Genistar Review: A Top-notch Financial MLM Company Reviewed

We have been nurtured the importance of financial security since young.

Financial investments in terms of life insurance and medical insurance are the most widely practiced these days.

Today, I will be discussing a relatively established financial company known as Genistar.

Maybe you have heard of it before.

Maybe you are here to discover more information before joining.

Or you are here to find out how to get started with Genistar.

In this review, I will be addressing a few components of this company such as its state of legitimacy, how you will be compensated, as well as the viability of building a career with this company.

So without further ado, let's get started.

Genistar Review Summary

Company: Genistar

Founder: Jeff Lestz

Price: $140 one time registration fee
(Includes extensive training and examination cost)

Rating: 80/100


A financial company based in the United Kingdom, Genistar is arguably the best performers within the personal finance industry.

Its strict requirements for consultants' eligibility is also highly acclaimable.

Product-wise, it offers various financial services such as life insurance and medical insurance.

In terms of compensations, it has a fairly acceptable retail sales bonus.

For example, its base retail bonus of 25% is relatively satisfying.

Overall, it's a top-notch financial company that is capable of taking the pole position in this industry.

Its vast business management experience is also helping to shape the landscape of the entire industry to progress brilliantly.

A better alternative

If you are here looking to generate an income with Genistar, this is the company that will not disappoint in most of the aspects.

That being said, the mandatory requirement of doing face to face presentation could still be daunting to a huge extent.

If you are not attracted to the never-ending face to face presentation, then I highly suggest you seek an alternative in the online world.

An online business based on the affiliate marketing business model combined with a website and content creation.

What Is Genistar?

Genistar is a United Kingdom based financial company founded in 2007 by Jeff Lestz.

It's also one of the few unique financial companies that adopt the MLM implementation.

Meaning that it has a recruitment element within its business organization such as the various leadership rankings, as well as a hierarchical structure.

Its MLM structure is uniquely different from the rest of the MLM players which I will explain later in the article.

As one of the relatively established financial companies, its direction has been steered positively and brilliantly by its founder.

A good sign that it will continue to shine and prosper to a greater height of success.

What Does This Company Offer?

Genistar offers various flagship financial services that serve the personal finance industry.

Here are some of its flagship services offered.

Personal finance

I'm sure everyone has short and long term financial goals for themselves.

Whether these goals are accomplishable, it's another scenario.

Genistar has all the experience and expertise to help you achieve your personal financial goals so that you can secure a better future for yourself and your family members.

This service aims to identify your current financial status, such as your income level compared with your expenses.

Genistar's professional consultant will then help you with managing your finances to its fullest potential.

Personal finance illustration

Life insurance

Life is full of ups and downs.

The unexpected scenarios could happen resulting in happiness being robbed away completely.

Now, even though these scenarios are somehow unpredictable, but then the after effect of the financial burdens is preventable.

That's why it's extremely crucial that you invest in life insurance.

The life insurance field is Genistar's area of expertise.

So in case of any unplanned life event, you can have absolute peace of mind with Genistar.

Insurance policy illustration

Debt Solutions

They say a debtless life translates to an unimaginable sense of happiness.

I do agree with this statement.

When you are debts free, it's like a whole load of life's baggage been thrown right into the deep ocean.

Life could be very unforgiving when circumstances get tough and go sideways resulting in endless financial difficulties.

I'm sure many people are suffering from various debts that seem impossible to settle.

This shadow will cause nightmares and countless sleepless nights.

It cripples our life to a huge extent.

Wanna manage debts professionally?

Genistar has you covered completely in this aspect.

Debts calculation illustration

Genistar's Compensation Plan

I'm not a fan of complications.

As peculiar as it seems, MLM companies usually have complicated compensation plans.

These plans are written such to be misleading, and until today, I'm still clueless of why is that happening.

However, I personally don't think that it's necessary to discover everything about these plans in the entirety right away.

With Genistar, it's a fairly similar case.

Its compensation plans are complex.

It's also an MLM company that heavily emphasized on the hierarchy rankings.

Meaning that you will be rewarded with various leader status when you have successfully achieved specific goals within the company.

Here, I will summarize the essential ways of getting compensated with Genistar.

The retail bonus

The retail bonus side of Genistar is relatively unique.

As you know, Genistar doesn't offer tangible physical products.

Instead, it's offering professional financial services that serve the specific niche market.

As an independent representative representing Genistar, you are eligible to promote any of the Genistar's services to your prospective customers.

Whenever you have successfully convinced someone to sign up for any financial services, you will be rewarded with the retail bonus.

The retail bonus starts with a base of 25%.

As you make progression within Genistar's organization, an additional percentage of the retail bonus will be unlocked.

Keep in mind that this part of the compensation is based on your individual's effort and commitment.

You will be going out to meet your client independently.

This company also offers valuable training for its certified financial consultants, but when it comes to real actions, you are entering the battlefield independently.

So what does it mean by "certified consultants"?

You asked.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, Genistar is a fairly unique financial company.

