Anovite Review: An MLM Company That Showcase Superb Colostrum Product

Have you been introduced to the awesomeness of colostrum recently?

Perhaps someone came to you presenting lucrative business opportunities with top-notch colostrum products?

Maybe you are here to discover further about the truth of Anovite and what this company has to offer.

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar to you, then you know what company I am talking about!

Yeah, that’s right, my friends, I am talking about a company called Anovite.

Today I will be walking you through this unique MLM company.

More importantly, I will be addressing its state of legitimacy, as well as the viability of building a business with Anovite.

Are you ready?

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Anovite Review Summary

Company: Anovite

Founder: Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith

Price: Wholesales consumers - Free

(Wholesales Consumer membership grants a 20 to 30% discount on every Anovite's products)

Various business builder packages offered to kickstart your business. they are:

The Wellness Pack- $119.95
The Inch Loss Pack - $199.95
The Total Health Pack - $299.95

Rating: 60/100


If you have never come across dominant colostrum products commercially, well, you do now.

The Colostrum6 brought to you by Anovite exclusively is fundamentally shaping the direction of Anovite hugely.

This is the phenomenal product that I think is going to be extremely explosive in terms of market penetration.

Founded back in 2014, in less than 10 years, the team behind Anovite has accomplished so much.

It's a marvelous milestone worthy of a spot in the hall of fame recognition.

If you are here looking to build a business with Anovite, you will not be disappointed.

As far as opportunity is concerned, it does provides a fairly lucrative and acceptable compensation bonuses.

What Is Anovite?

Anovite is a relatively unique MLM company that tackles the very specific niche market within the broad wellness industry.

Founded by Anthony Kleinsmith in 2014, since its creation, Anovite has been progressing rapidly due to the vast expertise and experience possesses by Anthony.

Before the formation of the genius idea of Anovite, Anthony has been managing another company known as the Immune Tree founded back in 1993. 

I can’t remember if there were any cherishable moments back in 1993, but then one thing for certain is that there was one thing that I can remember precisely in my head.

That was the year when Steven Spielberg phenomenally shocked the world with his remarkable film,  Jurassic Park. 

It was epic and mind-blowing!

Back to Anovite.

So, with plentiful years of experience managing his Immune Tree, Anthony has then decided to venture into the world of MLM, with the extraordinary idea of exploring deeper into the world of colostrum that offers huge marketability potential.

What Does Anovite Offer?

Anthony has a brilliant idea of venturing into the colostrum industry.

That being said, Anovite also offers wide arrays of top-notch healthcare products targeting the specific audience within the healthcare industry.

First and foremost, let’s take a look at its most powerful product known as the Colostrum6.

Anovite flagship product known as colostrum6

This product has been uniquely formulated to boost the immune system of newborn infants.

It also provides a nutritional supplement to ensure the babies have sufficient nutrition to grow healthily.

So what’s so unique about this product?

Well, it has a combination of powder and capsule pack with cow’s natural colostrum.

According to Anovite, the unique colostrum has been formulated with more than 95 immune factors and 87 growth factors simultaneously to boost an infant’s immune system miraculously.

Even better, the cow’s colostrum extraction is done six hours before and after giving birth.

Therefore it’s the freshest and most nutritional packed mammal colostrum in the world.

Pretty astonishing product innovation by Anovite.

Next, let’s take a look at another phenomenal product known as the Limuz6.

Anovite flagship product Limuz6

Innovatively formulated with ingredients from mother nature.

This product has all the essential nutrients collected from mother nature.

Meaning that you will experience the boost in overall well-being, better digestive and immune system, as well as the ability to live healthily.

Next, we will be discovering another top-notch product known as the Canine6 and Feline6.

Anovite Canine6 and Feline6 products for the pets

The product name could sound foreign to you, but once you have familiarized yourself with Anovite products, you will get the hang of every Anovite products flawlessly.

