Asirvia Review: A Single Product MLM Company Reviewed

Have you seen before the instant notifications sent directly to your android phones by well-known retailers or e-commerce companies?

The notifications could be something like the current ongoing discounts, irresistible deals, or even bundled promotion with a countdown timer?

Well, I'm sure you certainly know what I was talking about.

Today, I will be presenting a very unique MLM company that implements the exact principle with a slightly tweaked approach.

Known as Asirvia, it only offers a single product combined with typical MLM business implementations.

We will discover its state of legitimacy, (a state of question mark and mystery which I will explain in just a moment) as well as what has happened that contributed to the unknown questionability.

So without further ado, let's begin the journey of discovering Asirvia.

Asirvia Review Summary

Company: Asirvia

Founder: Donald LaPlume

Price: $25 - One unit of Asirvia Go

$49 - 3 units of Asirvia Go

$99 - 8 units of Asirvia Go

Additional one time payable $30 activation fee

Rating: 50/100


Asirvia is an MLM company that specializes in the proximity marketing industry.

With its fabulous Asirvia Go product, this is one of the few MLM companies that offer proximity marketing device.

Its compensation plan is relatively satisfying and deemed accpetable, in fact, it's quite lucrative to a certain extent.

That being said, in my opinion, I do think that the Asirvia Go deserves a much better exposure to the right target audience.

MLM business implementation simply isn't the right decision for such product.

For commercial or personal reasons within its organization, Asirvia has been missing from the action within the MLM world at the time of writing.

How soon it will return or has it been renamed, restructured to tackle the ever-demanding world of proximity marketing?

Only time will tell.

What Is Asirvia?

Founded by Donald LaPlume, Asirvia is an MLM company that provides technological proximity marketing device based in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Since its establishment in 2016, a less than ideal MLM business direction has led to the disappearance of Asirvia relatively quickly.

In a short time of only 2 years, this company has been mysteriously gone with the wind.

Its existence is, therefore, a question mark till today.

No one knows exactly why this company ventured into such an uncertain path.

So why am I even reviewing Asirvia despite knowing the fact that this company could be no longer in existence?

Well, the answer is clear simple.

I am not here to justify what's wrong or right, I am not in the position of commenting in this regards.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

The steered path of any business endeavors could be translated into any scenarios positively or negatively.

It's the founders and the team behind these companies that are responsible for any decision making.

So they know excatly what they are doing for the best interest of their companies.

Back to my point, I do think that Asirvia is uniquely distinguishable from the rest of the MLM players.

It's a company (or it was a company if Asirvia no longer exists but since I am reviewing Asirvia presently, I will not use the past tense to describe this company) that offers a truly technological proximity marketing device for local businesses especially retailers that sell goods or services in a particular neighborhood.

So why Asirvia is so unique from my perspective?

Well, very seldom I see a company that manufactures electronic products that venture into the MLM world.

Also, the product is considerably awesome to a huge extent in my opinion.

I will be discussing its product in just a moment.

Back to the story of Asirvia, does it even exist presently?

Well, I can't express in absolute certainty but sources from the internet suggest that this company has been revamped and renamed under the leadership of Donald LaPlume to strive for even greater success in the foreseeable future.

Again, let me be completely genuine with you that I am not in a position to criticize, comment or even condemn any of the companies or online products that I review.

I am doing the review based on my interest so that I can provide some useful and helpful information to my readers.

Besides, I am passionate about discovering all the different products that these companies have to offer.

What Does Asirvia Offer?

Asirvia offers an electronic proximity marketing product known as the Asirvia Go.

Before I proceed further, let's take a look at the product visually. 

Asirvia Go proximity marketing product

Beautiful and brilliant piece of product, isn't it?

Now, what the Asirvia Go does is that it automatically connects the nearby Bluetooth enabled smartphones within the range of 300 feet.

The owners of the Asirvia Go can then send out notifications to these ranged smartphone users.

The maximum length of the notification content is limited to 40 words.

So in one way or another, the notifications must be written with a precise message.

Whenever the potential recipients are within the senders' zone, his or her smartphones will receive the notifications anonymously.

What I mean by that is the received notifications will not be intrusive or annoy the receivers.

Their smartphones will not beep nor vibrate.

Any moment when the recipient takes out their smartphones for personal use, let's just say he or she is checking out on their Facebook wall, they can then notice the little notification in the swipable Android top menu.

