How Good Is Wealthy Affiliate – My In-depth Review And Walkthrough

Regardless of what is your current financial status, chances are you are looking for ways to start earning money online legitimately.

You might have heard of Wealthy Affiliate before, or you are researching for an in-depth review to identify whether Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time and investment.

In this post, I will be walking you through the true awesomeness of Wealthy Affiliate and why they are the best of the best in the world of affiliate, unmatched and incomparable in terms of genuine value and completeness.

I know that you are super excited to find out everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, so without any delaying of time, let’s get going.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Summary

Product: Wealthy Affiliate

Founder: Kyle and Carson

Starter Membership - FREE
Monthly Premium Membership - $49
Yearly Premium Membership - $495 

Rating: 80/100

Recommended: Yes


An all in one affiliate community platform for people who are interested and serious about building their own online business.

Regardless of the starter or premium membership, the overall values offer by Wealthy Affiliate are insanely awesome.

Whether you are newbies or an experienced online marketer, you will certainly reap lots of knowledge and skill set as you progress through your online business journey.

Literally, everything you need to be a successful online entrepreneur can be found here.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

First and foremost, I am sure you are very keen to find out who are they and the reasons for their existence right?

Well, Wealthy Affiliate is an online affiliate community founded by Kyle and Carson in 2005, and over the years this platform has been evolving to be the largest affiliate community in the world.

Their primary goal is to nurture and educate individual from all walks of life to pursue their passion and translate them into thriving online business.

As the result of Kyle’s and Carson’s continuous effort to improve the platform, today’s Wealthy Affiliate is the world’s largest and best affiliate community, an all in one platform for any person to build and scale their businesses to any level desired.

Currently, Wealthy Affiliate has more than 1.4 million active members inside the community and the number is still growing day after day.

On top of that, there are already many successful online entrepreneurs who are earning big money inside the community, many of the future millionaires are also well on course to achieve their marvelous milestone.

Now the question s why are they so phenomenal? Why are they gaining trust and acceptance by so many people around the world?

Well, let me answer these questions for you.

It’s because of “pure awesomeness”.

Everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer is near to perfection.

Even though there are no such things as perfect but then, in my opinion, they have absolutely nailed it.

The incredible work done by Kyle, Carson and the entire team is flourishing over the course of 14 years.

They have revolutionized the whole concept of affiliate marketing and online businesses as a whole.

This is an undisputed fact.

Regardless of who you are, your education background, your skill level and so on, you can reap the value offered by Wealthy Affiliate and excel through to create an empire of online business for yourself.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

You have probably known a thing or thing related to Wealthy Affiliate, but do you really have a good grasp of everything that they have to offer in details?

Let’s find out together.

1. Education

Knowledge is powerful right?

It enables human inventions, it empowers people to excel and succeed. 

We need to equip ourselves with the necessary knowledge before venturing into any endeavor, it’s the fundamental requirement.

That’s exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is providing.

A top-notch education in the form of certification courses. There are two types of certification courses offered here:

1. Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

This is the core education taught by Kyle consist of level one to 5.

Every lesson has a checklist of tasks to be accomplished.

2. Affiliate Bootcamp
This educational series is similar to the one I mentioned above, the only difference is that the affiliate bootcamp are catered to people who are promoting the Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program.

I will be elaborating on the affiliate program offered by Wealthy Affiliate in just a moment.

The affiliate bootcamp series consists of 7 level and these lessons are well organized, resourceful, optimized and success driven to empower affiliate to achieve the ultimate goal of earning revenue promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

3. Live Webinars

Live video class or webinars are conducted weekly by the industry expert and affiliate marketing guru Jay.

Every lesson is covered in full details and it usually ends with a live Q&A session which is nice for interaction on how much you absorbed and digested a specific training.

The duration of every live training normally last for an hour or a little over an hour mark, it depends on how Jay structures his lessons and presentations.

Replays are also available for those who missed the live events.

4. Classroom

Every topic related to the online business world can be found in the classroom education platform.

These mass resources of lessons are structured in contents, videos and discussions format.

There are hundreds and even thousands of interactions happening right within a specific training classroom.

If you are determined to empower yourself with the knowledge for the online business world, this is the perfect place for you to learn and progress through.

2. World Class Website Hosting

We know that before we can build our skyscrapers online we need to have our own website live on the internet.

Building a website and optimize it for your audience is not an easy task. In fact, you could easily spend an entire month sitting in front of your computer just to figure out how to set up your website on the internet.

Thankfully, Wealthy Affiliate has you covered in this aspect.

Building websites with Wealthy Affiliate are easy and flawless.

Also known as Siterubix, the website builder is optimized for WordPress which is the world's most advanced content management system.

As a starter member, you are given one free website that have the capability to make profit straight away.

