Healx Nutrition Review: An MLM Company That Thrives In The CBD industry

The CBD industry is booming recently. Individuals with fear and anxiety are turning to CBD products to manage their psychological health concerns.

Today, I will be reviewing a unique CBD MLM company known as Healx Nutrition.

Maybe you have been approached by representatives from this company to try its CBD products.

Maybe you are seeking for an opportunity to earn with Healx Nutrition.

Or you want to find out whether this company is legitimate or otherwise.

This review is written specifically to answer your questions about Healx Nutrition.

I will be discussing its overall background, the pros, and cons, how you will be compensated, its legitimacy as well as suitability to be its affiliates.

So without further ado, let's get started.

Healx Nutrition Review Summary

Company: Healx Nutrition

Founder: Peter Gantner

Price: $20 affiliate registration fee (Renewable annually)
Optional products purchase based on your preference and budget

Rating: 60/100


Healx Nutrition is one of the top MLM players that offer phenomenal CBD oil products.

The entire manufacturing process goes through 5 phases of testing before reaching the consumer's hand.

This is one of the accolades worthy to be acclaimed.

As far as compensations are concerned, this company offers relatively lucrative compensations especially its residual bonuses.

The 28% cumulative bonuses unlock an ocean of limitless earning opportunities.

Even better, the combination of the unilevel placement to as deep as three-level is going to put smiles on your face.

Overall, a pretty decent MLM company that offers an opportunity to build a business with CBD oil.

A better alternative

If you are here seeking to build an income for the long term, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model combined with a website and content creation.

This is the business path that doesn't require you to sell in person.

So you can finally ditch the scary face to face selling while still capable of earning decently.

What Is Healx Nutrition?

Healx Nutrition is an emerging CBD MLM company based in Colorado, The United States.

It was founded by Peter Gantner to serve the specific distinctive niche market within the wellness industry.

I'm sure you are aware that psychological health issues are on the rise.

Besides seeking authentic medication, people are also turning to natural hemp and CBD oil to manage suffering conditions.

Healx Nutrition is one of the few MLM companies that provide various CBD products to serve this group of audience.

It has a partnership with Panacea Life Sciences, a health and science company that manufactures quality CBD oils and hemp products to mass merchants and companies.

Through this unbreakable collaboration, Healx Nutrition is able to provide the best CBD related products to its consumers.

Some of the flagship products that Healx Nutrition offers are the golden 1500mg and Heighten.

What Does This Company Offer?

Healx Nutrition offers some pretty spectacular CBD related products.

It even has CBD products catered to your pets.

Let's take a look at some of its products.

Healx Nutrition Heighten product illustration

This is a flagship product by Healx Nutrition. It has 30 CBD dietary supplement soft gels.

It contains less than 0.3% of THC which is ideal for any certified commercial CBD products.

Constant consumption will boost general well being, improves sleeping disorders as well as managing stress and anxiety.

Next, here's another phenomenal product brought to you exclusively by Healx Nutrition.

Healx Nutrition Tru-Relief Product illustration

Circumstances in life could be unpredictable, it leads to emotional and stressful moments.

This product address various emotional concerns such as fear, anxiety, and a sense of hopelessness.

It's formulated with CBD at its core, blended into the soothing balm to obtain emotional calmness.

Let's look at another product.

Healx Nutrition Yummies Product illustration

This is arguably one of the best CBD products offered by Healx Nutrition.

It contains 0% THC. Yeah, you heard that right, my friends!

Normally, 0.3% of THC is already certified safe for consumption, with the Yummy, its quality is boosted with zero THC. Pretty amazing right?

It's a chewable gummy with CBD ingredients.

So get ready to boost your wellbeing to the next level with this product.

Next, here's another product illustration.

Healx Nutrition XPress product illustration

This is another product without THC. A proud CBD supplement offered by Healx Nutrition.

Known as XPress, it has 30 tablets of cannabidiol supplements.

Each tablet contains 25mg cannabidiol.

Next, here's another CBD hemp oil product.

Healx Nutrition Golden product illustration

This product falls under the Golden series.

It has two variants which are the 500mg nd 1500 mg of hemp oil.

Since this product has a hemp oil ingredient, it means that 0.3% THC is contained in it.

It won't make you sedated, but rather, acts as a therapy to boost calmness and the ultimate emotional peacefulness.

If you are keen to discover every product that Healx Nutrition offer, here's a video presentation that showcases comprehensively.

Healx's Nutrition's Compensation Plan

MLM usually have relatively complex compensation plans.

These plans are designed and written to be misleading and difficult to understand even for the MLM veterans.

Now, Healx Nutrition isn't any different.

In this section, I will summarize all the essential ways of being compensated by Healx Nutrition.

In my opinion, it's not necessary to grasp its compensation plans in the entirety,

It could be daunting and make you scratch your head clueless.

So here are the essential ways of getting compensated.

The retail bonus

Fundamentally, this is the most direct approach rewarding you for the effort of selling in person.

As an affiliate representing Healx Nutrition, you are consented to purchase any of its products to promote to your prospective consumers.

When you have successfully convinced someone to buy, you earn the retail bonus.

The price difference between the distributor and the retail price is your earnable bonus.

Keep in mind that this is the compensation reward based on your effort and hard work.

You will need to go out there to the battlefield promoting various CBD products independently to individual's prospective customers.

