iGalen Review: A Wellness MLM Company That Set The Benchmark For Ultimate Success

Boosting healthcare with nutritional supplements has become the norm these days.

Chances are, you have been approached by your close friends or relatives to experience the new revolutionary nutritional supplement products.

Maybe you have been informed of the importance of maintaining optimum wellness while generating some handsome income?

Maybe you are still skeptical and decided to do further research?

Perhaps you are pushed to join a particular MLM company but reluctantly hold back due to many uncertainties in your mind?

The MLM company that I was talking about is iGalen.

Today, I will be reviewing this unique MLM company comprehensively.

Topics that I will be covering include its state of legitimacy, the pros, the cons, how you will be earning money as well as the viability of building a business with it.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

iGalen Review Summary

Company: iGalen

Founder: Mr. Chan Heng Fai

Price: $29.95 distributor registration fee (Renewable annually)
Product package starts with $79.95

Rating: 60/100


iGalen is a newcomer within the MLM arena.

It’s founded by credible founder Mr. Chan Heng Fai and cofounder Rajen Manicka.

Based in the Southeast Asian region of Singapore, iGalen has since gone through transformational expansion to other parts of the world.

Product-wise, it has two products that serve the subset of the wellness industry.

This scenario translates to a blessing and a curse.

The good part is you can narrow down the concentration to identify the specific niche audience.

The bad part is the lack of expandability.

The earning part seems relatively lucrative.

Its retail bonus that pays 10 to 35% is a sneak preview of the entire lucrativeness.

If you like face to face selling, iGalen showcased a good opportunity to build a business.

What Is iGalen?

iGalen is s relatively new MLM company that serves the subset of the wellness industry which is the nutritional supplements.

Uniquely founded by Mr. Chan Heng Fai, it’s a Singaporean MLM company.

Very seldom you see MLM company being set up in the Southeast Asian region.

One of the most famous MLM companies from this part of the world is none other than Gano Excel.

A company that has achieved phenomenal success worldwide.

Now, iGalen certainly join in the party with its inception.

Singaporeans are famous for their efficiency and work ethics.

I am sure Mr. Chan certainly possesses the good traits that make Singaporean so successful.

Before venturing into the MLM business, Mr. Chan is an influential icon within the corporate world in Singapore.

The decision to diversify his area of expertise has led to the creation of iGalen.

Igalen was also co-founded with Rajen Manicka.

A certified pharmacist with a doctorate in Holistic Medicine.

The combined expertise of the duo forms an unbreakable alliance within the organization of iGalen.

What Does iGalen Offer?

As I have just mentioned, the cofounder of iGalen is a doctorate pharmacist majoring in holistic medicine

Therefore, iGalen product certainly has a connection with it.

Being a brand new company, iGalen has two flagship products available to consumers.

Let’s discover them one by one.

Here is the first product known as Emulin Plus E.

iGalen Emulin Plus E flagship product

We know that carbohydrate is important to energize our body making sure we are fit to carry our daily routines. 

How about when carbohydrates are over-consumed?

Well, it could potentially lead to the formation of fat in the bloodstream.

Excessive fat in our blood can cause weight gain as well as diabetes

Now, that’s when this product comes into action.

It contains the essential minerals to stabilized the extra carbohydrates that were consumed.

Here’s the thing my friends, the effectiveness of the healthcare product vary from individuals to individuals.

It is also highly dependent on our body's constitution, genetic structure, so on and so forth.

Next, here’s the second product.

iGalen Klamax flagship product

Known as Klamax.

It’s a nutritional supplements products that contain essentials minerals such as the amino acid and fatty acid.

It’s also formulated from the natural algae extracted from the Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. 

Klamax is the daily supplements that boost well-being in terms of managing oxidation, immune system, nervous system, calmness as well as anti-inflammation.

Next, let’s proceed to the business side of iGalen.

iGalen's Compensation Plan

Traditionally, MLM companies are famous for their complex compensation plan.

A footstep followed by one another.

This trend has become the norm now.

Understanding the entire compensation and decoding its complexity could be as hard as scoring A+ in calculus.

Here, I will summarize the essential ways of earning so that you have a grasp of the earning potential.

The Retail Bonus

This is one of the most common compensation bonuses in most MLM companies.

As an associate of iGalen, you are permitted to purchase any of its products at the distributor price, then you can sell them to your customers at the retail price.

The price difference is your retail bonus.

The reapable retail bonus starts with 10% up to a maximum of 35%.

Depending on your ranking, a higher percentage will be unlocked when certain raking has been achieved.

The Recruitment Bonuses

This is the main core of the earning offered.

As an associate of iGalen, you are encouraged to recruit as many people as possible to join under your hierarchy of network.

Every time you successfully sponsored someone to join, this particular new recruit is placeable in the binary pairing.

It’s a repeatable process to fill up your network of downlines.

