Amare Global Review: Can You Earn A Living With Mental Wellness Products?

Have you been approached by representatives showcasing mental wellness products?

Have you been informed of the importance of wealth creation with revolutionary products backed by science?

Or have you just been informed of the importance of nutritional supplements that empower good brain, gut and heart’s health?

Regardless of the root that sparks your interest in further research, today, I will be walking you through a relatively new and promising MLM company known as Amare Global.

In this review, I will be addressing the viability of building a business with them, their state of legitimacy as well as product effectiveness.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Amare Global Review Summary

Company: Amare Global

Founder: Hiep Tran, Shawn Talbott

Shawn Talbott is also the Chief Science Officer contributing to the invention of Amare Global's revolutionary products

Price: $69.95 - One time associate registration fee.

Products purchase based on personal preference and budget

Rating: 60/100


As one of the newcomers in the MLM world, Amare Global has established itself as one of the fast-growing and promising companies serving the specific niche audience within the mental wellness industry.

This company manufactures world-class consumer products that are capable of beating many of the commercial products found in pharmacies.

A remarkable achievement that is worthy to be acclaimed.

The uniqueness of venturing into the mental wellness industry also means that there are plenty of opportunities to bloom and flourish.

As far as earning opportunity is concerned, Amare Global does a pretty impressive job with its lucrative compensation plan.

If you are passionate and enjoy meeting people sharing the awesomeness of Amare Global, then building a sustainable and viable business is certainly within your grasp.

What Is Amare Global?

Amare Global is a relative newcomer within the MLM wellness industry.

Specifically ventured into the mental wellness industry, it was founded in 2016 by Scott Talbott in the United States Of America.

Within a few years of business implementation, it's now considered an emerging force within the highly lucrative wellness niche market.

One of the main uniqueness and specialness about Amare Global is its science-backed revolutionary products.

According to Amare Global, its products are entirely science-backed that combine ancient wisdom and modern science innovation.

This togetherness sparks the discoveries of significant facts about the connection between nature and humans to improve mental health.

For example, the discovery of bacterias that reside in our brain plays a vital role in sustaining optimum mental health.

As a company that adopts MLM business implementation, Amare Global supplies products to every independent distributor to promote independently.

What Does Amare Global Offer?

As a company that serves the wide array of consumers within the mental wellness industry, all of the products offered by Amare Global are nutritional supplements for the brain, gut, and heart primarily.

For example, its award-winning Fundamental flagship product line offers all the essential nutrients for the brain, gut, and heart.

These nutrients are absorbable to achieve the best optimum mental wellness.

Let’s take a look at this award-winning flagship product below.

Amare Global Fundamental flagship product

Next, let’s take a look at another flagship product named Reboot.

Amare Global Reboot flagship product

These revolutionary products have all the essential supplemental nutrients to boost your day refreshed with a fresh and conscious mind to showcase yourself in the best form.

Let’s proceed to have a quick look at another phenomenal flagship product.

This product is categorized under their MentaEssentials product category known as the VitaGBX.

Amare Global VitaGBX flagship product

Innovatively blended with more than 50 essential minerals and nutrients to boost the guts and brain's health to a whole new level.

Experience the feeling of a fully recharged, calm, conscious state of mind with this premium multivitamin for the best self appearance and mind consciousness.

Here are all the products categorized accordingly based on product categories.


- Amare Fundamentals Pack Plus

- Mentabiotics

- Mentabiotics (Sugar Free)

- Mentafocus

- Mentasync

- Mentaheart


- Reboot+

- Mood+

- Energy+

- Relief+

- Sleep+

Mentaessentials - GBX Foods

- GBX Foods System

- GBX Protein - Vanilla

- GBX Protein - Chocolate

- GBX Superfood

- GBX Seedfiber

Mentaessentials - Daily Nutrients

- Probiotics

- Digestive

- VitaGBX

- Ommega


- Kids Fundamentals 2-Pack

- Amare Kids Pack

- Kids Fundamentals

- Kids VitaGBX

- Kids Mood+

Amare Packs

- Launch Pack

- Amare Fundamentals Pack Plus

- Family Wellness Pack

- Core Wellness Pack

- Kids Fundamentals 2-Pack

- Project b3 Pack

- Amare Kids Pack

Next, let's proceed to the business side of Amare Global.

