Is InboxPounds A Scam? Earning Great Britain Pound But Slow Payout

Hello all and welcome to my InboxPounds review.

When a business model is so profitable, what a program will normally follow up to its previous success, is to further enhance their territory into new emerging markets.

The business is marketable as long as they have the strong bonding that links the advertisers to their platform and then it all connects back to members that would eventually fancy earning some income using their skills completing work offerings.

This is how the normally successful GPT programs play their joker's card so this program that I am going to review today, is called InboxPounds and by the name of the word Pounds means that they are a UK based program.

InboxPounds is no different as they already have previous successes running the same platform in other regional markets.

Again, the advertisers need a platform like theirs to strategically place their marketing campaign which will benefit their products awareness in the regional or abroad markets.

So without further delay and wasting time, I will now explain to you about InboxPounds.

InboxPounds Review Summary

Program: InboxPounds

Founder: Darren Cotter

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


The concept behind this GPT program is no different as their previous success, they had a platform which can link up paid advertisers to their crowd membership and when these numbers flowed in volume. 

They can get their mission done in a much more efficient and better profit projection in due course, when they kick out and start to market their products.

There is already a common set in stone strategies run by successful businesses whether in a small or large scale.

When products campaign gets large, they do need mass audiences to speak their mind or voice their opinions of what these users can expect from their product range so everything is interlinked and equally important.

Users, on the other hand, can spend some free time doing things that they are already doing.

So with or without this platform, it doesn’t bring them any harm and as of now there’s just more and more folks out there who are struggling to earn a decent living so this place might be a suitable temporary solution where they are able to earn some pounds.

What Is InboxPounds?

InboxPounds is one of the 4 programs offered, each in their own regional market and they are all managed by the management company called The CotterWeb Enterprises.

This particular program is targeted for the United Kingdom’s market as they see a rising needs for these marketing research companies to be a strong client of theirs, as they typically target the big players in the industry given their successful program management.

With no surprises that they have lasted for more than 11 years with millions of members together bonded to serve the needs of these big budget campaign advertisers.

What’s the logic here is that by providing this digital platform, the advertisers can get their mission done and the program get paid the big Pounds and then they pay a fraction as the token of thanks back to their mass members.

They are able to control the game because they simply have the mass volume of markets needed by these advertisers.

In the end, all parties will walk out as eventual winners as all parties benefited and as for the members, they are indeed happy because they join for free yet they got to earn some British Pounds.

What Does InboxPounds Offer?

What InboxPounds offer is no different with their other 3 sister paying GPT sites, to get a feel of the members area.

If you are still wondering whether to join them or not, you can just refer the diagram below as this is exactly what it will look like inside your account when you decided to join them.

InboxPounds member's dashboard

First of all, they give you 1 Great Britain Pound just for your interest to sign up with them.

InboxPounds signup bonus

After you have done so, there are several areas where they offer base tasks to their members.

First, of everything it is the main section which is extremely important as they serve as the main core of their business model or your income model.

The surveys come in ranges and you must pass all their qualification test in order to participate.

So make sure that you spend every effort to legitimately creating a true profile of your own.

After you have further show your initiative to their notice, by completing your personal profile, you will be getting an additional 0.5 Pounds.

InboxPounds bonus illustration

If you have qualified for doing any part of the program’s surveys when their advertisers chose you by contacting them, you can then start the tasks and a survey can range from 4 minutes to 30 minutes or more depending on the type of the product campaign you are chosen for.

InboxPounds available survey tasks

If you happen to be disqualified, they will also notify you so that you do not have to proceed further and then to eventually be kicked out thus voiding all your hard work.

InboxPounds survey tasks unavailability

The next mini offers that InboxPounds offers is their own piece of search engines which by no surprises has been renamed to call the InboxPounds search engine.

You search whatever things that you want in this engine and they will tell you how many searches that you have done that quantifies your Pounds rate.

Search the web to earn with InboxPounds

And lastly, they also offer rewards for playing video games and reading emails. 

Play games to earn with InboxPounds

And as mentioned in the diagram itself, it stated that there are over 30 games which you can play and get rewarded.

Worth noting that you are competing with the best player for some of the featured games so you might as well train your playing skills before you begin playing games.

How Do You Earn With InboxPounds?

My friends, in this section, I will be explaining more to you regarding the type of income that you can expect to earn with InboxPounds and what are the methods to get these Pounds.

How they organize their income structure is quite fascinating, whereby they only focus on the 2 prime areas, the surveys, and the games.

The core parts of earning with InboxPounds

Firstly as I explained earlier, you get 1 Pound and additional 0.5 Pounds just by completing your membership profile sections.

Additional bonus rewards

There are tasks that pay you according to the type and time you individually spent.

Even though they said in their website that for every survey that you have completed you can be looking to earn 5 Pounds but that is not accurate because it does not pay that high.

That is the reason why they put a question mark just to up your mood of doing these surveys.

