Melius Review: A Shady Trading MLM Company Sinking Into The Abyss?

The lucrativeness of currency trading also known as forex trading sparks the discovery of Melius?

Maybe you are introduced to Melius for an opportunity to earn in the trading world.

Today, I will be walking you through a relatively new MLM company known as Melius.

More importantly, the viability of forming a partnership with this company.

So should you entrust your hard-earned money to Melius?

Let's find out together.

Before I begin, I want to be completely transparent with you that I am not associating with Melius in any aspect of this company.

Besides, with or without this written review content, you should be staying away from the so-called "shining and easy road to massive wealth type of opportunities".

With common sense, anything that sounds too good to be true, you better be careful and stay full alert of.

Greed can surpass one's intellectuality which could end up disastrously.

I am not endorsing Melius to my readers nor am I recommending this business opportunity even if it's just for its trading education.

Just stay alert and stay away from any type of online trading, gambling or get rich quick kind of opportunities.

So without further ado, let's get started.

Melius Review Summary

Company: Melius

Founder: Jeremy Prasetyo

Price: Affiliate registration fee - $45

Forex training and recorded video archives:

The Melius adventure - $450 (Renewable every 3 months)

The Melius escape - $450 (Renewable every 3 months)

The Melius experience (Subscription-based on duration)
3 months - $450
Half year - $999
One year - $1800

$3000 forex investment that unlocks a $50000 live forex trading account (Renewable every 3 months regardless of gaining profits or otherwise)

Rating: 10/100


Melius is one of those MLM companies that doesn't look promising in its entire business organization.

The adaptation of the MLM implementation makes it worse as it is steering its direction to an endless fake and pyramid scheme cycle.

As far as legitimacy is concerned, this company does possess lots of flaws that prevent it from reaching the genuine zone.

One of the most unacceptable flaws is the mandatory investment amount of $3000 to gain access to a fifty thousand live forex trading account.

This itself is ridiculously flawed.

Also, its business implementation does lean heavily on the pyramid schemes which I'm sorry to say is illegal in the eyes of the law.

Product-wise, it doesn't have any tangible products that provide values to its consumers.

It does have a few training materials which are intentionally prepared to lure in even more members to invest $3000 into the risky forex trading.

By the way, these training materials are also ridiculously priced.

Overall, Melius is a below-par trading company to be avoided.

What Is Melius?

Melius is an MLM company that offers its representatives to earn in the trading world namely the forex, cryptocurrency as well as blockchain.

Founded by Jeremy Prasetyo, this company also provides trading courses where individuals from all walks of life can equip themselves with adequate knowledge before entering the battlefield.

Even though its legitimacy is relatively questionable due to its high-risk business implementations, it's expanding quickly worldwide.

At the time of writing, it has offices in 160 countries worldwide.

I personally think that something shady is going on around with its high expansion pace based on its business nature.

For example, many countries have strict laws regulating companies that offer financial investment or anything related to high-risk trading such as forex trading.

So first off, the legitimacy of genuine establishments in these countries are already questionable.

Second, it's a trading company that adopts MLM business implementations.

This scenario will translate to the inevitable fact of relying on recruitment in terms of business survivability.

For me, I don't have high expectations for this company due to its risky trading implementations.

What Does This Company Offer?

Fundamentally, Melius claims that it's not relying on trading investments to gear its business forward.

But then, in my opinion, this claim is fairly unverifiable.

That being said, this is the company that offers people with pre-trading training.

There are three types of training packages offered.

They are:

The Melius adventure

This training course is specifically tailored to the forex traders.

It has all the essentials training materials such as the daily trading analysis, trading strategies as well as an archive of the previously recorded training sessions.

The Melius escape

This training package has all the essential tutorials on how to excel in blockchain trading.

It also has daily trading strategies coverage. An archive of previously recorded videos is also offered.

The Melius experience

This is the training package of the entire archive for forex, blockchain, and cryptocurrency training tutorials.

Customers can choose the different access options such as 3 months, half-yearly and annually.

Unlocked training will be charged respectively based on the chosen duration.

Forex trading illustration

Melius also offers its proprietary app known as the iGoTrade App.

It's an executable app for smart devices such as your Android or Apple phones.

Essentially, what this app does is that it act as a firewall to aid in your trading by signaling the forecast price movement.

This entire process happens in real-time.

Once you become one of its representatives, you then have the option to invest a certain amount of money to trade a real live forex account.

The gained profits will be distributed evenly to you and your group of uplines.

Also, to gain access to this private app, which by the way has flaws which I will discuss in just a moment, you need to be an active subscribed member of this app.

Meaning that only the VIP members get to use this app to aid in forex trading.

So apart from the various training packages and this trading app, Melius doesn't have any other tangible products offered.

Melius's Compensation Plan

They say calculus is complex.

Some say the combination of calculus and algebra creates an enormous level of complexity.

Now, even with the complexity of advanced mathematics, none is comparable with MLM compensation plans.

These plans are specifically designed to boost complexity to an unimaginable level.

With Melius, it's a similar scenario.

Here, I will summarize all the essentials parts where you will be compensated with Melius.

The retail commission

Fundamentally, this is one of the most common compensation in contemporary MLM companies.

Whenever you successfully convinced someone to purchase any of the offered training courses, you will be reaping a 20% direct retail bonus.

Depending on the price for each package, the reapable commission may vary.

Also, an additional 10% of the retail bonus will be unlocked for the second hierarchy.

Meaning that your second level downlines purchases will grant you the extra 10% retail commission.

The residual commission

This is the compensation part that makes many independent representatives jaw-dropping.