Any action of swiping the notification left or right will dismiss the received notifications instantly.

Let me illustrate an example to you, say you are a local business owner of a pizza restaurant.

You have uniquely prepared the daily take away pizza combo meals for people that are constantly on the move rushing for time.

Asirvia Go pizza promotion illustration example

You can craft out the notification content something like this:

"Awesome Pizza Bakery" is offering the Tuesday Pizza combo deals for taking way. Purchase a combination of any two regular pizzas for a free regular pizza of your choice. You will also receive a can of complimentary Pepsi drink.

Now, the above notification content has 39 words.

A word short of the allowed 40 words.

Hence, this notification content is ready to be sent to all the prospective audiences within the proximity range.

Another cool feature of the Asirvia Go is that it allows you to include a clickable link, as long as the words in the link do not exceed 40 words when combined with the rest of the notification content words count.

The link could be directing your potential prospects to your local business website, a dedicated page showing the details of the full promotion, or even a GPS direction straight to your local business store.

You certainly are encouraged to adopt your creativity for the best marketing results.

Now, let's discuss a little about Asirvia Go's privacy and anti-spam policy.

You may ask, is the Asirvia Go "Spam Free" compliant?

Well, it certainly is. 

In fact, the Asirvia Go has been approved by the FTC to comply with all the anti-spamming guidelines and policies.

Hence, mutual consent has been reached between the authority and Asirvia to reach an agreement that the notifications received by potential prospective audiences are not intrusive and more importantly, spam-free compliant certified.

Also, this device is powered by Google Nearby, therefore the accuracy of the range distance is out of doubt.

As soon as anyone passes through the specific ranged zone with enabled Bluetooth Android smartphones, they will be receiving the notifications straight to their phone's notification bar.

Asirvia's Compensation Plan

Asirvia adopts an MLM business implementation which by the way, was badly implemented in my opinion.

I still think that the Asirvia Go is a fabulous product that deserves to be commercialized vastly.

However, its MLM implementation is fairly unique to a huge extent.

Not everyone is qualified to represent them.

Before you can become one of their certified independent representatives, first, you need to prove your worthiness of marketing skills.

It's like the scenario of queuing up to be interviewed, and the interviewer will then ask you "Hey, show me what you are capable of".

I was exaggerating.

Nah, Asirvia doesn't pay you a fixed salary hence no interview will be conducted.

My point here is to convey that when you join Asirvia during the evaluation period, you are called the affiliate.

When you successfully sell 3 Asirvia Go products combined with the recruitment of a new affiliate, then congratulations, you are then upgraded to be Asirvia's independent representative.

Pretty amazing recruitment quality control right?

When you achieved the status of the independent representative, the sky is really the limit.

Unlimited income potential will be unlocked.

Here are the main ways of getting paid, and compensated with Asirvia.

The Retail Sales Commission

Relatively straightforward, as an independent representative of Asirvia, you can market the Asirvia Go product to any of your prospective customers to reap a direct sales commission of 25%.

Additionally, your entire network will also receive a 10% matching bonus as deep as the 5th level respectively.

The Residual Bonus

Now, this is the part where genuine lucrativeness is unlocked.

Predictably, Asirvia offers myriads of achievable rankings.

The higher you can climb, the more percentage of residual bonuses will be unlocked to your entire network.

Here's an illustration of the various rankings attached to the receivable commission percentage.

Asirvia hierarchy rankings with respective residual bonuses

As you can see, the receivable residual bonus begins with the associate ranking up to the global ambassador ranking!

There are a total of 18 rankings to be climbed.

That's a pretty enormous amount of hard work to be invested by the way!

The best part about the residual bonuses is that it pays daily starting from $1 to as high as $3000 daily!

Can you visualize the potentiality of the lucrativeness?

That's a lot of wealth to be made with Asirvia's residual bonus compensation.

This is just a part of the compensation yet lucrative enough to set you free financially.

Just imagine how a $90000 monthly income can make a difference in your life financially.

Pretty astonishing right?

It illustrates the importance of the mastery of building a network of highly skillful marketers and recruiters.

This is the part where the power of a team will prevail.

I am sure the daily $1 to the maximum of $3000 daily reapable bonuses do not come from a solo effort.

Rather, it's an effort of the entire network.

Hence, if you are skillful in the art of persuasiveness, your skill will unlock an ocean of limitless earning opportunities with the residual bonuses alone.

