isXperia Review: An MLM Company That Progresses Promisingly In the Wellness Industry

Have you been approached by friends and family members introducing wide arrays of wellness, skincare, and nutritional supplement products?

Maybe you are approached by representatives of isXperia showcasing the lucrative opportunity of wealth creation while staying healthy?

Maybe you are here searching for the truth whether this company is worthy of your time, effort and hard-earned money?

Today, I will be walking you through the journey of discovering isXperia.

More importantly, I will be addressing the state of its legitimacy, as well as the viability of building a business with isXperia.

Are you ready for an in-depth exploration ride?


Let's get started without further ado.

isXperia Review Summary

Company: isXperia

Founder: Christopher Bratta

Price: $60 - Associate registration fee
Optional product packages to kickstart your business

Rating: 60/100


isXperia is an MLM company that has been around for 10 years and the days and years are still counting at the time of writing.

It does provide some phenomenal products that serve the healthcare, weight loss and skincare industries respectively.

The plethora of product choices translates to the lucrative opportunity to build a business with isXperia.

To spice up the smoothness, this is also one of the few MLM players that offer low startup capital to kickstart a business.

Overall, a relatively satisfying MLM company that is still progressing positively.

What Is isXperia?

Uniquely founded back in 2010 by Christopher Bratta, It's been a wondrous journey of a decade progression. 

The decision to venture into the wellness industry sparked a new chapter of leadership ability shown by the founder.

Being an experienced and highly knowledgeable leader within the MLM world, Christopher Bratta has been showcasing his genuine professionalism that leads to the wonderful creation of isXperia.

Today, isXperia hasn't really thrived exceptionally well, but then it's definitely progressing positively.

I believe that isXperia is going to achieve a marvelous milestone that will shake and impact the MLM world hugely.

What Does isXperia Offer?

isXperia offers a plethora of products that serve the consumers within the wellness, skincare, and weight management industry.

They also offer wellness beverages known as its Craveswitch coffee and tea.

Let's take a look at one of its flagship products that address the difficulty to sleep at night.

isXperia Serenity flagship product

Commonly known as insomnia, this is the sleeping disorder that causes many people unable to sleep well at night.

According to isXperia, two of the main reasons that cause the inability to sleep soundly at night are caused by anxiety and stress.

Fairly understandable, the heavy magnitude of stress and anxiety is causing the majority of the insomnia sufferers to look pale and energyless in the day.

The Serenity is not the ordinary sleeping aid product found in the market, it's specially formulated with the active ingredients of L-tryptophan and melatonin.

The L-tryptophan is an essential acid amino that helps our body organs to function properly.

Besides, it's also building a relationship that aids in the release of hormones that are beneficial to maximize calmness.

Melatonin is the natural hormone found in our body that is responsible to tell us the appropriate timing to sleep.

For example, when our body routinely enters the tired phase, this hormone will signal us "hey, it's time to sleep!".

This Serenity is a product with 30 days supply.

Mixable with warm or adequate cold water, it's ideal for consumption half an hour prior to sleep.

Next, let's take a look at another phenomenal product brought to you by isXperia.

isXperia isXweet flagship product

This is arguably one of the most sought after products by isXperia.

Known as isXweet. It's a chewable nutritional supplement to boost overall wellbeing.

It's formulated with the natural cacao combined with other ingredients such as the acai berry, apple, and vitamin B12.

If you are looking for a health supplement that is portable with convenience, then this product could be a daily must-have on the go supplements.

Its chewable formulation is also one of the uniqueness of this awesome product.

Besides, if you are suffering from cardiovascular pain, the cacao ingredients can help to relieve pain and symptoms significantly.

Moving on, here's another product that I want to introduce.

It's called the Aloered.

isXperia Aloered flagship poduct

isXperia does take care of your weight management seriously.

This is an example of its dedication of addressing the weight loss concern with the introduction of the Aloered.

The aloe vera is famous for its natural healing effect.

Besides, it can boost wellness to a whole new level.

Modern science and technology have found out that this miraculous plant has more than 100 active ingredients that are beneficial to humans.

The Aloered is a unique blend of aloe vera combined with other superfruits such as pomegranates and strawberries.

Constant consumption will decrease blood sugar while increasing the body's immune system.

Next, let's examine another premium product by isXperia.

It's categorized within the skincare category.

isXperia Exfoliate Corrective Cleanser premium product

Commercially known as the Exfoliate Corrective Cleanser, it's one of the best products from the skincare department.

Formulated with glycolic acid, this product can prevent the formation of acne and blemishes.

The active ingredients are ideally suitable to use as a shield against any unwanted germs and bacteria penetration into the skin's surface.

Remember I mentioned about the health beverage moments ago, yeah, isXperia does offer health drinks in the form of coffee and tea.

Here's an example of its healthcare coffee known as the Craveswitch coffee.

isXperia Craveswitch coffee premium product

It's blended with quality arabica coffee and nootropics, thus the end coffee is beneficial in maintaining a good level of alertness as well as the brain's optimum health.

If you are a coffee lover, this product could be a substitute to boost your mental wellness significantly.