The real lucrativeness of earning could be potentially unlocked in the residual compensation.

The chances to maximize the earning potential is highly dependant on your convincing and persuasive skills.

Whenever you recruited someone to join directly under your hierarchy, the new recruit will be doing the same recruitment work just like yourself.

The replication process will proceed to multiple levels of deepness utilizing the binary hierarchy structure.

When certain recruitment goals have been successfully met, various bonuses will be unlocked depending on your achievement.

Also, there are various rankings that you could potentially climb to reap even more residual bonuses along with your progression.

If you would like to discover the in-depth compensation plans, here's a video that will walk you through precisely.

How to join Melius?

Before you can join the Melius family, you will need to pay $45.

This amount of money will unlock the official affiliate status for yourself.

Additionally, there are various training packages offered for you to purchase as well.

So you may ask, "do I have to pay for the training?"

Well, it depends on yourself but the short answer on Melius side is absolutely the "Yes".

This is because they have another main course waiting for you.

Once you have acquired the necessary expertise to trade forex confidently and skillfully, you will then be asked to invest in its flagship investment trading with an investment of $3000 for three months.

With the investment of $3000, a live trading account with $50000 funding is at your disposal.

Any profit will be distributed evenly for yourself and your upline.

Also, you are given access to its proprietary app that I mentioned earlier.

With an active account of $50000 plus an app to aid in the pricing movement prediction, this is the part that Melius wants its affiliates to participate in.

Here's the summary of the eligibility to represent Melius independently.

A one time $45.

Purchase any of the training courses based on your preference and budget.
(You will be encouraged by Melius because they want you to participate in the $50000 live trading account.)

Next, invest $3000 every quarter of the year.

Here's an example of the amount of money to be invested into Melius if you are determined to join as its affiliates and ultimately generate profits from the trading.

The initial affiliate joining fee - $45

The Melius adventure - $450 (Renewable every 90 days)

The live $50000 forex trading account - $3000 (Renewable every 90 days)

The total investment is equivalent to $3495.

With $3490 compulsory renewal every 90 days.

So regardless of whether you are making money with the trading, this is the base amount of money to be invested if you want to remain as its active affiliate with a $50000 forex trading account in your hand.

Pretty ridiculous right?

The Pros - What I like About Melius

Sadly, this is the very few MLM companies I review that disappoint me.

Melius doesn't impress me in its entire business implementations.

So, there are no pros to Melius from my perspective.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Melius

Questionable genuineness

As I've mentioned at the beginning of the review, this company has offices in 160 countries worldwide.

Now, if it's legitimate, that's the phenomenal achievements.

But given the fact that Melius operates the business in the high-risk trading field, worldwide expansion is kind of fishy and shadiness certainly exist.

I'm not here to point fingers to anyone but then you know exactly what I was talking about right?

Its genuineness is definitely at stake in this context.

High-risk investment trading

Melius prioritize on the forex investment trading.

Any self-proclaimed forex guru could tell you that forex trading is an extremely big industry to reap profits.

Well, in my opinion, that's not entirely correct, in fact, it's the opposite.

Forex trading is risky on its own.

According to the balance, the currency fluctuation is one of the risk forex traders are facing.

Besides, forex trading by uncertified traders such as the widely known retail traders are banned in certain countries.

For example, according to stay at home trader, India is one of the countries that ban uncertified forex traders to trade forex in the country.

This shows the seriousness of the authority in tackling the high-risk nature of this trading.

Cost to participate in the live forex trading is ridiculously unacceptable and fake

As I've mentioned earlier, the cost to kickstart your forex trading endeavors could potentially cost you thousands of dollars.

Even worse, the $3000 investment fund must be renewed every 3 months.

Now, that sparks a real fakeness.

Let's comprehend for a moment.

Paying $3000 to gain access to a $50000 live trading account?

It just doesn't make any complete sense.

It's ridiculously unacceptable.

Pyramid scheme implementation

Here's the thing my friends, Melius doesn't offer any tangible products or services.

Even though it has few forex training materials offered, but then these tutorials are meant to lure in more members to invest in the $50000 live trading account.

Firstly, this act is extremely unethical.

Secondly, it does possess an ugly and unacceptable pyramid scheme.

When a trading company is fully dependant on the new investment fund coming in without any healthy flow of internal economy or product sales, that's exactly a pyramid scheme.

So, better be careful and be alerted at all times.

Melius is a company that you need to avoid by all means.

My Final Thoughts

Now, if you are here seeking for an opportunity to earn with Melius, then, unfortunately, it's not going to materialize due to the countless flaws within its organization.

Your hard-earned money could be potentially cheated away to invest in the "unknown forex zone".

Yeah, that's right my friends, that's how I describe it.

You see, I don't even know where the money goes with the initial $3000 investment amount.

Invest $3000 to gain access to a $50000 live trading account?

It just doesn't make any sense at all let alone earning profit from it.

That's why the entire boat is sinking and collapsing on its own, hopefully, you will not fall into this ugly trap.

If you are here determined to make a difference in your life financially, maybe you are stuck in the rat race that seems impossible to get rid of, maybe you are sick and tired of all the empty promises of securing a better financial future.

Maybe you are disappointed and exhausted clueless about how to proceed next, or maybe you are at the crux of your life clueless and directionless.

I can understand, these are scenarios that we need to endure as part of life challenges and testing.

If you are determined to establish the real financial security, then I highly recommend you choose the path of online business.

An online business based on the affiliate marketing business model combined with a website and content creation.

The best part of all is that this online business doesn't hurt your wallet to get started.

All you need is to have a specific passion and the willpower to strive for success.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Melius, feel free to leave me comments below.

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