Is Clickworker A Scam? Clickable yet unstable income

Hello all and welcome to my Clickworker review.

Online money making opportunities are ever changing at a scary pace, and that is mainly due to there are lots of people that think they can actually make it work and get a good income. 

With this said, my friends, you have to know what are the real opportunities, are they worth your efforts and how complex is it in order to earn.

So today this review is about a company that pays for your efforts in completing various jobs or assessments within their crowdsourcing platform.

I am sure that you are well aware of this sort of income opportunity but my main purpose of this review is also to let you make a wise decision whether this kind of income is right for you.

So without much delay let’s get right into the things that we will look through in this income opportunity.

Clickworker Review Summary

Program: Clickworker

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No


My friends, nowadays in the modern digital era, we are so used to the digital technological advancements.

With the increased demands for digital needs and because of that, the world now operates in such high tech, that there will always be companies that popped out that claimed to give you an opportunity to earn just by using your computer or your mobile gadgets.

What’s common here is they utilize the technology to their advantage.

So this is basically why a company like Clickworker exists.

They too are giving people an opportunity to earn by providing various offers which I will further discuss in the coming section in this review.

When I first came to know about Clickworker, they are nothing but a typical get paid to work from home type of online income opportunity.

I was surprised that they have come this far and today what they are offering in their member's area I would say is no longer the same as before because the platform has grown enormously.

What Is Clickworker?

Ok, my friends, I am not here and I will not be here to give boring information.

I believe your time is so precious so I will basically walk you through what’s the most important things about Clickworker.

This program was founded back in 2005 and the unique specialty here is it is a German-based company.

We all know how good the Germans are.

We will look for information such as what you will be getting by joining as a member, and what are the differences they have on offers?

There’s a lot of the similar type of sourcing network platforms in the world that usually have a typical crowdsourcing ability that they can offer you tasks, assessments, or mini jobs which they then will reward you after completion.

Like I said earlier, some of you might be skeptic about this kind of income opportunity which is the reason you search for Clickworker review to find out more legitimate information about them.

The platform has changed extensively from where they started in the beginning, and this speaks a lot as a company, especially regarding their innovation and progression.

Changes are also according to the technological world that surrounded us today.

So let’s get to what they are offering as you can further understand what can you expect from Clickworker and what sort of income potential which you can earn with them.

What Does Clickworker Offer?

In this section I will cover the specifics about what they offer to a potential member like you, that’s every reason why you are here as you want to seek for ways to earn an income. 

So without further delay let’s look at the things that you can do as a member of Clickworker.

First and foremost I am sure up till this point you probably already know that this company offer various tasks from a designated crowdsourcing platform. 

My friends, what this means is they provide job offers, various assessments tasks that you can go and do, and yes you guess it right what’s included are depending on your interests and your skills.

Now read it carefully, when we talked about the usual get paid to assignments, normally what comes to our minds are the commonly paid surveys and different mini-jobs.

In this program, there is a special task like writing products description, it means the task will need you to be creative about the information that you are describing when you write the description, and more catchy to catch general attention.

Next up they have the online research tool, as I am sure you know too that sometimes it is not easy to find things that we are looking for especially when the volume comes in.

What you do here is you source and provide info from web research such as a restaurant nearby, the names of services surrounding clients addresses and etc.

Next, there are also tasks like proofreading.

This is where the task is more simplified as you basically work on things like grammar checking, spelling out of a website page, or simply an informative resource.

Do you ever hear of mystery photography by secretly sneaked in to take secret photos?

Yes, what you do here is you go and take photograph displays at certain shops or targeted places that you then submit accordingly.

Now comes the major and the heavy main task called the paid survey.

You complete surveys, there are in depths surveys and less in depths surveys, pay rate is depending on the complexity of these surveys.

Let us take a look at the diagram here and I am sure you will find what are the main areas of task offers where you can go and do within their membership.

Clickworker available tasks

How Do You Earn With Clickworker?

In this section let me show you what kind of income potential and how you can earn with Clickworker.

Before I begin, the below diagram which I extract directly from the program’s website will show you the membership type and the assessment offers.

How to earn with Clickworker

When you first register at Clickworker, you will need to fill out information about yourself, for example, your areas of interests, language skills, and your hobbies just to name a few.

