Is GiftHulk A Scam? You Need To Be Lucky To Even Earn A $20 With Them

Hello all and welcome to my GiftHulk review.

The ever-growing GPT arena is attracting a lot of potentials especially from people who just cannot get an income after they tried and tried.

This is basically due to the online virtual world, there’s a lot of programs that need initial investments yet they cannot give you any assurance that you will earn any sort of money and worse you could lose it all when they decided to pack up and walked away.

Because these people are finding difficulties in securing a good place to earn online and at the same time they are equally struggling to impress their daily job’s boss not to sack them.

Hence from day to day they are facing massive pressures of producing more results so that they can keep up with the high standards required by their bosses.

With all these sufferings and pains eventually make them think and try some online ventures and they soon will find out there’s a place called the GPT place, where you can join for free and then you get to be compensated in rewards for your every effort so this sounds like their cup of tea to ease their pain a little, which sets them up the journey into the GPT places.

So today the program that I am going to talk to you my friends, is yet another GPT program by the name of GiftHulk.

Don’t be mistaken by the name which said Hulk, as you would want to know how likely the chances of you have found a good place to earn some extra income.

Without further delaying, I will now start to talk about GiftHulk and I wish you a pleasant reading and to get the information that you are looking for, so good luck.

GiftHulk Review Summary

Program: GiftHulk

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 25/100

Recommended: No


This GPT site is another one of the newer GPT that come around to this arena.

They claimed they are using their advanced platform to create a bridge to link up these income seekers with their paid advertising partners.

You see the logic behind this is they get to study their product campaign strategies by looking into details what are the best method to target the buyers market so they need people to voice their opinions.

At the same time people are willing to do this because they are rewarded for every second that they spent, and by the way, they will do it because they are members of the GPT platform and they know they have some dollars to be earned in here so why not.

In the end, all parties will walk out as eventual winners, some win more and some win less and because of this the GPT site is gaining popularity and that will attract more determined partnership, hence they can provide their platform to more members and the system will then repeat.

What Is GiftHulk? 

GiftHulk is a GPT site that created by a group of like-minded business owners, that they are also well ahead of the thinking out of the box where they sense a place that can link people to the advertiser’s needs by providing a digital platform, where everyone can earn with something that they are already doing.

For example, people are spending massive hours watching Youtube and with this said who wouldn’t want to earn some dollars while watching online videos right?

That’s exactly the logic laid in here, so basically, the owners of GiftHulk started a platform which benefits all parties involved.

GiftHulk has been around for some years, yes, they are not as reputated as some of the pioneers GPT programs but with just some short years they have already gained massive popularity by their own diligence and market innovations.

And to date they are well heard in the GPT arena with total payments exceeded 1.5 million US Dollars, and you can argue that’s not a big amount or that’s not a big deal, but think for a moment they have this program sets up in just a few years so to achieve these results is a good achievement as a whole.

What Does GiftHulk Offer?

As the name of the program that said Gift, it means this GPT site is primarily focused on giving gifts cards as a reward for their members.

GiftHulk member sign up page

First of all, you will have to register for free and after you have done so, they will send a confirmation email to your registered email, and you have to make sure you do not use a junk email address because they will not spam you with loads of spams and advertisements unlike the other GPT programs.

Why I am saying this is that GiftHulk is somewhat different as they take it seriously about members need to use a valid active email because after you have verified your email address to your member's profile, they will reward you 250 Hulk Coins.

Before I go further I want to give you a sweet taste of what it looks like inside their member's area because this will be the membership that you are deciding to join so it might be important to you.

GiftHulk member's dashboard

Here, they use their own membership internal currency points which they refer to as the Hulk Coins. Every 1000 Hulk Coins earned is equal to 1 United States Dollar.

And how the Hulk Coins work is very straight forward, you first participate in their various tasks and once you have completed them you will earn the Hulk Coins which you can then use to redeem for gift cards or exchange to real United States Dollar cashout.

How to earn with GiftHulk

The main areas of this GPT site’s offering are none other than the survey tasks, and to know whether you are qualified or not in doing the survey, it depends on your profile information, where they will assess your qualifications and your field of interests to link you to the suitable advertiser’s marketing campaign.

In most cases, they are a series of questions with case studies evaluation on certain new launched products that need to have more brand awareness to better market their products.

It is not very often you can do this survey as the chances of getting disqualified are huge therefore you are using a bit of luck in this category of the main task provided.

