How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business: My In-depth Guide

Important Updates

Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate recently announced updates about the Siterubix Managed WordPress hosting.

Here are the summaries.

Beginning the 16th of March 2020, starter members will be given one free Siterubix subdomain website. (Previously 2 Siterubix subdomain websites)

Premium members will be allowed to host up to a maximum of 10 WordPress websites.

A combination of the personal domains plus Siterubix subdomain websites should not exceed 10 websites hosting.
(Previously 25 personal domains and 25 Siterubix subdomains websites hosting)

However, for those of you who are an existing starter or a premium member before the mentioned date, the revised hosting updates will not be affecting you.

Existing starter members before 16th March 2020 will be given 2 free Siterubix subdomains websites.

Existing premium members before 16th March 2020 will be allowed to host 25 personal domains, plus 25 Siterubix subdomains.

According to Kyle, these technological implementations are deemed necessary to prepare the hosting platform to be the absolute best within the managed WordPress hosting industry.

You can read Kyle's full article about the new website hosting implementations published on the 4th of March 2020.

Hello, everyone, welcome to my comprehensive guide on how you can go about building yourself a successful and sustainable affiliate marketing business.

Regardless of whether you are looking for ways to begin your online business journey, or you are searching for more information on how to get started with affiliate marketing.

This guide is certainly written exclusively for you.

Before I begin, let's discover the pure awesomeness of the affiliate marketing business model and why it can be so insanely lucrative.

I have written a blog post about the beginner's guide to affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing FAQs to ease your journey into the wondrous world of this unique business model.

If you would like to know more about the WHYs and the importance of creating yourself an online business, do check out my content.

Today, I will be writing about all the essentials and comprehensive steps to set up your very own affiliate marketing business website that is fully optimized and capable to be scaled to any level of success.

Are you ready to begin this exciting journey, if you are ready then let's rock.

For the sake of the smoothness and ease readability, I have categorized the content into multiple sections so that you can follow along easily.

Pre-requirements Before Getting Started

Approach Your Business With The Right Mentality

I can't stress how important enough to equip yourself with the right mentality.

Too often, I've seen individuals with the right positivity attitude approach to business.

It all started well but then as days or months passed by, they started to doubt and even giving up.

All the hard work, effort and resources that was invested into the business have gone in vain.

I've seen people who approach business expecting overnight success.

I've seen people who ventured into affiliate marketing business expecting a push of a magic button.

They believe that they will be able to earn lots of money with very little work.

They are expecting the business to be autopilot and runs on its own.

Now, here's the thing my friends, there are plenty of such scenarios that have led to failures, the core root of these failures has to be the wrong mindset.

It's responsible for most of the failures.

You as an entrepreneur and affiliate marketer need to be conscious that affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick business.

It certainly is not a business model that promises you overnight success.

In contrary, affiliate marketing requires consistent hard work, patience, and persistence.

It's similar to anything that we do in life if we want to achieve success, we have to work hard and earn it.

Success is not given free, and it doesn't work like this.

Back to your business, it takes time to build the foundation, it takes lots of hard works for your business to take off and gain traction, and it certainly takes time to reach the ultimate success.

There's a saying goes like this:

"Rome Wasn't Built In A Day"

It's the same concept with your business, if you are able to comprehend the importance of approaching your business with the right mindset, success is certainly within your grasp.

"Every success starts with the right mindset."

Let me share with you one of my favorite motivation message presented by Shia LaBeouf.

It was hilarious right?

I rewatch again and again numerous times.

It was a burst of laughter to me but then Shia LaBeouf is a real genius.

This is exactly the right mindset that you need to have before starting your affiliate marketing business.

Let me ask you a question real quick.

What is your willingness to achieve the ultimate success with your online business?

If you answer me, "I will try my best and then see how it all unfolds."

Nope, I am sorry to say, this answer is unacceptable and you will most likely to quit sooner rather than later.