This Canine6 and Feline6 product are formulated for your beloved pets.

Yeah, you heard that right, my friends.

Specifically blended with all the essential nutrients for your pets, these products are capable of boosting your pet’s health and well-being to a whole new level.

Now, your pets deserve to live healthily and happily, Anovite aims to achieve these goals for your pets.

When someone thinks that Anovite has products limitation, he or she is wrong.

Essentially speaking, it does not provide the most diverse products for the consumers but then its products are still able to surprise many consumers.

Its products fabulousness ignite values to consumers to a huge extent.

Let’s take a look at another product targeted to the fitness industry.

Anovite fitness Flex6 flagship product

This one is called the Fitness Flex6.

If you are a fitness lover, have you ever encountered the scenario of muscle pain, joint ache and other aches related to your fitness activities?

I am sure you certainly encountered some sort of muscle ache and pain after heavy fitness workout.

Well, these after fitness activities aches could be potentially addressed with Anovite Fitness Flexi6.

Next, let’s proceed to the next section.

We are entering the territory of the business side of Anovite

Anovite's Compensation Plan

MLM companies are notoriously famous for their complicated compensation plans.

Always and it’s still always!

If you are not a fan of MLM or opportunity seeker, then discovering these plans is going to be tremendously daunting.

It's like asking a dentist to learn how to design apps with Java and C++ programming languages.

Fundamentally, here are the summarized compensations that you need to made aware of.

The Retail Bonus

As an independent associate representing Anovite, you have the luxury of purchasing any of its products at the distributor price, you then can sell to any of your prospective customers at retail price.

The price difference is your earnable retail commission.

This part is pretty much self-explanatory.

The Residual Bonus

This part gets a little trickier as it involves your ability to build a powerful network of downlines with proper hierarchical placements.

Usually, most MLM companies adopt multiple levels of downline placement.

When you build a team of active and performing group of networkers just like yourself, then multiple bonuses will be unlocked.

These bonuses lead to the ultimate residual bonuses.

The deepness of downlines placement varies from one MLM to another, but fundamentally, it will be at least a few levels deep.
That’s why it’s downlines building.

By the way, this is the part that could potentially enable any representatives to be rich and wealthy.

Understandably, if every recruit in your downlines plays their role to recruit and sell, the residual bonuses could be lucratively jaw-dropping!

The Recruitment Bonus

This bonus is also relatively straightforward.

Whenever you introduced someone to join the big families of Anovite, you will be rewarded with recruitment bonuses shown below.

Every new member is required to purchase their desired starter pack.

Here are the summaries of various earnable commissions.

The wellness pack – earnable commission of $25

The inch loss pack - $50 earnable commission

The total health pack - $75 earnable commission

These are the three main ways where you can effectively monetize your Anovite business.

With time and dedication, a thriving business could be potentially built.

Anovite also offers various rankings that unlock additional bonuses when achieved.

For the sake of smoothness and clarities, it’s much better to discover the entire business compensation plan presented in video form.

Here’s the video explaining the in-depth compensation plan of Anovite.

Next, we will be going through the entry eligibility to join Anovite.

How to join Anovite?

Anovite offers 2 major ways to join its party.

They are summarized as the wholesale customer and the business builder.

If you are someone that loves Anovite products, then there’s an opportunity to save when you become its loyal repeating consumers.

Meaning that you don’t fancy to build a business with Anovite but would like to be its consumers, then joining as the wholesale customer is the right choice.

Wholesale customer membership is free.

On top of that, you get to enjoy a 20 to 30 percent discount for every Anovite products.

Also, once you have decided to join the battlefield, an upgrade to an associate is relatively simple.

Simply purchase any builder packs to gain eligibility instantly.
Next, it’s the business builder part.

If you would like to join forces with fellow compatriot representing Anovite, you can accomplish that by becoming one of the associates of Anovite.

Simply purchase any of the product packages below to gain the business builder title.

