Is Maximiles A Scam? A Beneficial Way Using Reward Points To Buy Products

Hello all and welcome to my Maximiles review.

In the world that we are living today, everyone is starting to spend most of their time using phones, spend hours going online, or surfing the webs, or even using trending apps like Instagram.

With these hours spent, have you ever think about what if there’s a way for these hours that you have spent to get some kind of rewards back to you?

You are using the internet most of the time, and advertisers came in and out and you did not care because you are not rewarded.

This is why the creation of rewards based programs are getting huge and popular ever than before.

Ordinary people who do things online, they start to realize there is actually a platform that can reward them.

In today’s review, I am going to walk you through a reward based program where you can earn points and rewards by just doing things that you are already doing normally with or without you realize.

The program is called Maximiles, where it will reward you according to the things that you have done using their platform.

This in a way is useful to you as you can use these rewards to exchange for purchases, things that you normally are loving to do, for example booking an air ticket and get ready for a vacation, or shopping online buying your favorite fashion clothes.

The program is unique in a way they are creating a win-win situation that connects consumers to the advertisers.

All parties walked out as happy winners.

So without further delaying, let’s get started with the review about Maximiles.

Maximiles Review Summary

Program: Maximiles

Founder: Unknown

Rating: 40/100

Recommended: No


Maximiles program basically tells you that you can get rewarded doing things you are already doing.

By stepping a step further, there’s an entire platform which the program offered to you, both in the web or using the mobile apps, you can participate in various tasks that you chose.

Because of its successful concept, it started to create attractive options for both the partners and the users, and hence the program has thus far accumulated more than 2 million users and it’s growing every day.

People are starting to see the usefulness and benefits of these rewards based platforms.

Even though there are quite similar to the other reward-based program, Maximiles has their own unique features.

This might eventually lead to your interest in this program so let’s examine further.

What Is Maximiles?

Maximiles is another GPT based program based in the UK, where members can earn rewards based on their involvement at the levels of tasks completed.

Because it has grown popular, the program has realized there is a huge demand in the industry that they can help in both the commercial brands and end users.

The program has lasted for more than 10 years now and they also have a mobile app for easier enrollment.

After you have registered, you can glance through their pages to familiarize and then start doing the tasks to get your rewards.

Unlike other programs, Maximiles uses different methods to reward their members.

There are more than 600 merchants that you can choose to redeem and spend your rewards points.

Just by signing up you will be given free points, in total, you will have 125 free points upon registering.

All these points can later be exchanged for rewards such as gift cards or buying products from their partner's retailers.

In other words, the redemption catalogs are a lot and along with various vouchers.

Maximiles redemption points

In the next section of this review, I will explain to you my friends, about the various tasks that are on offer for their members.

What Does Maximiles Offer?

In this section, I will walk you through the various parts inside their platform that you can do and it’s in the member's area.

You can perform the tasks all from your mobile phone using Maximiles’s app.

Maximiles mobile app accessibility

First and foremost that’s no denying that they have the main task, the paid surveys.

Before you can do this type of task, again, you will be evaluated based on criteria that need to be met, if you can qualify then you can proceed to do the survey.

As with most of the survey tasks, there are very few that you can choose or available from day to day, which means your options are very limited.

A completed survey will reward anywhere from 500 to 1000 or more points depending on the complexity and length.

Maximiles available surveys
Maximiles surveys opinions

Next, the program has top-notch validated offers for members.

What this means is there is a selective type of tasks, not too heavy and not too light, those tasks can be registering free trials at the partner’s website, sign up a trial account at the online casino, register for free at certain services, and etc.

You will be rewarded anywhere between 400 to 500 points for these tasks.

Apart from these 2 major tasks, the rest of the tasks are somewhat mini tasks and quick tasks.

The range of these mini-tasks is from getting rewarded for reading emails, watch advertiser’s videos or playing video games.

How Do You Earn With Maximiles?

Are you getting excited now my friends, as we are going to go through how you can possibly earn with this program?

First of all, a member’s earning is based on validated points which are the main source of rewards given.

They do not have cash options as a currency payouts to their members.

The program has a partnership with more than 600 merchants or retailers where you can redeem these earned points in exchange to buy any products that are on offer.

Before I go further explaining the income side of this program, let us just look at the diagram below, extracted directly from the company’s website to summarize the income side of the program.