Now, if you answer me, "I will do whatever it takes to achieve the ultimate success. "

If you belong to this category of people, congratulations you are certain of a ticket to join in the success celebration party.

A ticket to the peak of success is almost guaranteed.

Before I proceed to the next part of this guide, let's ask yourself a simple question.

How much do you hunger for success?

Visualize for a moment how does it feel when you have finally achieved the biggest moment of your life?

How does it feel when your business is finally taking off in an unstoppable pace?

How does it feel when you and your beloved family do not need to worry for money ever again for the entire life?

How does it feel when you are resourceful enough to do the things that you love doing?

How does it feel when you can travel around the world and your business is still making you lots of money?

How does it feel to have the luxury of time and financial freedom simultaneously?

All these visualizations are certainly achievable.

All you need to do is start taking actions and never look back ever again.

"A dreamer procrastinates waiting for miracles to happen;
A realist work hard, take actions to make the impossible possible."

Tell yourself that you can do it.

Keep reminding yourself that you are a conqueror.

You are meant to do great things in life.

Tell yourself every day that you will do whatever it takes to reach the peak of success.

Have you done with the visualizations?

They say crying is good for the soul right?

And then visualizations and imagination are good for the mind.

This is an in-depth lengthy and comprehensive content.

So to ease readability and navigation, I've categorized the process of building up your affiliate marketing business into 4 parts.

They are:


Identify Your Niche


Build A Website


Attract Visitors To Your Website


Earn Revenue

Next, let's continue with identifying a niche for your online business.

Identifying Your Niche

One of the most difficult part whenever it comes to the direction of your online business is choosing the right niche. 

The world of affiliate marketing describes a niche as a group of audience.

Regardless of how you comprehend the term niche, I would describe niche as a group of people who share the same passion of yours.

Let me illustrate a real-life scenario to better explain the real meaning of niche from your perspective.

Let say you are a Guild Wars 2 fan and you hardly can live a day without logging in to the game.

Over the years, the game developer has released many expansions and added so many additional contents to spice up the enjoyment.

What if you can connect with individuals just like yourself, socialize and share with them your gaming tips.

There are millions of these guild wars 2 fans just like yourself around the world.

Now, that's the niche right there.

A full-time affiliate marketing business can be built from the niche I just shown you.

Let me illustrate to you another typical common niche.

I am sure you are aware that acne and pimples are a nuisance and can be deemed torturing for people who have oily skins, teenagers, or people who are going through puberty.

Individuals who are suffering from acne and pimples are constantly looking for ways to solve their pain and suffering.

Now, what if you are passionate about skin care or you have certain knowledge in the dermatology industry, you certainly can provide helpful solutions to your audience.

For example, you can guide them on how to control excessive sebum and oil production from the skin.

You can also recommend quality cleanser, diet tips, and facial care steps to restore radiant and beautiful skin.

By just providing helpful tips, and recommending appropriate skin care products could potentially keep you busy for your business for a long time.

Also, there are limitless opportunities when it comes to tackling any specific niche.

Once you gain your audience's trust and beginning to gain traction and authority within your chosen niche, the possibilities to earn revenue for your business is pretty much limitless.

Niches are actually all around us in our daily life.

Believe it or not, there are millions of niches existed and it's way beyond what our mind can comprehend.

Every one of these niches can be a potential full-time business to venture.

Let's take a look at another niche.

The khakis pants.

Yeah, the pant is a lucrative niche with endless possibilities of revenues.

There are people who like to wear cotton pants particularly the khakis.

What if you can share tips and tricks on wearing different types of khakis pants for different occasions.

Besides recommendations, you can also share tips on customizations, cotton thickness as well as sharing opinions on designs.

If you are someone who loves fabrics, pants design, or if you are a professional tailor, entering this niche will open up lots of opportunities to earn revenues as an online business entrepreneur.

Are you beginning to grasp the concept of a niche in the world of online business?

