Midasama Review: Discover The Truths Before Joining

Have you heard of Midasama?

Perhaps someone came to you presenting its lucrativeness?

Maybe you are seeking the ultimate truths about its legitimacy?

In this review, I will be showcasing to you everything about this company.

More importantly, the reasons why it’s not an ideal place to invest your hard-earned money.

Before I proceed, let me be completely transparent with you that I am not an existing member of Midasama, so let’s be assured that I am not here to pitch you.

Rather, I will be providing valuable facts so that you are well informed of the truths.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive right in without further ado.

Midasama Review Summary

Company: Midasama

Founder: Unknown

Price: Various investment schemes priced at the following:

- $1000
- $5000
- $10000
- $50000
- $100000

Rating: 0/100


As a suspicious company that operates from Malaysia, Midasama haven't proved themselves to be worthy of receiving investment funds from the general public.

Their entire business implementations are full of flaws and the fact that the funds channeled to them could be used for potential unlawful things.

And why is that?

Well, first and foremost, they are refusing to disclose the company's general credentials such as who are the founder, co-founder, top-level management executives.

They don’t even have a real physical office.

Also, since they claim themselves to be an investment company specializing in forex trading, it’s mandatory to have a customer service representative to serve the general public and their members.

They failed in this aspect as well.

All the information retrieved is heading to the conclusion that they are an outright scam to be avoided at all costs.

Not to mention, they are manipulating and speed up the fund collection by implementing an MLM business structure.

An MLM business structure combined with a ponzi forex trading?

It doesn’t translate to a good feeling, at least for me.

So, red flags are everywhere with Midasama!

What Is Midasama?

Midasama is a Malaysian based forex MLM company. 

Yeah, you heard that right, my friends!

There’s a forex based MLM company that exists.

In this case, it’s the Midasama platform.

Going through their "About" page on their website, there isn’t any written information about who runs and operates the company specifically.

In my opinion, that’s something that is going to affect the level of trustworthiness as a whole.

The first sight of a red flag by the way.

As an MLM company that based on forex and financial trading, Midasama adopts the online financial trading mainly the forex at its core.

Besides this basic information about what exactly is Midasama, the core and the details look to be remained anonymous by the creator of Midasama.

And this ugly action is done intentionally in my opinion.

Interestingly, further research showed there’s a business director named Morgan Mathew who represents this company at the top level.

Though, we are still clueless about the founder of Midasama, and it ain’t a good feeling digging deeper for even uglier discoveries.

Morgan Mathew represents Midasama at various launch and official recruitment events and he acts as the role of high-level figure within the company.

Also, strangely and unacceptably, they didn’t show their company profile such as their birth as well as their journey of progression.

Even worse, they are uncontactable.

All we have is a support email.

That’s it my friends! 

By the way, we don’t even know whether this specific email is real.

It could be intentionally faked and misleading.

Besides, they do not have an office or a business operations address.

They also do not have customer service representatives for their beloved members.

Something is fishy going around and this platform should be avoided at first sight of discovery.

Navigating their website for a little longer reveals nothing worthy to be a legitimate MLM company.

Information is limited and the entire website design lacks professionalism.

It certainly looks like the ultimate goal of their presence is to lure in as many members as possible.

This scenario translates to the first disappointment and it’s relatively unacceptable.

Digging deeper into their event pages reveals a signing ceremony of some sort of business partnership.

Let's take a look below.

Midasama event and potential founder and top executives

Assumingly and predictably, the two Chinese guys in the picture are top-level figures within the company.

The white guy on the right side is Morgan Mathew.

The appearances of Morgan Mathew certainly adds some credibility to the company's image perspective.

What Does Midasama Offer?

Even though Midasama claim that they offer a product within the financial trading world but that’s not a tangible physical or digital product beneficial to the consumers.

So what’s the product offered?

Well, it’s known as the mit mirror trading.

This product is claimed to have the capability of replicating the success trading implementation for the beginners.

Every expert forex trader's strategies are trackable for beginners to execute trading implementations in real-time.

This so-called mirror trading technology within the forex trading arena is widely used even by individual retail traders.

Hence, this product offered by Midasama serves no benefits to their members.

Its uniqueness is less significant in today’s highly advance financial world.

Forex brokers are offering these awesome features as part of their trading platform role as a broker.

For example, FBS offer traders with their proprietary copy trade platform to execute trading strategies by the skillful traders.

Whenever their implementation flourished and profited, you reap the reward as well based on your investment commitment. 

On top of that, as a forex expert, whenever your strategies work and profited, your followers who replicated your strategies will be paying a certain portion of their profit to you as a token of appreciation.

All of these transactions are managed by the forex broker and everybody wins in this context.

Besides the widely available copy trade implementation, Midasama have no other tangible or intangible product offered to their members and consumers. 

How To Earn With Midasama Plus How To Join Them 

Midasama seem to be hiding their legitimate business approach and direction to lure in as many victims as they could to satisfy their endless greed.

