Longrich Review: An MLM Company That Pays Weekly

These days, with so many MLM companies existed and more are joining the party, it's difficult to distinguish which one is the best and ideal to partner with.

Chances are, you might already be approached by many independent representatives representing numerous MLM companies.

Perhaps, you are still hesitating and indecisive.

You might even be doubting whether MLM is suitable for your business ventures.

It's understandable.

I have been through this dilemma.

There was the time I don't even know the viability of building an MLM business given the vastness of opportunity the MLM world has to offer.

Today, I will be reviewing a unique MLM company that has been around for several decades and has been establishing themselves a reputation to be recognized worldwide.

This unique MLM is known as Longrich.

In this review, we will be examining the state of their legitimacy as well as the viability of building a business with them.

So, without further ado, let's get started.

Shall we?


Longrich Review Summary

Company: Longrich

Founder: Xu Zhiwei

Price: Free to join.

Additional product purchases is required to start earning

Rating: 75/100


As one of the most influential MLM companies in the world, Longrich is providing a business venture platform for ordinary people to build a solid business regardless of background and financial status.

If you are serious about building yourself a sustainable income through MLM recruitments and product sharing, then they certainly deserve your attention and a closer look.

If face to face selling isn't your cup of tea and it doesn't fantasize you, then I highly suggest you give affiliate marketing a try.

A business concept that doesn't require you to be a super salesperson or persuasive skill genius.

All in all, Longrich is not going to disappoint you, if you are here seeking a solution to financial freedom.

What Is Longrich?

Longrich is a multinational MLM company that has been around for more than three decades.

A pretty long duration yet so short for business growth.

Today, after 33 years of business foundation and experience, they have quickly and steadily become one of the most reputable MLM players within the personal care, healthcare, beauty, and cosmetic industry.

Besides their highly acclaimed brand recognition, they also manufacture top-notch products that are targeted to benefits specific niche markets.

Every product target a group of audiences specifically thus establishing themselves a unique selling proposition that could be a competitive advantage of acquiring partners and consumers in a wider spectrum.

Longrich is headquartered in China and founded by Mr Xu Zhiwei.

As of today, they are operating their business in more than 160 countries worldwide.

Let's take a look at the video below to have a glimpse of Longrich in greater detail.

What Does Longrich Offer?

As a company that adopts the conventional MLM business concept, Longrich provides an opportunity and a platform for ordinary individuals who are enthusiastic to pursue a business venture, by becoming one of their unique associates known as an independent representative.

Apart from the business side, they manufacture consumer products catering to consumers from all walks of life.

With the eight highly sophisticated and advanced research and development facilities, they are now capable of manufacturing more than 2000 products.

Yeah, you heard that right, my dear friends!

They have an arsenal of product lines in these categories.

- Personal care

- healthcare

- oral care

- Household products

- Anti-aging products

- Beauty care

Let's take a look at 2 of their flagship products. 

This is one of the best products that they have to offer.

So what makes this product a phenomenal success?

We do know that the human body is mostly formed by water.

Now, as we live, our body is accumulating toxic and acidic substances, not to mention the water that we consume daily.

This product is capable of breaking down water molecules, a process known as ionization.

The outcome?

Well, the purest grade of alkaline water that is capable of reducing our body's acidity effectively in the long term.

Now, don't get me wrong here that it has some sort of magical power of enhancing health right away.

Nope, that's not true. Healthcare is a marathon and this unique thermos can maximize your optimum health.

Another good thing about ionization is that it boosts your overall well-being by balancing your body's PH level that's most ideal for our body.

Next, let's take a look at this unique charcoal soap.

The natural charcoal soap proudly brought to you by Longrich.

Charcoal has long been hailed for its excellent antimicrobial ability.

How about the combination of technology and natural charcoal?

The result is a consumer product that has its very best beautification for our skin.

Think about it, the skin disease is jeopardizing our self-confidence, personal image as well as our health.

This unique charcoal soap has the capability of smoothing and eliminating common skin diseases such as acne, skin rashes, itchiness effectively.

These two examples are just the tip of an iceberg.

They have a load of phenomenal products under their brand.

For example, their natural toothpaste is endorsed by the world dental foundation.

Another example would be their mouth spray that can eliminate mouth odor instantly.

Thus allowing you to feel refreshing all day long.

Next, let's dive right into their compensation plan.

We will discover how you can earn money with them.

Longrich's Compensation Plan

Longrich's compensation plan is attractively satisfying and it's relatively lucrative.

Before we continue, let me illustrate to you the two core components of their compensation plan.

If you are a season MLM fan, then you will familiar that you do have to recruit and build your network of a team under your tree placement hierarchy.

Now, Longrich is not any different.

So the first part is, they allow you to earn massively by recruiting and building your team of downlines.

They have implemented a special unique approach to building your downlines.

Traditionally, most of the MLM companies adopt the binary pairing placement structure.

With Longrich, it's slightly different.

They implement the direct placement of three unique individuals.