If you are still clueless about what niches really are, let's take a look around your house.

Niches are all round right inside your comfortable home.

The dining table, curtains, electronics, kitchen utensils, even household products are all niches!

A niche isn't complicated at all, just think of a niche is something that your potential audience would like to know more about.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

Are there problems that needed solutions?

Are there burning pains that need to be rectified?

Is there information that your potential customers would want to know more about?

Can you be the answers provider?

Are you passionate and knowledgeable to help your audience?

These are the questions that you need to ask yourself before tackling any desired niche.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a niche is to keep it narrow and be specific.

What I mean by this is that you need to be targeting the very specific group of audience, and then know who are they and what are their needs and problems that needed help and solutions.

One of my best friends once told me the comparison between fishing in the middle of an ocean versus catching fish near the seashores.

The likelihood of catching fishes is much higher in the second scenario.

At the seashores, you more or less know what type of fish species that you gonna catch, and you have a higher chance of catching fishes as well.

The same concept applies when choosing a niche, you need to be as specific as possible.

Let's go back to the acne niche I mentioned above.

Acne is too common and broad, it's very hard for you to know who are your potential customers that you could potentially identify and convert them to be buying customers.

Let's narrow down deeper.

Say, male with an acne skin problem.

See how it's much more targeted right?

Let's narrow down even deeper.

Male with acne skin problem above the age of 30.

Now, that's a niche right there.

What I recommend is that you can choose a niche based on your interest, passion, and hobby.

You don't have to be an expert or an authority.

All you need is your willingness and your ability to connect with your audience, provide information and helpful solutions to them.

That's why I recommend you to choose a niche that you are passionate about.

A topic that you enjoy.

Choosing a niche shouldn't be complicated and hard even though you might feel overwhelmed or clueless on how to go about it when starting out.

In fact, choosing a niche can be accomplished relatively quick and it's as easy as asking yourself what are the thing that you have the most interest or passionate about.

Once you have chosen your niche, let's continue to the next part.

Build A Website

A website is the core infrastructure of your presence on the internet.

It represents you and your brand to showcase to the mass audience online.

I'm sure you are familiar with the look of websites that existed on the internet.

In this section of my guide, I will be showing you how you too can build a professional website.on the internet.

You don't even need to know a single line of programming codes!

Pretty awesome right?

The website that you are about to build will be profit ready, optimized and scaled to kickstart your affiliate marketing business out of the box.

Before we proceed to website creation, first of foremost, you need to possess and own a domain, that's the way to go moving forward as you build up your foundation and gain traction for your business.

There are 2 ways you can obtain a domain for your business.

First, a free domain.

This type of domain is typically a subdomain of any company that offers domain registrations or any typical web hosting company that also serve as a domain registrar.

Second, buying your own domain.

This type of domain is the best for any webmasters and entrepreneurs pursuing a business online.

A domain of your own guarantees you are the owner of your website and you have full authority and full ownership of your website.

Here's an example of a free subdomain.

Here's an example of your own domain

Let suppose you are a visitor to a website, which website would you trust?

Which one looks more authoritative to you?

I'm sure the latter one makes you feel more comfortable and promising to you right?

I'm not saying a website built with the proper domain will naturally attracting visitors with trustworthiness.

My point here is that a domain of your own is the fundamental approach to build yourself a name and brand and hence establishing authority and trust.

Next, let's proceed to purchase your very first domain.

Wow, an awesome and exciting journey awaits you, my friends!

Your domain represents you on the internet and it's the real estate that you own online.

Recommended resources for purchasing domains.

SiteDomain at Wealthy Affiliate

The SiteDomain within Siterubix at Wealthy Affiliate is the world most advanced and beginner's friendly to build websites and purchasing domains.

Registering and purchasing a domain with SiteDomain is seamless and time-saving.

Here are the benefits of SiteDomain's domain.