The wellness pack priced at $119.95

The inch loss pack priced at $199.95

The total health pack priced at $299.95

Additionally, you are also required to pay an annual renewable fee of 39.95.

Wow, voila, my friends.

You have just been briefed on all the requirements to gain eligibility representing Anovite freely and independently.

The Pros - What I like About Anovite

Unique products catered to a specific niche market distinctively

Here’s the thing my friends, quantity doesn’t always translate to quality.

Even though Anovite does not have an ocean of products like some of the big players in the MLM world, but it does have unique products that address the very specific niche market effectively.

Besides, its revolutionary Colostrum6 set the benchmark for healthcare products that’s worthy to capture consumers' hearts.

Extraordinary leadership shown by the founder

As I have mentioned earlier, Anthony has been managing another company before the creation of Anovite.

As of today, Anthony has been steering

Anovite in a positive direction, plus the previous and existing years of managing Immune Tree, the vast experience, and expertise possessed by Anthony are unimaginable.

If there’s one good trait about Anthony that’s worth saluting, it’s his strong belief of being patience.

Here's the thing my friends, many people are lacking patience.

They are reluctantly sticking to one idea and work hard to reach and grasp the ultimate success.

When something goes a little sideways, they give up and then start searching for the next big fortunes.

Very seldom will you see any individual who sticks to one endeavor wholeheartedly to the very end that surpasses the test of time.

If you do find someone with such a trait, that's a blessing already.

In this scenario of Anovite, Anthony had been the right candidate to showcase the vastness of determination.

The opportunity to earn or save as consumers

Anovite offers you the best of both worlds.

If you are determined to join the business club, then you are welcome to unleash your full potential progressing the journey together.

If the business opportunity does not spark your interest, then you are also offered an opportunity to save massively as one of its consumers.

The saving goes from 20% to as high as 30%.

In my opinion, this is one of the best characteristics possess by any MLM company.

It’s unmatchable and unprecedented within the industry.

Affordable start-up cost

Comparable to any other conventional business endeavor,

Anovite offers a relatively affordable startup cost to kick start your journey.

Feeling charged up to change your life financially once and for all?

Well, it’s accomplishable with Anovite.

Simply purchase any of its product packages to get rolling.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Anovite

You will be bothering friends and family members

One of the easiest ways to kick-start your journey with Anovite is to share the wonderful products and opportunity to as many friends and relatives as possible.

That’s the fundamental way of promoting and recruiting taught by many MLM companies.

But then, here’s the thing my friends, your trustworthiness is worth only once.

When any of your friends felt bothered and discredit you for your aggressive approach, then that’s the door shut in front of you.

You know exactly what I mean here.

It’s very unforgiving and devastating to a certain degree.

Even worse, relationships and friendships could turn sour to be unsalvageable.

Wellness is a competitive industry

According to the Medium, the wellness industry is worth a staggering $4.2 trillion globally

This amount is insanely staggering huge!

It shows that the difficulty tapping into the market is pretty much predictable.

The market broadness and saturation also mean that you need to work differently to established your uniqueness to gain trust, acceptance and ultimately profiting.

My Final Thoughts

Here’s the truth my friends, if you are keen to make the journey with Anovite a success, then there’s a fundamental requirement before you can grasp any success. 

The requirement is none other than mastering the skill of persuasiveness.

Besides, you must also be prepared mentally.

Rejection and the tediousness of face to face selling will be your close companion in the entire journey.

If you are here seeking to earn additional income to supplement living expenses, or an opportunity to create wealth for the long term, then there’s an alternative of wealth creation online.

I do recommend the business model known as affiliate marketing

It’s the business model that enables you to create wealth through website and content creation.

One of the main uniqueness of this business model is the flexibility of partnering with reliable merchants that are already gaining consumer's trust and acceptance.

Also, interested people will be coming to you instead of you approaching people endlessly.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Anovite, feel free to leave me comments below.

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