Jeunesse Review: Can You Earn Lucratively With them?

The mirror reflects our physical look exactly the way they look.

Weirdly, some people are reluctant to use the mirror just to escape the reality of the aging signs and impurities on the skin.

You see, aging signs such as the appearances of wrinkles and saggy skin could be a deboost of the state of self-confidence.

Thankfully, science and technology have come to salvation.

Even though it's part of the human life cycle to go through the aging process, but then science plays a big role in optimizing the overall youthfulness of the skin texture.

Today, I will be reviewing a skincare company that specializes specifically in the anti-aging industry.

They are known as Jeunesse.

Despite being an MLM company, they are contributing to humanity hugely by their revolutionary invention of flagship anti-aging products that are capable of slowing down skin aging effectively.

Besides, we will also be discussing the business opportunity side of Jeunesse.

So without further ado, let's get started. Shall we?

Jeunesse Review Summary

Company: Jeunesse

Founder: Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis

Price: $29 (Starter Kit) plus preferred choice of products package

Rating: 80/100


Jeunesse has been setting the benchmark for the industry standard within the anti-aging industry,

For 10 years, they have been excelling at the highest peak.

On top of that, they are one of the best performing fortune 500 companies globally with annual profits exceeding the billion-dollar mark.

A company that is as established as Jeunesse, you certainly have peace of mind building a solid business with them.

Besides, they have one of the most lucrative compensation plans within the MLM arena, which by the way, has been setting the benchmark in the lucrativeness of MLM business ventures.

What Is Jeunesse?

Jeunesse is an MLM company that research and manufacture anti-aging products to consumers worldwide.

Founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis back in 2009.

Their state of intellectuality sparks the ambitious exploration into the anti-aging industry.

Today, a decade later, they have nailed it.

They nailed it completely with several flagship products invention that is capable to address aging issues on the skin.

Besides, they also research and manufacture antioxidants nutritional supplements to boost the anti-aging process even further.

As of 2019, Jeunesse is growing strong and have expanded to over 150 countries globally.

Their contribution to humanity is heartwarming, life has been touched and transformed and they are continuing to spread the compassion and the love for humanity.

An accomplishment that can't be measured with monetary values.

What Does Jeunesse Offer?

As a company that prioritizes on the anti-aging industry, their products are highly specific.

Over the years, revolutionary products that are capable to reduce the aging process have been showcased to the world.

Let's take a look at some of their flagship products.

By the way, their anti-aging products are categorized as YES.

Abbreviated for Youth Enhancement System. 

The Luminesce Series

A combination of anti-aging products caters for optimum radiants.

These products have positive effects on face-lifting, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.

A daily must-have product for your skincare routines.

What is your skincare regimen during the day and night?

If you are unsure of the best and most effective ways to restore skin youthfulness for the day, then let the expert dermatologists at Jeunesse made recommendations to you. 

Am and Pm

If life hecticness is preventing you from living a healthy lifestyle, then Jeunesse have you covered on this aspect.

Their innovative Am and Pm have all the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that cater to specific moments of the day. 


This is another flagship product exclusively and proudly brought to you by Jeunesse.

A drinkable liquid that has all the essential minerals and antioxidants elements to boost your day and supplementing any shortage of nutritional intake.

Instantly Ageless

This is another flagship product invented by Jeunesse.

A revolutionary invention that is capable of reducing age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles instantly.

The effectiveness is superbly astonishing.

Just apply the recommended dosage on your wrinkles, and you will be able to see an instant result.

In today's technologically advance moment, the facial and beauty industry is growing as rapid as ever.

Beauty lovers tend to use injectable enhancements such as the injection of serum and botox, with this revolutionary Instantly Ageless, you don't have to do any of those anymore.

A natural formula and ingredients combined with modern technology have made it possible to eliminate age spots instantly.

An achievement that beyond words can describe.

Jeunesse's Compensation Plan

Jeunesse adopt and implement a fairly typical MLM business structure.