  • One flat price of $13.99
  • Zero upsells
  • Domain renewal locked at $13.99 yearly and subsequent years to come
  • Included with Whoisguard privacy protection
  • Unlimited free domain specific emails
  • Unlimited subdomains of your domain

Here are some tips to consider when registering a domain for your business.

Try to be unique and creative, and avoid using copyright words and brand.

Let's take a look at what I mean.

Here are 2 examples of domain illustrations.

Both are domains of your own but the latter one contains copyright brand which is Ferrari.

Using this word as part of your domain name is deemed to be copyright infringement.

As part of the online marketing ethnic, using copyright or other brands as a domain without consent, regardless of full or partially is unethical.

Are you ready to register your own empire online?

Let's proceed with the tutorials


Register your free Wealthy Affiliate account by clicking the button below.


The system will send you a confirmation email to your registered email address.

Launch your email and click on the activation link to verify your account creation.


You will be brought to the state of the art Wealthy Affiliate platform.

The system will guide you through with a video walkthrough and also the account creation and set up part.

Follow along promptly and you are doing fine.


Proceed by clicking on the website tab and then click on the Sitedomain.

You will be brought to the interface shown below.


Type in your desired domain name for your business in the search box, and wait for some time for the system to show the available result.

Personally, I recommend choosing the domain with the .com extension.

If the domain name is already taken, feel free to retype the name into the box, and repeat the step again until it shows you a green available message.


Proceed with payment either with a credit card, debit card or PayPal.

If you are purchasing a domain for the first time, the system will require you to verify your identity making sure you take full ownership of this domain from now on.

This step is also required as part of ICANN terms and policy.

And there you go, you have just owned a domain of your own on the internet.

Now that you have your domain, let's proceed to build your website.

If you are still hesitating, unsure and reluctant to purchase a domain at this point.

That's completely fine.

You can come back in the future when you are more comfortable and all ready to charge up your online business.

You can still proceed to the following steps by utilizing the free websites that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

As a free starter member, you are given 2 free websites of the Siterubix domain to build up your affiliate marketing business.

Let's proceed by typing your desired domain name below and then proceed to build your free website.

Proceed to the next step if you have purchased your own domain.

Recommended Resources For Building A Website

Siterubix Managed WordPress Hosting

Siterubix is the most powerful website builder in the world.

It's built within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, an all in one and all-inclusive affiliate marketing training and community.

Some of the benefits of Siterubix include:

The Pros Of Siterubix

  • State of the art managed WordPress hosting
  • Website backup with mirroring technology, which means your website is double hosted for maximum peace of mind back up
  • Free SSL certificate. Encryption is necessary for today's advanced technology for maximum security. 
  • Site support that's ready to give a helping hand 247 yearly
  • Sitespeed built within Siterubix enhances speed and performance of your website to another new dimension

Experience the powers of Siterubix now by creating your free Wealthy Affiliate account below.

Building a website within Wealthy Affiliate is extremely easy and seamless with Siterubix website builder.

The website that you are about to build is powered by WordPress.

WordPress is the open source and the most sought after content management system by webmasters, content creators and website designers around the world.

You might not be familiar with WordPress right away and wondering what it is.

Well, WordPress is the most genius open source project ever invented for the greater good of the internet.

It was originally built for bloggers and content creators.

Over the years, it has evolved into a sophisticated technologically advanced platform for webmasters.

As of now, more than 30 percent of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress.

So why is WordPress so phenomenally popular and powerful?

Well, here are some key features of WordPress.

The Pros Of WordPress

  • It's built especially for bloggers, content creators, without needing to know anything about website coding and programming skills.
  • It has endless customizations with the elements known as plugins.
  • It is powerful and optimized for performance out of the box.
  • it's easy to use

Let's build your website now with Siterubix.


Log in to your Wealthy Affiliate account and click on the website tab on the left-hand menu.

Proceed by clicking on the Sitebuilder icon.


