Is Ayuwage A Scam? Are You Satisfied With Cents Earning?

Hello all and welcome to my Ayuwage review.

Sometimes when people are really in need of something that is workable to earn some online income.

They will find out that the so-called income places are not that straight forward, as they will encounter challenges such as money been burned, or too much effort spent with little income rewards.

This will lead them to a place that is hugely popular with high demand and the place is GPT arena.

With this GPT sites coming in at a heavy rate, people just ought to know which is the right one for them.

Many of the GPT sites are doing solid work while others are shaky in many areas.

So today the GPT site that I am going to review is about a program that does not want to reveal anything more than the fundamental part you need to know about them.

This weird site looks suspicious and there are not many things that you could know about them and the name of the program is called Ayuwage.

So without further wasting time, I will further explain what is this GPT site all about so you can have a much better understanding.

Ayuwage Review Summary

Program: Ayuwage

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No


The idea behind any GPT site is that they have got to have strong backing and create a solid bond with their paid advertisers because this is exactly how they will continue to be profitable.

With Ayuwage, it’s no different.

As they are surely seeking to be a profitable GPT site for a long time and because of this, they are keeping things pretty straight forward as they do not prefer to disclose any details about them apart from what you can see in their website.

There’s not much of a surprise simply due to they have to protect both the interest of their paid partners that they heavily depended on and as well as their own interest that leads to their platform and membership.

As for the number of members that they have is also unknown and I am just as puzzled as the rest of you.

What Is Ayuwage?

Ayuwage is not new in the arena yet not many people have a good understanding of them because there are many things that are kept secret.

As far as the program goes, they started this site back in the year 2009 and until today no one ever knows who are the people or the team that is behind this GPT program.

Apart from this, no one also knows the total amount of money paid out to their members.

As I mentioned earlier, Ayuwage looks kind of suspicious which triggers my interest to study them deeper.

We shall look further in particular what are the things that they offered until they chose to be so secretive regarding their own program.

Regardless of anything, their intention was clear why they even started this site and the initial idea was also no different, to bring a platform worthy of capturing the bulk market and to bring more productive marketing research.

So that in the end, they could earn some serious money from their marketing partners.

What Does Ayuwage Offer?

In this section, I am particularly interested to explain what are the things that they have to offer.

Been a GPT site it cannot run away from things like simple tasks and main tasks, main tasks here is they get rewarded for surfing the various websites.

Surprisingly as with most of the GPT sites, Ayuwage does not focus on the paid surveys as their main tasks.

Unlike the other GPT sites, they do not want to give free money for registering with them, this move can well be understood based on how secret they would choose to run their program.

As for registration wise, it is once again very similar with other GPT sites as it is very straight forward with just a username and account password.

The site does not require members to verify their identity so meaning once you have joined, you can immediately kick start with collecting your rewards.

Something different with Ayuwage is that they primarily focus only on the web surfing offers.

And by saying this what you do is you go and surf the website for a minimum of 10 seconds and then you will get rewarded in a fraction of cents.

When it comes to the categories of the sites available, there are many categories, and those include standard sites, focused sites, email sites, search sites, special sites, and so on.

They are doing things a bit differently as their main advertisers are only interested in this reward based that brings awareness to their products.

The rewards for this surfing are kind of different and what is for sure is that they come in a fraction of cents.

As for the details of the pay rate, I will explain further in the coming section of this review so hang on there my friends.

Right now, what’s important is to show you what are the offers they are offering besides the surfing websites main tasks.

After the website surfing part, comes the next task which is considered simple tasks and all of these are particularly selected from their advertiser’s needs.

Worth noting is that even though each of these tasks is considered a simple task but they do require you to give proof with instructions given.

Since Ayuwage does not focus on the surveys as their top main tasks, so in the category of these simple tasks you will also likely to be doing surveys which they called simple surveys.

But there’s not a lot of needs here so the chances of doing this are very limited. Still, all in all, this particular section is only rewarding quite small along with all their main tasks.

Other areas of simple tasks include doing a simple vote on a certain marketing campaign or a product from these campaigns, clicking some targeted contents, as well as some simple to complete the action.

So basically with Ayuwage, what you are provided are the surf the websites and the various simple to do tasks.

Now you realize why in the first place Ayuwage prefers to keep things simple and make it so anonymous because the program as a whole is a very simple concept with no complications.

How Do You Earn With Ayuwage?

Now in this section, I will explain how exactly you will earn with Ayuwage and what is the amount that you likely to earn with them.

I regard this section as the most important because it will clear your mystery against this weird GPT site.

Before anything else, you should be reminded that in this program, they are only rewarding you a fraction of cents in US Dollar, and it takes quite some efforts and a long time to start to accumulate your points.

And also unlike the other top GPT sites, Ayuwage literally do not care about these reward based gift cards as they insisted on bringing only the surfing rewards.

From my understanding, these big market players do not have any interest to partner with them.

As they do not gain that kind of confidence that they can have any return by using their platform, which is honestly speaking, way off the standards required.

