Is Fast Cash Club A Scam? $2000 Daily Or Pure Lies?

Have you stumbled upon this particular program and wondering if it's a real deal to make money legitimately?

Recently, I have gotten to know this program and decided to research to dig deeper what it has to offer.

Today, I will be walking you through this program known as the Fast Cash Club.

We will discover their state of legitimacy together.

I will also be revealing the commonly asked questions such as "Am I able to make money with them"? and "Are they a scam"?

More importantly, revealing the truth of their bold claim of generating a lucrative $2000 daily income.

Is that amount realistic?

Or is that even possible?

Let's find out together, shall we?

Here we go, let's get started.

Fast Cash Club Review Summary

Product: Fast Cash Club

Founder: John Harris (Unreal)

Price: $37

Rating: 10/100

Recommended: No


The Fast Cash Club is undoubtedly lost track and steered sideway.

Since the total failure of their previous ventures in binary options, I am staying away from this as there are way too many red flags that ruin their legitimacy.

Their websites have been taken down as the time of writing, also, their entire genuineness is highly questionable.

With the price of $37, I don't think it's worth paying for a couple of private label pdf contents.

On top of that, the training tutorials about e-commerce are obtainable easily on the internet.

I highly suggest you avoid this if you are looking for ways to earn money online.

The Fast Cash Club isn't the solution.

What Is Fast Cash Club?

So this is yet another overhyped ClickBank product that claims the capability of making you a hefty $2000 daily.

Now, before we dive deeper specifically about this part, first of all, let's discover who is the founder.

The Fast Cash Club is founded by John Harris. It's a complete paid platform where you will be taught the concept of e-commerce to make an income online. 

Firstly, you are required to submit your email to them, once verification is done, you will be directed to a pretty straightforward and simple member's area.

Here, you are required to pay $37 to gain access to their platform and become their member.

Guess what you will be getting once you have made the payment to join them?

An entire proprietary blueprint to start generating profit with e-commerce?

Their proven success-driven $2000 per month formulas?

Nope, disappointingly, none of the above is within your possession once you joined them.

Then what is the stuff that they are giving?

A bunch of useless ebooks?

Not entirely as well.

Now, let me point out straight.

They are offering zero to absolutely no value at all.

When you paid $37, you will be getting 3 readable and printable PDF article contents.

Yeah, that's it. You will be getting these 3 article contents to get started with e-commerce specifically with dropshipping.

That's all that you will be getting for your money.

Let's take a look here.

Here's their member's area.

Here are the three core PDF contents that you will be getting.

How Do You Earn With Fast Cash Club?

So e-commerce with dropshipping right?

Undoubtedly, e-commerce is becoming a norm within the online space.

You have even probably heard of e-commerce stores that have achieved tremendous success within a short period. 

Millionaires have been made thanks to the revolutionary trend of online shopping.

With the Fast Cash Club, those PDFs material will be guiding you on how to kick start your very first e-commerce store on the internet.

The basic steps include how to choose the right and profitable niche for your e-commerce store.

And then followed by the fundamental approach and technique implementations to kick start your very own unique Shopify store. 

Here's the summary of how you can make money with them.

Firstly, you are required to pay the $37 membership fee.

Second, you download the PDF files provided to you and read through all of them to comprehend the meaning of e-commerce.

Third, you will then start to subscribe to Shopify to build your online store.

Fourth, once everything has been set up, you will then have to wait for the sales to come in.

That's the whole process of how you can make money with the Fast Cash Club. 

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The Pros - What I like About Fast Cash Club

Leveraging the concept of e-commerce

The e-commerce industry is an emerging trend in today's effortless shopping.

A new level of satisfying shopping experience has been made possible with the revolutionary trend of e-commerce.

According to socialmediatoday, the e-commerce industry is growing healthily yearly and is projected to reach $4.18 billions by 2021.

That's a pretty astonishing projection growth.

This scenario indicates that e-commerce is growing at an unstoppable pace.

60 days money-back guarantee 

As usual, this is a ClickBank product and consumers are protected with their 60 days money-back guarantee policy.

Not entirely happy with this product?

Just submit your refund request to get your money back. 

The Cons - What I Dislike About Fast Cash Club

Unreal and fake founder

We have gotten to know that the founder of the Fast Cash Club is John Harris right?

Now, the first question is who is John Harris?

Is he even real?

The answer is nope.

John Harris is a fake name intentionally used to boost trust and make them looks genuine.

Now, here's the thing my friend, I have been reviewing the make money online products for quite some time, I can confidently tell you that this is the number one fakeness that truly irresponsible and unacceptable.

A big thumbs down to whoever that's behind this fakeness creation. 

Fake testimonials

It's pretty normal these days, those potential scams and scammers are leveraging the Fiverr freelance service to produce fake testimonials to boost exposure and trust. 

So as usual, the individuals that were presenting the testimonials are hired to do so.

None of the claims mentioned are real.

Gone with the winds website

Apparently, the Fast Cash Club website has been taken down or having some flaw moments at the time of writing.

Let's take a look below, I was unable to access their website and it has been taken down for whatever reasons. 

Unsurprisingly, this is part of their scamming tactics of creating fake products.

Here's what I mean.

