Is FusionCash A Scam? A GPT Program That Pays In US Dollar Cash Terms

Hello all and welcome to my FusionCash review.

With the tension of difficulties searching and securing a good income paying jobs, more and more folks are turning to the online world, every day, in the hope of getting an income.

It is as equally challenging as the offline world but still, these people will not stop until they found something that works wonderfully, even if that means more time sacrifice or even money spent or burnt.

One of the key areas where folks like them can get some income with no upfront investment or any joining fee is got to be the popular GPT arena.

The signing up is easy and they can start earning to ease their pressure and pain of torture and pressuring faced in their offline job, the more you earn will mean the more tired and freak you became because your boss will ultimately squeeze more results and performances out of you.

You are here and you think it is easy in the online world but that is not entirely accurate either so without much further delay I will introduce to you a program of its kind that allows folks to earn some extra income. 

So whether are you aware or not the name of the program which I am going to talk about today is FusionCash.

Let us check this out and see if you are better firing your boss or you can’t afford any mistake doing your job.

FusionCash Review Summary

Program: FusionCash

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


The main idea behind FusionCash is they as a GPT business model will bring together both the advertisers and the end users or they called this their potential customers.

These partners of theirs are allocating different methods of work and assignment tasks which they will bridge over to folks who prefer doing them to earn some income via the platform of FusionCash.

The more members they have will ensure they meet the requirements set by these advertisers as they bring in the big bucks and budgets for their multiple project campaigns.

Things that you can do include the usual surveys, offerings, testing product samples to some extent doing things that you already are doing anyway with or without the involvement of these GPT income programs.

They are merely offering an exciting and attractive platform that link you to earning some dollars when you choose to complete the different tasks that their partners wanted to accomplish.

What Is FusionCash?

It is looking increasingly amazing that people started to realize all they had to do is just register a free account with the program and then they can start earning, and yes they are right.

FusionCash is a program that does this, by just signing up with them, the program pays you $5 immediately credited to your member's account.

If you are wondering or hesitating about their trustworthiness, fear no more as this is one of the very few programs that really honoring what their business claims.

They claim that they had over 5 million members and they had also claimed that they had paid more than 3 million in withdrawals since the start of the program back in 2006, it is still outstanding for a GPT program to last for more than 12 years.

The more you want to earn with the program the more they will grow as a company because they grow confidence from their partnership advertisers.

They are the only reason why the program is still standing strong and also the only reason why you are here to earning some extra dollars with them.

They also have some interesting tasks that most would love.

Let me just stop for a moment by asking you, any one of you here that don’t watch Youtube every day or listening to music on Spotify?

I am a fan of Youtube and a music lover as well.

Watching media contents and listening to music has been a part of my life.

Yes you have guessed it correctly they are simple yet they are rewarding back, people tend to be skeptical.

When they realize the logic behind but just think for a moment isn’t it make sense if you walk into a supermart and you started looking for bargains deals for items that you wanted to buy?

I will explain to you further about the potential income that you can get in this program and what sort of future income realistically are up for grab.

What Does FusionCash Offer?

The main concept behind the income stream is they source out the various paid tasks that will benefit the members and that they will also meet their target set by their partners to attract more inflow of funds.

This is the strategic calls behind the GPT program.

First, you register for free as a member of FusionCash, and then you will receive 5 US Dollar credited to you.

The registration is snappy with just a few key data information needed.

Let’s take a look at their registration form below.

FusionCash signup page

After you have registered, you shall be able to log in to the member's area, this is the place where you will be monitoring your overall account balance, and what are the available jobs that you can participate based on hourly to daily.

FusionCash member's dashboard

The very first thing that you must do before anything else is to straightaway complete your account profile, this is so important as this area actually determines what kind of surveys that you will participate later.

Completing this important step also allows them to better understand your interests and your areas of qualifications before they can pass the surveys to you.