Any independent distributor is consent to buy products at the wholesale price. With the products on hand, you can then start to market and promote.

Any successful sales will grants you a 35% commission straight.

On top of that, as an associate of Jeunesse, you can have the luxury of assigning two favorites long repeat orders customers.

For example, if you recommend Jeunesse product to your friends and colleagues, when they buy the products and fall in love with them, most likely, they will become repeat customers.

When this scenario happens, you will receive a $50 cash bonus plus 2 luminesce serum and 60 points.

The points can be accumulated to redeem for cash.

The best part of this loyalty customers placement is that you can assign as many of these customers as you like.

There are no limits on how many of the loyal customers that you can acquire.

Next, it's the new associates recruitment.

Every time you recruit a new associate to join Jeunesse, you will receive a cash bonus with points according to their purchased package.

Jeunesse also have team bonus.

They call it the executive incentives.

Before you are qualified to become an executive, you first need to achieve the personal sales volume of 100 PV plus the recruitment of 2 new associates that also achieved the same amount of PV earned.

As an executive, a more lucrative of payable bonus unlocks.

Here's the video showcasing to you the comprehensive and in-depth Jeunesse compensation plan.

The Pros - What I like About Jeunesse

Distinctive niche market

Jeunesse core business is primarily focused on the anti-aging industry.

A slightly narrower path of the beauty and cosmetic niche.

According to Reuters, the anti-aging industry is worth a staggering $42.51 Billions!

Also, it's an evergreen industry that will not go out of trend.

Let's take a look at Google trends to see its current trend. 

As you can see, it doesn't show any sign of slow down at all.

This scenario proves that majority of the people are concerned about aging and do want to seek a solution to feel good and looks younger.

That's how secured this industry is currently as well as moving forward.

An established brand

Jeunesse has been around for a decade, despite the duration is incomparable to many of the big players within the MLM world, they show the world that massive success is achievable with a proven business concept and hard work.

Since 2009, Jeunesse has been repeatedly shocking the world with innovative products.

Products that are proven to restore skin youthfulness.

On top of that, they have revolutionized the instant age spot elimination technology.

Their products effectiveness say it all, the result says it all.

Here's the video of the chronological evolvement over the last decade.

Ten years of progress with the ultimate goal to thrive and impacting life.

Revolutionary products

Jeunesse not only manufactures quality products they are creating revolutionary products that are proven to be effective.

Huge contribution to humanity

One of the core philosophy of Jeunesse is their approach to giving back.

Over the years, they have been reshaping the landscape of poverty, touching and transforming life.

This dedication has made them one of the best and the most humanly MLM companies that are achieving overall greatness. 

Low start-up fee

With the start-up capital of $29, plus any combination of product package of your choice, you are granted full access to enter the battlefield.

With the generous and lucrativeness of commission structure implement by Jeunesse, your return on investment is easily accomplishable.

Personalized website to ease your journey

As soon as you become one of their associate, a fully functional website with e-commerce functionality is given as part of your membership.

This website is ready for profit right away. 

Plentiful years of expertise

Founded in 2009, Jeunesse have been pioneering and leading the anti-aging industry to a whole new level.

Their scientists and dermatologists are phenomenally intellectual and they know exactly how to redefine the new era of anti-aging technology.

Now, with these high level of expertise, their journey isn't stopped right here, in fact, they are still going stronger and more established moving forward.

An opportunity to earn luxuriously

With Jeunesse, anti-aging has been redefined to a whole new level.

This scenario translates to even better-earning opportunity to their associates.

They offer top-notch products to kickstart the party, I am sure there are lots of potential consumers out there who can reap the various benefits of Jeunesse products.

On top of that, some of the most lucrative compensation plans have been implemented to help you earn even more.

For example, their loyalty pairing structure allows you to earn $50 and even $100 indefinitely without a cap.

On top of that, you are also going to be reaping the valuable points.

