Javita Review: Can You Build A Thriving Business With A Coffee MLM Company?

Important Update

At the time of updating this post, (Approximately 18:05 GMT+8), Javita is no longer offering the "Cleanse Capsule" product.

You can check out its latest product page here.

It could already be discontinued, kindly seek the precise answer through its contact page here.

If you are a coffee lover, chances are, you have been introduced varieties of unique coffees with healthcare benefits.

Maybe your love for coffee sparks the discovery journey into the richness of the coffee industry?

Perhaps you have been approached by friends and family members to build a coffee business with Javita?

As usual, based on my publishing schedule, today I will be reviewing another MLM company known as Javita.

In this review, I will be walking you through the business side of Javita, its pros and cons, its products, as well as its state of legitimacy.

Are you ready to begin the discovery adventure?

If you are ready then we are good to go.

let's dive right in!

Javita Review Summary

Company: Javita

Founder: Stan Cherelstein

Price: $99 - Entry-level product package

$599 - Premium product package

Rating: 60/100


The approach of venturing into weight loss and coffee industries is brilliant and bold. Javita certainly deserves a big applause for that.

Since its creation, this company has been going through restructuring.

Now, it’s brand new known as the Dollar Coffee Club.

As far as products are concerned, Javita does offer some top-notch weight management coffees.

In terms of business opportunity, Javita offers some fairly acceptable compensation bonuses.

Overall, it’s a fairly decent MLM company that shines positively.

What Is Javita?

Javita is a wellness coffee-based MLM company uniquely founded by Stan Cherelstein.

It's one of the pioneer companies that showcase weight loss coffee to the world.

While the effectiveness of the weight loss benefits varies from individuals to individuals, there's one commonness that ties between Javita and other commercial brands in the market.

It's the compassionate business approach of helping people to achieve optimum fitness goals with the proprietary weight-loss coffees formulation.

At the time of writing, Javita is now fully restructured and revamped to be named as Dollar Coffee Club.

What Does Javita Offer?

Initially, at its core, Javita is focusing and prioritizing on the innovation of weight loss coffees that address the weight management industry, but then over the years, the company has steered the direction a little broader venturing into the healthcare beverages arena.

Let's take a look at one of its flagship products below.

Javita Burn + Control product flapship product

Known as the Burn + Control Coffee, this uniquely blended coffee claimed to help in weight management as well as controlling your appetite.

Here's another example of Javita's premium product.

Javita Energy + Focus Coffee  flagship product

This product is called Energy + Focus coffee.

It's the ideal coffee to reduce stress and anxiety.

Besides, it also helps in restoring energy to power up your daily routines.

Next, let's take a look at another product outside of the coffee category.

This product is called Burn.

Javita Burn flagship product

According to Javita, our body's function less efficiently in appetite control and fat reduction as we age.

That's when this proprietary product comes into aid.

Its unique formulation can reduce belly fat formation, as well as fat and calories burning.

It's an ideal daily supplement that addresses weight management in the long term.

Next, here's another product that helps to boost the smoothness of bowel movement and digestive system known as Cleanse.

 Javita Cleanse flagship product

It has the detoxification benefits that flush out all of the unwanted accumulated fats and other chemical additives from our bodies.

Next, we will proceed to the business side of Javita.

Javita's Compensation Plan

Understandably, most of the MLM companies have complicated compensation plans written in complex language.

It's quite daunting to uncover everything about the precise compensation plans offered.

It's no different with Javita.

Javita is also one of the conventional MLM company that adopts lengthy and hard to digest business plan.

Here, I will summarize the key ways of earning money with Javita.

The Retail Bonus

This is the most straightforward part of the compensation bonus offered.

You as an independent distributor representing Javita, the doors are open for you to purchase any of the Javita's products at the discounted distributor's price.

You can then market these purchased products to any of your prospective customers at the retail price.

The price difference is your retail bonus.

The Recruitment Bonus

This is the compensation part that excites most of the MLM lovers.

Conventionally known for its lucrativeness, the recruitment bonus rewards you handsomely when you can build an active downline of recruiters.

Various additional bonuses will be unlocked once you achieve certain rankings. These bonuses will be added to your bonuses accordingly.

One of the best parts of the recruitment bonus is its scalability.

Residual income will be achievable when you implement the recruitment part correctly.

Also, the residual income is earnable passively, meaning that regardless of your effort and commitment invested in your business, the entire team will be rewarded accordingly.

Your main goal here is to build active performing recruiters just as powerful as yourself. 

The Loyalty Bonus

This part of the compensation rewards you when you have successfully recruited loyal consumers who purchase products consistently on a weekly or monthly basis.

Meaning that these loyal customers will agree and consent their participation into the auto-ship programs that enables their favorites products shipped directly to their home.

The above mentioned and summarized essential compensation bonuses are sufficient for you to kickstart your journey with Javita effectively.

These are the main source of income when you work hard and committed to thrive in your business.

The rest of the complicated bonuses will be unlocked once you gain more experience and familiarize yourself within the financial culture of Javita.

If you are still keen on discovering the entire in-depth compensation plans, here's a video that will walk you through precisely in its entirety.

When you are done, we will proceed to the cost of joining the Javita's exclusive club.

How to join Javita?

Before you can join Javita to enter the battlefield, there are only two options available to prospective new members shown below.