Your downlines are growable into multiple levels deep.

Your recruit can replicate your formula by recruiting on their end.

This process will continue to expand your entire network.

Every recruit will need to pay an entry fee to register for the distributor status.

Additionally, products are purchasable based on personal interests to maximize scalability. 

When pairing occurs, you will earn a recruitment bonus.

When your recruits' hierarchy also achieved a similar pairing, he or she will earn together with you.

Everybody wins in this recruitment bonus compensation.

The core part that triggers success is the power of teamwork.

Do not underestimate its potential.

A team can prevail over time exponentially. 

On top of that, as you make progression, additional bonuses will be unlocked in the terms of added percentage.

The combination of retail bonuses and recruitment bonuses will unveil residual income eventually.

That's the time when you can fully enjoy the fruition to live a financial freedom life.

If you are interested to discover everything that was coded inside its compensation plan, here’s the video walkthrough that explains comprehensively.

It’s alright if you are still unfamiliar with the complexity. It’s designed such intentionally to confuse.

With time and some experience, you will master the entire compensation precisely.

Next, let’s proceed to the cost of joining iGalen's exclusive family.

How To Join iGalen?

Before you are awarded a certified distributor status, you are required to pay a $29.95 registration fee, renewable annually.

Additionally, you are also advised to purchase any of their product packages.

You need products to kick start your journey.

If you plan to distribute product samples to your prospective customers, you will need some products too.

The offered package starts with $79.95 for the bronze package.

Additional products can also be purchased based on your personal preference.

The Pros - What I like About iGalen

Trustworthy founders

One of the biggest concerns about any MLM company is the credibility of the founder and cofounder.

With iGalen, you certainly can have peace of mind trashing this concern.

Mr. Chan Heng Fai is a leader within the financial and corporate world.

His vast experience under his belt is one of the main reasons for iGalen's positive growth and progression.

The co-founder, Mr. Rajen Manicka is a pharmacist himself with plenty of expertise within the nutrition industry.

Therefore, the combination of top leadership plus expertise will unlock unmatched professionalism.

Quality products

Igalen has only two products.

That doesn’t stop it from prevailing as the top MLM players within the wellness industry.

I am sure you have heard of quality prevails over quantity right?

Though, it’s highly debatable but then I am sort of agreed.

A company that has only 2 products can sustain the rapidness of the MLM industry is highly acclaimable.

It’s still new with plenty of growth opportunities

Igalen is a newcomer within the MLM world.

So if there’s anything special about any MLM companies, it’s the opportunity to earn in the beginning phase.

The childhood years of iGalen surely provides an opportunity for you to showcase your talent to shine and thrive.

The Cons - What I Dislike About iGalen

Expensive product

The expensiveness issue of any MLM company are relatively annoying to a certain extent.

Now, here’s the thing my friends, it’s understandable that MLM companies have a mission of making sure their associates are happy.

One of the biggest compliments to reward these associates is lucrative compensation.

The elimination of the middle man doesn’t translate to cheaper products. It’s the opposite.

Way more expensive than retail commercial brands.

It has become the norm.

The competitiveness of the wellness industry

In case you are not aware, according to Medium.com, the wellness industry is currently worth a staggering $4.2 trillion!

That’s a mind-blowing statistic, my friends.

The pie is too huge and it’s not entirely an easy task to get a piece of the pie.

Igalen does a pretty decent job by narrowing down its path tackling a specific audience with nutritional supplements.

That being said, it’s still not specific enough, in my opinion.

Also, it’s extremely difficult to persuade the existing consumers that are already loyal to their favorite brands and products.

Just take a look around your neighborhood, shopping centers, department stores, there are countless healthcare commercial brands.

My Final Thoughts

If there’s any good news about the potentiality of earning with any MLM companies, it’s the opportunity to earn while you progress.

Igalen can accomplish that for you.

As a newcomer within the industry, you have all the opportunities to earn as the pioneer batch of the elite member.

In one way or another, the path has been smoothened.

That being said, there’s a fundamental requirement that you need to abide before you can enter the battlefield.

It’s the mastery of the art of persuasiveness.

Now, here’s the thing my friends, one of the biggest obstacles waiting to confront you in this journey has got to be the rejection.

As an independent associate representing iGalen, you will constantly find yourself doing face to face selling, organizing social events, approaching strangers. If these tasks and routines seem to suit your nerve and interest, then undoubtedly, iGalen is the perfect candidate to build a solid business.

If none of them attractively spark your interest, then there’s an alternative to wealth creation in the online world.

I do recommend affiliate marketing

It's a business model that enables you to bypass the tediousness of daunting face to face selling.

One of the coolest things about this business is that you have the flexibility and luxury to partner with established merchants.

These are the merchants that are gaining consumers' trust and market traction.

Besides, you don’t have to be a salesperson anymore for another day in your life!

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to iGalen, feel free to leave me comments below.

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