Huge market potential

Regardless of whether you are committing to Jeunesse part-time or full time, there's a huge market with lots of potential consumers.

Now, every day when you go out there to the battlefield, absolutely anyone could be your potential customers.

Just ponder for a moment, everybody aged right?

Everybody has to go through the life growth process part regardless of young or old.

Now, visualize the huge potential of the massively large audience.

Literally, everyone that you meet, your friends, family members, colleagues, strangers, high profile individuals, literally everyone!

Yeah, that's right.

EVERYONE could be your target audience to reap the vast benefits of Jeunesse products. 

After all, everyone wants to look good and ageless right

Seriously, there's huge potential for profitability!

Phenomenal platform and atmosphere to grow

Jeunesse is constantly evolving dynamically.

They have independent associates around the world.

No one is left behind unnoticed!

Everyone that is representing Jeunesse connects in varieties of ways.

Career talks, inspirational events, live stage events, exotic destinations travel incentives, are among the associates connection that you will be experiencing.

The sense of togetherness conquers all!

As part of the big family of Jeunesse, everybody connects with complete openness with one ultimate goal, which is to succeed at the highest peak.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Jeunesse

Above the norm competition

As far as an accomplishment is concerned, Jeunesse has accomplished a lot.

They have achieved so much success that their products have been widely known globally.

Despite being an MLM company that adopt the philosophy of direct selling, Jeunesse products can be easily found within most of the household.

This is the result of the phenomenal acceptance rate by worldwide consumers.

On top of that, many of the existing Jeunesse consumers are regular.

Meaning that they are repeating customers that restock their products through their respective representatives.

Big pie has been baked and has been consumed by the major big players from the likes of top sales leaders globally.

That being said, the fresh market is still hungry for what Jeunesse has to offer.

As an associate, you will be constantly challenged by your fellow Jeunesse colleagues of associates.

To excel at the highest level, uniqueness needs to be established.

It's up to you to creatively implement any marketing techniques to acquire your team of the loyal downline and as well as customers.

My Final Thoughts

Unquestionably, Jeunesse have been excelling at the top levels.

They are fundamentally reshaping the landscape of beauties to a whole new level.

In terms of income opportunity, you can earn massively with their top-notch products that combine with a lucrative compensation plan.

If you are individuals who like socializing and connecting, if you like face to face sharing and selling, then building yourself a successful business with Jeunesse is within your grasp.

If you are someone who prefers to work quietly and building a long term passive income, then I highly suggest you give affiliate marketing a try.

Personally, I choose the affiliate marketing business model as the vessel to sail me forward to the wonderland of financial freedom. 

The destination is still on course and I am confident of achieving this target in the not long future.

You might already be familiar with affiliate marketing.

So why is this business concept highly sought after by the wannabe self-made entrepreneur?

Well, the answer is relatively simple.

First and foremost, with affiliate marketing, you can certainly bypass the need to sell face to face.

I feel the nervousness when selling face to face, I am sure some of you might be experiencing the same.

Now, with affiliate marketing, a new way of reaching and acquiring customers has been redefined.

In pure simplicity, a viable online business can be established with a combination of website creation combined with your passion and hobby.

Once you have the fundamental part accomplished, the opportunity to earn is pretty much limitless.

You can share and promote products recommendation to the like-minded audience around the world.

How cool is that?

On top of that, you also have the luxury to promote products and services that are already gaining market traction and consumers acceptance.

Let say you are passionate about outdoor exploration, how about promoting running and hiking shoes by major big names from the likes of Nike, Adidas, Puma?

That's one of the main awesomeness of affiliate marketing.

You earn a certain percentage of sales commission with the mutual consent between you and the involving merchants.

Hence the tediousness of product creation can be bypassed.

With affiliate marketing, the start-up cost is also the least.

All you need is setting yourself a direction, and then a website with a web hosting, followed by some essentials fundamental training.

These are the basic entry-level of the cost involved.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Jeunesse, feel free to leave me comments below.

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