Next, let's dive into the business side of isXperia.

isXperia's Compensation Plan

Conventionally, most of the MLM companies adopt a rather complex compensation plan.

The complexity might be daunting to a large extent.

It's no different with isXperia.

Here, I will summarize the main ways of wealth creation with isXperia.

The Retail Bonus

As an independent associate representing isXperia, you have the luxury of purchasing any of isXperia's product at the distributor price, then you can promote these products to your prospective customers at the retail price.

The price difference is your reapable retail bonus.

As a certified associate, you can earn up to a maximum of 25% of retail bonuses.

The final reapable amount is also dependent on your ability to reach certain milestones within isXperia hierarchy advancement.

The amount of money that you could potentially earn is highly dependant on your effort and achievement level.

The Recruitment Bonuses

The recruitment part is the backbone of any MLM company.

With isXperia, you are required to recruit people to join directly under your hierarchy namely on the left and right side.

When a direct pairing occurs, this cycle carries on the next pairing.

It's an endless loop of repetition multiple levels deep.

The deepness is the part that will generate good income for you.

As the saying goes, the power of a team will prevail.

That's exactly what you will be trained to achieve the status of the super recruiter.

And then, your job is to train your recruits to replicate what you do.

It goes on and on and everybody in your team wins. It's not like pyramid schemes when only the top layer in the hierarchy can earn.

The recruitment bonuses offered by isXperia also unlocks lots of growth potential for receiving the residual income.

The Product Package Bonus

This is the unique payable $50 bonus when you have successfully recruited someone to join in the party.

Depending on your promoter status and the sold product packages, an additional bonus will be unlocked from the base 25% up to 120%.

The sold product packages must be bought by your recruiters to reap this unique reward.

The above-summarized compensation parts are sufficient to get you rolling earning with isXperia.

This is how you can kickstart your journey productively without the complication of a daunting compensation plan in its entirety.

From time to time, you will learn as you grow your business.

If you are looking to discover the entire compensation plans offered, here's a video walkthrough that explains comprehensively.

When you are done with the discovery, we will proceed to the eligibility to join isXperia.

How to join isXperia?

isXperia does not require you to come out with a big fund to be part of its family.

The initials requirement to kickstart your business is the $60 registration fee. This is the payable fee that you need to invest in your isXperia business.

Next, you are also advised to purchase any of its offered product packages.

This part is completely up to you as you have full flexibility in managing your stocks of inventory with isXperia.

If you are not determined to commit isXperia for the long term, or you would like to test drive the product acceptance rate, then I suggest you purchase only some of its more popular products.

The Pros - What I like About isXperia

Been here for a decade

isXperia is one of the few MLM players that has passed the test of time.

Its 10 years progression deserves to be applauded.

On top of that, it's a company that is still progressing positively with a lot of growth potential to be unleashed.

Varieties of products

Understandably, MLM companies that venture into the wellness industry do offer a wide variety of products due to the nature of the competitiveness.

isXperia has done the same. This is one of the plusses that I think is worthy to be praised.

The varieties shown by isXperia is sufficient to load you with unceasing ammunition to enter the battlefield.

That way, half of the battle is already won.

Not to mention, the plethora of products also means that you stand a higher chance of grasping success.

There are many ways you can go about establishing yourself as an authority within your chosen niche.

Trustworthy founder

As an individual that excels in the MLM and recruitment industry, Christopher Bratta showcased that he is capable of steering the company forward positively.

Besides, his leadership ability adds as the double-edged sword journeying into the ultimate success.

The Cons - What I Dislike About isXperia

Expensive products

Understandably, most of the MLM companies have expensive products showcased to the consumers.

Unmistakenly, isXperia is also part of the tribe. I

ts products are relatively expensive compared to any other retail commercial brands available in the market.

The cost of sustaining manufacturing and lucrative compensation needed to boost representatives' motivation, it's an inevitable fact that MLM companies' products are way more pricey.

If the products offered are not distinctively stand out from the crowd, and if these products are replaceable with other commercial brands, without compromising on quality, then it's way better to purchase other similar products at the retail stores.

Bothering friends and family members could sour relationships and friendships

One of the easiest ways to kickstart your journey productively is approaching your friends and family members.

That's how you get the confidence fundamentally nailed down tackling the audience.

But then one thing neglected is the potentiality of ruining relationships and friendships. It's not good and it could be ugly.

My Final Thoughts

If you are here looking for ways to earn an extra income or even a long term sustainable income, then isXperia could be one of the best MLM platform available for you to build a thriving business.

If you are looking for ways to earn money without the daunting face to face selling and recruiting, then there's an alternative to earn money online.

I do recommend affiliate marketing.

A business model where you will be partnering with merchants that are already gaining market traction and consumer acceptance.

You can build an entire affiliate marketing business solely based on your interest and passion.

For example, if you are a tech lover, think about it as the opportunity to partner with brands such as Acer, Asus, and Lenovo.

These are the technology giants that everyone knows that you could potentially be partnered with.

The best part is you don't have to do any of the daunting selling.

The interested audience will be coming to you instead of you going after them endlessly.

That's one of the fabulousness of affiliate marketing.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to isXperia, feel free to leave me comments below.

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