Click on the build your website on your own domain.


Click on the drop-down menu to select the domain you just purchased.

Follow by filling in the details for your website.


Lastly, choose the default design for your website and click on the green button to build your website.

It will take approximately 30 seconds to build your website, depending on your connection speed.

Hooray, you have just built yourself a website that is live on the internet, it's also ready for profit moving forward.

Accessing Your Website


Again, click on the website tab on your left-hand side menu.

Continue by clicking on Sitemanager.


Click on the login button.


Welcome to the world of WordPress!

The image above is your WordPress admin office.

This is the place where you can publish contents and customize your website.

The goal of your website is primarily focused on the affiliate marketing business model.

So, I would recommend using a visual website builder plugin to further enhance the quality and beautify your website layout for even more impressive user experience for your potential customers.

Recommended Resources

Thrive Architect

Thrive architect is the visual plugin to customize and beautify the layout and design of your website.

It's a plugin specifically designed for online marketers in mind.

Once you are familiar with the ability and capability of this plugin, then you are almost ready to scale your business to an even greater heights.

Here are some of the key benefits of Thrive Architect

The Pros Of Thrive Architect

  • It's built for marketers
  • Every customizations and element you used to craft your websites are happening in real time
  • It enables you to exploits your creativity by overriding the default editor completely
  • It has plenty of pre-made templates layout and landing pages for all sorts of niches
  • Its visual elements are draggable right within WordPress editor
  • It is capable of building any type of websites imaginable

Whenever you want to craft and publish contents with WordPress, the places that you need to click is either the page or the post as shown below.

Pages and posts within WordPress are very similar to one another.

Posts are for contents with engagements and interactions.

Every content you publish with the post will be updated as blog rolls on your website.

In contrary, pages within WordPress are more for static contents and useful information that you want to display on your website.

The pages and posts tab within WordPress is the place you want to frequently use moving forward as a marketer.

Attract Visitors

Congratulations on making so much progress thus far.

Your first website is live on the internet.

It has some useful content and the initial framework of designs.

These are major accomplishments.

Well done.

In this section of the guide, I will be walking you through the technique of getting visitors to your site.

Before I continue, let me illustrate to you two scenarios.

You can then evaluate the likelihood of possible conversion taking place and the effectiveness of achieving sales with a potential customer.

Scenario 1

A cosmetic product owner hires promoters to distribute flyers on the streets.

You are one of the passersby and received the flyer.

You then take a glance perhaps even have a deeper look at what is written on the flyer and what they have to offer.

But then it doesn't spark your interest right?

Now let's look at the second scenario.

Scenario 2

You are the owner of a laptop repairing and service company.

A visitor walks into your shop holding a laptop.

He then walks to the counter asking for a quotation for servicing his malfunction laptop.

Now, let me ask you real quick.

Which scenario has a higher chance of converting potential customer to customer?

I am sure it's very hard for you to disagree that scenario 2 is the obvious one.

This is because the walk-in customer in scenario 2 is much more targeted.

And the real thing is that he came to you needing a solution to fix his laptop.

The visitors attracting technique for your online business is similar to the second scenario I just showed you.

You will be utilizing the traffic technique known as search engine optimization.

In simple term, this technique attracts visitors to your websites organically meaning that your potential website visitors will be coming to your website.

They are either looking for information, solutions or help.

This is the moment you as an affiliate marketer can intercept and convert these visitors into buying customers.

But then you may ask, hey David wait a second.

How am I supposed to be able to do this from scratch?

Well, the answer Is simple, you will be utilizing the 3 major search engines as the platform to locate your potential website's visitors.

They are Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Now, let's proceed by showing you how you can optimize your marketing campaign.

The process of attracting visitors to your website involves two core components.

They are:

1. Keyword research

2. Content creation

The keyword research and content creations phase coexist with one another tightly.

The togetherness forms the entire marketing funnel to take place.

