Bellame Review: An MLM Company That Shape The Beauty World Radically

Recently, I have gotten to know an MLM company known as Bellame.

It's a relatively new company ventured within the personal care and beauty industry.

Today, I will be walking you through this unique company in terms of its legitimacy and viability of establishing a connection by becoming one of their unique associates.

If you are here looking for more information about Bellame, this article will get you covered.

So are you ready to begin the exploration into the world of Bellame?


Let’s dive right in without further ado.

Bellame Review Summary

Company: Bellame

Founder: Melissa Thompson

Price: One time payable $99 starter kit

Additional products purchase based on personal preference and budget

Rating: 60/100


Bellame is a relatively new MLM player within the beauty industry.

Founded in the year of 2016, it’s landscaping the industry in a positive and right direction.

Products wise, Bellame does an amazing job with its different categories of consumers' products, particularly within the beauty industry.

Nothing really awesomely spectacular, but then it’s sufficient to "wow" many new and existing members.

As far as the business opportunity is concerned, Bellame offers one of the best platforms to build a thriving business.

Even better, its startup cost is relatively affordable.

So regardless of your state of confidence towards this journey, it doesn’t cost you a fortune to secure a better future financially.

One of the main reasons I personally think that Bellame is going to roar the beauty world significantly is its incredible founder.

She is none other than Melissa Thompson, an astonishing entrepreneur who is intellectually shaping the company positively and radically.

What Is Bellame?

Uniquely founded back in 2016, Bellame has been building a long term authority within the beauty and personal care arena.

Its founder is Melissa Thompson and at the time of writing, Bellame is headquartered in the United States of America.

As a company that adopts the MLM business model and implementations, unsurprisingly, Bellame offers consumer products specifically in the personal care and beauty industry.

One of the core principle of Bellame is the injection of positivity belief into very individuals who entrusted in Bellame capability of transforming life and values radically.

Since its inception, it has accomplished a positive trend of this philosophy remarkably well when approximately 10000 aspiring entrepreneurs join the incredible family of the Bellame style and culture.

Bellame is also join managed by Scott Thompson, the life partner as well as the co-founder who is helping to steer the company to an even greater height.

This togetherness has formed an unbreakable force within the spirit of Bellame to excel and thrive in an unimaginable pace than ever before.

What Does Bellame Offer?

Fundamentally, Bellame ventures into the personal care and beauty industry.

That means it’s offering products that address the well-being of the appearance specifically.

Here's an example of one of their flagship product in its skincare category.

Bellame flagship product the hydrating cleanser

Known as the hydrating cleanser, its unique formulation is the ideal cleanser to help you look gorgeous while maintaining your skin’s radiance at the same time.

Even better, this cleanser has the capability to enhance your facial therapy sensation by acting as a mask.

Here’s another example of its skincare product called the hydrating moisturizer.

Bellame flagship product the hydrating mosturizer

Its uniqueness is going to restore your skin youthfulness to a whole new level.

It’s also uniquely formulated to eliminate dullness and skin’s uneven tone effectively.

Next, let's take a look at another phenomenal product brought to you by Bellame exclusively.

Bellame artistry brush collection skincare tools

Commercially known as the artistry brush collection.

This all in one brush set is designed specifically to enhance the shiningness of your appearance gorgeously.

This kit also contains numerous brushes to spice up your feminineness.

Bellame also offers phenomenal makeup products adding to its arsenal of consumers' products.

Here’s an example of its moisturizing lipstick.

Bellame mosturizing lipstick skincare product

Prepare yourself to face the world boldly with this unique blend of moisturizing lipsticks.

Its ability to enhance your lip appearance boost self-confidence as well as gorgeousness to an unimaginable level.

Next, let us proceed to the business side of Bellame.

Bellame's Compensation Plan

Expectedly, Bellame is adopting the conventional MLM business model with its business implementation at the core.