All of these are according to what they are required to do by the terms set by their partners so meaning this varies from location to location and your area of skills.

The advertisers only have a main mission to achieve, that is the targeted audience for their product campaign or any upcoming relevance product studies.

The survey can spend you anywhere from 14 minutes to 35 minutes approximately, for the more detailed case studies

FusionCash paid surveys amount

Another main area of the offer from the program is in the form of product testing or software testing.

You get to test a product before they are launched or testing software for various bug fixes and software version enhancement, this usually is called beta testers but in here you get paid to do these tests.

For those members that love to go from town to town and discover places, they also offer these members a compensated trip.

All they ought to do is show up as a secrecy shopper.

The main idea here is to use these mystery products to send back to their labs for product evaluation.

These are common for the market competition where the brand wants to outpace their competitor brand to gain cheaper product cost with better product quality, it is very useful because they will send these spies in a secret way.

FusionCash product evaluation

Next, that follow up is the different mini work offers, one of them is the program’s own search engine, this engine is useful because for every qualified search performed, you earn some US Cents.

The more searched bring you more earned cents.

Other than this, they also offer playing video games mainly online casinos.

What members need to do is make a deposit and then earn by playing these games and if you can win a lot then you will get back the cash bonuses for every round of the game you played.

Play casino games to earn with FusionCash

Besides the entertaining games, the program also rewards members for watching online videos, for a fully buffered video you will get a reward to your accounts, again not much few US cents per video buffered and watched.

One unique thing about FusionCash is they offer payments for members by using your mobile phone to make a voice calls.

What’s needed to do here is when the call is engaged you will have to speak with marketing personals and you answer questions based on what they asked you, basically a bunch of questions about product knowledge and your interests in these products so nothing more to it.

FusionCash paid to make calls

And lastly for music lovers, you just get rewarded by streaming music online, it is not the Spotify streaming type but it’s their partner's music streaming platform, for example, a radio streaming.

How Do You Earn With FusionCash?

My friends, in this section I will explain the ways for you to earn money in this program and what are the potential income target that you can expect from this GPT paying site.

First of everything, you will earn 5 USD just by registering with them, this account activation bonus, together with your other earnings will eligible you to perform a withdrawal payment in due course.

FusionCash  signup bonus

Next, you can start to take the surveys when you are qualified to do so, and the earnings for doing the surveys varies from less than 1 buck to a few bucks depending on the type of surveys that you are doing.

From my research studies on members earnings, the income you can get, possible earning in the surveys section is from 8 USD to less than 50 USD monthly as the surveys are not always available.

This section earns you the most US Dollars as they are the core tasks of this program.

Next, you will also be earning anywhere from 3 cents per minute for streaming their radio music channel.

All you need to do is to continuously stream them and you continue to get the few cents credited to you.

Yes, these are some extra cents that you can accumulate towards your overall account balance.

If you are a shopper, they also offer you payment when you buy products online.

It can be a product from one of their featured merchandise.

What you earn here is quite decent as you can get up to 8 US Dollar or more after a purchase is confirmed.

Become a shopper to earn with FusionCash

Next up we had the payments for game lovers.

Earning here is from 15 US cents for every 1 US Dollar that you spent playing these games.

The catch here is you have to be good at winnings the games then you can get all your deposit back plus your profits, if not you could well be losing some money playing the games.

The games offered are mainly the online casino slot machines games, though they do have other adventure games which you can compete with other competitive players.

Other areas are the earnings for every qualified search that you perform using their search engines or watching the online videos from their paid advertisers.

All of these are going to earn you US cents, not even a dollar so these are small pieces of extra cents to be earned.

Unlike the other GPT programs that use gift cards as a reward for your work, this program offers only pure cash terms so every dollar earned can be cashed out to your Paypal account.

The minimum requirement for requesting payment, your account must have 25 US Dollars or more.

Worth taking note that this program prefers to hire a proper financial team for taking care of the payment validations.