Let just say Mr. A, Mr. B, and Mr. C.

Now, when each one of them recruits another three members to join directly under them, that's deemed a complete hierarchy.

And it repeats deeper down with the same implementation.

Let's take a look below to grasp a better understanding visually. 

As you can see, the process of recruits placement has been simplified.

The second part is the direct retail bonuses that you will be reaping.

Every business associate of theirs is known as an independent distributor.

Meaning that you are allowed to purchase any of their product at the distributor price and then market to your customers at the retail price.

Therefore, bypassing any middleman of merchants that share the pie.

I will be giving you an overview of how you are going to make money with them.

Let's begin with the retail bonuses.

The Retail Bonuses 

As an independent distributor of Longrich, you are given consent to represent them to share and promote their products.

Every successful product sales will earn you retail profits from 21% up to a massive 45% depending on your achievement level.

(And by the way, they adopt the widely known PV structure known as point volume. )

The direct retail profit bonus is based on your achievements and product sales.

"How about my team and my direct downlines' sales achievements"?

I heard you ask.

Well, this is the part that will attractively make you smiling all day with all beautiful white teeth visible.

Whenever your downlines, or your downlines' downlines, let just say your team in a simpler term, make product purchases on their end, you will be rewarded for their efforts.

Regardless of they purchase the products for self consume or market out to their consumers, as long as they meet the minimum purchase of 30 PV, you will be rewarded based on their effort.

Pretty awesome right?

So how much will you be rewarded?

Well, you will be rewarded with 4.5% also equivalent to $1.35.

Let us have a little maths session here, shall we?

Let suppose you have successfully build a team of 100 members directly under yourself and also your first tier of recruits.

Say they purchase 30 PV worth of products twice a week.

You will be compensated with a bonus of 1.35 x 2= $2.7weekly. 

$2.7 multiply by 100 is $270.

You will be earning $270 weekly and as high as $1080 monthly.

You are getting excited already right?

Now, this is just an illustration of the possible achievable scenario.

Your income could be explosive with this bonus compensation alone.

With more than 2000 phenomenal products under their brand, it's relatively easy for your team to achieve the individual 30 PV products purchase.

All you need to do is to build a team of a network that trusts and passionate about sharing Longrich's products.

Even if they only end up self-consuming, it's still relatively easy to achieve the 30 PV requirement.

Now, how could an additional $1080 help in your life financially?

I am sure it helps a lot and creates wonderful moments right?

The $1080 example is purely my illustration, if you can build up an active team, I am sure you can achieve way more than $1080, passively all from the effort of your downlines.

The 1% VIP Global Revenue Sharing

Now, this is another real deal of their compensation plan.

There are 2 ways you can go about this.

First, it's to become their stockist directly at diamond level 4 status.

You then have a whole bunch of products to generate profits as well as the 1% global profit sharing.

The second way is by self and team's effort of achieving the required sales target.

When this happens, you will be receiving their 1% global revenue sharing portion.

Think about it for a moment, the amount of money you will be receiving as part of their VIP top performers?

Global revenue sharing is a real deal and also a big deal.

Another lucrativeness offered by Longrich.

Personal And Team Performance Bonus 

As a company that emphasizes teamwork and personal achievement, you are going to reap the massive reward when a certain level of achievement is met.

By the way, the performance bonus unlocked are based on PV calculation, your hierarchy placement must fulfill the complete three direct active downlines.

Here is the summary of the bonus percentage you will be getting at each level of achievement.

The silver status - 8% receivable bonus

The gold status - 10% receivable bonus

The platinum gold status - 12% receivable bonus

Each of your three direct downlines must be actively having a hierarchy that is contributing.

Meaning that each of the three legs expansion must meet certain PV requirements before you are rewarded with performance bonuses.

Regardless of how deep your hierarchy grows, as long as the required PV achievements are met, you are good to go.

For you to maximize your earning in this aspect of bonus rewards, you are advised to work consistently alongside your team.

The more balanced the growth and expansion of the hierarchy placements either through recruitments or product sales, you are on your ways to unlocks the performance bonus one by one steadily.

The Development Bonus 

This is the bonus that unlocks to reward you for your effort in nurturing your network.

As your team grows, a certain amount of PV achievements are relatively predictable.

So whenever, an achievement is met, you as the head of the team will be rewarded with a development bonus of 10% from the achieved PV.

The Leadership Bonus 

As you build and grow your business, you are planting a seed that will flourish in the foreseeable future.

The leadership rewards unlock when you have achieved at least the diamond rank status.

It's not an easy task, but as long as you stay focus and with determination, you will reach that status eventually.

When that happens, a new horizon of bonus reward unlocks.

A base reward of 10% begins the reward cycle.

As you grow your business to an even greater height, a higher percentage of bonuses will be rewarded to as high as 45%.

On top of that, as your network grows, you can expect to receive up to 12 levels of leadership rewards at various percentages.

Now, this is when your earning skyrocket and magical things happen!

Before I proceed to the next section, let's take a look at the comprehensive In-depth explanation of Longrich compensation plan.