The $99 Package

This is the entry-level package that unlocks your associate's membership.

It also comes with several sealed product sample packs.

The $599 Package

This is the full flagship business startup package.

You will be given a bunch of products ready to be sold to your customers, friends or family members.

If you are determined to give Javita a full gear acceleration, this is the most ideal package to begin with.

That is because these products are relatively cheaper than the usual distributor price, sellable at the actual retail price.

Wow, what a journey thus far my friends! Next, let's proceed to my thoughts on the pros and cons of Javita.

The Pros - What I like About Javita

Unique products

Even though Javita does not offer spectacularly awesome products, it still has products that worthy of attention.

For example, its healthcare coffee beverages that address various health concern especially the weight loss part.

Besides, it’s also progressing well with the innovation of other healthcare products outside of the coffee zone.

For example, the Cleanse.

This is the unique product that is beneficial as the demand for colon cleansing is ever high.

Contribution to the education industry

Have you heard of "today’s youths are tomorrow’s heroes"?

Well, that’s exactly what Javita is believing.

Nurturing the youths for a better future.

For every product that you purchased, $1 will be contributed directly to the youth foundation.

That’s a really good trait showcased here.

In my opinion, it’s worthy of a slot in the hall of fame recognition.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Javita

Expensive products and start-up cost

Here's the thing my friends, MLM companies are notoriously famous for their expensive products.

It’s fairly understandable due to various reasons.

It’s inescapable for Javita as well.

The startup cost to join venture is one of the most expensive in the MLM world.

There are only two options available to join forces with Javita.

The $99 entry-level is considered as the teaser, it’s insufficient to kick-start a business journey.

Those few samples prove that they are meant for testing purposes.

Now, the tricky part is the $599 product package. It’s relatively expensive without the flexibility of choosing the desired products based on personal preference.

Questionable product’s effectiveness

As I have mentioned earlier, the health benefits of wellness products are relatively subjective.

It’s highly dependant on an individual's body constitution.

Also, our lifestyles and diet habits lead to a great magnitude of the effectiveness of weight loss.

That being said, here are some of the reviews from verified buyers of Burn + Control on Amazon.

 Positive feedback on product effectiveness on Amazon

This buyer praised the effectiveness of this product hugely.

He can lose about 18 pounds in just 2 months.

Amazing result. 

Next, here’s another positive review.

Positive feedback on product effectiveness and overall quality on Amazon

This buyer is extremely satisfied with the overall result of losing weight.

He or she also praises the tastiness of the coffee. Wow. Terrific.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the negative reviews.

Negative feedback on product effectiveness on Amazon

This user complained about the ineffectiveness of losing weight.

Though, the product does deliver what it’s labeled. 

Next, here’s another negative review.

Negative feedback on product effectiveness of not losing weight on Amazon

This buyer said he or she isn’t losing any weight at all.

As you can see from the examples above, it further concluded that weight loss is a highly debatable subject.

Everyone has their own stories to share positively or negatively.

At the end of the day, in my opinion, the weight-loss effectiveness coexists tightly with the healthy diet routines, physical fitness activities, stress and anxiety level.

There is a myriad of explanations based on an individual's opinion.

The debate could go on and on and on endlessly.

The combination of weight loss and coffee translate to an unimaginable competitiveness

Here's the thing my friends, the weight loss and coffee industries are extremely broad. 

The broadness could complicate the monetization from a distributor's perspective.

There are hundreds or even thousands of existing commercial coffee brands in the market.

And then the combined weight loss is not specifically narrowed down to target a certain audience.

Therefore, it takes a lot of hard work and the skills of marketing to taste a piece of success in these industries.

Besides, you also need to master the art of persuasiveness, which by the way is not learnable quickly.

It takes time to learn and practice new skills.

Also, it’s difficult to convince people that are already attached to specific brands of coffee.

People love the unique taste embedded in their taste buds already.

It takes a miraculous convincing skill to convince consumers to change brands.

My Final Thoughts

Here’s the thing my friends, Javita is an MLM company that requires you to do a lot of face to face selling and presentations.

That’s why one part of its retail bonus comes from your ability to sell directly and independently.

If direct selling doesn’t excite you, there’s an alternative to creating wealth online.

I do recommend affiliate marketing

It’s a business model that enables you to partner with established merchants that are already gaining consumers' trust and market traction.

The best part is that it doesn’t require you to do any selling or approach strangers endlessly.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Javita, feel free to leave me comments below.

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Tommy Wyatt - March 5, 2020

David, i’ve seen the news that Javita has shut down its MLM arm. I’m not sure if/how this effects you but I’d love to have a conversation.
I’m a top affiliate with a coffee company that is red hot right now. The majority of our top money earns are exclusively building online like you do. Are you open to hearing about it?

    David Lau - March 5, 2020

    Hi Tommy Wyatt,

    First and foremost, thanks for your information and the alternative suggestion proposal.
    Appreciated so much.

    Yeah, I certainly do open to discovering what you have to offer about the new coffee business opportunity.

    You are welcome to reply here.
    I’m also contactable via david@awesomeaffiliateventures.com.

    Personally, I’m a big fan of nutritional coffee.
    I’m also an existing independent global representative representing Gano Excel. One of its flagship products is known as the lingzhi coffee or ganoderma lucidum coffee.
    Coffee with the extract of the herbal supplements from the lingzhi miraculous mushroom.


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