Honest Insite Review: How Solid Is This Market Research Platform?

If you love expressing unique opinions, your passion could be monetized through survey participation.

The market research industry enables you to voice your unique thoughts while earning some extra bucks on the side.

With so many market research platforms available these days, it could be quite challenging to identify those that are worthy of your participation. 

So, it's advisable to do the due diligence before participating in any "get paid to" platform blindly.

Today, I will be reviewing a market research platform known as Honest Insite.

We will discover together its state of legitimacy, how to get started, and its worthiness.

More importantly, can you really earn with it?

If the answer is yes, then how about its earning potential?

These are the topics I will be discussing in this review.

So, are you ready to begin?

Let's get started without further ado.

What Is Honest Insite?

Honest Insite is essentially a market research platform that offers an opportunity to earn through survey participation.

Unlike most of the conventional platforms with the "get paid to" traits, it only serves the market research industry specifically.

Created and owned by The Sample Network, it has been around for near to two decades of progression.

It's also a proud member of the American Marketing Association as well as the Council Of American Survey Research Organizations

Looking at its website homepage, it has a relatively simple design. 

Precise, and straight to the point.

A scenario that's quite impressive.

It also has a social media presence with its official Facebook page.

Let's take a look below.

The Facebook page of Honest Insite

As you can see, it's gaining a positive following of likes.

Next, let's proceed to join Honest Insite.

Signing up with Honest Insite is simple, there's a form for you to fill right on its homepage's top section.

Simply click on the "sign up for free" button to get started.

Before we proceed to the next section, Here's a video that showcases the overview of Honest Insite.

How Do You Earn With Honest Insite?

At its core, Honest Insite offers an opportunity to earn through survey participation.

Once you are a part of its family, your first task is to complete your profile creation as precisely as possible.

This task ensures your account is optimized for the most relevant survey tasks.

So, do remember to go through this part patiently.

Also, try to provide your area of expertise or industry that you are interested.

This step ensures the best user experience during the survey participation session.

After that, it's all about the waiting game.

Whenever new surveys that match your interest are available, you will be given an opportunity to take part.

Do note that you may be redirected to another third party survey website to complete the entire task.

So, how about the compensations?

Well. Honest Insite adopts a unique point system known as the Hi Points.

If you are paying attention, I'm sure you have noticed its trademark smiling smiley on its website and Facebook page.:)

How Do You Get Paid?

Honest Insite has its unique points system known as the Hi Points.

So, it's all about earning and accumulating Hi Points as you progress with Honest Insite.

Typically, a survey task pays approximately 400 to 1200 Hi Points.

The equivalence of 400 Hi Points is a dollar.

So, the benchmark rewards for a completed survey is around the $1 to $3 mark.

The minimum withdrawal threshold has been set at $30 and Honest Insite offers two main ways to receive payment.

They are:

- PayPal
- Various gift cards such as the Amazon Gift Card

So, as soon as your account has accumulated 12,000 Hi Points, withdrawal eligibility will be unlocked.

Can You Earn With Honest Insite?

Earning an adequate amount of Hi Points is certainly achievable with Honest Insite.

However, if you are here seeking to earn a massive amount of Hi Points, you could be disappointed hugely.

In this section, let's examine its earning potential so that you can grasp an idea and the benchmark of the achievable income level with Honest Insite.

Do note that the earnable amount of Hi Points is heavily dependent on your willingness to participate, the survey tasks' availability, as well as the advertiser's needs.

So, the earning potential with Honest Insite is unpredictable.

Before I proceed to the calculations, here's my disclaimer.

A quick disclaimer:

The following calculations are purely based on assumptions and examples. They don't necessarily represent the actual earning. Earnable income may vary based on many uncontrollable variables.

Say, you are fortunate enough to receive 8 tasks weekly.

Here are the assumed task's pay rate individually.

Task 1 - 400 Hi Points
Task 2 - 500 Hi Points
Task 3 - 800 Hi Points
Task 4 - 400 Hi Points
Task 5 - 600 Hi Points
Task 6 - 400 Hi Points
Task 7 - 500 Hi Points
Task 8 - -600 Hi Points

Your weekly earning will be equivalent to:

400+500+800+400+600+400+500+600 = 4200 Hi Points

Multiply this amount by 4 is equivalent to your projected monthly income.

4200*4 = 16800 Hi Points

Divide this amount by 4 is your monthly earnable income with Honest Insite.

I've done the maths for you.

$42 is your income for the entire month.

So, is this amount satisfactory?

It's relatively subjective but personally, this amount is too little to make a difference in my life financially.

Certainly, it's enough to treat yourself a couple of meals but then, that's all about it.

Also, the unpredictability of task availability is the primary concern within the culture of Honest Insite.

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The Pros - What I like About Honest Insite


  • Free to join
  • An opportunity to earn through survey participation
  • Serve a distinctive niche audience
  • Has a solid social media presence
  • Has collaborations with reputable market research companies in The United States

The Cons - What I Dislike About Honest Insite


  • Limited earning potential
  • Uncertainties in the survey tasks' availability
  • Not a viable solution to secure long term financial success

My Final Thoughts

Honest Insite is certainly a unique platform to participate and earn on the side.

Its vast track record of progression is a testament that its worthiness is unquestionable, in my opinion.

If you are passionate about offering your unique opinions, Honest Insite could be the ideal place to earn some extra bucks while doing what you enjoy.

You see, individual opinion is unique and it's extremely essential from the marketing perspective.

Through your participation, relevant merchants can gain valuable feedback to tweak and improve their products and services.

At the end of the day, consumers will be beneficial as a result of progressive innovations.

Now, if you ask me the following question.

"Is Honest Insite worthy to be a candidate to be added to your trustworthy list of survey platforms"?

Well, to be honest, my answer is a clear yes and no.

It really depends.

If you have the extra time to participate, then, why not?

You could be earning extra bucks for a fabulous weekend escape!

If you are constantly lack of time even with proper time management. then, this is a platform that you should stay away.

The amount that you could potentially earn is not directly proportional to your time and effort investment.

So, it depends on specific scenarios.

Now, if you are here seeking ways to earn in the online world, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on websites and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

It's also one of the most sought after business model due to its cost-effectiveness and long term financial security.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Honest Insite, feel free to leave me comments below.

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