Now, let us take back the example of the acne niche as an example for keyword research.

First and foremost, the term acne is way too broad, you hardly can know the exact search intent by any users who type in this word in search engines

it's very hard for you to target and identify your audience.

Let's narrow down a little.

Here are some examples.

Acne solutions for male

Acne solutions for a male with puberty

Acne solutions for a young adult

Another way to identify your audience is through the identifying of real-life problem issues that exist.

Let's reuse the example of acne skin problem here.

Firstly, identify the problem

Acne skin problem

oily skin

Excessive sebum production

Next, identify the potential audience.

Let say we target young adults with acne skin over the age of 30.

Now it looks more detailed and you have just identified a unique audience as your potential visitors to your website and ultimately convert them into buying customers.

The keyword research phase starts with some brainstorming.

You can also try to visualize and step into their shoe and feel exactly what sort of pain and suffering these individuals are going through.

What sort of solutions needed to cure their pain?

Let's take a look at one of the potential search term.

How to cure acne scars

Then you use a keyword tool to do the research of the potential traffic.

Recommended Keyword Tool


Jaaxy is arguably one of the best keyword research tools for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

It has powerful feature to show you real-time search results

It also has powerful features such as keyword research for competition needs, alphabet soup technique search, website ranking algorithm all built right within the Jaaxy platform.

Jaaxy is also one of the tools included with Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Regardless of whether you are a premium or started member, you are granted access of this advance powerful keyword research tool for your online business.

Starter member gains access to the free version of Jaaxy for free and granted 30 searches monthly.

Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate gain access to Jaaxy lite with unlimited searches and also other essential features.

The Importance Of Content Creation For Your Business

Content is the main core of your business.

It is the connection and bridge between you and your audience.

Contents represent you and enable you to communicate virtually to your audience in the online space.

So if you want to achieve big achievement and milestone in your online business, creating valuable and helpful content should be your primary goal moving forward.

But then David, I am not a writer and I am not good at writing.

I got this and understand your concern.

But hey. content is actually all around us.

The newspaper that you read daily is content, the email that you write is content.

The billboard that you see is designed with content.

The song that you listen to is written with content. 

Even the real-time thought in your mind is content.

As you can see, content isn't as daunting as it seems to be.

You as an affiliate marketer, are providing your personal experience, opinions regarding a certain topic that you want to discuss and share with your audience.

It's as simple as that, you don't need to be a professional writer or some kind of linguistics to excel and thrive in your business.

Here are some of my personal tips for you to be a better content writer.


Create Your Contents With Intent Focusing On Your Audience

It's all about your audience.

You are in the business of helping people.

So writing content that provides value and helpful solutions to your audience is the number one priority.

Contents should be written regularly with consistency.

Here's the thing my friend, there's no easy short cut to any success in life.

There's an enormous amount of dedication, hard work and even sacrifices that you need to do before you can taste the ultimate success.

When you are writing quality contents on a regular basis, the search engines will trust and love your sites even more.

This in no time, without you even realizing, you are on the way to attract loads of organic traffic to your website.

The more traffic translates to a better chance to convert and making a profit for your business.


Write Your Content With Black Text With White Background

The human eyes are unique, our eyes are easily distracted by the shiny little things that can be a drop back for your business.

Contents that are written with black text and white background ensures your reader stick to your content and focus on reading.

Avoid colorful text with flashing animations.

This action will certainly hurt readability and as a result, your readers might exit your website.


Structure Your Contents Accordingly

Structuring your content with simplified readability is one of the crucial parts in your content creation.

Here's the thing my friend, people read content on the internet differently compared to reading content on another medium.

When anyone is searching for information on the internet, they are hungry for quick information.

They are in a rush searching for answer and solutions. 

Very seldom will you see someone reading any content in its entirety, rather, they scroll down and skim through the content looking for what they want.

If they find useful information, they stay longer.

Otherwise, an exit is just a click away. 