That being said, they do state out the potentiality of reaping 20 percent revenues from your initial investment capital.

This 20% revenues return on investment is still unverifiable and it’s still a question mark whether you will even get back your initial investment amount.

That being said, let’s take a look at what they promise to compensate you.

Once you become a private member of Midasama with the minimum investment amount of $1000, you will be given consent to represent them to recruit more investors just like yourself to join the party.

Once you are part of their family members, you will be ranked as a manager right away to kick start your journey.

Here are the achievable ranks that you can climb to reap rewards.


To earn this title, simply join Midasama with the minimum investment amount of $1000.

Senior manager

There are two ways you can go about obtaining this title.

First, the shortcut way of investing in $5000 straight. 

Second, spread the word by recruiting 3 new managers to join as new investors.


Pay $10000 to invest in their forex scheme or recruit 3 senior managers to join to obtain this title.

Next, it’s their diamond exclusive club.

To achieve the diamond rank, things get trickier with sales requirements.

Let's take a look below.

Diamond rank

Invite and recruit 3 directors to build up your team.

When your team achieved the total investment amount of $300000, you are awarded the diamond rank.

Gold diamond rank

Recruit 3 diamond rank investors and work alongside them to build your unique team of elite recruiters.

When your team achieved the total investment values of $1.5 million. you get the taste of the success of this status.

Black diamond rank

Similarly, all you need to do to achieve this rank is to recruit 3 gold diamond investors and build up a team with them.

When your team achieved a total investment of $6 million, you get to taste the highest rank of success with Midasama.

As one of their unique private members and investors, you are also eligible to reap the reward of your recruit as well as your recruit’s recruits.

In simple terms, it goes back to the old school MLM compensation.

Your direct recruits and their recruits will be playing their part in recruiting new members and investors.

Here are the summaries of reapable rewards based on your rank.


You earn 30% from the first level. 15% from the second level and 10% from the third level.

Senior managers

You earn 30% from the first level. 15% from the second level and 10% from the third level.

Additionally, level 4 to level 6 will be unlocked to you.

The newly unlocked level rewards you with 3% each. 

Directors and diamonds

Similarly, you will be rewarded with 30% from the first level, 15% from the second level and 10% from level 3.

A new level will be unlocked when you are at least a director within Midasama.

Level 4 to level 9 will be unlocked for your incredible effort of achieving great success.

The level 4 rewards you with 10%, level 5 to 7 rewards you with 3% and level 7 to level 9 rewards you with 2.5% respectively.

These bonuses are exclusively rewarded to awesome recruiters.

When you reach this level of your journey, you will be reaping the residual commission and bonuses prepared specifically for you and your entire team.

How To Join Midasama?

Even though the legitimacy of Midasama is at stake at the time of writing, here, I will be showing you how to join them and the minimum investment amount so that you will be well informed.

There are several options to join them, it all begins with the minimum investment requirement amount of $1000.

Here are the rest of the investment options offered.





Just take a look at all the investment options offered.

Ridiculously unacceptable right?

$100000 maximum investment amount for forex trading?

My goodness.

Speechless and wordless.

Next, let’s dive right into my personal opinions about Midasama.

The Pros - What I like About Midasama

I have reviewed countless of make money online products as well as MLM companies.

Typically, I will at least list down one good thing about any specific products and companies.

I even endorsed some of the awesome ones to my beloved readers.

Though, in this context of Midasama, unmistakenly, I couldn’t write down any single good thing about them.

It just showed the severity and the doubts that this particular company is unworthy of any pros at all.

The Cons - What I Dislike About Midasama

Unknown founder

Now, this is the real big issue I encountered from my perspective.

Any legitimate company would expose their top levels executives such as their CEO, directors, founder, and co-founder.

Weirdly, with Midasama, there isn't any information disclosing who is the one running and operating the company.

This scenario created a certain level of ingenuity and even worse, I suspect it’s hidden intentionally.

From my comprehensive research, all I can obtain is some of their previous events held in various countries in Southeast Asia.

That’s all. 

They don’t even bother to update their events occasion anymore.

The last time they updated their event page was in March last year which is quite some time ago. 

Here’s what I just meant.

Midasama last updated event

As you can see, the last time the company held an event was in Phnom Penh for their second anniversary celebration.

That’s it, my dear friends.

Take a look at the duration gap after the most recent update.

Are they mysteriously gone in the dust?

Are they possessing too many red flag alerts pissing off most of their members and investors?

Are they being busted by the authority?

Just be cautious and stay away from them at all costs, my friends!

Forex trading is risky

Now, I have no idea about the top level of financial circles games, but then I do know a thing or two about the currency exchange industry.

It's risky on its own.

Even though it has been legalized to do forex trading, I am still reluctantly endorsing this method of wealth generation to my friends, family members as well as my readers.

Here's the thing my friends, forex trading has become so common now that major forex brokerage is offering forex trading to retail traders.