The Hierarchical Bonuses

As you progress your journey with Asirvia, your progression will unlock an additional percentage of bonus based on your hierarchical achievements.

The first level of achievement rewards you with a handsome 10% bonus.

Subsequently, a reduced 5% of the bonus will be rewarded for the second level of achievement.

How to join Asirvia?

Before you can officially become one of Asirvia's affiliate, you need to purchase at least one unit of the Asirvia Go product.

A single unit of Asirvia Go is priced at $25.

Additionally, Asirvia also offers the bundles of 3 units priced at $49, as well as 8 units priced at $99 respectively.

Besides, you also need to pay a one-time device activation fee of $30.

The payable activation fee is set at $30 regardless of the number of devices.

Whether you purchase a single unit or as many units as you desired, you are only required to pay a one time $30 activation fee.

The Pros - What I like About Asirvia

Asirvia Go is good for mass audience targeting

As far as the proximity marketing concept is concerned, the Asirvia Go can effectively target a wide array of audiences as long as these people are within the proximity range.

So as people always say quantities do not necessarily translate to qualities, but in my opinion, quantities certainly have some impact setting the benchmark for success scalability.

It's beneficial to wide arrays of industries

As I've illustrated with the pizza restaurant example earlier, Asirvia Go certainly is capable of helping businesses beyond the food and beverage industries.

For example, if you are a business owner of a hair salon, Asirvia Go could also potentially help you to reach a big group of mass audiences.

Another example, if you are a childcare center owner, Asirvia Go surely can help you to reach out to more parents as your potential target audience.

Even better, Asirvia Go was designed to benefits most of the local businesses in various industries imaginable.

So if you are a local business owner, Asirvia Go could potentially scale your marketing campaign to a new height.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Asirvia

Weird MLM business implementation

Asirvia's core and primary flagship product is undoubtedly the Asirvia Go.

It's a fabulous proximity marketing device worthy to be put on sales in computer stores worldwide.

Sadly, Asirvia adopts an MLM implementation which could potentially ruin the product for long term success.

It's like asking Lewis Hamilton to drive a go-cart which translates to a fairly peculiar scenario.

(Lewis Hamilton is the current 6 times Formula One world champion).

Just my personal opinion, no offense though.

A certain extent of ineffective marketing

Well, we know that the Asirvia Go is a pretty amazing product.

That being said, there are still flaws that are preventing the full effectiveness of proximity marketing.

For example, it only works on Bluetooth enabled smartphones.
That's a big disadvantage in my opinion.

Irrelevant target audience

Let's visualize this scenario for a moment.

You are walking to your workplace and then you saw a random anonymous notification.

For example, it's a nail waxing promotion.

Yes, it certainly creates a moment of awareness but it still isn't relevant to the targeted audience from my perspective.

Now, when someone walks in a nail salon boutique for a nail waxing session organically, that's a relevant target audience for the nail waxing industry.

My Final Thoughts

Look, if you are here seeking to earn money with Asirvia, it's not going to materialize at the time of writing.

Its sudden disappearance is the main reason why.

Besides, there are lots of uncertainties even if it still exists.

That is because the success rate for any MLM is way below expectations and unacceptable.

Here's the fact check.

According to, the success rate of MLM business is insanely low.

How low and how bad is it?

Well, 99% of MLM representatives lose money, only the extreme minority of 1% of MLMers earn money!

Even though I am not a big fan of MLM generally and personally, that doesn't mean that I dislike MLMs.

I have huge respect for MLM companies as long as they are not scammers.

I even consume MLM products such as the Gano Excel's lingzhi healthcare supplements and coffees.

Let's put aside the success rate for just a moment, even if the success rate is highly promising, you still need to master and learn the art of persuasiveness and be skillful enough to convince people to join your team.

Therefore, face to face recruting, selling and ultimately, rejection will be your biggest companion in this journey of hardship.

If you are someone who enjoys doing marketing and you want to earn money by building yourself an asset, then I highly suggest you try out online business in the form of affiliate marketing.

Why am I recommending this?

Well, it's one of the most lucrative business models on the internet.

Also, affiliate marketing doesn't require you to do face to face selling endlessly yet promising enough to enable you to build your empire online solidly.

Even better, with affiliate marketing, you have flexibilities of partnering with merchants that are already gaining market traction, consumers' trust, interested people will be coming to you instead of you chasing after them unproductively and dauntingly.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Asirvia, feel free to leave me comments below.

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