As a premium member, you are allowed to host up to 10 websites with additional premium features.

Let's take a look at the fabulous features of Siterubix WordPress hosting platform.

  • Optimized for speed and performance
  • Secured with SSL encryption
  • Daily backups with mirroring technology

Your websites are double hosted with maximum security.

Wealthy Affiliate will take care of the technology aspect of your business so that you can fully focus on your business,

3. Domain Registration

Wealthy Affiliate is a certified domain registrar by ICANN

Members within the community are able to register their desired domains.

The process of registering domains is seamlessly easy and time-saving.

The cost of a domain is priced at USD13.99 now and forever.

There are no any upsells and this is the rate for annual domain renewal.

Super awesome right?

On top of that, domains registered with Wealthy Affiliate are powered with advanced DNS featured that further enhance a flawless connection with the Siterubix server.

4. Community

As of today, there are approximately 1.4million active members within this awesome platform. 

This is the perfect place for online entrepreneurs to connect with each other, a place to socialize while building your online business.

5.  Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is one of the key components of your online business If you are determined to build and scale your business to any level of success desired. 

The keyword research tool offered by Wealthy Affiliate is known as Jaaxy.

This is a very sophisticated and technologically advanced tool that is capable to empower online marketers and content creators to scale their business to new heights.

What I Like About Wealthy Affiliate

State Of The Art WordPress Hosting

Websites are the backbone of your online business, and as you make progress with your business, your websites must be able to cope with the additional resources needed to continue powering your business moving forward.

Wealthy Affiliate's WordPress hosting powered by Siterubix is one of the world's most technologically advanced within the hosting industry.

It gets even better when any websites hosted with Siterubix platform are further enhanced and optimized for speed and performance.

As the industry leader within the WordPress hosting arena, Wealthy Affiliate completely beat their competitors to the ground with their own proprietary technology. 

Let me introduce to you their Sitespeed technology.

It is carefully implemented to boost website loading speed to a whole new dimension. 

It gets even better when it is capable of supercharging loading speed of any types of websites imaginable.

Webmasters have the options to choose either a super fast caching for their websites or the more advanced websites speed boost by auto-disabling Java for the maximum lightning fast website loading.

Next, it is their Sitehealth.

This technology will monitor the overall performance of your websites in real time.

Yeah, you heard that right!! Sitehealth will monitor your websites with advanced metrics and shows you an overall score for the quality of your websites.

Another good feature of the siterubix hosting platform is its ability to block any attempt of spamming without your consent.

This is a super advanced feature that will keep you peace of mind knowing that only targeted traffic and emails are coming to your website.

Let's continue with the page speed insights.

Every content you publish on your website are trackable and you will also gain valuable information about any specific ranked contents loading speed in real time.

The image above illustrates what I meant.

Notice that at the time of writing this piece of content, I already have a few pages published and indexed by the search engines.

I have a score of 100 and 85 respectively for desktop and mobile devices test.

Free SSL Encryption Certificate

These days, security is the most essential part of any online business on the internet. I am sure many of you are familiar with the little lock icon next to the web address.

Wealthy Affiliate provides free 256-bit encryption for any websites hosted with the Siterubix platform.

With just a click of a button, your website will be protected against any sort of security threats and vulnerabilities imaginable.

All In One Platform

A place called home for online marketers.

Absolutely anything and everything you need to build a successful online business can be found in Wealthy Affiliate platform.

If you are serious about building a successful online business, Wealthy Affiliate is capable to empower you to achieve great results.

Jaaxy Integration

I touched a little about the importance of keyword research for online marketers earlier on, now let's dive in a little deeper to discover how powerful this tool is capable of.

Jaaxy is the most advanced keyword research tool invented by Wealthy Affiliate for marketers to optimize their campaign and scaling content creation and marketing to new heights. 

Wealthy Affiliate platform is constantly updated with new cool technology features, and as the result of growth, Jaaxy is now integrated directly with Wealthy Affiliate. 

Starter members have access to 30 keywords searches monthly whereas premium members have access to Jaaxy Lite that is integrated directly into Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Let's take a look here.

Entering the Jaaxy Lite platform will unlock even more features for you to manage and optimize any of your marketing campaigns.

This is one of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate that I love most besides their powerful Siterubix hosting.

Highly Lucrative Affiliate Program

So the most fundamental reasons for anyone of us to start building online businesses are tie directly with the monetary part.

Regardless of what type of niche you plan to pursue, Wealthy Affiliate have their own in-house affiliate program.

The Wealthy Affiliate's affiliate program has some cool features such as:

  • Lifetime cookies tracking
  • Lifetime commissions structures
  • Monthly recurring commissions
  • An all expenses paid vacation trip to Las Vegas in the United States when 300 sales are achieved.
  • Lucrative commissions structure for both starter and premium members

Flawless Content Creation With Ease

Creating contents is one of the most essential parts of your online business.

