Hiresine Review: An Unattractive Way To Pursue A Freelance Career Here 

Life is tough, life is unforgiving with lots of uncertainties.

These uncertainties that confront us could break our hearts completely.

One of the main struggles in life has got to be financial uncertainties and poverty issues.

As hopeless as circumstances seem to be, we are still constantly searching for opportunities that could generate more wealth to ease our financial burdens.

Today, I will be talking about an online freelancer platform known as Hiresine.

We are also going to discover whether this platform is worthy of your time and effort.

More importantly, can you really earn with Hiresine?

So, let's find out together. 

Hiresine Review Summary

Company: Hiresine

Founder: Unknown

Price: Free

Rating: 50/100


Hiresine is undoubtedly a legitimate freelancer platform.

The only thing that possibly goes wrong with its direction is the unacceptable approach to generate income off the audience, who also needs help and support for freelance jobs.

I don't recommend you to spend your valuable time with Hiresine.

There are way too many cons that are going to prevent the effectiveness of securing an income within the freelance industry with Hiresine.

On top of that, none of the income earning potential is verified.

With so many doubts and uncertainties with Hiresine, I highly recommend you to seek more reputable brands such as Fiverr and Upwork for the needs of your freelance careers.

What Is Hiresine?

You have probably already visited its website.

Yeah, Hiresine is a freelancers platform.

A platform that allows you to apply as a freelancer that suits your specific area of expertise and skills.

It has jobs offering in a wide array of industries.

They include:

-  Online writing
-  Filling out surveys
-  Website design
-  Graphic design
-  Language translation
-  Typing
-  Content writing
-  Productivity suite training
-  Live video seminars

Many more to be added as it acquires more partnerships with third-party advertisers and employers.

Let's take a look at the member's area where job offers are shown.

How Do You Earn With Hiresine?

By now, you know that Hiresine's primary core is built around the freelancers for hire concept.

So how exactly can you earn with it?

In pure simplicity, as soon as you've successfully signed up to be its unique member, you will be shown a variety of freelance job offerings.

Let's take a look at its sign up form below.

Feel free to fill in your particulars and submit for verification.

These jobs are dedicated to individuals with special skills and specific areas of expertise as I mentioned earlier.

You as a member can pick any of your desired jobs.

The pay rate varies based on the job's length and difficulty.

For example, a typing job of 2000 to 4000 words are typically paid with a rate of $4 to $6 respectively.

Once you have accepted a job offer, a mutual consent between you and the advertiser as your virtual employer has been reached and agreed.

Some of the virtual employers may require you to submit the proof of your expertise making sure that they know exactly what you are capable of.

Once trust and acceptance have been laid down, the process of working as a freelancer begins.

After any successful job completion, you will be paid accordingly.

I will be talking about this tricky part in a moment.

The Pros - What I like About Hiresine

A good way to supplement your current income

So here's the thing my friends, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, life is tough especially in term of financial struggles.

It wouldn't be a bad idea of making some extra bucks in the free time. 

The entire concept behind Hiresine is built by offering freelance jobs for worthy individuals around the world.

If you feel like earning some additional income, this place could be a solution.

It might not replace and substitute your main income, but it certainly can generate you some extra cash on the side.

A variety of job options are available 

What's the best part whenever you visit a buffet-style restaurant?

I am sure you would agree that the variety of food selections is the main attraction right? 

You might even be busy taking a selfie for your Instagram or Facebook.

Here with Hiresine, it's no different.

A buffet-style of jobs are available to you.

You have the freedom to choose any of your job that you desired based on your area of expertise. 

The only catch here is that you must be eligible and fulfill all the job requirements.

If you are deemed qualified candidates, then congratulations, you are hired!

That job is rightfully yours. 

Good traits of contribution to humanity

As you know it, many people are struggling with survival.

Poverty issue is at the highest rise, the economy is bad and recession is at the verge of making history. 

College graduates are unemployed due to economic uncertainty.

Regardless of whether Hiresine is legitimate or fake, which I will talk about in a moment, I see good traits of the team behind Hiresine for their contribution to providing individuals in needs to secure a freelance job. 

That's an absolute thumbs up.

Despite being victimized by the competitive challenge within the freelance industry, Hiresine is still here supporting people in needs with a job. 

The Cons - What I Dislike About Hiresine

Ads, ads and it's still ads

This is my number one concern of Hiresine that bothered me the most.

Since no one does something for no reason, the entire business structure of Hiresine is built around the freelance hiring industry.

That's a pretty competitive industry to venture.

We have big brothers from the likes of Fiverr and Upwork.

As soon as you land on its website, the entire web design is coded with ads.

Nothing more complex than that.

From the homepage to its subpages, menu pages, even its exclusive member's area are loaded with ads. 

When I say ads, I mean lots of them.

A scenario that has become a nuisance and it ruins navigation and website usability to a certain unacceptable degree.

Let me show you what I mean here. 

So how do you feel?

A website with such poor usability?

I can't accept this scenario. 

The misplacement of ads that ruins navigation 

As you have just gotten to know, this website is full of ads.

The situation goes one step uglier when the placement of ads are being misplaced. 

Regardless of with or without consent, these ads seemed to be wrongly displayed intentionally.

