DXN Review: An MLM Company That Redefines The Landscape Of Ganoderma Lucidum

If you are a coffee lover, a sip of a freshly brewed coffee makes your day right?

It makes my day.

Even better, if the coffee is aroma filled with roasted coffee beans.

Chances are, your passion for coffee has attracted your friends approaching you to kick-start a coffee business based on ganoderma lucidum?

Maybe your friends tried to convince you for a change of coffee?

Perhaps you have tried the sensational taste of lingzhi coffee.

Maybe you are getting excited about the unique opportunity and products based on ganoderma lucidum?

Maybe you are here do discover if this company has the potentiality of making you rich and wealthy while obtaining optimum health?

Yeah, you are right.

I am talking about a unique MLM company known as DXN.

In this review, I will talk about the pros and cons, the overview of the company, as well as the legitimacy and viability of building a business with them.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

DXN Review Summary

Company: DXN

Founder: Dr. Lim Siow Jin

Price: $20 one time distributor registration fee.
Products purchase based on personal preference and budget.

Rating: 80/100


DXN is a company that fundamentally shaping the landscape of the lingzhi industry hugely.

An industry leader within the MLM world that provides an opportunity to thrive in the business world.

Product-wise, it has one of the most diverse products choices that you could potentially sell to your customers

One of the good things I love about DXN is its wide array of products that helps in marketability.

When it comes to business opportunity, DXN does provide a relatively acceptable compensation.

Bonuses that will boost your earning as an associate.

Besides, its low startup cost is a big plus to get started with DXN flawlessly.

Combined with an arsenal of top-notch products, you have the full flexibility to choose any products that you would like to promote.

If you are an MLM opportunity seeker, then DXN will not disappoint in every aspect.

What Is DXN?

DXN is an MLM company founded by Dr. Lim Siow Jin in 1993.

It's a Malaysian based MLM company that expanded its wings to other parts of the world such as the United States and Canada.

One of the fabulousness of DXN is its venture into the distinctive niche market within the broad healthcare industry.

A niche market known as ganoderma lucidum.

Some people call it lingzhi or miraculous mushroom.

Now that’s why I said this is an extremely unique niche market.

So what is ganoderma lucidum exactly? 

Well, it’s a form of mushroom grown in the mountain initially discovered by the ancient civilization.

The consumption of this mushroom has been proven to boost human health metabolism hugely.

It’s also believed that the ancient Chinese regard this unique mushroom as the mushroom of immortality.

It was widely used by royal families such as the emperors to prolong their lifespan.

Studies have been carried out to discover even more active ingredients that ganoderma lucidum possessess that are beneficial to humanity.

DXN is one of the pioneer MLM companies that ventured into the ganoderma lucidum arena.

The other one is known as Gano Excel, coincidentally it’s also an MLM company from Malaysia that thrives in the field of ganoderma lucidum.

Having expertise in this field for almost three decades, today, DXN is recognized as one of the best companies that thrive in the ganoderma lucidum industry.

What Does DXN Offer?

Remember I mentioned about coffee at the beginning of this article?

Well, entrepreneurs across the world are working hard to tap into this lucrative and massive coffee industry.

There are countless weight loss coffee, instant coffee, even customizable coffee available commercially in the market.

Now, DXN is not any different.

Its flagship product is the famous 3 in 1 lingzhi coffee.

Let's take a look below.

DXN 3 in 1 lingzhi coffee flagship product

The goodness of ganoderma lucidum is highly appreciatable, how about mixing ganoderma lucidum with coffee?

That’s a brilliant idea to boost health while maintaining your daily needs for coffee intake.

By the way, lingzhi is used as the name commercially that is because some people are unaware of the scientific name of this miraculous mushroom.

Therefore the name lingzhi is much more recognizable in terms of market values and consumers' awareness.

Lingzhi is the herbal name of ganoderma lucidum.

From this part on, I will be using the lingzhi term instead of ganoderma lucidum.

This 3 in 1 lingzhi coffee is not ordinary instant coffee available in the market.

Its coffee powder is blended with the best coffee beans for maximum coffee satisfaction.

It’s also mixed with lingzhi extracts which are the main USP of this product. 