They were a binary options site previously.

Not long later, they move their direction to this valueless PDF tutorials to scams potentials customers.

Truthfully, this time they are doing the same.

Gone, literally gone.

My goodness.

Valueless product for the price of $37

Now, I wouldn't mind paying 37 bucks if the training material is deemed useful and valuable.

With the Fast Cash Club, what you will be getting are 3 copies of pretty standard articles contents.

I mean, honestly, these so-called e-commerce PDF contents can be easily obtainable via a simple Google search.

More importantly, there are lots of even better and more comprehensive e-commerce tutorials available absolutely for free.

If you are passionate about creating an e-commerce online stores, then I highly suggest you seek more authoritative content on the internet.

Here's an example of authoritative in-depth content about how to get started with e-commerce by one of the most influential people within the online world Neil Patel.

Now, that's what I called informational and valuable content.

The contents that you will be getting with $37 is nowhere comparable to this one.

Even worst, the contents that are presented are purely not unique and compiled with private label rights reusable contents.

If you are curious about what is private label right?

It's the form of reusable contents created by an author who allows other people to reuse his work, edit them and make it theirs.

Thus, the whole context of uniqueness is gone.

What's the point of paying $37 for plr contents right?

Extremely unrealistic income claims

$2000 per day with Shopify huh?

Who wouldn't want that sort of financial success?

I want it, and I am sure none of us will be resisting this lucrative income.

Now, here's the thing my friend, visualizing this sort of income success is satisfying, making it a reality is another story.

Somehow we have to come back to the real world and realize that it's pretty much an unrealistic expectation.

What's the difference between this sort of lucrativeness with a get rich quick ponzi scheme?


To make thing even worst, this is claimed to be achievable with an e-commerce store.

Surely, tremendous success is certainly achievable with e-commerce business when implemented correctly and strategically.

With the Fast Cash Club, it looks more like a gamble and overnight riches instead.

Product incompleteness

The e-commerce tutorials contents are not comprehensively presented.

Let me ask you a question, do you think a massive success with e-commerce is achievable simply with 3 ebooks PDF contents?

The answer is pretty obvious, right?

E-commerce is not very practical and recommended for beginners to kickstart their online business. 

To excel in e-commerce, there's a myriad of combinations of puzzles that needed to be solved. 

For examples:

- The education

- The strategy implementations

- Conversion testing

- Products sourcing

- Customers' behavior comprehension

- Marketing techniques

- Effectiveness of retargeting

- Choosing the right niche

- Identifying your audience

- Identifying your product unique selling propositions

- Building trust and authority

The list goes on and on...

As you can see, e-commerce certainly is not as easy as it seems to be.

So does any of the content offered with your membership cover any of the above in more depths?


Thus the issue of unworthiness occur. 

The dropshipping model could be daunting and tedious

Let me explain to you why here.

The dropshipping industry has been tightly attached with e-commerce.

The phenomenal Shopify that empowers most of the online e-commerce merchants on the internet provides in-depth tutorials about how to effectively get started with e-commerce with dropshipping.

Now, dropshipping could be a salvation when it comes to simplifying your e-commerce journey.

But then, the majority of the first-timers are always hit by roadblocks.

Here's the thing my friend, for you to create successful online stores, first you need products.

Product creation could be tedious and resources demanding.

The solutions to most of the Shopify stores are leveraging dropshipping to power up their business.

But then the biggest drawback of dropshipping is the tediousness of acquiring a genuine supplier and merchants.

You have to source for reliable genuine merchants that are willing to ship your items directly to your customers.

Also, the lack of quality of the product could be an issue.

As you know it, most of the drop-shipper is from China and they might even be delivering lower quality products without your consent or awareness. 

This could lead to serious trustworthiness on your end. 

Is Fast Cash Club A Scam?

By first sight, the entire platform itself is a flaw.

Not only is the website has been mysteriously disappeared, but the paid membership is also deemed worthless with very little values provided. 

With the price of $37, it is not worth it.

Oo top of that, false income claim that sparks your interest is extremely unethical.

Whoever that is operating the Fast Cash Club is doing this deliberately to lure potential victims.

The entire fakeness has been uglily exposed.

I highly recommend you to avoid this and never fall for this trap.

Paying $37 for 3 PDF contents is not worth it at all.

Yeah, I can surely conclude that the Fast Cash Club is a real scam.

Not only is their product valueless, but they also have a previous bad record of scamming as well.

Namely preying victims in the dark and dirty binary options space.

A word of precaution is to stay away from this at all cost. 

My Final Thoughts

With so many options and directions you can choose to kickstart a real and solid online business, it certainly looks daunting and overwhelming.

Personally, I have chosen an evergreen business model known as affiliate marketing

A business concept that is landscaping the online business world.

It enables me to build a solid online business based on my passion and hobby.

For example, if you are passionate about hiking and outdoor exploration, an entire affiliate marketing business can be built with your unique passion.

You can share your personal touch and opinions on hiking tips, outdoor activities suggestions for the weekends, sharing product recommendations about hiking gears and so on.

The best part is you can earn money while sharing and connecting with audiences just like yourself all around the world.

isn't it amazing?

So, I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Fast Cash Club, feel free to leave me comments below.

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