So they only process payments on the 20th of every month so be sure to withdraw before the date and it will still require up to 5 working days for the money to be transferred to your Paypal account.

How much you could earn here is not that much, after adding up all of the tasks that you are qualified to do, the most you can expect an income projection of less than 50 US Dollars.

With some luck and more diligence, you could well get that little extra, but it still will be nowhere near 100 US Dollars or more.

I spent time on various research about their income potential and ended up knowing there are just some extra bucks for the majority of the members.

FusionCash potential income
FusionCash Paypal paid amount

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The Pros - What I like About FusionCash

Hey, my friends isn’t it good if you can know what are the good things about a paying GPT site, so let me tell you that this program is distinguished in some of the areas.

First of all, they credit cash for the completed surveys to your account in just less than 10 minutes.

These are real US Dollars currency that you can cash out on the monthly payment schedule.

And the next obvious good thing about them is they pay everything in cash so no tricks for getting fooled by exchanging to gift cards and so on.

Besides, they also have a members only forum where you can actively involve in discussions, and for every active poster in the forum, the program will pay you 3 US Dollar as a token of appreciation.

The Cons - What I Dislike About FusionCash

Even for a good program as FusionCash, there’s still 1 or 2 things that I have observed which can be further improved on.

The very first bad thing is the constant dissatisfaction mood members are facing about the frequent spams or junk advertisement emails that they received.

This can be solved if members choose an email which specifically serves the needs for this program so it will be more manageable.

Member feedback of the difficulty of earning with FusionCash

Another downside is it is quite a challenge to get to the minimum of 25 US Dollars minimum amount needed to open your doors for cash withdrawals.

As you would have imagined, not all members are so lucky to get that many surveys even though they are equally hard working with much efforts inserted into the works.

Member feedback of the unworthiness of joining FusionCash
Member feedback the long duration to reach cashout threshold

And lastly the program will suspend your account after a period of passive mode so this means you have to make sure you log in to do tasks without leaving your account untouched for a period of time, as it will mean bye bye to your membership.

Is FusionCash A Scam?

My friends, in this section of my review, straight to the point I had to conclude this review by telling you that FusionCash is not a scam.

People like me and perhaps millions out there right now appreciate their work and we have to witness how difficult these days to find a good paying program.

Even though they had small issues but those are nothing compared to the business side that they had brought to their members.

They are also different as they pay for streaming music as we could think as of now 10 out of 10 people will love to stream music and enjoy listening to their favorite songs.

Not to forget they have lasted for the last 12 years and still paying members month after month, and that’s a key stats provided as due diligence.

Payments had crossed 3 million US Dollars mark and they are also one of the very few GPT sites that had achieved an A + rating on the BBB.

FusionCash BBB rating

Yes, it is reported multiple times that it is hard to meet the amount of 25 US Dollars but I believe you can get that done somehow as they are not going to be dusted tomorrow or next month, it will be here for a decade to come.

My Final Thoughts

No matter how good a paying GPT program can be, in the end, you will still pretty much earning a small amount of income.

This is if they are legitimate paying programs and there are tons out there who scam you in different ways behind the scenes.

So if you are aware of the income limitation, you should be wise to make a firm decision.

FusionCash can make you earn a little side income but definitely not the full income potential that you would think otherwise because I believe you are smart to know it yourself.

Also, the time spent for doing these surveys are quite a lot and if you are only happy with a 50 US Dollars paycheck then you are most welcome in this planet of theirs as they pay you as promised.

However, if you are here for a better-aimed income then this GPT place is not for you as you would have got so much more with the same effort invested.

I am not here to bash them as they are good, I am just giving my review so from my conclusion this program is not for most of us that want a better way to earn an income and there are qualities programs out there as I am writing now.

People are earning better with a better and wiser decision so can you.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with FusionCash, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to FusionCash, feel free to leave me comments below.

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