Fundamentally, there are two main parts of the wealth creation with Bellame.

They are categorized below.

The retail profit

Relatively straightforward and identical to many of the existing MLM players.

As an independent associate representing Bellame, you are consented to purchase products at the distributor's price.

You then can have the luxury to reap a retail commission by marketing the products to your customers at the retail price.

The gap in between is your retail commission.

It’s handsomely increased when you progress and climb up the ranking hierarchy.

Initially, the retail commission is capped at the 25% mark.

The receivable retail commission will be increased gradually as you progress through the affiliate ranking.

Here are all the available affiliate rankings briefly summarized.


Achieve the sales amount of $300 consecutively for 3 months.

When this becomes a reality, you will be awarded this entry-level of ranking.

Senior partner

Recruit a new partner while maintaining a minimum of 500 PV.

By the way, PV is the short abbreviation for point volume. It’s basically a term used by major MLM companies for compensation calculation.

Executive partner

Achieve the requirement of 1000 PV in sales volume.

 Also, recruit a minimum of 3 partners to join this ranking party.


Achieve the minimum monthly 500 PV plus 3000 GV.

Additionally, you are also required to recruit 3 partners who stay active.

GV is the short abbreviation for group volume.

A term used to calculate the sales volume in a network of groups in MLM.

Senior director

The same requirement as the entry-level of directorship above.

Besides, you also need to recruit an active director to join your team.


Identical with the senior director requirement above, plus the additional requirement of recruiting 2 partners and 2 directors.

Diamond director

Meet the based requirements of achieving 500 PV and 3000 GV.

Plus, recruits 4 active directed to earn this title.

Platinum executive director

The most coveted ranking and title within the world of Bellame.

It’s the same requirements as the diamond directorship.

Plus, recruits 6 directors while maintaining the monthly sales volume of $125000 in your downline.

Wow, what a journey of ranking advancement discoveries, my friends!

Achieving these rankings is certainly possible and it will spark a wonderful feeling of excitement.

Uncovering an MLM company compensation plan in its entirety is relatively complex and daunting.

This is due to the sole reason for the compensation designed to be as complicated as possible intentionally.

The core fundamental methods of wealth creation are sufficient to kick start your journey.

The visual explanation of Bellame compensation plan

Have you done discovering the uniqueness of wealth creation with Bellame?

I am glad you are, my friends.


Next, let's discover Bellame's product effectiveness.

Bellame Product Effectiveness

Bellame offers products that address the skin’s radiance.

In this context, it’s relatively subjective as everyone skin’s condition is different from one another.

Also, it’s highly dependent on our skin’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Here, I will be showing you an example of a satisfied user who is praising Bellame's products with positive feedback and results.

This product effectiveness review is presented to you by Melissa McCone, a YouTube star.

She summarized the product effectiveness as satisfying.

Positive skin smoothness and radiance has been achieved.

The only downside of this product is its inability to address skin aging effectively.

In my opinion, this has nothing to do with the ineffectiveness of the products, rather, our body’s DNA genetics structure that causes the aging process to happen naturally.

Here’s the video presented by Melissa McCone.

Sit back and enjoy watching, my friends.

Next, let’s proceed to the eligibility to join Bellame exclusive club.

How To Join Bellame?

Before you are eligible to represent Bellame, there is a requirement of a $99 joining fee.

This one-time payable starter kit contains all the essential materials to kick start your journey flawlessly.

Also, you will be given a personal website to promote your business for an entire year.

Wow, you are getting excited to join the party?

Aren’t you?


I can confidently say that it’s going to be a promising and exciting journey ahead.

Additionally, you are also advised to purchase any of its products based on your preferences and budget level.

Sufficient stocks of products ensure you are fully loaded with enough ammunition whenever you are fighting hard on the battlefield of sales and recruitment.

The Pros - What I like About Bellame

Extraordinary leadership is shown by founder and co-founder

Well, this is one of the main reasons Bellame attracts me hugely.