With all these said, now let me explain what you will get by doing all these websites surfing.

For starters, all instructions regarding the rules and terms will be given to avoid members from using illegal programming bots to cheat their system.

What they actually want from you is you really take 10 seconds of your time by starring at your monitor screen to view these websites.

First of all, for VIEW SITES, you will be rewarded $0.001 US Cents.

Next, we have the PASSIVE SITES and for this, you will be rewarded $0.003 US Cents.

Next is what they called the PENDING SITES, and for this, you will be rewarded $0.006 US Cents.

For SEARCH SITES, you will be rewarded $0.025 and then it goes on further.

The main picture here is that all of these are rewarding you in a fraction of US Cents.

And what this means is that you don’t expect to earn a lot from Ayuwage as the income potential is extremely off standard rates.

It is the same with their simple tasks as what you are getting are also in the range of less than a cent to maximum a few cents.

So now you might start to wonder even more that with such fraction of cents you might need a lot to even make it some dollars so how likely you can earn an amount of income.

And to answer you is a simple yes, you are right. Because right from the start they will not disclose to you how many websites that they will provide you to view on a daily basis.

It also depends on are these advertisers cooperating with them or not and how many do they want to target for specific products and so on.

Directly from their website, they have stated very clearly that the income that you could be expecting is very limited, just at an average of 15 US Cents per day and that’s it.

With all these taken notes, there’s also a minimum that you need to accumulate all these points before you could request for a proper transfer and that’s insanely 5 USD.

It can only tell you that good luck and keep accumulating these fraction of cents as it could take like more than 6 months or more to get to this minimum of 5 US Dollar.

I am sure you get kind of frustrated knowing all of these, and to put things even worse is that you must not stop at any point while you put in all the efforts to collect these cents.

As they had a strict rules that once a members are inactive for 90 days, they will be permanently banned.

At the end of the day, I do not think it is such a big deal anyway, ban or not ban, as the income potential is just not worthy of anything at all.

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The Pros - What I like About Ayuwage

After reading up until this point, do you really think a GPT program as weird as this one and with just a fraction of cents income potential.

And along with their strict rules and weird operations, will they have any good things at all that goes by their name?

I would tell you straight to the point that Ayuwage do not have any good things and it will only bring frustrations and the name of the game played here is the patience game.

So just frankly ask yourself just how long you have to be patient before you quit altogether or you do not even care to start with them.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Ayuwage

And now my friends, before I even go further, you already know what sort of bad things are going on behind Ayuwage.

First and foremost, the most obvious one is there is no way you could walk out with any income simply due to they are paying you in fraction of cents.

And also you got to take into account that once you have accumulated these cents, you could also encounter the risk of getting banned because as always.

You must not forget that in this world of GPT, they like to play dark tricks to hold your payments or to try to not pay you anything at all, so it is no different with Ayuwage.

What the heck is going on here regarding all of the reports of late payments, you earn these cents so slowly and when you are getting the minimum of the $5 USD mark and then they stop you and doing tricks to prevent you from getting even a $5?

Next you should fully aware by now that in the world of GPT, you can run away from been tricked and Ayuwage is no different as they will do all the tricks to stop you from getting any payments

The worst of all is that they had earned from you and then make you not getting your reward in return.

There’s too many of other negativity as well and it can be as long as writing a book.

The bottom line is I can just sum it all that Ayuwage really sucks and is not worthy of your time and effort at all.

Is Ayuwage A Scam?

In life, there’s always a risk in anything but at least we must determine whether a risk is worth taking or not and with that said,

I can confidently tell you that Ayuwage is definitely not worthy of anything including the risk itself.
There are also several payment proofs out there that I have discovered.

Don’t be happy just yet as I believe these are their own people as they acted as though they paid to members but it was indeed their internal people.

Also, they are paying selectively during the past and as of now I simply do not think they are paying members promptly.

The conclusion to this review is that Ayuwage is a potential scam, and if you are smart enough you should know that this sort of program is not worth taking part.

And the most important fact after doing this review, is to make you understand that there is nothing that you could earn here and worst still, you could have wasted everything by fallen victims to their dark tactics.

My Final Thoughts

Look carefully my friends, I know your intention of finding a way to earn money regardless how tough it could sound to you, but you should realize that Ayuwage is certainly not the place that you want to come.

You know it too well that there’s full of scams in this online income places which is the reason why you had chosen to read reviews before you make a decision.

Your wise decision can only be considered WISE if you are taking every step to avoid any program that even cost you a fraction of time or effort as you had to look into the much bigger picture of the overall potential.

Why I said so is because when you first arrived in this arena of GPT, you already know before anyone else that in this hugely crowded place.

There’s only limited amount that you could earn no matter how good you are and how determined you are.

This is already the name of the game since from the start when these marketing research companies created bonds and partnership with the various platforms of GPT sites.

This will not change into the foreseeable future so like it or not you are going to be doing a lot with little rewards.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Ayuwage, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Ayuwage, feel free to leave me comments below.

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