Is Asea A Scam? Expensive Water With Little Benefits

Hello all and welcome to my Asea review.

Today I will review a rather different business opportunity called Asea.

The name of the company is interesting, whereby it actually means “From The Sea” which is a symbol of rejuvenation, rebirth, and healing.

Whether you are here to get to know more about the business opportunity that Asea offers, or you simply want to know more about the products, you have come to the ideal place as I will go through the details information about Asea.

In this review you will learn more about Asea, thus helping you to use wisdom and make a more informed decision.

First of all, I am glad that you are taking your time and effort to read my review of Asea and to do the research because many people just simply join a program without detailed understanding.

As always, this review is transparent as I’m not associated with Asea in any form.

So without further delay, let's continue with my review of Asea.

Asea Review Summary

Company: Asea

Founder: Verdis Norton

Rating: 45/100

Recommended: No


ASEA is a privately owned international direct selling and multi-level marketing company founded in 2007 and its headquarter is located at Salt Lake City, Utah.

When the company first started, it has steadily operated in tens of different countries around the world and it has hit the top 100 MLM companies in the world.

Back then these so-called science products were well received by the public as they seek better health and lifestyle.

In 2015, the company operates in 25 countries and has hit better achievements around the world.

What Is Asea?

Asea was founded in 2007 by Verdis Norton.

Verdis Norton himself is a successful businessman.

He has former experience in huge Fortune-500 companies which can explain why he has also been able to grow Asea so well.

Under Verdis Norton’s leadership, they began selling the products in 2009 with an official launch in 2010.

Currently Asea has approximately 30,000 active independent associates.

The products they sell mainly focus on rebirth and healing. In 2014, they introduced and launched a new product called RENU 28 which is a skin gel and they also opened up a 33,000 square foot production facility in the United States.

Then In 2015, Asea bonded partnership with BioAgilytix Labs, mainly focus to bring valid claims to their products.

In 2016 Asea launched yet another new product, RENU Advanced, a product that claimed to heal anti-aging.

Today, under the leadership of Verdis Norton, Asea has grown rapidly and expanded to more than 25 countries internationally.

What Does Asea Offer?

Asea product range

When it comes to the products that Asea offered, they mainly put their concentration in manufacturing 2 core products, the Asea Redox Supplement, and the RENU 28.

So now you might ask me to explain more about these 2 types of products.

Now you might already have some interests in their products so you want to learn more.

Okay first let me explain what is this Asea Redox Supplement.

As mentioned in the Asea website, The Asea Redox Supplement has that effectiveness of creating stable molecules, thus generating healthy cells that can have several benefits including an increased level of antioxidant in your body, and better vitality.

The second product is the RENU 28.

The name of this is somehow weird.

This product is another typical skincare range, that is doing similar benefits like the rest.

Some of the benefits of the RENU28 as claimed by Asea is it can help to decrease wrinkles on the eyes.

And also it helps to texture your skin, making them look radiant.

If you would ask me, I would not be impressed by these claims as it takes a real-life example to believe how good are these products.

How Do You Earn With Asea?

In order for you to start earning in Asea, firstly you need to join them as a distributor.

Just like the majority of other MLM companies, there’s a startup cost, which is $50.

After you have enrolled, you will also need to buy their products worth of a 100 Personal Volume monthly.

To further add-on, you must also achieve a 300 group sales volume to have any chance of moving up the rank.

To simplify how you can earn with Asea, let’s look at the below diagram to get you some ideas of the ranks are like in this company.

Ways to earn money with Asea
Asea ranking hierarchy

There are several ways of how Asea pays its associates.

They are the Retail Sales, the Preferred Customer Bonus, the Fast Start Bonus, and several others which I will cover later on.

I will want to show you now what exactly is meant by the Fast Start Bonus, as I found it quite interesting.

So let us take a look at the diagram below.

Asea PV system

So as you can see, whenever someone you personally enrolled straight away buy any of the company’s product pack, you instantly earn a fast start bonus.

This to me it’s like an instant injection of motivation for associates to enroll and then selling more of their products.

The next way to earn with them is called the AAA bonus.

This is something that you have to make sure your team all sign up with the auto shipment.

That to me sounds like a tactic of selling on flowing of products.

Doing this right will reward you in a very powerful and lucrative way.

The diagram below shows more details of how the AAA bonus works.

How does Asea bonus works

Besides all of the above, there are also the Team Commissions that paid weekly.

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The Pros - What I like About Asea

The only thing that I think it's rock solid in Asea is the training and development programs they provided.

Let me explain further in more details:

We all know that one of the main criteria to determine a great MLM company is the qualities of the training programs provided.

With that said, Asea is one of the very few companies that offers entirely specialized sponsoring and recruitment skills to good use.

Training and seminar programs that may help people to sell their products.

So for me, this is something unseen in other MLM companies.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Asea

So is there anything that is bad regarding this company?

One of the more obvious concerns for many is their Asea Redox are overpriced.

With this high price, many would think it will only work wonders but I have found out it was not entirely true.

They are selling these waters at $9.4 per serving.

Asea expensive products complaint

What’s more is that Asea is selling you expensive products that didn’t work.

Below are some reports that show the product itself is not effective:

Asea product ineffectiveness customer review
Difficult to sell Asea product
Asea product ineffectiveness

Besides, from my various research, I have also found out that there is absolutely no any science which they claimed in their products.

Asea ingredients complaint

Also, the company was also been fined in Italy for some shaky business approach.

Asea complain about fairness issues
Asea complain about ingredients issues

Is Asea A Scam?

My conclusion of this review is that Asea is legit and it is not a scam.

Just because there are many ugly truths about Asea doesn't mean they are a scam.

They have also been around for many years now and that tells you a lot about a company.

Out of my in-depth research about Asea, the many reasons why people might call it a scam is because they might not believe in the products and call it just salt water.

To further damage the Asea name is the fact that their core products, these salt waters are ridiculously expensive.

My Final Thoughts

So, what are my thoughts about Asea?

I think that you should evaluate carefully before joining them.

Their products are not cheap and it might not actually work for you.

I certainly would not be recommending Asea for the many obvious reasons I’ve found out about them, which I explained above.

There's a better way to make an income online.

I have also come to the conclusion that there will not be a perfect product that comes with the perfect compensation plan.

Besides, their pay plans put their prices to the sky so they can make more profits.

Their compensation structures also involve ranks that it’s not likely to achieve, not even easy for a skilled recruiter.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Asea, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

Explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity for your financial success.

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An online business based on website and content creation.

It's the business model that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Asea, feel free to leave me comments below.

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