The founder of Bellame, Melissa Thompson has set the benchmark for landscaping the beauty industry significantly.

The charismatic leadership ability shown is highly acclaimable.

Before the creation of Bellame, Melissa has been excelling in various endeavors within the MLM world.

Her vast experience and expertise have helped in the creation of Bellame that grows and progresses positively.

Besides, her partner who happens to be her beloved husband is a founder of a digital company listed within the Inc top 500 performing list. 

This togetherness showcase the perfect combination for Bellame to thrive and shines in a positive direction.

An opportunity to taste success as the pioneer members

Currently, Bellame is still a relatively newcomer within the MLM beauty arena.

This scenario provides an enormous amount of opportunities to earn as the pioneers.

Statistically, any MLM ventures will grant massive earning opportunities during the beginning phase of creation.

Meaning that, regardless of the future direction and growth result, there are always opportunities to earn when it’s still new and fresh.

Retail commissions emphasized

One of the greatest business implementations showcased by Bellame is its uniquely distinguishable core earning.

Unlike any other conventional MLM players, Bellame has been emphasizing and prioritizing on the retail bonuses hugely.

Meaning that a large amount of your projected income is going to come from personal product promotion.

This scenario also creates a high level of fairness to every associate representing Bellame.

I have provided you a teaser of the potential achievable ranking status earlier, these rankings are the stepping stones for you to grind even harder to share and promote products on a personal level.

Relatively low startup cost

Comparable to any physical bricks and mortar stores, the cost of kick-starting a business with Bellame has been substantially reduced.

In my opinion, that’s the real deal of a genuine opportunity to transform life financially and physically.

Establishing an offline business could be consuming a capital amount of ten of thousands or even touching the six-figure mark.

With Bellame, a thriving business could be potentially built with a capital as low as $99.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest pros possesses by Bellame.

Acclaimable genuineness

The commission compensation part witnessed with Bellame is heavily dependent on retail sales.

This is good news to many doubters thinking that Bellame is a pyramid scheme driven MLM.

That’s not the case at all.

Bellame doesn’t rely on the money from new members to pay its existing members.

Besides, it’s also offering real and tangible products specifically caters to the beauty and personal care industry.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Bellame

Relatively expensive products

It's no secret that products showcased by MLM companies are more pricey than any other similar products offered by commercial brands.

With Bellame, it’s a similar scenario.

Let me illustrate to you what I mean below.

The retail price of Bellame hydrating cleanser

Say you are determined to purchase the hydrating cleanser, it’s retailed at $43.20 for the size of 5 oz.

Now, let’s compare this product with one of the best brands within the skincare and dermatology industry, The Murad Skincare

Here’s the price sold on the official Murad store on Amazon.

The clarifying cleanser by Murad Skincare retail price on Amazon

It’s sold at $30 for the size of 6.75 oz.

As you can see, the clarifying cleanser by Murad is much cheaper than the hydrating cleanser.

The size is also bigger which concludes that hurting your wallet will be inevitable if you are opting for Bellame products.

The beauty industry is highly competitive

Now, here’s the thing my friends, the beauty industry is one of the most expensive industry.

it’s highly saturated due to its vastness.

According to Business Insider, the beauty industry is worth a staggering 532 billion dollars

Now, that’s a pretty huge and jaw-dropping fact!

This level of vastness shows that it’s going to be extremely difficult tapping into it to get a piece of the pie.

Also, Bellame hasn’t targeted the narrowed niche market specifically.

It’s similar to a scenario of a small fish getting lost in the middle of an ocean directionless.

Besides, it takes a fair amount of your saliva to convince individuals who are already comfortable with specific beauty products to be substitute with Bellame's products.

Bothering friends and family members could sour friendships and relationships

It’s part of the game.

The integral part of tasting success with any MLM endeavor is to share the opportunity to as many friends and relatives as possible.

