B3 Sciences Review: One Of The Best Wellness MLM Company Reviewed

Have you been approached by someone trying to explain the products that will benefit you during fitness workout sessions?

Perhaps one of your close relatives showcased the goodness of fitness bands that maintain sufficient blood flow to maximize your workout efficiency?

Maybe you are here seeking to discover more about a relatively famous wellness company that your neighborhood brags about?

Today, I will be walking you through a unique MLM company known as B3 Sciences.

In this review, I will discuss its state of legitimacy, the viability of becoming its consultants, my take on its pros, cons, products, compensations, and much more.

So without further ado, let's dive right in.

B3 Sciences Review Summary

Company: B3 Sciences

Founder: Dr. Mike DeBord

Price: $39.99 - consultant registration fees renewable annually
B3 starter pack - $299.99
B3 fitness pack - $499.99
B3 founders pack - $999.99

Rating: 80/100


It's the norm these days for companies to venture into the healthcare arena in the world of MLM.

One of the examples is certainly illustrated by B3 Sciences. It's a company that specializes in a very distinctive section of the healthcare and fitness industries.

It has products for the daily supplemental needs to boost wellness.

It also has products that address fitness efficiency.

For example, the revolutionary B3 band is worthy to be acclaimed in terms of product design and effectiveness.

As far as earning is concerned, B3 Sciences does know a thing or two that satisfy your desire to achieve the ultimate financial success.

Its compensation plans are also favorable to its consultants with the potential to reap lucrative bonuses.

What Is B3 Sciences?

A Texas-based company, B3 Sciences is an MLM company that offers healthcare supplemental products, BFR bands as well as other accessories related to the wellness industry.

Since its creation in 2003 by Dr. Mike DeBord, it has been a tremendous progression for B3 Sciences thus far.

Today, it's offering top-notch products especially its phenomenal band which I will discuss in a moment.

Besides its awesome products, B3 Sciences also offers an opportunity to build a business as consultants for individuals from all walks of life.

What Does B3 Sciences Offer?

This company offers wellness supplemental products, bands as well as other accessories related to the wellness industry.

Let's discover its flagship product named the B3 Bands.

B3 Sciences B3 Bands with blood flow restriction

As I've mentioned earlier, B3 Sciences offer BFR bands as its flagship premium product.

Short abbreviation for blood flow restriction.

BFR is a scientific breakthrough in modern healthcare.

It works alongside the physical movements during the fitness workout.

For the best fitness goal efficiency,it's ideal to exercise adequately so that the band can maintain the necessary blood flows during a workout session.

Here's the video explaining how this phenomenal band can boost your fitness goals to a whole new level.

Next, let's take a look at the nutritional supplement side of B3 Sciences.

B3 Sciences B3 Alert supplemental product

This is one of the nutritional supplemental products in its wellness booster series.

As the name of the product suggests, if alertness is your concern and you want to maintain a healthy energy level, vitality as well as increase your brain's comprehension ability, this is the perfect product to accomplish your wellness goals.

Even better, it's formulated with 100% natural ingredients so if you are a vegan, it's just absolutely perfect for your daily nutritional consumption.

Next, let's take a look at another wellness supplemental product.

B3 Sciences B3 Meal supplemental product

Wanna know what's the best meals after a productive workout session?

Well, it's certainly none other than this B3 Meal supplemental food.

It has all the natural nutrients that are responsible for maintaining a good body constitution.

If you have specific fitness goals to accomplish, then this product certainly helps to simplify your goals significantly.

Your daily meals could also be replaced with the Meal for the best fitness and wellness combination lifestyle.

Next, here a product that addresses weight management.

B3 Sciences B3 Satisfy supplemental product

Have you ever experienced the difficulty of resisting unnecessary food cravings?

For example, the double cheeseburgers, french fries, chocolate smoothies, tidbits in mid-afternoon moments just before dinner time?

Well, I've experienced these moments therefore it's extremely difficult for me to maintain a healthy diet to lose weight effectively.

With Satisfy, food cravings could be potentially minimized with its blueberry and pomegranate ingredients.

Weight loss is a highly subjective scenario as it involves many other variables outside of the diets zone.

For example, your lifestyle and your body's genetic structures also contribute hugely to the effectiveness of weight loss.

That being said, Satisfy certainly sets the fundamental benchmark for weight loss with its ingredient formulation that prevents food cravings

Next, here's the product that enhances your physical appearance.

B3 Sciences B3 Start supplemental product

This is the product that restores your skin's youthfulness, radiance, shiningness, and beautifulness to a whole new level.

When collagen combines with other essential vitamins, the combined effect will boost your complexion to be unbelievably gorgeous.

B3 Sciences also offers products categorized within the wellness accessories space.

For example, it has a unique cup designed specifically for workout and fitness enthusiasts.

It also offers training material and tutorials on how to maximize the effectiveness of doing a workout with its B3 bands.

Here, I illustrate an example of a portable sling bag for gym lovers.

B3 Sciences sling backpack for gym lovers

A backpack simplified for the gym lovers and workout fans.

Aesthetically pleasing right?

Its design is compact enough to ease portability and convenience.

Besides, its sky blue color is a perfect match for B3 Sciences's theme.

B3 Sciences's Compensation Plan

MLM companies are notoriously famous for their complex compensation plans. The complexity could be very misleading to a certain extent.

B3 Sciences is not any diferent.

It's a company that implements MLM compensation at its core.

Before you can join its exclusive club, there's a requirement to be a certified independent consultant.