Amare Global's Compensation Plan

As a company that adopts MLM business implementation, earning with Amare Global can be simplified into the following:

Retail Profit

Pretty much identical with the majority of the MLM players, you get to earn a retail profit by marketing their product at the retail price.

It's relatively understandable and straightforward, the gap in between the distributor price and the retail price is your reapable profit.

As an independent distributor representing them, you have the luxury of earning 25% of the retail profit from your sales.

For example, if you manage to sell a total value of $500 in a week, you will be earning $125 as your retail profit.

Downline Commission

One of the good things about MLM business is that you have the freedom of building your team of a network.

Meaning that beginning from scratch, you can recruit as many people as you want to join directly under your tree as downlines.

This is one of the awesomeness possesses by any MLM companies.

If you are a super recruiter, you are going to earn big and massively.

A journey to an unceasing wealth accomplishable with a downline building. 

Once you have successfully recruited someone to join as your downline, your next task is to train them to do exactly like what you did to recruit them.

And then your recruit’s recruits will be replicating the same success formula to invite new members to join as their downlines.

It goes on and on until the 7th level deep.

This sort of deepness promises an unimaginable lucrativeness.

If you are capable of achieving this, your earning will be massive.

I mean, the real deal of wealth creation.

The wealth that enables you to live luxuriously moving forward.

If you are an experienced MLM recruiter representing any companies currently or previously, I am sure you will agree that the actual wealth lies within the ability to recruit and build a network of powerful and persuasive networkers.

That’s how the real wealth creation in the MLM world.

Yes, you certainly can earn some profit here and there to sustain living expenses with retail profit, but then the real money comes from the power of building a sales team of networkers.

Basically, these are the two main ways you can earn with Amare Global fundamentally.

If you are interested to find out more about their compensation plan, they do have a comprehensive compensation plan in full detail.

You get to discover every aspect of wealth creation in full details precisely.

Here’s a video walkthrough of the entire compensation explained in its entirety.

I feel that it’s more appropriate to present this part of the content in video and media form to ease the smoothness and the understandability of the entire compensation plan.

The main reason is that any MLM compensation plan is designed to be complex and even misleading to a certain extent.

It’s designed such intentionally.

Here’s the video of Amare Global’s compensation plan in full.

How was that, my friends?

Have you managed to watch the entire video?

If you are unable to complete watching the entire video, it’s understandable as it’s relatively lengthy!

Just keep in mind that the recruitment and downlines building is the inevitable part of earning with Amare Global at its core.

Next, let’s talk about the cost to join their party.

Before you can represent them as an independent distributor, you are required to pay $69.95 to unlock yourself a distributor right.

Meaning that you are then given consent to sell their products and recruits new members, freely.

This one-time registration fee doesn’t cover the ammunition to enter the battlefield.

You are recommended to purchase their products based on your budget and preference to kickstart your new journey with them.

Unlike other major MLM players, all you need to pay here is the one-time associate registration fee and the optional expenditure of purchasing products to sell.

Once you have accomplished this, you are good to go.

The Pros - What I like About Amare Global

The pioneer batch gets the pie

Now, here’s the thing my friends, Amare Global was founded in 2016, they are still relatively new and fresh within the industry.

So if there’s anything good about this company, one of the main plusses is the opportunity to earn as pioneer members.

Comparable to any older and established MLM players, it’s easier to establish yourself as a personal brand within the company.

I guess it’s very similar to the saying “get in and earn while it’s still fresh and attractive”.

With Amare Global, you can surely join in as one of the most pioneer members to establish yourself a team of elite downlines preparing for the long term success.

Plethoras of revolutionary products

One of the main attributes that spark my interest in Amare Global is its revolutionary products.

As one of their unique consumer and distributor, you have the luxury of promoting and sharing the awesomeness of their products to your prospective customers.

Products that are on par with any existing powerful commercial brands.

Besides, most of their products are flagship products that are beneficial to consumers from all walks of life.

Here’s the thing my friends, in today's hectic and tense world, people are suffering from anxiety, tension, and any other mental illness regularly.

The battle seems to continue endlessly as the hecticness and life pressure continue to expand.

Now, the invention of Amare Global's products certainly helps in a huge way to society especially city people.

Products that are beneficial to consumers to a huge extent helps in marketability as well.

Even better, their products are science-based.

Meaning that every product has been clinically tested for safe use and consumption.

In fact, one of their co-founder Dr. Shawn Talbott is an experienced scientist himself.