GiftHulk  surveys availability
Signing up for a survey task with GiftHulk

Besides the main category of the paid surveys, another key area is video games.

These games are ranging from some online casino version to the more casual adventure games as there’s different interest from the different type of gamers.

It is no surprise why they mainly target on playing online casino games because this is the biggest market and you will have to make a deposit in order to compete with other players.

You can win and you can also lose as it works just like the odds from the actual offline real casino.

Play games to earn with GiftHulk

After the casino games, comes the different mini tasks like watching videos, and doing a paid search engine searches.

GiftHulk available tasks

All of these are not rewarding a lot nevertheless it still will add up to your overall earnings as they reward you the US Dollar cents.

How Do You Earn With GiftHulk?

Now, my friends, I will further explain what is the income potential that you can expect to get so I think this section is the most important one, therefore, you should pay close attention to what I have to say.

First of everything else, you will get 600 Hulk Coins just by your determination to kick start the membership with them.

And as I explained earlier regarding their Hulk Coins, 600 Hulk Coins is equal to 60 USD Cents.

Next, while you are busy with completing your profile information, you can also have a chance to earn some little Hulk Coins by getting involved with setting up your prize goal.

With this effort of yours, you get rewarded 50 Hulk Coins.

Set earning goals with GiftHulk

Now comes the main important earning areas where there are several ways where you can earn with GiftHulk.

Before I start let’s take a quick glance at the diagram below which explain how comprehensive and unique terms of earning with the program, and it certainly comes with excitements and funs.

Ways to earn money with GiftHulk

First of all, you can earn using their main category of task section called the paid Hulk surveys.

The pay rate is different depending on the complexity of each individual survey.

There is some reported scenario whereby a member spent 15 minutes on a survey to get rewarded 26 USD Cents.

There are also cases where some members, with a bit of luck they get a much better reward.

Next up, we have the games category where you can really earn some serious dollars here if you know how and the luck is with you.

Play games to earn money with GiftHulk

Earning with playing these games are heavily depended on your skills competing with other players or the games system itself.

Some of the games require you to make a deposit before you can win their prize rewards so this will create a win-loss ratio, and should you have the confidence to win the odds, then you can win more than losing in overall rounds.

Next up, if you ever take notice of your members area section to your left-hand side, you will discover there’s a DAILY BONUS BAR, how it works is pretty logical as it will directly show you the points needed to get to your daily points target, hence you will get the daily bonus according to the bar shown.

GiftHulk daily bonus

After all of these sections of earnings with GiftHulk, now we have arrived in the various mini-tasks where they will also earn you some cents to cents on a daily basis.

Take note that here you won’t be getting a lot like the name of the game here is accumulate as many coins as possible to make it big as overall earnings.

These are targeted click offers because of, for every advertisement click, you get rewarded in a few cents. Then comes the paid searches like I mentioned earlier on.

Here, you have to perform as many qualified searches and as long as your search criteria meet their requirements, they will trace those up and you get rewarded in a few USD Cents.

You could also be earning some Hulk Coins for streaming and watching some paid videos.

Pay rate here is also depended on the type of the products advertised in these videos and should a product campaign is massive on the marketing budget, you will also be getting more as a reward.

In the world of GiftHulk, they use an internal currency Coins based system called the Hulk Coins.

I already explained to you earlier but just to give you a better understanding of what they deliver to you like the rewards.

You can choose to get rewards using Hulk Coins to exchange for hundreds or more of their partner’s merchandise in gift cards.

Every best buy from their merchant list will show you the exact coins needed to claim the products.

You can also choose to get your Hulk Coins to transfer to your Paypal account, the program initially advertises there is no minimum required to get the payment to your Paypal.

But later, they changed their terms to a minimum threshold of 5 USD before you can request to be paid to your Paypal account, and that’s 5000 of total Hulk Coins needed.

Besides the options listed above, they also offer a unique method for members to further boost their income by having a bid offering service.

How it works is simple as you can select an amount of Hulk Coins to bid in return to try winning a Paypal redemption of let say, a 10 USD Paypal voucher.

If the bids fail, your coins will also be gone but at least you can set the minimum amount to try to win the bigger prize voucher.

Get paid with Paypal
Received amount from GiftHulk

Now in terms of how much US Dollars you will be getting here, let me seriously tell you that there’s really not much that you can ever earn with GiftHulk.