The Pros - What I like About Longrich

Established company

Longrich is a pretty well-established MLM company that has a good reputation and acceptance rate in more than 160 countries worldwide.

That's a terrific achievement worth praising.

You can see their offices and representatives in pretty much any country in the world. That's the enormous dominance right there.

A proof that their trustworthiness has been established.

People all around the world are coming to them to build partnerships.

A vast variety of products to promote

As you know they have more than 2000 products under their brand.

These products are not just ordinary products findable in various department stores.

These products are top notch and almost all of their products serve a unique segment of audience and niche market.

Meaning that their products are contributing to humanity as a whole.

An opportunity to earn fabulously

You have just gone through my brief presentation of the vastness of their compensation plan.

You might also already watched the in-depth full bonuses rewards video I recommended to you.

Have you noticed one similarity?

Longrich is here to partner with their associates for the long term.

They want everyone to excel and thrive at the highest level.

That way, you can see numerous powerful bonuses unlocks as you progress through your journey.

Top-notch research facilities across the world

Precisely, Longrich have eight state of the art research facilities in the United States, France, Japan and also China.

These facilities plants are responsible for the innovation of top-notch consumer products.

With the constructions of these high technology research facilities, it shows that they are a trustworthy and responsible company that truly cares.

Worldwide consumers can also rest assured that the products that they are consuming are laboratory certified.

The weekly payment

Now, this is a real deal.

One of the most established MLM companies that pay you weekly bonuses.

You do the hard work, they pay you weekly endlessly.

That's how I describe this aspect of their awesomeness.

As long as you and your team members are qualified for the various bonus payout, you will be paid promptly week after week flawlessly. 

Lucrative incentives

Who wouldn't want additional incentives when they join any MLM ventures or partnerships?

Well, with Longrich, new incentives marvelous milestones have been reached.

By the way, these are extra incentives exclusively for Longrich performance achievers, it doesn't affect other tiers of rewardable bonuses.

As you progress through and achieve certain goals, incentives such as a fully paid saloon car, 0.5% of your dream house are sponsored as incentives.

Love traveling while building a thriving business?

Longrich give incentives traveling to exotic destinations such as Dubai.

These incentives are implemented to boost your motivation and desire to succeed even more. 

Scholarship for yourself or your family members

When you become one of the top VIP achievers, you will be granted with an all-expense paid 4 years of scholarship.

This education fund is transferable to your immediate family members such as your children.

Now, this is one of the main reasons why they have been achieving massive success.

It's their commitment and opportunity for ordinary people to pursue a dream education.

They are supplying to major and influential companies in the world

Some of the world's most influential brands and companies are their OEM consumers.

Meaning that Longrich manufacture products for their behalf and consent them to repackage the products under their own branding.

In my opinion, this is another breakthrough in their entrepreneurship.

Now, just ponder for a moment, if they can gain the trust of famous brands from the likes of Mark and Spencer, Avon, Carrefour. Walmart, their product legitimacy and manufacturing technology is surely a class of its own.

A different league that most manufacturers could only dream of.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Longrich

Recruit, recruit, and still recruit!

They say MLM business is in the blink of even more rejection where there's only a 1% success rate.

Now, in my opinion, that's not entirely correct.

You get to decide whether an MLM business is suitable for you or otherwise.

Some people achieve success at the highest level regardless of which MLM company they are representing.

That being said, it doesn't change the fact that to taste success with MLM, recruitment is part of the game.

In fact, in today's competitive world in pretty much any industry, you need to recruit even more to stand a chance of achieving your financial goals. 

Competition from inner circles of representatives

Longrich provides a platform for ordinary people to build a business platform regardless of their background or financial status.

Now, this scenario also means that there is an enormous amount of competition right within the inner circle game.

You will be constantly challenged by fellow compatriots from Longrich.

In my opinion, this is one of the most challenging parts to thrive and succeed. 

My Final Thoughts

Even with a company as solid as Longrich, it doesn't change the fact that you need to work very hard at recruiting and train your new recruits to replicate exactly what you are doing.

On top of that, you also need to be in a position to constantly share products with your circles of friends, family members, and even strangers.

Doubtless, what you are sharing could be beneficial from your prospect perspective, but then the reality is that not everyone is comfortable with MLM given the wrong mentality about MLM.

On top of that, you need to constantly do face to face presentation and product sharing.

If you do enjoy all of these, then the probability of success with Longrich is relatively high.

Alternatively, if face to face selling doesn't spark your interest, then I highly suggest you give affiliate marketing a try. 

A business concept that allows you to build your online empire with your passion and hobby.

A simplified business concept that allows you to promote products that are already accepted by consumers.

A business concept that is scalable to any level of success desired through website and content creation.

If writing content is your cup of tea, this might be the next big thing that could potentially change your life forever.

After all, we live only once right, so live it meaningfully and colorfully.

Get set financially and do the things you love doing and never have to worry about money issues again.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Longrich, feel free to leave me comments below.

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