Is Legerweb A Scam? Incompetent And Slow Payment Survey

Hello all and welcome to my Legerweb review.

As a fan of the internet, we spend many hours searching, and using the internet to find information for many reasons, whether to shop online looking for products, or planning a trip.

The internet has becomes so important that these days with the advanced technology in the digital platform, the internet is no longer a place just for a conventional search for information.

The digital world has grown so large now that there are apps like WhatsApp or Twitter, that communicating and connecting people around the world.

My friends, if you also belong to those that like to spend most of your time using the internet, this program that I am going to review today will well suit your taste and interest.

The program is a digital platform called Legerweb. I am sure you want to know more about the program so without further delay let’s get started with this review.

Legerweb Review Summary

Program: Legerweb

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


The digital platform has grown so large that it can easily create a huge community based that linked people together, whether that can be sharing of interests, products knowledge, or providing digital needs.

The program, Legerweb is doing exactly just that.

They create a digital community together with the mission of creating, gaining admissions to some liked minded interests where these folks can also earn income by doing the market research companies’ surveys.

The platform combines the market research companies, or often called the advertisers, to this digital platform and in return, the so-called ‘digital community’ can get to earn income.

Members simply get rewarded for doing something that interests them as they are connected with companies’ offers which can, in turn, be beneficial to most of them.

What Is Legerweb?

Legerweb is basically a digital marketing platform that serves the purpose of combining a group of digital community with online advertisers.

These advertisers paid them to find like-minded interests folks that will have time to look more details about their products or services.

It can be in the form of a new launch product, product campaign, a free sample to test the market, or finding how many people in a certain region that will link up to their market.

The program is one of the biggest in Canada, they owned well over 400,000 members in the digital community.

The program is famous as they are one of the oldest paying market research digital platform that has been existed since 2004, and the stats about their achievements are not bad as well.

They mainly focuses on online surveys that link these digital community together, and to date, the program has paid more than 20 million in total payouts.

They are going strong and because of the increasing membership, they have also opened offices in the United States to mainly serve the needs of the market in that region.

They are doing fine until this day, and it certainly is a good place where you can spare some time to earn some extra income.

What Does Legerweb Offer?

My friends, hang on to your seats as I am sure you are interested to earn some extra bucks without worries or fear.

The program’s platform is simple and again, very straight forward type.

No lengthy and complicated terms, or info, straight out of the box registration.

Signing up with the program is as easy as filling your email address, it takes just a few minutes to complete the registration.

The image of Legerweb signup page

By the first look inside the member's area, it is very well organized, and they have a progression level where you can refer, to complete your profile creation.

This is extremely important as members can create a detailed profile which will benefit them at a later stage, as the profile determines the type of surveys that you will be doing.

Setting up a profile with Legerweb

What you are doing here is completing their surveys, need to take note that surveys can be different from individual to individual.

Inside your profile, you state your interests, your qualifications and the type of industry that you are in, as well as where do you live, where do you normally spend your time, where will you likely spend or shop online, what amount you likely spend on product budgets, and what interests you to decide to buy a certain products.

Do you also considering product offers with free trials or free samples, and finally those in depths information will determine what kind of surveys that you will be getting.

It ranges from the quick and easy survey to the more complex and lengthy surveys.

When you have qualified for a certain survey, the program will send you an email where you can then start to participate in doing them.

Taking your first survey can be exciting, members will be given 5 attempts to complete a survey, and after the 5 attempts are over, the survey will be voided.

Legerweb Surveys availability

What you see in the above diagram is an area where you can track your status, it clearly tells you the number of chances you have got with any survey that you have participated, and also the time spent on each of them.

There is also a counting stat for tracking your main completed surveys.

This is quite useful for members because sometimes you will not know which one is a completed survey and which one is still a pending survey.

Legerweb  available survey tasks

Every survey that you are granted access, you will be given 5 chances, and it can take you anywhere between 5 minutes to 35 minutes to complete 1 survey, depending on the complexity and the type of advertisers you have engaged with.

What this means is, it is varied and sometimes you will get stuck in the middle, this is where the 5 chances come in to help you. Some need extensive thinking before you can proceed.

How Do You Earn With Legerweb?