That's the luxury we don't possess as a webmaster.

It's a scenario that you need to get used to along your online journey.

Structuring your content appropriately can increase visitors time on your website and decrease bounce rate.

Your entire content should be structured in a way for easy scrolling and navigation. 


Organize The Content With Proper Header And Title

Like I just mentioned above that not every visitors to your website will read the entire content word by word.

Structuring your content with proper title and header text for your visitors is a significant step ensuring they are able to absorb the important information.


Make Sure Your Content Is Mobile Friendly

Technology evolves and so are the consumers.

These days, more than 80 percent of internet users access websites with mobile devices.

Therefore, structuring and optimizing your content for mobile users are essential.

Let's take a look at two examples below.

Example 1

I am a music lover. Usually, I spend most of my free time listening to my favorite songs.

One of my all-time singers is Michael Jackson.

He is my idol since my childhood years.

I can't live a single day without listening to the epic songs by Michael Jackson.

Example 2

I am a music lover. Usually, I spend most of my free time listening to my favorite songs. One of my all-time singers is Michael Jackson.He is my idol since my childhood years.I can't live a single day without listening to the epic songs by Michael Jackson.

Let me ask you a question, which of the content above looks more readable?

I am sure the first one is the correct answer right?

No one likes to read an ocean of text right?

Besides, the screen of mobile devices is typically smaller and those proper spacing in between sentences makes your entire content more presentable with good readability.


Detached Yourself From The Mentality Of Perfectionism

Often times, I notice people trying to craft out a perfect content for their beloved readers.

They work extremely hard and spend numerous hours researching with the intent of perfecting the content.

Here's the thing my friend, you don't have to be a perfectionist to build a successful affiliate marketing business.

Frankly, perfect isn't going to convert, and you are also not going to receive a Noble prize for this.

I repeat again, perfect isn't going to convert.

Writing contents with the intent of helping with values converts.

Here's the things my friend, people behave differently.

Some people might find your contents useful and some might not. 

That's completely understandable and fine.

So your primary focus when it comes to content strategy is to write out your content naturally with values.

Regardless of how your visitors react, that's totally on their end.

They might stay and absorb your content, they might leave, this is pretty normal for your business moving forward. 

I would rather produce average quality contents frequently with consistency rather than spending days to craft one masterpiece of perfect content.

That way, it's much more productive for scaling your business moving forward.

Before I proceed to the next section, here are some of my top recommended resources and tools to ease your content creation for your business.

Recommended Resources For Content Creation


Google Docs

Google docs is one of the best tools for bloggers and content creators such as yourself.

It's a proud product by Google.

With just a single Google account, you are granted access to this powerful writing platform.

Some of the features I like most about Google Docs is that it is completely web-based with maximum simplicity.

It even has an offline version so regardless of what is your connection status, you are always ensured of a writing platform at your disposal.

All your contents written with Google docs are synchronized across devices in real time. 



Grammarly is a free tool on the internet acting as secondary protection for all your text written online.

It has the most technologically advanced features to check for all possible grammatical mistakes.

Grammarly is extremely helpful for content creators such as yourself and the best part is that the free version is already loaded with mighty powerful features ensuring and assisting you to become a better writer.

Another good thing about Grammarly is that it's web-based meaning that all your work can be done right within their platform without needing to download any software to your computer.

Everything is web-based and your contents can be saved right inside their proprietary cloud server.

Another feature that Grammarly offer is its state of the art privacy protection with 256-bit secured encryption.

All your contents are safe with maximum protection with Grammarly. 



This is another proud product invented by the masterminds and geniuses behind Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is the most advanced and powerful affiliate marketing platform.

It is evolving as I am writing.

Currently, sitecontent is managed by Wealthy Affiliate and is given access to any types of membership regardless of starter or premium members.

This is the ultimate writing platform for content marketers.

Personally, I enjoy using this tool and I am writing most of my content right within Sitecontent. 