Consumers are longing for the goodness of lingzhi while enjoying their favorite cup of coffee.

DXN has made this a reality for happy consumers.

Next, let’s discover one of its flagship product known as Ganocelium.

DXN Ganocelium flagship product

Now, this is the real deal if you are determined to boost wellness to a whole new level. 

It’s no secret that the ancient rich and wealthy people in China has been consuming this superfood quietly to boost well-being and lifespan.

During that time, farmers have to climb to the mountains to harvest this unique mushroom.

Today, modern science and technology have enabled the manufacturing process to be simplified.

Active ingredients found in the celium mushroom are extracted and manufactured into capsules form for even better absorption.

Constant consumption will boost wellness and body metabolism unimaginably.

DXN has been diversifying its products range hugely.

In almost 3 decades, it’s now capable of manufacturing an ocean of products outside of the healthcare arena.

Here are some of the examples of diversified product categorization.

- Personal care products

- Skincare and cosmetics products

- Household products

- Apparel products

- Water treatment products

- Home appliances products

The healthcare category has a myriad of products showcased.

Now, with all the different diversifications, DXN has arguably one of the most diverse products in the MLM world.

Next, let me show you a special product.

A commonly found product that you don’t normally see in the product line of any MLM company.

Here’s what I just meant.

DXN pineapple jam product

Wow, it’s the pineapple jam.

Visually, this product does not entice or sparks your interest right?

It’s too common.

But then, hey, wait for a second, my friends! 

This is not an ordinary commercial pineapple jam.

It’s enriched with lingzhi for a healthier spread on your breakfast bread.

Yeah, that’s right my friends.

This is lingzhi plus pineapple jam.

Next, how about a product from its skincare department?

I am curiously wanting to discover the skincare side of DXN.

Here’s an example of its ganozhi complete skincare set.

DXN Ganozhi complete skincare set product

Every skincare companies have their own innovation stories to boast and brag about to enhance exposure and increase marketability.

Now, the innovative technology involved with DXN is essentially its proprietary active lingzhi extract embedded and mixed with all the products.

This complete skincare set has three products combination.

They are the liquid cleanser, toner as well as the moisturizer.

It’s the ideal skincare set to boost your skin’s youthfulness, elasticity, and radiance to a whole new level.

Why lingzhi is so powerful to maximize healthcare and beauty?

Well, it’s all because of the active ingredient found in the lingzhi mushroom.

According to sciencedirect, there are currently approximately 400 active ingredients possessed by the reishi lingzhi family. 

Scientists are still working hard to discover even more active ingredients found in lingzhi.

So do we need that much nutrients for our body?

You asked.

That's a good question, my friends.

Well, the answer is, it depends.

It’s also highly dependant on the individual’s body constitution as everyone has different DNA construction, diets, lifestyle and nutrients absorption ability.

But then here’s the thing, my friends, the human body is smart.

It knows exactly which nutrients it needs when you consume nutritional supplement.

The unwanted nutrients will be expelled out of the body accordingly.

Next, let’s continue to the business side of DXN.

DXN's Compensation Plan

We know that DXN is an MLM company.

That means understandably and fundamentally, its compensation part will reward you based on the product sales and recruitment.

Human behavior is extremely complex.

Many people are aware of this but they are unwilling to accept the fact boldly.

It’s a highly debatable subject though.

If you agreed that it’s the truth, then you have just found yourself an even higher magnitude of complexity.

It’s the complex compensation plans for every MLM company.

It’s written intentionally though.

DXN has a complex compensation plan especially the residual and recruitments side.

As usual, various rankings unlock different bonuses when achieved.

Additionally, it also has PV percentage rewards when you achieved the required PV achievements.

Here are the two major ways to earn with DXN summarized.

The Retail Bonus

This is one of the easiest ways to earn.

When you represent DXN to promote products to your customers, you are reaping the potential sales bonus.

When sales happen, the difference between the distributor price and the retail price is your retail profit.

If you are hardworking, you can amplify your earning with this retail bonus.

As I have mentioned earlier, DXN offers plethoras of consumers and healthcare products.

