7k Metals Review: An MLM Company That Offers Gold And Silver Investments

Maybe you have been informed of the importance of precious metals investment.

Maybe you are seeking the truth of real investment involving gold and silver metals.

Maybe you are determined to discover the real values between metal investments compared to any other form of investment in the financial markets.

Today, I will be reviewing a relatively unique MLM company known as the 7k metals.

I will be discussing topics such as the viability of investing in the metals industry specifically investing with 7k Metals, its state of legitimacy, my take on its good and bad, its compensations as well as my alternative recommendation of wealth creation.

So without further ado, let's get started.

7k Metals Review Summary

Company: 7k Metals

Founder: Zach Davis, Josh Anderson and Richard Hansen

Price: Associates membership - $249 renewable annually
Premium associates membership - $499 renewable annually

Rating: 60/100


7k Metals is a company that adopts the MLM business implementation.

Its bold business approach and direction has set the benchmark for fellow competitors who are offering precious metals investment.

Product-wise, it has some awesome coins, bullions, jewelry uniquely designed for coins collectors and lovers from all walks of life.

Besides the aesthetic aspect of its coins designs, 7k Metals also offers the opportunity to build a business with the concept of metals investment.

In terms of affordability, it doesn't disappoint as well.

There are coins priced adequately for everyone regardless of financial ability.

If the business side of 7k Metals is your main course, then I highly suggest you seek a better alternative to wealth creation.

The sole and main reason is that the MLM business concept translates to only a tiny 1% success rate.

Certainly, there are other flaws with MLM business which I will discuss in this content presentation.

What Is 7k Metals?

It's a rare scenario where you see an MLM company that ventured into the metals industry.

7k Metals is exactly the unique company that proves the world of MLM is not limited to the major industry players such as the likes of the wellness and skincare industry.

Founded back in 2016 by Zach Davis, Josh Anderson and Richard Hansen, it's an American MLM company based in Idaho.

It's a fairly distinguishable company as far as uniqueness is concerned.

This is the company that sells, distributes metals bullion, in the form of gold and silver.

It also offers precious metals designed specifically to the jewelry fashion industry.

So how does this company helps to serve the metals investment industry?

Well, in my opinion, metal investment does have a significant impact on individuals who are discomfort with the fluctuation of currency values.

7k Metals knows exactly the specific group of people with such needs.

When you purchase gold or silver bullion from 7k Metals, you are investing for a brighter financial future knowing that the metal bullion in its physical form is far more valuable than currency notes.

Also, if you are purchasing from 7k Metals, you are given a special distributor price compared to when you buy from the commercial goldsmith retailers.

What Does 7k Metals Offer?

7k Metals is a company that specializes in gold and silver metals investment.

It goes one step further by offering metals uniquely designed by well-known designers.

Let's take a look below at one of its flagship premium silver coin.

7k Metals uniquely designed Miss Liberty coin

Awesomely gorgeous, isn't it?

This is the 2 oz Miss Liberty coins uniquely designed by Miles Stand.

Besides its awesome physical appearance, this is one of the premium silver coins offered as one of the collections in your arsenal of metals investment.

Next, here's another premium coin worthy to be in your collection list.

7k Metals American Gold Buffalo collection coins

Wow, take a look my friends, ain't that a masterpiece of supreme craftsmanship?

This is one of the premium gold coins collection offered by 7k Metals.

As far as priceyness is concerned, if you think that metals collection type of investment is catered to the rich and wealthy, then you are wrong.

Even though metal coins investment may seem to suit the wealthy individuals better, but then it doesn't necessarily mean that ordinary people can't have a piece of the pie to secure a better financial future with metals investment.

7k Metals offers coins that range from tens of dollars to a hefty 5 figures dollar collectible coins!

Yeah, you heard that right, my friends!

So regardless of your state of financial status, affordability shouldn't be an issue if you are keen to invest in metal coins for a better security financially.

Here's an example of a relatively affordable coin offered.

7k Metals American Silver Eagle collection coin

This is the 1 Oz silver collection coin priced at $23.29.

Investing in a few of these could potentially generate you handsome profits in the foreseeable future.

7k Metals also offers metal investment outside of the conventional coins form.

For example, here's the unique golden ring for the ladies!

7k Metals Gold Ring collection with Panda design

Look at that, uniquely designed, fabulously crafted and irresistibly attractive!

A perfect ring for the modern and beautiful ladies.

A piece of awesome jewelry for the ladies while making an investment at the same time!

7k Metals's Compensation Plan

Unexpectedly, an MLM business model has been peculiarly implemented.

Which is quite a strange scenario in my opinion.

Metals collection in the form of investments shouldn't involve an MLM implementation.

Rather, the business path of the commercial goldsmith retail concept is more suitable and viable in my opinion.

But then I guess, the power of numbers shouldn't be underestimated.

That is why so many new businesses are opting for the MLM path which could lead to a big disaster when implemented incorrectly.

Before you can represent 7k Metals officially and legally, you need to pay a membership fee which I will discuss in the next section.

When you become one of its affiliates, you will be consented and given green light to represent 7k Metals to build a business.

Unsurprisingly, MLM compensation plans are complex to a huge extent in general.

Here are the summarized essential ways of getting compensated with 7k Metals.

The Recruitment Bonus

Unlike other MLM players that use the term PV for achievement bonus calculation, 7k Metals named the receivable bonuses as points.