The more realistic picture is you are getting somewhere between 0.4 Pounds to less than a Pound for every survey approved.

InboxPounds potential income

Apart from this main type of survey income side, there’s also another way that you can earn some tiny Pounds as well by playing the games.

This area is more like a try your luck because you could win some games and you could also lose some games.

How much you can earn here is not much just cents to few Pounds if you are in extreme good luck.

Spin the wheel to earn with InboxPounds
Earn money while having fun with InboxPounds

Next, you will also have the chance to earn using their InboxPounds Search Engine and reading emails, yes it has to be no hype and you are right at guessing my friends.

You will be earning cents to cents for each qualified search.

The earning in this section is again, in tiny cents.

They are here to encourage you to do qualified searches, searches that will eventually bring you to their advertiser’s products or services offered.

InboxPounds unavailable email tasks

In the world of InboxPounds, they pay members using the conventional air mail, and to receive the check will take like forever, to be more specific, 20 days or more.

In recent times they had upgraded their financial departments to also paying using Paypal, in the currency of Great Britain Pound, GBP. You have to meet the minimum of 20 Great Britain Pound before you can request for a withdrawal payment.

So now, how much you can earn here is again very limited as you would have known due to the logic of GPT paying sites.

You probably can set estimation of 4 to 10 Pounds for a monthly earning.

They are not here to make you very good income, but at least they pay you in one of the world’s most powerful currency the Great Britain Pound so you can be sure that there are always great values in the amount that you earn.

InboxPounds earning and activities log

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The Pros - What I like About InboxPounds

As one of the operating sister GPT paying sites with their previous success does not mean that it will translate into similar types of success with InboxPounds.

With that said, there is nothing that is fancy talking about in regards to their plus points, whereas the only noticeable good thing about them, I would say is they pay members using the world’s financial powerhouse currency which is the Great Britain Pound.

This currency is mighty powerful that you are sure to keep its values for every cent that you have earned with InboxPounds.

The Cons - What I Dislike About InboxPounds

There are several ugly sides to their business model as a paying GPT site.

One of the very negative thing that is getting very severe is the chances of getting banned entirely or a total of membership wiped out before you get to the 20 GBP minimum mark.

Member feedback of difficulty to earn with InboxPounds
Member feedback of ceased payments

Besides this, it is just too slow to get a payment once you reach the target or I would say if you ever get to that point.

Literally there is just no way any member can find it smooth to get to there as they will use the survey locked out tricks to make sure you won’t get to there and at the same time they are already getting the big bucks from their advertisers as this is what makes the big players come to create partnership with this GPT site.

Member feedback of not worth the time and effort
Member feedback of complete waste of time
Member feedback of slow payout by InboxPounds

Is InboxPounds A Scam?

So my friends all, we have once again come to the conclusion part of my review about InboxPounds and let me just tell you that it is just not justified to call this Great Britain program a scam as they are not a scam.

It is one of the well-paying sites with a lot of potential going forward. And soon they will also start partnering with the big companies like the Amazon for using the Pounds earned to exchange for gift cards spending.

With this supposedly quality ingredient, we shall put them as one of the bright programs into the near future.

Yes, they have quite a lot of negativity surrounding their business, especially from the financial side not because they lack the ability to pay but is due to the very late payments and also some of the common GPT tricks can also be seen here.

All in all, InboxPounds is one of the programs that can make you look happier because it opens the door for you to earn some extra Pounds, it is still just tiny little income but it is what it is and it is still better than some GPT who directly scamming members.

My Final Thoughts

If you happen to come to this site hoping you could earn some good money, you have got to be disappointed yourself seeing the various negativities that are flowing around.

Even though the program might be one of the highly rated programs as listed in Trust Pilot, that is because the site itself is a UK based review site so I am not surprised seeing them been rated well in there.

If you have been more realistic, it is just too difficult to get to the amount that needed to take home your Pounds when you are constantly been fooled by disqualifications and timed out tricks.

I have not even gone into talking about how slow it takes to send you the Pounds even though it is using the most advanced payment system in the world, the Paypal.

All of these elements are not helping members to shape their desire to earn and hence they are only thinking negatively about this.

They can do better in the financial side meaning they got to speed up their payment procedures to let members know that they are been treated with honesty and they are been appreciated likewise.

I certainly would not be recommending InboxPounds to you because I too, simply do not have the confidence that they can deliver their payment in a much efficient time.

I wouldn’t join also due to the fact there is nothing much to earn here apart from some shaky surveys.

Other than that I would not be interested to earn cents here and there just by searching with such silliness, or randomly opening an email for no purpose at all.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with InboxPounds, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

If you are looking for ways to earn in the online world, then, I highly suggest you check out the affiliate marketing business model.

An online business based on website and content creation.

This is the path that I personally pursue due to its vast scalability for long term financial success.

I hope you find this review article informative, If you still have any questions related to InboxPounds, feel free to leave me comments below.

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