Is Beachbody A Scam? Too Many Unnecessary Fitness Programs And Products

Today I will review a fitness-based business opportunity called Beachbody. 

This company firmly focuses on fitness and workouts to benefit those that want a fit and healthy body.

Whether you are here to get to know more about the business opportunity that Beachbody offers, or you simply want to know more about the products, you have come to the ideal place as I will go through the details information about Beachbody.

In this review you will learn more about Beachbody, what are the benefits and shortcomings thus helping you to use wisdom and make a more informed decision.

First of all, I am glad that you are taking your time and effort to read my review of Beachbody and to do the research because many people just simply join a program without detailed understanding.

As always, this review is transparent as I’m not associated with Beachbody in any form.

So without further delay, let's continue with my review of Beachbody.

Beachbody Review Summary

Company: Beachbody

Founder: Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


Beachbody is a multi-level marketing company that focuses on workouts and training programs,

The company was formed in 1998 and the company’s headquarter is located in Santa Monica, California.

Today Beachbody is a worldwide leader in health and fitness products with a mission to help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy and fit life.

What Is Beachbody?

Beachbody company was founded and the business started in 1998.

Its 2 founders, Jon Cogdon and Carl Daikeler developed an idea of helping many to use fitness and workout training to build a fit body along with nutrition to your body’s needs.

Today Beachbody is a leading provider in fitness, nutrition, and weight loss programs.

Their programs are easily accessible, and there are many claims that they deliver results.

With Beachbody, you will be able to pick from a wide variety of workout styles and be able to reach those fitness goals that you always thought about.

The general public recognizes Beachbody as the formula for world-class liked fitness, and nutrition.

Soon and in the year 2015, the company has reported a whopping outstanding of $1 billion earned in revenues, and it continues to grow stronger ever since.

What Does Beachbody Offer?

Now we have come to the products of Beachbody.

Beachbody has a huge portfolio of products, and they are all aiming to help people to gain that great body shape.

First and foremost, Beachbody offers the exclusive program called the Beachbody Fitness Programs.

This is unlike the typical commercial fitness programs, this is more like a do it yourself style where you can comfortably use and learn the fitness workouts by watching the training videos.

These training videos vary from the more famous one like the dance workouts, weight loss workouts, cardio workouts, to the more relaxed type like the country heat workouts.

The thing here is, whichever are your needs and what body shape you want, there’s a right pick to suit your needs.

Now, do you think it’s only logical a body workout needs to have the essential nutrition, especially after intense training?

Beachbody thought about it as well.

They provide nutrition based products that aim for after workouts.

The best selling and the most popular by far produced by Beachbody is their signature meal and workout shakes full of vitamins and nutrients called the Shakeology.

Varieties of Beachbody Shakeology drinks

How Do You Earn With Beachbody?

Now we will go through how you can earn with Beachbody.

Beachbody members start to earn whenever they sold the company’s products, in commissions payments.

This earning is called the retail profits earning.

What it means is you get a commission payment of 25 percent every time you sell these products.

Apart from the retail earnings, and if you are really serious to make it big with Beachbody, you can focus to recruit people to join Beachbody business opportunity.

This is where your earnings get big.

It all depends on how you build your team around you in a binary earning side of the income plan.

I am sure now you get excited and at the same time confused, let’s look at the diagram to illustrate how this works.

Beachbody hierarchy placement

Regardless of how good you are to build a team of yours, you still earn 25 percent of the retail profits.

And there’s also no quota to build your team to meet the minimum requirements.

The idea here is they want you to have the flexibility of doing the business.

I would not be surprised because a successful company builds their business for the long term.

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The Pros - What I like About Beachbody

What I found good about Beachbody is that the company is a nationally recognized health and fitness company, with well-known trainers.

Also, unlike some other companies who just throw their products out without any science behind them, Beachbody has a scientific expertise board to ensure the products meet the expectations.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Beachbody

Now let’s look at what are the things that are not going right with Beachbody.

First of all, being at this rapid growth rate, and in this phase of their business, especially at this point in Beachbody’s life cycle, it might not be suitable for everybody.

Beachbody unsuitability for anyone complaint
Low morale values provided within the company structures

Even for those that really have decided to join and build the business with them, they soon find out it’s not that simple at all from their income plans it is not so easy to get it right.

It's extremely hard to earn an income with Beachbody

And lastly, from my research, I have found out there are some medical experts who revealed there are some unknown ingredients found in their number 1 selling products of all time, the Shakeology.

They contain flax, cacao, spirulina, and these medical professionals aren’t sure how much of these ingredients are safe to consume daily.

Is Beachbody A Scam?

My conclusion of this review is that Beachbody is legit and it is not a scam.

Beachbody has so much potential. I would say it is a world class standard.

They have fitness experts, nutrition experts, and then the scientific experts.

However, I would not recommend Beachbody.

Before you go further, you have to realize there are many costs that you need to maintain.

I will tell you in simple term example.

Let say if you want to become a coach, you will have to pay the one time fee of $39.95 plus a monthly fee of $15.95.

There are other costs that are needed as well, like the product you buy or the annual meetups events that can cost you as much as $245, not to mention the cost of room and board, plus eating expenses that can run you to a total of somewhere around $1500.

And last but not least, there’s also the expenses for these expensive superior conference training.

My Final Thoughts

To be successful in Beachbody, you will need a budget big enough to buy their products to sell and have the skill to be able to convince others to buy it.

Unfortunately, most do not and end up with a basement full of products and a very negative feeling to ever achieving any kind of financial success.

The idea behind Beachbody is that you need to recruit as many people under you as possible in order to be successful and those who you recruit should be active too and willing to spend money and time to do the same.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Beachbody, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

Explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity for your financial success.

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I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Beachbody, feel free to leave me comments below.

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