When you are eligible to represent 7k Metals, as soon as you successfully recruited a new associate to join the company, you will earn 100 points.

Also, when you renew your membership, 100 points will be rewarded to you as well.

The accumulated points are redeemable for real money.

If you are an elite recruiter or if you are skillful in convincing power, this part of compensation will reward you lucratively based on your effort and hard work invested.

As lucrative as it seemed to be, it's still incomparable with the residual bonus which I will discuss below.

The Residual Bonus

Before I proceed to elaborate on this part, let me show you the achievable rankings that you could potentially achieve.

Here are the rankings status offered by 7k Metals:

- Associates
- Copper
- Bronze
- Silver
- Gold

Before you can reap any financial rewards, here are the key requirements.

* Your network hierarchy on the left and right sides must be balanced and achieve a minimum of 500 points weekly.

* Your network tree must have at least one ranked member before the ranking promotion.

For example, say if you want to receive the weekly bonus for the "Silver" ranking, your direct downline networks must have at least one associate with the bronze ranking.

When the requirements are met, then the mentioned bonuses will be unlocked accordingly.

Here's an image showing the receivable weekly cash rewards.

7k Metals various receivable ranking bonuses

As you can see, the residual bonuses are relatively lucrative to a huge extent.

These are the weekly receivable bonuses for an entire balanced network.

Just visualize the amount of earnable bonuses as you and your team of network progress positively.

That's why the residual bonus is the compensation part that will reward you a ticket to financial freedom.

If you want to discover the in-depth compensation, here's the video that will walk you through precisely.

How to join 7k Metals?

If you are keen to be part of the 7k Metals family, there are two memberships fees involved.

Here's the thing to take note.

If you want to be a team member of 7k Metals, all you need to do is to recruit a new member to join this company.

If you want to be a part of the 7k Metals to build a business or to be an investor, then it's a must to pay the respective membership fees.

The payable fees are renewable annually.

The membership fee for an ordinary associate is $249 whereas the membership fee for a premium associate is $499.

Premium associates are also allowed to earn the various compensations that 7k Metals offers.

The Pros - What I like About 7k Metals

Variety of products

One of the main attractiveness of 7k Metals is its wide range of coins and bullions.

These collectibles coins are also specifically and beautifully designed.

As far as the affordability issue is concerned, there are coins that specifically catered to individuals from all walks of life.

As long as you are a lover of beautiful coins and passionate to invest for the future, then it's certain that you will find coins that are uniquely yours!

A viable investment for the future

If you are comparing precious metal investment with other types of financial investment, say for example the fixed deposit investment, then I'm sure metals investment could still be a much viable one.

Doubtless, there are still risks involved with metals investment but then the risk could be potentially reduced if you are a smart investor, in my opinion.

Even the money saved in the bank and the physical currency notes could be devalued due to currency fluctuation.

So the better alternative is to invest wisely and smartly on precious metals.

The Cons - What I Dislike About 7k Metals

Weird MLM implementation

As bizarre as it seems, 7k Metals could be thriving at a much higher success rate if it doesn't adopt an MLM implementation, in my opinion.

MLM path for 7k Metals is deemed unnecessary due to its high quality and uniqueness of precious metals offered.

Low MLM success rate

If you talk about the failure rate for any businesses imaginable, there are still the probabilities of failure to happen.

But if you talk about the failure rate for MLM representatives, unfortunately, it's a staggering 99% rate.

According to due, 99% of MLM business associates lose money.

That's why I am not a big fan of MLM not because of the MLM companies but rather the concerns of the ineffectiveness of achieving success with MLM.

Your friends and family members will be bothered

If you know the rule of the MLM deep and well enough, then you are surely aware of the incredible asset that you possess to kickstart your MLM business flawlessly.

Approaching the list of your friends, colleagues and family members is probably the worst idea to implement.

You know exactly what I am talking about.

The scenario could turn ugly and it could even reach a point of unsalvageable friendships and relationships.

My Final Thoughts

Listen, 7k Metals certainly offers an MLM opportunity to earn and build a business.

However, as far as the viability of building a sustainable business is concerned, it's not practically viable due to the reasons i outline below.

Firstly, the business is heavily focused on the buying of precious coins for metals investment.

Just take a moment to ponder, it's extremely difficult to penetrate the consciousness of your prospective customers about metals investment.

It's even harder to convince individuals who are reluctant to investment schemes in general.

If you are promoting say a wellness consumable dietary supplement, there's still a slim chance of making a conversion to happen.

Secondly, the MLM business model is flawed to a certain extent.

As I've mentioned earlier in the cons section, only the sheer minority of people succeed in MLM endeavors.

Lastly, let's face the fact that you need to learn some serious knowledge and equip yourself with persuasive skills.

Communicating and convincing in person especially face to face recruitment and product presentation could be the most undesirable thing you want to do, at least for me.

Trust me, I 've been through the disastrous moment of rejection after rejection endlessly.

The rejections even occurred prematurely.

Imagine the cleverness of your potential prospects who know exactly you are going to pitch them MLM stuffs.

Now, if you are here searching for income opportunities or you want to earn some side income to cover the living expenses, perhaps you want to build a profitable business scalable to any level of success desired, then I highly suggest you try out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online-based business that will enable you to ditch the daunting and unattractive face to face presentations.

Even better, interested people will be coming to you instead of you approaching them endlessly.

It's all made possible with a blog through affiliate marketing and content creation.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to 7K Meals, feel free to leave me comments below.

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