How to earn with Maximiles

This, in fact, are restraining members as they are somehow forced to redeem the points to buy products which they might need or might not need.

They are well aware of this and this is why they have a huge selection for members to choose, more than 600 of them.

Some of the members will call this the cashback program as it uses other incentives or discounts or offers to lure you into redeeming your points.

The diagram below will show you the rewards income that you will get and the different categories of the rewards given.

Maximiles rewards points

From a customer’s perspective, the income can be said as a loyalty program as it helps the partners to create brand awareness and customers can also participate to reap the rewards from the various coalitions.

Maximiles participating partners

Regarding how you can redeem your points, take a look at the below diagram which explains some of the options to you.

Maximiles points exchange

And as I mentioned earlier, there are more than 600 merchants where you can choose to redeem and spend your rewards.

The main idea here is the company actually prefers you to go shopping and purchase products from your points.

A smart move and determined strategy for them, and not so much for members I would say. However, never seen in other GPT programs.

Varieties of exchange partners

The bottom line is there is no cash income with Maximiles.

You do tasks, you get rewarded, and you redeem the points to buy products, it’s as simple as this.

This is also the very reason why a program like Maximiles can only be considered an interesting way to get rewarded as the reward potential is also very limited.

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The Pros - What I like About Maximiles

Hey folks, the one best thing about Maximiles is the program of this kind is very much targeted to people who love to frequently go shopping online.

Regardless of if you are earning the rewards or not, by shopping online means you will need to pay using your credit card as well, so the rewards given are a good way for shoppers to spend it without having to further pay for them.

Another thing that I like about Maximiles is they are a very solid backed company with more than 600 merchants partnering with them.

Maximiles offer more ways for members to spend their points and in order to spend even more they will get attached and start referring friends to the program.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Maximiles

Now, my friends, not many are keen on using rewards to buy products or shopping online, that’s ok because there’s still going to have bad things regarding this program.

Firstly, and yet again, there are absolutely very limited surveys that are available.

Members are thinking, well this is one of my chance to earn decent rewards in the surveys, but somehow they either got kicked out meaning they are disqualified or they just had few selections and it does not add up or frequently updating new surveys.

Member complain of lack of available surveys

And as for the rest of the mini quick tasks, I would say it will take forever to even earn enough to redeem for buying products online.

It is just not worth it if there’s just the limited amount, day in day out.

Below is one real example of a victimized member who has accumulated these points for years to finally got ripped off, this is a painful experience.

This is exactly what I meant by it is taking forever to get to redeem your online products.

Member complain of failure of redemption

And finally, below is a real situation of a sad and leaving member of Maximiles, let’s see what he has to say.

Member leaving for good

Is Maximiles A Scam?

The ideology and approach behind Maximiles are great.

It brings certain benefits and it certainly combines the needs of the partners and also the members.

With their smooth past track records, the program as a whole is considerable, to pass some free times and to get to do things that we already are doing anyway, even without their existence.

Keeping a continuous good image also means they are doing good to interact with their core targeted markets as any business would have fallen or closed down, if without the right partners and the right profitability.

With all of these said, I conclude that Maximiles is not a scam.

Even though it is slow to accumulate points but in time to come, somehow you will get on to the targets that you set.

One ‘off the line’ tips for you my friends, is to know precisely what are the 600 merchants across the boards and evaluate carefully which categories you are most interested in and then you start to go for your aimed targets of achieving the required points to buy those products.

My Final Thoughts

As I said, Maximiles is only well suited for the online shopping fanatics as they got a chance to show their hands and shop the way they wanted.

It benefits mostly people like them to save and to get discounts on products that they are buying.

If you are a frequent online shopper, or somehow you happen to like one or a few of the products on their merchant lists, this program is right there for you.

Because these days there are too strong trends and needs to shop online, this is the reason why this program has to change their basics back then to today’s business format to cope with its current market strategy.

Good job I would say as they have successfully targeted the wave of demands.

With this said, the program will definitely grow bigger as time passes and it is only right for members to keep their confidence so they can shop for products they preferred without worrying too much.

Anyway, if your initial goal before reading this review was to make money with Maximiles, you didn’t know they are purely on rewards-products based, then you just ought to explore deeper and you will find a better opportunity that may well suit your taste and lead you to your financial freedom.

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I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Maximiles, feel free to leave me comments below.

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