Because their rewards based ratio is very low, so this means that you are doing a lot of their tasks and in the end, the most you could walk out in your pocket is nowhere near the 20 to 30 US Dollars income, this is how bad the income earning potential.

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The Pros - What I like About GiftHulk

With the usual GPT site, the most important factor that counts towards their overall success is member’s success.

Because it’s the members that drive their community and in return, they got to attract more advertisers to join as working partners so it creates an overall mutual win situation.

This program is not above the general standard because one of the reason is they are only been around for few years in this arena so with that said, there are not many good things about them whether from their management side or from their financial payment side.

The only possible good thing about GiftHulk is they will show you how likely you can get to your daily targeted Coins Rewards in a programmer’s code, where it is very accurate projection.

I don’t often see this from other GPT sites so this definitely is something that they have made it work wonderfully well and I am sure members will appreciate this piece of technology as well.

The Cons - What I Dislike About GiftHulk

Now, regarding their ugly side, as always they are all related to late payments complains or initially still receiving payments and then the payments are coming late and eventually they totally stopped coming altogether.

The complaints that are constantly flowing into various forum boards, or certain program reviews site regarding late payments and no payments are a lot so this could be a potential BEWARE notice.

No payment complain from one of their partners

If a program stops paying, it is as good as a dead program, or whichever way that they opt to do only selective payments, this is something worse than using dirty tricks to scam members money.

The thing here is they can walk away without paying but at least don’t fool and treat the members as though they are stupid because they had put in sweat and effort to do the tasks from their site.

So this is definitely a bad intention trying to screw members and upsetting them in every way.

Real member complain of ceased payments
Real member feedback of not getting rewards

And frustrated to tell you that once again, carefully examining the famous trusted review site called the Survey Police, easily found out there are tons of complaints again, related to angry members do not get the payments as promised to them, so much sweat and efforts are gone without getting anything.

Ceased payment on a large scale by GiftHulk

Again showing how terrible that this GPT site has chosen the road to completely stop paying on a large scale until most of the members already so disappointed and then they started to shout it out on the Trust Pilot review site.

Member complain of payments ceased

Is GiftHulk A Scam?

There’s absolutely no other way to scan and study a GPT site until you get deep into it and then picture after picture started to emerge in front of you, then you know how possibly they could scam you without paying you anything.

The thing here with GiftHulk, is they can simply don’t pay but they make good use of their scam tactics to the highest levels by intelligently making you believe that they are a real paying site.

And then once they have collected all these tasks to submit to their partners they will then slowly showing signs of unwillingly to pay you anything despite their rewards system showed in their website.

This is a terrible action because members are misled as if they are still doing well and they will still continue to contribute to their tasks.

One might argue that this is not important because, at the end of the day, members are also using them to earn themselves some money.

But hey this is extremely important because what their intention is not going to harm the company’s advertising campaign but bringing them new ideas and opinions from the mass market.

With all these careful and detailed analysis, I hereby will have to tell you that this GPT site is a potential scam, as I have also seen some payments are flowing into selective members so it could be a sign of an upcoming scam and you have to proceed with full alertness.

I will certainly call it they might pay you or they will scam you and not paying a single cent.

My Final Thoughts

There’s a lot of things that can be happening in every GPT site as you can earn with ease of mind and that could all suddenly changed as quickly as the next day simply because they are controlling their aces and not you.

To put things in uglier terms, you are only considered as a slave that willingly to do their surveys or whatever tasks that they offer to you.

And if you happen to meet good paying GPT site at least you get some condolences knowing the peanuts dollars and cents will eventually be paid to you despite taking you a lot of time in the process.

What if you have put so much of your time and effort in hope to gain some income from them and you happen to step on worthless GPT sites which will use every trick as a behind the scenes scamming elements.

The sad thing is, not a lot will know about this dark element tricks as majority came as the first timer.

Even if a GPT site is paying, there’s still involving a lot of the risk as to how much work and time you need to commit and then you only walk out to earn the amount that only enough to buy you a burger?

I would not be recommending any of the GPT sites as general, worst is those sites that have already started showing pictures that they are about to scam all the members.

The signs are obvious in selective payments and many are already complaining that they are not getting paid at all.

So by all means, I would fully suggest you stay alert and fully beware of this GPT site as they are still sticking around to haunt new victims.

They will still continue to do the friendly neighborhood nice claims about their payments and rewards claimed to make you believe further.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with GiftHulk, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

If you are searching for ways to earn in the online world, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to GiftHulk, feel free to leave me comments below.

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