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How To Rank High In Search Engines: 5 Ways To Boost Your Rankings

Hello, fellow content creators and bloggers, I hope everyone is doing well and productive.

Today, I will be writing about the importance of content creation as well as debunking the myth of you need to be a good writer to rank high in the search engines.

I will also be giving my tips on how to rank on the first page without the need to be an SEO expert.

But then you may ask, why me?

Why must you listen to me?

That's a good question right there.

Recently, I have written a post that was ranked on the first page of Google, Bing, and yahoo.

Here I am, showing you exactly how I achieve this result.

You don't even need to be an SEO expert.

Before I proceed, let me ask you a question real quick.

How do you define success?

The answers vary from individuals to individuals.

Personally, success doesn't always have to be the monetary part.

Today, I achieved a little success with page one second position ranking on Google and Bing and Yahoo.

I was shocked and amazed by the results.

It makes my day and I am sure it will make yours too if you were in my shoes.

You see, I am not a big fan of Google Analytics and am reluctant to check out the stats too often to avoid being disappointed.

But then today, I was doing the monthly usual check and discover traffic spike with a particular post written a few months back.

Out of curiosity, I use Jaaxy Lite's site rank feature to check out the rankings.

Here are the results. 

Page one second spot on Google and Yahoo simultaneously!

Page one third position on Bing!

This post even outranked the program's website on Google.

So what were the secret recipes for such ranking?

Honestly, there aren't any secrets.

Here, I will be showcasing to you my tips and approach to achieve such ranking results

Before I jump into the core content, I would like to express my state of honesty that some of the links on this post are affiliate links, meaning that I might get affiliate commissions when you click on them and decided to make a purchase.

At no extra cost to you, your action will allow me to continue maintaining this website.

My deepest appreciation from the bottom of my heart.

So here we go then.

These are my tips to achieve page one ranking


Doing Keyword Research The Effective Ways

Keyword research is one of the most fundamental and essential ways to kick-start any content creation.

Without it, we are unable to identify what sort of keywords your audience is searching.

I use a keyword research tool known as Jaaxy

It doesn't have the most aesthetically beautiful interface design, but then it does get the job done.

When I mean getting the job done, it does really well in identifying the low hanging fruits type of keywords.

This keyword research tool is offered by Wealthy Affiliate.

It's the unique version of Jaaxy as part of the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership.

Jaaxy keyword tool is also purchasable independently via Jaaxy official website.

Why is Jaaxy so powerful?

A tool that enables you to stand out from the crowd in the competitive SEO battlefield?

Well, it is coded with technologically advance algorithms that deliver results.

Let me show you an example.

Here I am within the jaaxy lite interface.

Say you are pursuing the skincare niche.

Your target audience is teenagers who are suffering from acne breakouts.

Now, here is an example of a relevant keyword.

"How to reduce sebum production"?

As you can see, Jaaxy shows me the exact metrics of whether or not this keyword is suitable to target or otherwise.

First and foremost, the keyword must have a good average monthly traffic, potential traffic for page one ranking, low competition, great keyword score (the "Great" text in green color within Jaaxy), finally the SEO scores.

This is the most crucial part.

SEO score shows you exactly any particular keyword is worth targeting or not.

In this scenario, this keyword is worth targeting.

This is exactly the steps I took to establish the initial keyword campaign for my content creation part.

This is only one example that I have shown you, an entire list of these quality keyword gems are identifiable easily with Jaaxy.

Just imagine and visualize the possibility of page one ranking for all those keywords.

It's pretty much achievable. 

Before we proceed to the next tip, allow me to introduce to you the power of identifying low competition keyword.

Also known as low hanging fruits, explained by highly skilled internet marketers Kyle who is also the co-founder of the highly acclaimed Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out the low hanging fruits keyword tutorial.


Create Engaging And Informative Content

Once you have acquired any particular keyword, next is the content creation part.

This is the most important part.

You will be creating contents for your beloved audience.

They are real human beings on the other end of the screens.

Regardless of where your audiences are, they are reading your contents.

Ideally, you need to write contents that are at least 1500 words.

This is the part that scares most people thus affecting productivity.

But then truthfully, believe me,

I am an example that you don't need to be a good writer or an English language expert to pursue a dream to be a successful content creator. 

What I did was write out my personal opinions and expressing my personal touch from my perspective.

That itself is sufficient.

That's how I got to the page one second spot ranking on Google and Yahoo.

Next, writing good informative and valuable contents is only half the job done, you need to present your written contents in a readable form.

Here's what I did. I include proper spacing between sentences and paragraphs.

That's how I make the contents more presentable and readable.

Let's take a look at an example below.

The affiliate marketing industry is growing at an unstoppable pace.

It's worth a staggering $6.8 billion dollars.

If you are here seeking to find a way to make money online legitimately,

I highly suggest you give affiliate marketing a try.

You won't regret your awesome discovery.

A thriving online business is establishable with affiliate marketing business concept.

The affiliate marketing industry is growing at an unstoppable pace.It's worth a staggering $6.8 billion dollars.If you are here seeking to find a way to make money online legitimately,I highly suggest you give affiliate marketing a try.You won't regret your awesome discovery.

A thriving online business is establishable with affiliate marketing business concept.

Now, which one of the above looks more presentable?

Most importantly, which one is more readable?

