Lyconet Review: Earn With Their Unique Cashback Rewards

If someone approaches you with a presentation kit, as annoying as it seemed, he or she might not be an insurance agent, property agent, MLM companies representatives.

Instead, most likely you will be presented with an opportunity to earn lucratively with a cashback rewards plan that benefits you as a consumer.

Lyconet is created exactly for that.

They went on to the top of the horizon by going one step further, with the combination of cash points rewards plus an MLM recruitment concept at their core.

Today, I will be reviewing a very unique MLM company that isn't focused on tangible products.

They offer values by providing cashback rewards by connecting consumers and merchants.

We will also be identifying whether is this a viable platform for you to build a solid business.

So without further ado, let's get started. 

Lyconet Review Summary

Company: Lyconet

Founder: Iwan J. Ackermann

Max Meienberg

Uwe Proch

Price: Free

Rating: 60/100


Lyconet certainly possesses the magical wonders with their phenomenal market traction.

With their zero start-up cost combined with the lucrative and attractive compensation plan, earning an income with them is certainly achievable.

To spice up the excitement, their reputation is a guarantee that you are not walking the journey directionless.

If recruitments is your cup of tea, then surely, Lyconet provide a phenomenal platform for you to earn money while saving money at the same time.

What Is Lyconet?

Lyconet is an MLM company that has established their uniqueness to deliver cashback incentives for consumers.

Founded back in 2003, with more than 10 years of experience, they have established themselves a name and reputation within the cashback consumers market.

Today, they connect more than 90 thousands merchants that offer cashback rewards for consumers around the world.

That's an enormous amount of active merchants under their branding.

An accomplishment that's worth praising.

Besides, they also offer exciting ways to earn lucratively through various recruitment structures that reward you for different achievements reached.

What Does Lyconet Offer?

As a company that primarily focuses on cashback rewards, it's fairly straightforward and understandable that they do not offer tangible physical products like most of the MLM players out there.

Rather, they offer points rewards as their mainstream business structure.

The amount of points earnable is highly dependant on the specific participating merchants.

Besides, they also offer an opportunity to earn with their proprietary recruitment marketing structure which I will be discussing in just a moment.

As a member of Lyconet, you will be rewarded with a physical card to keep track of all the points earned in real-time. 

Earned points can then be used to shop online.

Let's take a look below.

How Do You Earn With Lyconet?

First and foremost, you are eligible to earn money by becoming a consumer of one of their massively huge network of participating merchants.

They call it the shopping points.

Whenever you spend money to purchase any of their participating merchant's goods and services, you will be rewarded with points that are redeemable for cash. 

The number of points rewardable are based on the respective merchants.

There are several thousands of merchants that are associated with Lyconet, so the key principle of earning cashback rewards are based on the amount spent on various merchants.

Next, it's a relatively complicated compensation plan here.

I will briefly walk you through and then I will provide you with a more precise video presentation to further ease your comprehension about their unique paying structures.

As a participating consumer, you are encouraged to recommend the awesomeness of Lyconet to as many people as you can.

That includes your friends and family members, colleagues and even strangers.

The more you are able and willing to do this, you are going to reap higher earning opportunity offered by them.

Every time you successfully recruit a new member, your action will be rewarded with points called accounting units.

Depending on your ability, every accounting units earn you $75.

You are free to exploits your full potential and talent to recruits to earn as many accounting units as you can. 

When you have accumulated enough points, you will achieve a different league of status to receive loyalty partner bonus.

When you reach this level, additional 2 levels of earnable points structures are rewarded to you, hence boosting your earnings to even greater height.

Next, it's the friendship reward bonus.

Whenever you recruit your friends to join Lyconet, straight away, you will be rewarded with 0.5% of the total amount spent by them.

On top of that, you will also be getting an additional 0.5% bonus points when your friends recruit their friends to join under them.

The key to earning massively with Lyconet depends on your ability to recruits.

The friendship and accounting units are sufficient enough to make you smile to the bank.

To make thing even sweeter, you will also be getting rewards points whenever you shops for yourself.

These personal bonus points are also cashable for real money.

Before we continue to the next part, let's take a look at the comprehensive video presentation of Lyconet compensation plan. 

The Pros - What I like About Lyconet

Unique MLM business implementation

We know that all MLM companies adopt multiple tiers of recruitment structures.