Absolute clever people there.

I mean the team behind Hiresine, they know exactly what they are doing. 

A wrong approach to lure people in for private monetization 

So here's the thing, a certain level of dishonesty issue is found here.

We know that Hiresine is built based on freelancers platform, so why are there so many ads displayed all across its website? 

Understandably, this unacceptable scenario can be summarized with unethical greediness, selfishness, and cunningness.

This is how I describe Hiresine personally. 

Here's the thing, my friends, people are here seeking for a freelance job, instead of providing genuine values, Hiresine is here to generate income off them.


It's totally unacceptable!

To make thing even worse, a cunning human psychology approach has been badly implemented.

And this action is done intentionally.

Let's visualize this scenario, people are here looking for a freelance job, the first step is to fill up the application form right?

Yeah, that's the logic.

But then, instead of helping its audience to fill-up the form, it's hiding the application form.

Intentionally done.

To reveal its ugly side to be even uglier, the ads that displayed are full of relevancy.

Let's take a look at what I just meant.

Have you seen it?

Instead of bringing you to navigate to the form, the signup button is an ad that will bring you to a third party advertiser's website.

To sum it all, people are here to be misled to click on sponsored ads instead of gaining benefits of getting hired for freelance jobs.

Unverifiable earning 

So, Hiresine knows people want to make extra bucks working as freelancers right?

That's the tricky part to be exposed here.

We have absolutely no idea all the source of its connection and relationship, partnership with all these so-called jobs providers.

Here's the thing my friends, even though Hiresine provides different variety of freelance jobs, none of them are proven to be trustworthy.

In fact, the situation could be turned ugly when they refuse to make payment upon job completion.

That's disastrous. 

Just try to visualize the following scenario.

Genuine visitors landed on its website seeking for a freelance job, they are then directed to a bunch of job providers, and then the visitors pick whatever job that best suits their skills and interest.

Upon job completion and submission, the payment is left pending and the third party employers refuse to make payment.

Limited income-earning opportunity

Right from the beginning, we knew that Hiresine is not a recommended platform to earn an extra income.

Its entire trustworthiness is at stake, let alone making a good income here.

We don't even know whether we will be paid.

Even if all the potential fakeness has been debunked, it doesn't guarantee that we will be generating a good income with Hiresine. 

Is Hiresine A Scam?

After my in-depth understanding and evaluation of Hiresine, I would conclude that it's not a scam. 

Nowhere within its business structure has the elements of illegitimacy.

That being said, Hiresine is not entirely legitimate.

There are way too many frauds and cunningness of bringing visitors in for its personal profits reaping.

Here are the main doubts and questions I have difficulty to figure out why exactly.

Hiresine is built solely with the freelancers hiring concept.

It's then understandable that its source of income is the profit-sharing with the partners. 

Interestingly, on the contrary, it seems that its primary source of income is the display of ads.

Hence, these ads are heavily shown across the entire website.

That's the scenario I observe and I feel that it's not purely legitimate.

Its agenda is to generate lots of traffic from freelance job seekers and then leverage this audience to generate an income.

Any freelance job providers that selflessly care will not behave like this.

If you are seeking for a freelance job, then I highly recommend you to try out other trustworthy and reputable alternatives.

Big names within the freelancer industry such as Fiverr and Upwork are some of my highly recommended alternatives.

Your effort and earning are secured with them.

Take Fiverr as an example here.

It's the largest online freelancer platform in the world.

Pretty much any job within any niche imaginable can be found.

Besides its reputation and trustworthiness, you are also able to gain personal followers and build connections and trust along your freelance journey and career.

Wouldn't that be a better alternative compared to Hiresine?

You can even generate a full-time income with these reputable freelance platforms.

In my opinion, in today world's of hecticness, we need to work smart instead of working hard.

Hiresine is a place to be avoided at all cost if you are seeking for a way to make an income online with freelance jobs. 

My Final Thoughts

Despite different struggles in life, the ultimate success lies when we are firmly blessed financially.

Sufficient wealth not only provides security for ourselves, but it also provides security for our loved ones and family.

Building yourself an online business could be a solution to set you free financially.

Online business huh?

You may ask anxiously.

A term that's not unfamiliar anymore.

But then let me ask you a question real quick, are you happy and satisfied with doing a job once and then reaping the benefits for as long as possible?

Sound too good to be true right?

That's not entirely correct.

A solid and sustainable online business can be built once to generate an adequate amount of income for as long as your website is attracting traffic.

Since 2015, I have discovered an awesome online business model known as affiliate marketing.

It empowers individuals from all walks of life to pursue a dream by building their online empires.

This unique online business isn't built overnight, it does take time to gain traction.

Once this milestone has been reached, then the opportunity to earn any desirable income is pretty much limitless.

The best part of all is that you will be implementing the traffic generation technique that attracts visitors to your website organically.

Meaning that people are coming to you willingly.

They are seeking your valuable information, solutions to solve specific problems. 

You will also be equipping yourself with powerful knowledge as you progress through your online entrepreneurship journey.

So, I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Hiresine, feel free to leave me comments below.

If you would like to express your unique thoughts, leave me comments too in the comment box below.

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