This is the mandatory requirement before you are consented to represent B3 Sciences to begin your wonderful business journey.

Here, i will summarize the essential ways of getting paid and compensated by B3 Sciences.

The retail bonus

Also known as the profit commission, as an independent consultant of B3 Sciences, whenever you successfully promote a product to prospective customers, you will reap the rewards of the price gap between the wholesale and retail price.

Additionally, when you successfully sell products via your unique e-commerce store, the web sales bonus will be rewarded to you.

If you successfully achieved the sales volume of at least $1000 through your personalized website, an extra 5% of web sales achievements bonus will be unlocked.

Also, the unlocked bonus is incremental.

Meaning that if you achieve sales volume exceeding the $1000 sales mark, the next $1000 sales achievement will grants you a reward of an additional 2.5%.

Hence, the cumulative reapable bonus will be 7.5%.

So here are the recap of this part of the compensation.

First, face to face and direct sales achievement will grant you the retail bonus directly in cash terms from your customers.

Second, the web sales achievement bonus will be unlocked when a $1000 sales milestone has been achieved.

Third, the web sales achievements go one step further with an additional 2.5% in incremental style incrementally with $1000 at its base calculation.

The residual bonus

I prefer to call this part of the compensation this way.

B3 Sciences refers to this as the expansion commission.

Essentially, this is how it works.

Your job as an independent consultant is to recruit 3 consultants, then you help these consultants to replicate your success by recruiting another 3 more consultants on their end.

The recruited consultants are placeable under your network directly.

When this achievement happens, you are qualified for the residual bonus known as the matrix expansion bonuses.

The replicable process will grant you a projection of a success path if you can recruit and train your new downlines to form a team of powerful recruiters.

When this scenario happens, then congratulations, residual income, and financial freedom aren't a distant far from your reach and grasp.

Here's the complete video presentation of the entire compensation plans precisely and comprehensively explained.

You don't need to digest and absorb everything right away, it could be potentially very overwhelming.

You will certainly get the hang of it relatively fast once you become a part of the B3 Sciences family members.

How to join B3 Sciences?

If you are determined to walk the journey with B3 Sciences, then the only way you can join in the rhythm of success is by becoming its unique independent consultant.

A payable fee of $39.99 is necessary to be a certified consultant of B3 Sciences.

This fee is renewable annually.

With the entry-level of consultant membership unlocked, you are given a personalized website to promote and scale your business.

Additionally, if you are serious to make this journey a success, multiple product packs are also available to be purchased.

Here are the product packs offered.

- The B3 starter pack - $299.99
- The B3 fitness pack - $499.99
- The B3 founders pack - $999.99

The Pros - What I like About B3 Sciences

Genuine company

The first thing any potential business investors observe is the genuineness of a particular company.

With B3 Sciences, it's certainly a company that has passed the test of time. It's been more than a decade and reaching 2 decades milestone soon.

That's the commitment and perseverance worthy to be acclaimed, in my opinion.

Here's the thing my friends, not many MLM players can stand the test of times especially given the competitiveness of the nature of the wellness industry.

B3 Sciences is thriving exceptionally well in this aspect.

Phenomenal products

Products are the backbone of the thrivability of any MLM company.

B3 Sciences offers some fabulous products that showcased its professionalism.

For example, the B3 band is revolutionizing and shaping the fitness arena to an unimaginable peak.

The potentiality to earn lucratively

Despite implementing MLM business structures, B3 Sciences is still doing a fantastic job with its compensations.

The widely adopted conventional compensations have been retweaked to benefits its consultants to reap better financial rewards.

In my opinion, B3 Sciences showcased one of the most lucrative compensations compared to its competitors.

The Cons - What I Dislike About B3 Sciences

Expensive consultant membership fees

One of the main attractiveness of any MLM business opportunity is affordable membership packages.

Sadly, B3 Sciences doesn't perform quite that with its expensive product packs.

The most premium membership option costs a hefty $999.99!
That's exactly one grand worth of products to be stored in your inventory.

The ridiculous low MLM success rate

If you have been around the mary go round game of the MLM world, then you surely observe a trend which is the high failure rate of MLM in general.

Reliable sources on the internet confirmed that the success rate for MLM representatives is only 1%.

Friendships and relationships could be potentially destroyed

When was the last time you represented an MLM company battling in the battleground?

Well, if you have been through that moment, I'm sure you can still remember the list of all your friends and family members right?

That was the most practical approach your uplines told you about to start earning within the shortest time.

Now, the tricky part is that it doesn't necessarily translate to a happy ending.

My Final Thoughts

Establishing a solid business is certainly achievable with B3 Sciences.

It's an MLM company that knows exactly the right path to the fountain of financial success.

However, if you are one of those who dislike face to face selling and recruiting, then your journey with B3 Sciences could not be a smooth sail.

Rejection will be on your trails waiting for the moment to confront you.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not here to discourage you from pursuing a business path with B3 Sciences.

What I'm trying to mean is that the essentiality of the mastery of persuasive skill is a necessity if you are determined to make it a success with this company.

If the conventional MLM business approach doesn't spark your interest, I highly recommend you seek the alternative of wealth creation online.

An online business based on affiliate marketing business combined with content creation.

One of the best parts about affiliate marketing is that you don't have to do hard selling in person anymore.

Interested people will be coming to you instead of you seeking them unproductively.

This is made possible with a blog and content creation.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to B3 Sciences, feel free to leave me comments below.

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