Completion of these will then opens up the tasks that you can go and complete to start earning.

Whenever you complete a task or a mini job, you will be given a score and this score determines what are your next job offers.

You can simply refer to the base assessments and the project assessments.

The next one and the so claimed more advanced types are called the project based assessments. 

These are very specifics and it also requires more skills from you.

So right now I am sure you want to know how much you can earn as a member, let me tell you that it depends heavily on the type of jobs and the complexity of those like I said earlier in my review.

Pay rate varies and it can go as low as 5 cents per mini job to the advanced levels of $11 to $15 per complete task.

Now you might also already wondering how much are these jobs available and how fast will the source platform tasks updated.

Inside this program, there’s a secondary micro platform that they called it the Clickworker Universal Human Relevance System.

Accessing to this gives endless of tasks offers but not everyone can have access to it.

It only opens to countries that have huge demands for micro works and it closes depending on the volume of work completed.

You simply need better luck to get access to these platforms, as it will updates by itself throughout the day.

So the bottom line is that what you can earn in this program is depending on various factors because as you know it.

Your skills, area of interests and where you lived plays an important role to get as many tasks as possible, so when combining all these you might as well earned some income from Clickworker.

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The Pros - What I like About Clickworker

There are many companies that offer similar income opportunities but the main thing to consider here is many of them come and disappeared but Clickworker has been in existence for many years.

With this said, it kind of gives you the confidence needed to believe in the program and move forward together.

They also offer a solid payment system using Paypal.

We all know how good the Paypal is and they have strict rules regarding the companies that use their payment system as a platform to pay its members.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Clickworker

Now, my friends, we have come to the section where we will see what are the things that are going wrong with Clickworker. 

As we all know, the most common ugly facts in regards to these type of online income earning companies are the repeated question of how many work assessments that will be available?

We all want to do as many and maximize the earnings but sadly my friends that’s not the case usually, because why my friends, there is absolutely no guarantee of any constant work offers for you.

I mean look here it basically and obviously tell you that the consistency and the fairness are just not there.

Some might even start calling the word scam.

The below real-time bad experience is from the famous review site ‘the glassdoor’.

Negative customer review of Clickworker

It is also worth noting that with your inconsistent flow of tasks and your earnings are somehow stagnated as they require the minimum amount in order to enable you to withdraw your earnings, and this certainly gives a bad impression to the platform as a whole.

Besides, there are also issues like the technical faulties that keep you away from doing the task offers in a much more efficient way, hence complains and they don’t seem to fix it quickly.

Again here, we can see bad experiences faced by the inconsistency of the job assessments tasks:

Bad experience faced by a real member of Clickworker

Here is another 1-star review regarding how bad they are as they don’t get paid accordingly to something that is full of glitches issues.

Real member feedback of the state of illegitimate

Is Clickworker A Scam?

Now my friends all, we have come to the important part of this review which is, is this income opportunity a scam?

I would say, a scam or not a scam, it actually depended on the tasks that you received and are able to complete without glitches or hassles, and those must be paid in withdrawals via Paypal.

From what my extensive research about them, many are indeed get paid but the questions remained how many more out there that don’t stand a chance to even taste a withdrawal.

The key to any success in joining an online income program is always taking into consideration how stable you can earn.

But sadly speaking you don’t get the stable income in Clickworker.

With that said, I conclude that Clickworker is not a scam.

They even have the mobile app now where you can download and you have a more convenient way to start to do the work assessment tasks.

My Final Thoughts

As far as I know from my research via various sources before writing this review, those that really earn with Clickworker are only the very minority group, they could be somehow for whatever reasons getting more work offers than the rest but even with this positive scenario,

It won’t last long because why?

Simply due to the fact even if you happen to live somewhere and based on your skills or interests you get lots of tasks and start building your persistent flow of income that’s no promises that these works won’t dry up at some point.

Without hesitation and right to the logic, I have to straight to the point and tell you, my friends, that it is not much that you can earn with them.

You came to this for a reason whether you are only seeking a part-time kind of income or you want to earn way more than that, the fact here remains your earnings are very unstable.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Clickworker, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Clickworker, feel free to leave me comments below.

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