Now my friends, whether you are still interested in this program or not, in this section, I will explain to you more about how you can earn with this program, so let’s get started.

In this company, what they do is link their partners from a group of advertisers to what’s interest you.

For every completed survey, you are getting paid from these advertisers for your time and effort doing their surveys.

Before doing a particular survey, these companies that chosen you will give you a guideline which you have to strictly follow or your work will be considered void.

In this program, the internal currency used is what they called the Survey Dollar.

Your pay rate can be as low as 1 USD to a few USD, depending on how much a survey is worth the price.

To give you a rough estimation, every Legerweb member will likely get 1 to 2 surveys max per week.

This is if you are chosen by these companies, when you fall within the criteria, such as interest, location, age, spending budget, etc.

The program pays members in 3 options.

You can derive the payouts to your Paypal account.

This option can take up to 14 days to get processed.

Another option is you can use the Survey Dollars that you have earned to exchange for Air Miles.

If you are not aware, Air Miles is a reward program itself where you can redeem air tickets and travel needs.

You can also opt for a check payment via air mail to your mailing address.

This option takes the longest as it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to receive the check.

Your earned Survey Dollars can also be contributed to charity organizations, like The Canadian Cancer Society, Sun Youth, and the World Wildlife Fund.

In order to cash out, you must first have a minimum of 20 Survey Dollars in your account.

Legerweb  cashout history record
Legerweb Paypal payment proof

Forget about earning a good amount of income with this program as it is just impossible that you could ever get any good amount earned.

Their agenda is to hook you to their paid advertisers. 

Still, there are some extra dollars that you can earn if you are interested in doing surveys in your spare time.

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The Pros - What I like About Legerweb

The program of this sort is only good for people that can’t have a better way to pass their time and wanted something to do to earn some extra dollars.

It is not much though but perhaps, some dollars that can buy them a spa treatment, a massage session or some coffees at Starbucks.

I like the fact that the user interface is done in a professional way, where unlike the other programs where you need to be evaluated from case to case before you can do a survey, what the program offers is a comprehensive profile creation page.

Once you have done that you are set to receive any future pending surveys automatically.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Legerweb

My main target is to find if there’s any ugly side behind this program.

What I have found, I can tell you that the surveys granted are too few to be called an income earning opportunity.

Many members are upset because they don’t get the surveys yet they are waiting for that to arrive.

Some even get zero surveys.

Complain of the lack of surveys availability
No surveys to participate for a week

The program is not so interested or keen to let members earn any decent income with them.

There is no chance to earn an income, don’t just say the word ‘income’, but the majority felt they were scammed because they can’t even earn these extra few dollars.

Complain of the ceasing of surveys after payout
Member feedback of not worth the time and effort with Legerweb

Is Legerweb A Scam?

There’s not much interest in this program from the general public, as they eventually got fed up and tired after they repeatedly not getting the surveys as promised.

Patience has its own limits and soon either they started to bash or attacking the program’s image, or they will start saying it is a scam.

This program is not a scam as they belong to the type of program that does things very slowly for whatever reasons.

From their partnership to their payment department, it is just very inefficient and incompetent.

Yes their member's area looks comprehensive and it gives an overall good image about them, but when you started to wait too long to receive any survey, it is just useless moving forward.

I am still surprised that in their website, the program claimed that they had paid out a total of 20 million or more over the years.

The stats look promising if they can up their efficiencies.

My Final Thoughts

Do you want to earn an income with a program with such inefficiency?

But the truth is, you knew it best that your chances of earning here are near to zero, or at best some extra dollars annually.

From various sources of income proofs, the majority are just earning $20 to less than $50 yearly.

To make things worse is you probably end up waiting forever for your withdrawal to be credited to you.

Yes, the program has found its place in the community especially in Canada, but the overall income potential looks very bad here.

Not to forget in the end you might not even qualify to make a cash withdrawal as you just cannot get to the minimum amount required which is $20, to cash out.

And by the way, by the time you almost hit the minimum target the program might have already closed down or you could be waiting endlessly for the magic number to appear.

Anyway, if your goal is to make money with Legerweb, then I think you should probably examine all your options before making a decision.

You just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Legerweb, feel free to leave me comments below.

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