Not a viable solution for long term financial security
  • Low income potential
  • Waste of time

My Final Thoughts

If you set a high-income expectation on Grab Bucks, then, sadly, you will be disappointed.

Grab Bucks isn't a platform that will fulfill your expected income.

Contrary, it's designed to be paying little money even if there are tons of tasks available.

Truthfully, task availability is also going to be very limited due to the nature of the "get paid to" industry.

It's designed to earn you some pocket money, that's all about it.

You will not be set free financially with Grab Bucks.

You will not earn a substantial income that can significantly change your life financially.

These are the truth.

Furthermore, your time is way more valuable than doing these unattractive tasks for pennies.

If you are here seeking a more viable way to earn money online, then I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I pursue together with countless aspiring online entrepreneurs to achieve financial success in the long term.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Grab Bucks, feel free to leave me comments below.

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