With Lyconet, it's no different.

The only difference is the absence of tangible products offered by most MLM companies.

Which by the way, it's the real deal in my opinion.

People are obsessed with the never-ending loop of endless products presentations by various MLM representatives.

Now with Lyconet, the approach to recruitment is slightly different.

It's unique and it's acceptable by the vast majority of people.

Think about it for a moment, who wouldn't want to save some money when shopping for goods?

Everybody wants cashback rewards, none escapes. 

Recruitments simplified

Ever wondered who is your target audience for Lyconet?

It's everyone and anyone!

Unlike many other MLM opportunities, you need to put down your head brainstorming for the right audience.

That is because not everyone is suitable for a specific MLM product as well as the business opportunity offered.

With Lyconet, bypass this step by targeting everyone, yeah that's right. 

Let's ask ourselves, who on earth is not a consumer?

We buy stuff and spend money on goods and services. 

Everybody is a part of the consumer's cycles.

Now, here comes the massive earning opportunity.

Think about it, is there anyone that couldn't benefit from cashback when shopping?

The answer is pretty obvious.

That's the reality of the vastness of earning potential. 

A unique combination of MLM structure

Lyconet implements the unique cashback rewards points structure combined with conventional MLM multiple tier hierarchies.

This mixture of combination approach is a winning business implementation in my opinion.

A uniqueness that stands out from the crowd. 

An opportunity to earn money while saving money

This is another uniqueness that is pleasing to everyone.

As I mentioned earlier, everybody could be your target audience.

Now, on your end, it possesses an opportunity to earn money while saving money. 

For example, instead of buying a new backpack for your weekend outdoor exploration trips from retail merchants, you can purchase the bag from one of the participating merchants of Lyconet to reap a bonus cashback reward.

How about if you are a shopping fanatic, or your friends also enjoy shopping as much as you do, think about this, the potential amount of money you can earn and save.

Another plus point of worthiness.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Lyconet

The likelihood of low-income potential

With 0.5% receivable percentage, you may need a lot of direct and indirect recruits to see a satisfactory income. 

Let me illustrate to you a practical approach of typical shoppers.

Say the majority of people are shopping for grocery and household goods.

Let me show you an example from Amazon marketplace. 

This toilet paper is priced at $24.99 on Amazon.

0.5% out of it is $0.12.

With the above illustration, how many recruits do you need to achieve a good earning with Lyconet?

I am not saying everyone will be buying this type of products, I am just trying to illustrate the typicalness of consumers that shops for household products.

People buy different things based on their own needs.

This is just to show you the realistic expectations of the income potential that are achievable.

Which I am sorry to say could be very unforgiving and heartbreaking.

You could even need to recruit new members in the hundreds or thousands to see a real satisfactory income. 

Endless recruitments

"Dear friend, are you interested to know more about an opportunity to let you earn some additional income while saving money at the same time?

It's a cashback reward that will save you money in the long run.

You can also generate residual income by sharing this awesomeness to your friends and colleagues.

Most importantly, it's free to sign up."

"Yes, I am interested".

Congratulations, you have just successfully recruited a new member to Lyconet.

Now, let me ask you a question, how many of these kinds of recruits needed to be accomplished if you are serious about building a solid business with them?

Even with the 2 levels of the compensation structures, it's not an easy task at all to recruit people in.

I am just speaking fact and it's that kind of realistic expectation when you go out there to the battlefield to seek potential prospects.

To sum it up, for you to thrive and excel with Lyconet, you need to put in the extra mileage of going up even further up the hill to reap the satisfactory result.

By the way, the above illustration of pitch is just merely an example, there are myriads of ways you can go about tackling and acquiring new members, that is just an example showcased to you.

My Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, massive success is achievable with a strong mastery of persuasiveness.

If you are a big lover of socializing and sharing good things to people, then Lyconet could be your next explosive income breakthrough.

Contrary, if recruitments seem daunting, then I highly suggest you try out affiliate marketing

Personally, this is the business model I choose to build my online empire.

The best part about affiliate marketing is the ability to promote and share products that are already gaining market traction and consumers acceptance.

On top of that, you can build an entire affiliate marketing business with your passion and hobby.

Wonderful right?

So, I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Lyconet, feel free to leave me comments below.

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