As an online marketer and content creator, you will constantly find yourself in a position where you create engaging and quality contents for your audience.

Sitecontent platform within Wealthy Affiliate will make your life easier in your online business journey.

This technology is built in directly inside the platform.

Members are able to keep track of their progress, scale their content strategies by categorizing the contents into different campaign structures.

A proprietary grammar checker is also built inside the editor to check and guide you through your entire content and suggest any corrections needed.

It's like an artificial proofreader at your disposal.

Sitecontent also allows you to create different types of templates to ease your work and optimize your campaign for best results.

Your written contents can be published straight to your WordPress platform without even log in to your WordPress.

Super awesome feature right?

Apart from this, Sitecontent also has the ability to beautify your contents with millions of royalty free high definition images where you can insert and integrate straight to any part of your contents.

Also, when you publish your contents via the Sitecontent platform, you will be notified right within the platform whenever your published contents are indexed in the search engines.

This Sitecontent platform within Wealthy Affiliate is super powerful and you will love it much without any doubt.


Wealthy Affiliate is pioneering the online business world to a whole new dimension.

Everything offered within the platform is absolutely top notch and it's the best of the best within the industry.

An all in one platform with pure value undoubtedly.

Regardless of whether you are a blogger, content creators, copywriters, social media consultant, or even an online entrepreneur, you can definitely find a lot of values, and also learn new skills and knowledge in your progression.

On top of that, Wealthy Affiliate equipped you with tools and plenty of resources that empower you to achieve the ultimate success.

If you are serious about building your own solid online business, then Wealthy Affiliate is surely your number one choice.

Take action now by joining the most powerful affiliate marketing platform in the world.

It's free to get started. fast forward onwards, you will thank yourself for making the wisest decision today.

Wealthy Affiliate empower affiliate marketers and online entrepreneur around the world to build an empire of their skyscrapers online.

David Lau

David is a big fan, lover of WordPress and websites creation. His passion has empowered him to create this blog to guide like-minded friends to build a solid and thriving affiliate marketing business. Besides creating contents and tweaking web design, he is also passionate about discovering profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

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Henderson - August 16, 2019

This is a really good post. I honestly think that anyone can make heads way with wealthy affiate as long dedication and hard work is infused. Wealthy affiliate is truly unmatched because it offers free membership and premium is the cheapest I’ve ever seen. What else is there to know that you have not written. The support on wealthy affiliate is also very prompt and if you like, one can ask the community because they are very helpful. One can get to meet people from all works of life. Its a very great opportunity to be on wealthy affiliate and I’m so happy I found them.

    David Lau - August 16, 2019

    Hi Henderson,

    I am really glad that you were having a good time reading this post.

    You are right with the true awesomeness and values of the premium membership offered here.

    For the price of less than a cup of coffee daily, you have everything that you need to kickstart your online business that is scalable to any level of success desired.

    With a single membership, everything is included and that level of completeness is improving dynamically as the clock ticks.

    Enhancements and updates are constantly happening within this amazing platform.

    Best regards


Jill - August 16, 2019

Hi David, What a great review for Wealthy Affiliate. I totally agree with you that it is the best option out there. 

It is the best training, especially for someone like me who is a total novice. If I can understand it and grow a business, then anyone can. 

I have bookmarked your review for further perusal. Thank you. I hope you get a lot of people joining after they read your review. All the best,


    David Lau - August 16, 2019

    Hi Jill,

    Thank you so much for your time reading and checking out my review.

    You have expressed a solid point here.

    The training within the Wealthy Affiliate platform is absolutely top-notch and incomparable.

    These training modules are comprehensively crafted for individuals from all walks of life.

    On top of that, every lesson is combined with actionable tasks.

    I really appreciate your interest on bookmarking this page for future reference.

    Thank you so much, my dear friend.

    Best regards


AmDetermined - August 16, 2019

Hi, your review on wealthy affiliate is really helpful, I wish I find your website when I was looking for how to make money genuinely.

But i later find out about wealthy affiliate and i can boldly say that every thing that you write in your post is true for any one who is looking for ways to build a business online.

To create awareness for people who were in the shoes of looking for how to make money online I will be sharing your post on my social media.

    David Lau - August 16, 2019

    Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for your valuable opinions about Wealthy Affiliate.

    Yeah, you are absolutely right on the genuineness of this amazing all in one affiliate marketing platform.

    Anyone who has a passion can pursue an online business purely based on the affiliate marketing business model.

    Also, thank you so much for your kindness of sharing my review post.

    I appreciate so much from the bottom of my heart.

    Best regards



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