Here are some of the benefits of sitecontents.

  • An inclusive writing editor optimized for affiliate marketer
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Earning Revenue

Congratulations on your progress thus far.

You are doing great and awesome. 

In this section, I will walk you through the process of how you can earn money as an affiliate marketer.

Once your website gains traction and authority within the search engines, you will receive a substantial amount of traffic visiting your website organically.

From that moment onwards, there are plenty of ways where you can leverage the traffic for profit.

Here, I will showcase to you the two major methods to earn revenue and generate profits for your business.

Promote products related to your niche.

Regardless of your niche, there are literally thousands of products you can potentially promote and share to earn an affiliate commission.

Here are some of the world's famous affiliate network you can join to earn profits for your business.

Recommended Affiliate Networks


​The Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates affiliate programs are by far the world's best.

If your niche allows the sharing and promotion of physicals products, then the Amazon Associates is your top choice to establish a thriving business moving forward.



This affiliate network has lots of digital products where you can potentially promote to earn revenue.

If your niche is geared towards the promotion of digital products, then you definitely need to check this out.


​Commission Junction

Commission Junction is a network that has a database of different well-known merchants and products owners.

Simple registration with them enables you to participate as an affiliate marketer with them.

Commission varies depending on products. 

Besides the 3 major well-known affiliate networks, you can also join and participate in 3rd party affiliate network also known as independent merchants.

Let's take the examples of the acne niche I showcase in this guide.

A simple search with Google with the keyword "acne+affiliate programs" unveils lots of independent merchants where you can potentially join and collaborate with them.

Let's take a look at some of them that I discovered.

As you can see, there are more than 10 millions results.

This means the opportunity to earn revenues with affiliate marketing is pretty much endless.

When your business grows and gains maturity, there are many possible ways where you can utilize to generate revenue.

Another way where I recommend you to implement as part of your website monetization is leveraging the power of contextual ads.

Not everyone who comes to your website is satisfied with what they are looking for.

For this reason, monetizing your blog with the display of contextual ads can also be beneficial to you.

The only major downside of this method of monetization is your website needs to attract a decent amount of traffic in order for you to see a significant satisfactory amount of income.

Once your website is capable of attracting a substantial amount of traffic, monetizing it with contextual ads can generate good revenues for your business.

Here are some of the top recommended contextual ads.


​Google Adsense

Google Adsense is by far the world's most famous company for bloggers, content creators and webmasters to monetize their websites.

It is reliable, trustworthy and professional.

Once you submitted your application, your website will be reviewed to meet Google's terms and policies.



Infolinks is another reputated display ads company that helps publishers to generate revenues with their websites.

Infolinks prioritize on display links optimization.

Once they reviewed and approve your website, everything will be integrated.

The display ads in the form of links will be placed across your contents on your websites.

You can then start to monetize your content with your traffic.



Mediavine is one of the most sought after ads company by content creators.

They act as a representative showcasing your amazing contents to their advertisers.

The entire process works seamlessly so that you and the advertisers can both be satisfied.


​ is a powerful contextual ads network powered by Yahoo and Bing.

It's the highly sought after ads network by bloggers as the alternative to Google Adsense.

If your website attracts traffic mostly from the United States, then is your obvious choice for content monetization.

I hope you find my comprehensive guide useful.

As you can see, building yourself a successful and profitable affiliate marketing business is achievable with hard work and dedication.

You will also find yourself in a position where you need to publish valuable contents frequently for your audience.

When you are able to do this with willingness, a thriving and successful online business is certainly within your grasp and reach.

Feel free to leave me a comment should you need further assistance related to your affiliate marketing business.

David Lau

David is a big fan, lover of WordPress and websites creation. His passion has empowered him to create this blog to guide like-minded friends to build a solid and thriving affiliate marketing business. Besides creating contents and tweaking web design, he is also passionate about discovering profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

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