I am sure the answer is pretty obvious right?

The right answer is the latter.

This is the method adopted for my content structure.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that the audience on the internet read and consume content differently.

They are here searching for information and solutions and they want it fast.

Usually, they will skim through looking for what they want, once they achieved their purpose, they will leave straight.

It's very rare to see people read the entire content on the internet word by word.

That's why the structurization of your contents is very crucial and important.

Your primary goal is to increase usability and readability.

But then David, I am still not grasping the idea here, why are we writing all the lengthy valuable and informational contents when our audiences are skipping and skimming through?

That's a good question, my friends!

Here's the thing my friends, people behave differently, there are the possibilities of your website visitors who are reading your contents in its entirety.

That is why the search engines are taking care of their customers.

They are providing the best interest to serve their consumers well.

That's why they are seeking for long-form contents that suits the best interest for their target audience.


It's All About The Numbers

So they say SEO is a cruel battlefield. In my opinion, yeah indeed it is.

It can be very unforgiving and brutal.

There are posts that I have written not getting indexed by the search engines.

There are also posts that I have written that ranked on the first page of Google Bing and Yahoo.

Regardless of your chances of getting indexed, your job as content creators is to craft out and produce quality contents regularly for your audience.

The more contents you write, the higher the chance of those written contents can be indexed.

It makes total sense right?

Consistency is the key to page one ranking.

Why is contents consistency so crucial?

Let me illustrate to you.

This is the post that was ranked on the first page of Google. 

As you can see, this post was written and indexed several months ago.

Now, not until August and September 2019 that this post is getting ranked on the first page.

Here's the thing my friends, no one knows exactly how the algorithm of the search engines works, it's top-secret and only those highly intelligent scientists, engineers, and programmers representing the search engines know exactly how.

But then, one thing I do know that as a content creator, the consistency of regular content creation pays off huge in the long term.

Even though the SEO battle can punish brutally, if you can create helpful and relevant contents regularly, your chances of page one ranking are within your grasp.

That is true as I am one of the examples that proved it works.

If I would to despair and self-pity after seeing my effort and hard work of creating contents does not yield results, I wouldn't have achieved page one ranking results right?

It takes times and patience, combined with content creation consistency, you are well on your way of achieving lots of page one ranking without even realizing!

That's the reality, as the search engines need time to trust you before you are assigned with more authoritative ranking.

So never and ever feel that all your hard work are gone in vain when they are not getting ranked within the SERPs.

Those posts that you have written weeks or even months ago will be getting the traction they deserve.

Just trust in yourself and embark the journey with even more motivation.


Speed And Security Do Matter

Okay, this is the part that is not unusual anymore, it's pretty much the norm now.

The search engines are looking for websites that are capable of delivering the best user experience for their customers.

Hence, your website speed does matter.

The security of your website does matter too.

I am using one of the world's most advanced WordPress hosting technology powered by Siterubix

It's a technologically advanced website hosting technology developed by Wealthy Affiliate.

If you would like to achieve extraordinary ranking, I highly suggest you check it out.

This is the hosting platform I use to achieve page one ranking results.

Let's take a look at the super powerful hosting features offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

On top of that, Siterubix hosting has SSL enabled on your website.

Wanna boost your website ranking to a greater height?

It can be achieved with sirubix WordPress hosting!


Engage And Socialize With Your Audience

I am not sure whether you are a big fan of such writing style but the truth is writing contents with the intent of engagement does reward you.

Why is that necessary?

I heard you asked.

Well, in the eyes of the search engines, whenever you are taking care of your website's visitors and makes them happy, they will be happy with you as well.

Thus the chance of getting good ranking has been established.

Try to talk to your audience, you can leverage the expression tone such as:

Dear friends.

Hey buddies.

Are you beginning to grasps the concept, my dear friends?

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact me, I will be assisting in the best way possible my dearest friends.

These are examples of building trust and relationship building.

Humbleness is the way to go as content creators, talk and communicate with your audience just like you are talking to your best buddies in the real world.

These are my tips on getting page one ranking.

I am leveraging the power of the world's most powerful affiliate marketing platform to get this sort of result.

Without the help of Wealthy Affiliate, I wouldn't have gotten thus far.

For those of you who are still not a member of Wealthy Affiliate,

I highly recommend you to take actions now by joining this amazing platform.

They have two memberships which are the starter and the premium.

Do check out the awesomeness of the starter membership before you upgrade to premium, you will be blown away by the values you will be getting all for free.

Click here to join Wealthy Affiliate now!

On top of that, you will be getting access to top-notch level one training that teaches you step by step on achieving the ultimate Google page one ranking domination.

Never underestimate your abilities.

You are meant to achieve greatness in your online business.

Everything that you need to build a thriving successful online business can be found here.

Yeah, I repeat, literally everything!

I am another example that if you follow the training and apply what you have learned, your business is going to flourish in the long term.

If you are still hesitating and doubting, I suggest you stop procrastination and start taking actions.

Success is certainly within your grasp if you are willing to work hard and eliminate all negativity.

So keep hustling, keep working hard and more importantly keep creating contents!

David Lau

David is a big fan, lover of WordPress and websites creation. His passion has empowered him to create this blog to guide like-minded friends to build a solid and thriving affiliate marketing business. Besides creating contents and tweaking web design, he is also passionate about discovering profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

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