This vastness ensures that you are loaded with ammunition to enter the battlefield.

I am sure someone is going to enjoy the DXN's incredible product awesomeness.

Next part is the downline building

The Recruitment Bonuses

This part of the compensation gets relatively exciting and overwhelming.

DXN offers various ranking bonuses.

A lot by the way!

These climbable rankings will unlock specific bonuses.

You as an independent associate representing DXN can maximize earning through its recruitment bonuses.

Your job is to recruit as many people as possible to be placed under your hierarchy tree.

Once you have accomplished the first tier of required members, your next job is to train your recruits to replicate your steps.

This cycle goes on and on multiple levels deep.

That’s how you can reap the fruition of residual income through its recruitment bonuses.

In my opinion, it’s not a necessity to comprehend everything about DXN's compensation.

It’s confusing and daunting to a big extent.

The two ways that I mentioned above are sufficient to get you rolling to generate income right away.

But if you are keen and determined to make this journey a success and you insist on learning everything, here's the video presentation that will walk you through the entire DXN compensation comprehensively.

Sit back and be prepared to clear your mind for massive information.

You might also need a pen to jot down the important part of its compensation.

Have you done with the information absorption?


Your high level of determination is highly respected.

Next, let’s proceed to discover how to join DXN to be part of their family members.

How to join DXN?

Unlike others, DXN does not require prospective members to commit to expensive product purchases.

Instead, all you have to do is to pay a one-time associate registration fee of $20.

This is the only amount you need to pay to become one of the prestigious associates of DXN.

Additionally, optional products are available to purchase.

With so many products offers by DXN, you surely can have all the flexibility of choosing the right product to promote to your customers.

It’s completely your choice and your decision.

The Pros - What I like About DXN

They are thriving and still thriving

If you are a fan of lingzhi, then most probably, you won’t be unfamiliar with the existence of DXN.

An authoritative brand that excels in the world of lingzhi.

With less than 3 decades of business progression, DXN has done an incredible job steering the direction of the industry positively.

Also, in terms of popularity, DXN is now an MLM company that is walking the journey with over 9 million distributors worldwide.

That’s an accomplishment that deserves a big round of applause.

Low startup cost

As I mentioned earlier, the cost to join forces with DXN is relatively affordable.

This is the scenario that you don’t normally see with other MLM companies.

An ocean of products

DXN ventured into the lingzhi industry initially.

Over the years, they have been producing lots of daily consumer products.

If you are serious to build a business with DXN, then product diverseness is going to present you with massive earning potential.

The togetherness of DXN's culture

DXN is growing rapidly as the clock ticks.

It is now dominating in terms of consumers' acceptance as well as distributors' trust.

There’s a saying that says soloness has a limitation.

It slows your progression hugely, but the power of a team prevails. It can conquer mountains.

That’s exactly the current culture within the internal family of DXN.

No one walks the journey alone.

There are like-minded individuals just like yourself that live with the spirit of DXN.

A massive family that bloom and triumphs with the bonding of togetherness.

The Cons - What I Dislike About DXN

Precious friendships and relationships could be potentially ruined

Supposedly, the easiest way for you to kick-start your journey with DXN is to approach close friends and family members.

This is also a more practical way of not getting stuck and felt discomfort.

Now, there’s a downside to it.

While it strengthens your courage to approach these people, the most obvious downside is the potentiality of ruining friendships and relationships.

It could be even uglier when the situation got out of control when you are the sole blame for the aggressive sales approach.

It’s hard to present lingzhi to your prospective customers

Now, here’s the thing my friends, people long to live healthily but that doesn’t mean everyone will be accepting lingzhi wholeheartedly.

The fact is that the nutritional supplement from lingzhi is not commonly accepted.

So you need to nail it down brainstorming your target audience precisely.

My Final Thoughts

Honestly speaking, if you are determined to make the journey with DXN a success, then you will be routinely accompanied by the actions of face to face selling and product presentations.

If doing sales is not something that you wish, then there’s an alternative to earn money in the online world.

I do recommend affiliate marketing

It’s one of the most sought after business model that enables wealth creation to be simplified.

II hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to DXN, feel free to leave me comments below.

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