It means ordinary people like you and I can have the luxury of trading forex from the comfort of our home.

Many of today’s forex brokerage even offer free initial capital as leverage in the forex battlefield.

This amount of money varies from brokerage to brokerage, but then the one specific commonness is that it’s not withdrawable.

This sum of money acts like a shield to reduce the risk factors whenever you execute the trading.

Undoubtedly, the foreign exchange is becoming very normal and common now, what's the first thing you do when you landed on foreign soils and countries?

You will be searching for a foreign currency exchanger right?

Or you are exchanging foreign currency even before you take off on a flight to another country for business trips and travels.

That being said, forex trading is extremely risky to retail traders especially if you are lacking the necessary skills and expertise in this field.

According to mytradingskills.com, the most obvious risk is losing your hard-earned money.

The most obvious rule of forex trading

It’s a pyramid scheme

Midasama is hiding truths that kept them shivering in the night and disguisedly pretending like everything is normal in the day.

Now, that isn’t normal, my friends.

They know it well that the money collected as investment funds from various members are not fully dumped into forex trading.

I am suspiciously thinking the absolute certainty that they use the newly acquired money from new members to pay the old members.

That’s an exact match for a pyramid scheme scam.

So if you are naively thinking that the lucrative 20% ROI is reapable plus the ranking commissions and bonuses, you are wrong my friends.

It’s a cunning and ugly tactic to lure in more and more new members so that they can have full control of the fund paying for those existing and older members.

At the same time, those masked and anonymous individuals behind the scene can reap even more as a result.

Feeding their belly to the perfectly round shape.

An outright scam to stay away from at all costs, my friends!

Ridiculously unrealistic ROI

As I mentioned earlier, forex trading is extremely risky.

It could be even more disastrous than placing your luck in the casinos.

Now, a base return on investment of 20%?

Is that true?

Nah. I don’t think so.

Is that achievable?

I will be flying to the moon for a universe trip if that is achievable.

Is that a bait to lure in potential victims that are greedy and hungry for quick money?

Yep. Exactly!

The entire ugly truth of Midasama has been uncovered and debunked.

You are a smart person, I suppose you know by now that this unattractive so-called Midasama is not the real deal!

It’s a ponzi scheme

Now, that doesn’t sound good my friends.

The entire business implementation and compensation part is ridiculously fake and poorly crafted.

So they say the money that you loaned to them will be used to execute forex trading.

As a result, generating lots of revenue to compensate lucrative ROI to their members.

Is that true?

There are lots of uncertainties and fraud elements in this perspective.

The fund usage is unverifiable and will always remain mysteries until the new dawn arises.

So what's the point to entrust them with the big fund?

It’s ridiculously unacceptable.

People with a clear and conscious mind will not consent the fund transferring to them.

Take a look, my friends, the minimum investment fund is capped at $1000.

Increasingly, $5000, $10000, $50000 even $100000?

Just take a look, my friends, these are such vicious plots and manipulations.

One hundred grand transferred to an unknown ponzi investment from some part in the Southeast Asia region?

Consciously, I would say.

No thanks.

Is Midasama A Scam?

Without any hesitation, yes, Midasama is a scam, potential scam, ponzi scheme, untrustworthy company.

They are not operating business ventures with true genuineness, fakeness is everywhere within the entire sinking boat sailing to a land of brokenhearted and disappointment.

It’s a certainty that your hard-earned money will be fallen into the hands of unethical vicious scammers.

Through research, facts are leaning to their hidden ugly truths.

Truths that are intentionally kept secret and remain anonymous.

Besides, their less than concrete business implementation is preventing me from evaluating them positively.

So by all means, I highly suggest you to be alert and stay away from them.

Don’t even think for a moment that there are profits and ROI to be earned here. 

It would be a miracle to regain back your initial investment capital let alone earning with them.

A lot of suspiciousness and fishiness going around here with this organization such as the top-level of fund manipulation.

We don’t even know where goes our hard-earned money.

My final advice is to stay away from them, my friends.

My Final Thoughts

Here’s the thing my friends, there are a plethora of ways of earning money legitimately.

There are always potential risk scammers coming out searching for their preys hoping to suck away all their hard-earned money.

These dubious scammers come and vanish relatively fast once they acquired their objectives.

If you are looking to earn an additional income to supplement living expenses or even living a luxurious life, it’s achievable legitimately.

There are no quick riches in life, and if anyone tells you that "do this and do that" to become a millionaire overnight or in the soonest time, that’s the red flag warning waving at you.

I suggest affiliate marketing business concept and implementation.

It’s the way I build up the core foundation to earn a full-time income passively.

With affiliate marketing, you can trash lots of concerns such as selling and promoting products face to face, as well as bothering your friends and family members endlessly.

With affiliate marketing, interested people will be coming to you instead of you chasing after them.

I hope you find this review article informative.

If you still have any questions related to Midasama, feel free to leave me comments below.

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