This scenario translates to the complication of ruining friendships and relationships.

It could turn even uglier to be unsalvageable.

Besides, the constant rejection is going to impact your emotion hugely.

My Final Thoughts

Bellame provides an incredible platform to build a thriving business for individuals from all walks of life. 

That being said, its business model isn’t suitable for anyone and everyone.

Success with Bellame is highly dependent on one’s ability to sell, promote, share, convince and ultimately making sales in the process.

That means the mastery of the art of persuasiveness is extremely vital to make this endeavor a success.

If you are someone who possesses this skill and love socializing with people, then achieving success with Bellame is pretty much predictable.

If face to face selling isn’t your cup of tea, there’s an alternative to creating wealth online.

I do suggest a business model known as affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you can trash the concerns of selling in person.

Unattractive daunting face to face selling can be ditched completely with affiliate marketing combined with website and content creation.

This is the path that I pursue that enables me to earn passively.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Bellame, feel free to leave me comments below.

David Lau

David is a big fan, lover of WordPress and websites creation. His passion has empowered him to create this blog to guide like-minded friends to build a solid and thriving affiliate marketing business. Besides creating contents and tweaking web design, he is also passionate about discovering profitable niches for affiliate marketing.

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CinaMatics - February 20, 2020


Lovely review on Bellame. I have never heard of the company although, this brings back memories of “the Avon lady,” coming by to show people her new products. $90 isn’t too bad for joining an MLM, and the beauty business is booming right now. Although the products did seem a bit overpriced when compared to established industry leaders. Proper marketing could help get this MLM off the ground. Thanks for the review!

    David Lau - February 22, 2020

    Hi CinaMatics,

    You are welcome. Yeah, you are right, the cost of joining Bellame isn’t too pricey and it’s relatively affordable.On top of that, Bellame is also one of the best MLM companies that offer top-notch beauty products.

    You made a good point on the proper marketing implementation. I certainly agreed. In my opinion, one of the best methods to kickstart Bellame’s business is to identify your audience precisely.

    Then when combined with the unique selling proposition, the entire business journey could be smoothened significantly.

Patrick - February 20, 2020

Hi. Great review and very concise words. I’m always open to see what new MLM  or affiliate programs have been developed for the online market and whether they are as legit as they make out to be. Theses days it’s almost impossible to track them all and I saw you Gave it a recommendation meaning it’s a good one. But wealthy affiliate got to me first for now. Great post 

    David Lau - February 21, 2020

    Thanks, Patrick.

    I’m totally agreed with you. The sheer vastness of these MLM companies and other online earning opportunities is way beyond what we can grasp.

    Some come and disappear relatively quickly.

    Some remain to show their true genuineness.

    Some are excelling at the highest success peak.

    As far as legitimacy is concerned, it all down to the root of offering genuine values that serve the consumers wholeheartedly.

    Bellame is one of those that I personally recommend and endorse. It’s An MLM that shines positively with true uniqueness and specialness beyond words can describe.

    About the wealthy affiliate that you mentioned, yeah, that’s my other recommendation for wealth creation.

    Not everyone is comfortable with doing sales therefore this alternative path of affiliate marketing could be the right substitute if they are serious about building an online presence.

Chris - February 20, 2020

t’s really amazing to hear of such a company as Bellame!

It is not always that one gets to know of companies that can offer quality beauty products, as well as providing retail benefits for customers to benefit.

The part that got me interested the most was the retail profit part. The ranking hierarchy is really captivating, handsome and yet not so rigid.

Other such platforms that require one to purchase products for retail marketing are mostly complex and challenging.

I really loved this. Great products and cool business benefits. I believe the results will be well worth it.

    David Lau - February 21, 2020

    Thanks for commenting Chris!

    Yeah, you are right.

    Bellame is one of the few companies that is conquering the skincare and beauty world with flying colors!

    It’s excelling in an unimaginable pace and will continue to thrive moving forward.


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