This scenario creates big credibility for their entire business operations as a whole.

Here's what I just meant.

Dr Shawn Talbott - Chief Science Officer at Amare Global
About Dr Shawn Talbott representing Amare Global

You certainly are going to have peace of mind knowing that these products are not some sort of repackaged or resourced products.

Minimal capital to get started

Compared with any other conventional brick and mortar businesses, Amare Global definitely provides a platform to kickstart your business with minimum cost and investment.

A one-time payment of $69.95 enabling you to become their associate is relatively affordable.

Once you have become one of their associates, all you need is to purchase product packages based on your budget and preference.

Let’s take a look at an illustration example below.
Say you are determined to kick-start a business with Amare Global.

Here’s a complete example.

New associate registration fee – $69.95

Amare fundamental pack $134.95

Total business investment - $204.6

As you can see, the starting capital to kick-start your own thriving business is relatively affordable.

Comparing to any physical store business, it’s way more cost-effective.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Amare Global

Bothering friends and family members

As an associate of Amare Global, one for the easiest way to start earning is to approach friends and family members, it’s part of the MLM game.

Now, here’s the thing my friends, even though they are our close buddies and relatives, that’s doesn’t mean that product and opportunity acceptance is guaranteed.

Friendship and relationship could turn ugly.

The severity could end up unsalvageable. 

This is the path and fate that most of the MLM entrepreneurs need to get used to and live with it.

Relatively expensive products

Now, Amare Global does manufacture top-notch and revolutionary products.

As I’ve mentioned earlier that their products are even backed by science and clinically tested safe for the consumers.

My personal credit to them for achieving such an accomplishment.

Now, if there’s one thing bad about any MLM business, it’s the affordability issue of their products.

Here’s the thing my friends, no one works for free as it’s the same story with most of the MLM independent representatives.

Their path to closing sales and reaping commission could be full of thorns. A Hardship that beyond words can describe.

Understandably, the reapable commission for any products is pretty lucrative to maintain a high level of motivation.

Therefore, even though Amare Global’s products are not for sales in retail stores, their products are still relatively expensive due to the sole reason I mentioned above.

The wellness industry is extremely competitive

If you ever take some time visiting your local shopping centers, pharmacies, and healthcare stores, then you certainly will observe lots of wellness and healthcare products on sales.

There are thousands and thousands available to consumers, more are being researched and manufactured as we speak.

So for you to promote Amare Global’s products effectively, you need to establish yourself as an authority within this specific industry so that your potential consumers will trust and buy from you.

Not to mention, there are already lots of consumers who are comfortable with the existing products that they are consuming.

It takes a miracle to change their mindset to substitute an unknown product from their perspective.

My Final Thoughts

Whenever I talk about MLM companies, there’s a mixed feeling of doubt and uncertainties feedback by friends and close family members.

Many of them are reluctantly committing their time and effort into endeavoring the MLM venture to make it an ultimate success.

One of the main reasons is because of the nature of endless recruiting and rejection that could be very devastating emotionally.

Think about the constant rejection and low sales conversion that could break out heart completely.

If you are someone who possesses strong determination and willpower, then achieving success is definitely possible with Amare Global.

If selling and recruiting is not your cup of tea, then there’s an alternative to achieve financial success within the online world.

Personally, I have chosen the path of affiliate marketing

A monetization method through website and content creation. 

Interested people will be coming to you instead of you bothering and annoying your friends endlessly.

You as an affiliate marketer and webmasters will be providing helpful solutions to solve specific issues faced by your potential customers also known as audiences.

You then make a product recommendation to solve the problem of your audience.

And when sales occur, you will be paid an affiliate commission by the specific merchants that you partnered with.

This is the general concept of how affiliate marketing works, besides its simplicity and lucrativeness, you also have the luxury of promoting products that are already gaining market traction and acceptance.

For example, if you are serving a specific audience about DIY and PC customizations, you then have the luxury of promoting products from the likes of AMD, Intel, Nvidia, Western Digital, just to name a few.

That’s one of the awesomeness of the affiliate marketing business model.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel thus saving you lots of valuable time and effort.

The brands that I mentioned above are just minor examples of established brands and companies.

As an affiliate marketer, you have the luxury of promoting more than 500 million products!

Just think for a moment, the unimaginable vastness of earning potential.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Amare Global, feel free to leave me comments below.

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