It doesn't allow everyone to join its family even if you are ready to come up with the membership fee.

You need to go through its various financial examinations.

They have a team to evaluate your skills and ability.

When you are ready, then only you will be given green light to promote their services.

This business decision ensures that only the qualified candidates who are knowledgeable in the financial field are given a badge of financial consultant.

The residual bonus

This is the bonus that is heavily focused on recruitment.

As I said earlier, once you have successfully passed the financial examinations, you will be given consent to recruit qualified financial consultants just like yourself.

The illustration is similar to the conventional network hierarchy.

You have to do the recruitment part, and then you train your downlines to replicate the same recruitment concept.

The amount of wealth that you could potentially earn is highly dependant on your team's ability to recruit.

Your downlines are also encouraged to promote financial services while recruiting.

That way, it will speed up the earning process while establishing your unique foundation and presence in the financial niche market.

There are also the climbable leader rankings that will unlock even more residual bonuses in your progression.

How To Join Genistar?

As I mentioned earlier, not everyone who wants to join Genistar will be accepted right away.

They have to go through specific financial examinations.

Once you have successfully passed the required examination evaluation, you will be welcomed into its big family with a warm heart.

The cost to join is fixed at $140.

This amount is payable only once and it comes with various training.

The examination fee is also included in this payment.

So it's a fairly straightforward way to join Genistar, and it's simplified for the best interest of the company as well as the financial consultants.

The Pros - What I like About Genistar

Trustworthy founder

There's a saying that goes like this:

"Be an expert in one field, not in every field."

That's exactly the level of dedication and professionalism showcased by the founder himself.

Jeff Lestz has been involved in the financial services industry for more than 4 decades.

45 years to be exact at the time of writing.

He knows every ins and outs of the financial world, so his skills and reputation are unquestionable.

I'm not sure is there any other entrepreneurs who can pass the test of time of four and a half decades.

Even if these unique individuals do exist, I'm certain that it's awfully fewer numbers.

Unique niche market

Genistar is one of the few MLM companies that ventured into the personal finance industry.

This is a good business approach as most of the MLM companies are serving the most crowded niche market such as the healthcare and skincare industries.

In my opinion, this is a good business approach that distinguishes Genistar from the rest.

Limitless growth potential

The personal finance industry is one of the most lucrative in the 21st century.

As I've mentioned earlier in the post, everyone is looking for ways to secure their finances for a better future.

According to statista dot com, the total traded values in the personal finance industry is estimated at $1537987 million

That's a pretty staggering figure.

This is only the total transacted amount for the first 4 months,

We are only in the second quarter of the year at the time of writing.

This industry is also projected a positive growth of 20.3% by the end of 2023.

Pretty phenomenal right?

Quality control of representatives

The fact that Genistar doesn't just accept everyone into its family shows a high level of excellence.

The high-quality control within its members is highly acclaimable.

It ensures that only the most qualified members are consented to represent Genistar.

For example, if you are passionate about a specific area within the personal finance space say the life insurance industry, then there's a mandatory examination that you have to endure and pass.

You can only go out there to promote Genistar's life insurance policies when you are deemed qualified and certified.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Genistar

High level of competitiveness

I 've just talked about the lucrativeness of the personal finance industry earlier.

The seven figures million dollars industry is not going anywhere downstream.

This scenario translates to a high level of competition within Genistar's organization.

You will find yourself competing against fellow consultants who are also representing Genistar.

A situation that you need to adapt and live with.

Besides, there are also competitions outside of the Genistar organization.

For example, many insurance agents representing the big brothers such as Prudential, AIA, Great Eastern are some of the toughest competition you need to endure.

Friendships and relationships could turn sour

One of the easiest ways for you to kickstart your journey with Genistar is to approach your friends and family members.

Although it might seem to be fairly productive in the short term, it surely has flaws in the long term.

Bothering friends and family members is the most unethical way to generate sales, in my opinion.

My Final Thoughts

If you are here seeking for a way to build an empire within the personal finance industry, Genistar certainly is capable of helping you achieve your goal.

If you are passionate about any fields within the personal finance industry, Genistar can also help to attain your financial goals through its platform.

Establishing a personal branding ie certainly made possible with its high-quality control of consultant's qualification.

The only downside though is the implementation of MLM structure.

You will constantly find yourself doing face to face presentation and pitching.

That will become a part of your life as a Genistar's financial consultant.

If you dislike face to face presentation, then there's an alternative to wealth creation in the online world.

An online business based on the affiliate marketing business model combined with a website and content creation.

This is the business model that empowers individuals from all walks of life to earn extraordinary in the long term, if implemented correctly and strategically.

The best part of it is that you can partner with almost indefinite merchants in pretty much any niche market imaginable.

There are almost 500 million products and services that you could potentially promote to generate profits with your online business.

Additionally, you also have the luxury to partner with merchants that are already gaining market traction and consumers' acceptance.

On top of that, this business model doesn't hurt your wallet to get started.

All you need is a passion and the willingness to learn and take action.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Genistar, feel free to leave me comments below.

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