That's why this part of the sales process can also be regarded as direct selling. 

The residual bonus

This is the bonus that unlocks unlimited earning potential.

Healx Nutrition has a fairly lucrative unilevel hierarchy compensation.

You and the entire team also known as a network will be rewarded with various bonuses as deep as the third level.

Pretty astonishing compensation, in my opinion.

The first level achievement unlocks an eighteen percent of the residual bonus.

The second level unlocks four percent and subsequently, the third level unlocks six percent.

That's an insane 28% of residual bonuses!

On top of that, don't forget that this part of the compensation is based on the unilevel network placement.

Meaning that your entire team will grow bigger in number as the depth of the hierarchy level evolves.

That's the beauty of the residual bonus combined with unilevel network placing implementation.

Take a moment to ponder the level of lucrativeness you could possibly reap?

It's massively lucrative, right?

If you are skillful in the art of convincing, this part of the compensation will unlock an ocean of limitless wealth for you and your entire team.

How to join Healx Nutrition ?

If you are interested to join Healx Nutrition, one of the mandatory requirements is to be its affiliate.

The cost to be its independent affiliate is $20, renewable annually.

Another thing worth mentioning is that if you are a sales elite and have the skill in marketing, this fee could be potentially waived.

All you need to do is to achieve a total of $200 retail sales.

Additionally, there are various CBD products available for purchase to load up your ammunition on the battlefield.

It's fairly understandable as you will need products to kickstart your journey with Healx Nutrition.

How much you need to spend on a product purchase is completely up to you.

You are in total control and have the flexibility of buying your desired products.

The Pros - What I like About Healx Nutrition 

Top-notch CBD products

CBD oil has become a substitute for professional medication treatment for common psychological sicknesses such as stress, sleeping disorders, and anxiety.

There are lots of wellness companies that are leveraging the popularity of the CBD oil industry.

You can observe products from every spectrum imaginable.

Both independent merchants as well as MLM companies.

So what are the traits that make Healx Nutrition a class of its own?

What makes Healx Nutrition a candidate to win the battle of supremacy?

Well, in my opinion, it has everything to do with product innovation.

The finished products that preserve all the goodness of the natural cannabidiol ingredients.

Healx Nutrition is capable of sitting at the highest throne because of its unique manufacturing process.

All of its products go through 5 stages of the stringent testing process.

Not many companies have the expertise and resources to do just that.

Affordable affiliate registration fee

MLM companies don't just open their door widely welcoming everyone to join their families.

No, It doesn't work like this in the MLM world.

Every MLM company requires you to pay a certain amount of registration fees.

Healx Nutrition excels the most beating its competitors to the ground in this aspect.

The relatively low startup fee also means that you don't need to hurt your wallet to get started.

CBD oil is a big industry

The world is going through rapid modernization. this scenario also means that humans are more intelligent than ever before.

For example, most of the industries will be powered by artificial intelligence in the near foreseeable future.

The bad side of culture improvement translates to more mental illness issues.

So as the saying goes, when there are problems that need solutions, the opportunity to profit is right there.

According to tech navio dot com, the CBD oil industry will grow positively from 2020 onwards.

Its profitability is projected to be $3.52 billion.

So, if you are passionate about helping people with psychology sickness, now is the best chance to pursue this path.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Healx Nutrition

Unnecessary MLM implementation

The direct selling implementation of MLM is highly debatable.
Its effectiveness also sparks unending arguments.

Although this is a highly subjective topic, I still think the commercial road is a better path for Healx Nutrition.

You see, people hate MLMs for a reason.

The most obvious has to be the neverending direct selling approach.

So as far as skepticism is concerned, direct sales products aren't going to gain much penetration compared to commercialized products.

That's the truth, it takes a whole load of the saliva to convince someone just to notice an MLM product let alone making sales.

Bothering friends and family members

Wanna know what's the worse thing that could possibly happen in your MLM journey?

Well, it's the potentiality of ruining friendships and relationships.

One of the easiest ways to kickstart your MLM endeavor is to approach all your friends and family members.

Understandably, that's a practical approach.

This method is also encouraged by your uplines and leaders.

They will keep telling you that you need a thick face in this business, otherwise your wallet's thickness will be significantly reduced.

Now, get to work to identify and list down all your friends and family members as your prospective customers to pitch.

If you have joined any MLM companies before, then you surely know how the story will be unfolded.

The situation could get ugly to the extent of unsalvageable.

My Final Thoughts

Healx Nutrition is an excellent MLM company that offers a phenomenal platform to build an MLM business.

Its nature of offering CBD oil products also means that there are profits to be made when implemented correctly.

That being said, its MLM business implementations require you to do a lot of face to face selling and presentations that could lead to rejection.

If you dislike any of the daunting and unattractive selling in person or the hecticness of building up a team of marketers, then there's an alternative to wealth creation in the online world.

An online business based on affiliate marketing combined with a website and content creation.

One of the awesomeness of affiliate marketing is that it doesn't hurt your wallet to get started.

All you need is to identify your unique passion with the willingness to learn and take action.

Another great thing about this business model is the opportunity to partner with the established merchants that are already gaining market traction and consumers' trust.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel.

This is the business model that empowers ordinary folks to earn extraordinary income.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Healx Nutrition, feel free to leave me comments below.

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